When to Replace Lawn Mower Belt?

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Lawnmowers are one of the best tools for garden maintenance. If you want the mower to live a long life, then invest some times in its servicing. Learn how to sharpen the blades, replace the spark plug, and how long should a mower deck belt last?

We will discuss the last point here because it’s something that can dip your mowing machine’s efficiency. So, before you run into some glitches, check the given information and enjoy interruption-free lawn care sessions.

Do Lawn Mower Belts Stretch?

The mower belt stretches after regular usage for a few years. An overstretched belt reduces the efficiency of your mower. It’s easy to understand; when the belt sprawls, it starts slipping when operational. Some of the mowers work on a pulley system. So, if you notice problems in moving the mower forward or backwards, then check its belt.

You might need to replace the belt because it has reached the maximum extension. But do you know how it happens? Here, we will discuss why lawn mower stretches.

What Causes Lawn Mower Belts To Stretch?

What Causes Lawn Mower Belts To Stretch

A lawnmower is a complex machine, and there are a lot of questions about its maintenance. But, you might not find the answers very quickly. For instance, do lawn mower deck belts stretch and what are the reasons behind it? Here, we will talk about the reasons.

Regular usage: The belts of your lawnmower stretches due to wear and tear, which is unavoidable. Lawnmowers start facing some problems after years of regular usage, and loose straps are one of them. Result-they cannot maintain a proper grip on the pulley. Hence, it will be difficult for you to move the mower forward or backwards. In other words, you cannot maintain a lawn with loose belts. The only solution is to tighten or replace them according to the make and model of our mower.

Quality of the belt: Have you recently replace the mower belts? However, did you also checked their originality? Sometimes belts might start losing grips only because of low quality built. We understand that you want to save money while maintaining the garden tool, but compromising with the standard is not an excellent idea. Such components can degrade the functionality of your mower even further. It’s the reason why you should always invest in original belts.

How To Know If The Belt Of Your Lawnmower Is Stretched?

Loose belts can destroy the lawn grasses instead of giving you smooth and precise cuts. So, the question is, how to know that the mower’s straps are loose? Here are the possible symptoms.
Loose drive: As you can understand from the name, stretched belts cannot maintain a proper grip on the pulley. Touch the drive or lever to feel a low tension. Such a condition negatively impacts the mower’s performance.

High noise levels: If your lawnmower is producing a lot of noise when operations, then its belts might be loose. The machine will make a screeching sound when you try to move It forward or backwards.

How To Replace The Mower Belts?

Now you know how tight should a mower deck belt be. The next question that lawn owners generally ask is how to replace the end of life belts? The best step is to check the instructions manual because the steps might vary. However, we will tell you the basic process to replace the mower belts.

  • Park the mower at a flat place and take out its spark plug. In the case of an electric model, unplug it or remove its battery, depending upon the make and model.
  • Use a wrench to take out the blade. After removing the edge, you should screw a bolt to protect the washers. Utilize a screws driver to take out the pull cover.
  • Please take out the belt from its back. Place the new belt on the engine pulley first, and then bring it around the internal pulley.
  • Reinstall the belt cover and tighten its screws.
  • Plugin the spark plug, battery, or power plug, depending upon the model and start the mower. It should work correctly. If you are facing the same troubles, then it’s better to consult a professional.

Points To Check

Check the pulley system: Make sure there is no debris from the old belt. A broken chunk might disturb the movement even if you replace the belt. Overheating can be another problem because a broken component can jam any of the moving parts.

Find comparable belts: Make sure you choose a compatible belt for the mower. Apart from matching the make and model, you should also measure the existing belt to avoid errors. So, put the blade on a flat surface and use a measuring tape to get its length.

Is lubrication helpful to prevent the belts from stretching?
You should never lubricate the mower’s belt or any other surface it contacts while rotating. If you feel tempted about lubricating the belt, then keep in mind that it will start slipping.


You cannot boost the efficiency of a lawnmower by following any shortcuts. But, modern lawn machines give you a lot of adjustment options. Plus, they include instructions guide to describe the process.

So, learning how to use a lawnmower is not challenging. But, maintenance, care and replacements might be a big deal for most of us. It’s the reason we collected all the information about how and why a mower belt stretches.

Now you know how tight should a mower deck belt be? So, whenever you notice that the lawnmower’s blade is not rotating correctly, you know what to check. Following the above-given steps will save a lot of time and money. You bet! Because there is no need to call a professional or visit a service centre.

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