Riding Mower Vs Lawn Tractor Vs Garden Tractor- The Differences

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It can get quite confusing when you go out there to buy a new mower. You’ll likely hear people using terms like the garden tractor and lawn tractor as an alternative to ride on lawnmowers.

While all these may sound like the same thing, they are kinds of mowers, and all of them are quite different from one another.

The Difference Between Riding Mowers vs Lawn Tractors vs garden Tractors

Not to worry, in this article, we will be highlighting these three riding mower types and explaining the differences and similarities, so you can decide which will serve you best.

What is Riding Mower?

Castelgarden XE 866 B Ride on mower

Like all traditional mowers, manufacturers of riding mowers design the equipment to cut grass. These mowers are not very versatile. And at a price of between $800 and $1,400, they’re less costly than other lawnmowers that have various features.

While the price is a good thing, keep in mind that this also means that you’ll have to buy separate pieces of equipment to do the things that your riding mower cannot do. Compared to lawn tractors, riding mowers are also not as powerful. Plus, they’re not only slow in cutting, they also cut smaller swaths with no more than 30 inches of cutting width.

The truth is that riding mowers suit smaller yards the most. They also do a decent job on properties that have limited storage space. A typical riding mower has its engine in the back, while the cutting deck is front mounted.

This is one of the obvious things that differentiate riding mowers from garden tractors and lawn tractors. Plus, you’re meant to ride a riding mower, which is why it comes with a steering wheel. Some also have lap bars, but these are most common among zero-turn mowers.

What is a Lawn Tractor?

What is a Lawn Tractor

Lawn tractors are quite identical to riding mowers. The major difference between these two, however, is that Lawn tractors have their engines in front and their cutting decks in the centre. Besides, this grass cutting machine is way more powerful than riding mowers, as they’re able to cut swaths of 48 inches.

Also, the tractor is the king of versatility. Unlike riding mowers, what it can do surpass merely cutting grass. It usually comes with a detachable deck that can change the tractor during winter into snow throwers. What’s more, the machine can tow carts or any extra attachment.

Those who design lawn tractors do it with users’ comfort at the forefront of their minds. This tractor often comes with a comfortable seat that has a cup holder space that allows the driver to sip at his beverage as he drives. This will come in handy during hot summery days. As expected, the price of this versatile grass cutter is not cheap. It cost between $1,200 to $2,200.

What is a Garden Tractor?

A garden tractor is even more powerful than a riding mower and lawn tractor. Not just this, they are also more versatile than these other two. With a mowing deck of 72 inches in width, it is not surprising that this tractor makes quick work of cutting grasses.

That’s not all. These tractors also have multiple attachments and accessories, most of which are versatile. Therefore, you can convert them into seeders, tillers, snow throwers, backhoes, front loaders, and many other things.

To an untrained eye, a lawn tractor and garden tractor look pretty much the same. But this is not true. Because of their power, garden tractors are slightly heavier and bigger, and these make then less manoeuvrable than their lawn tractor counterpart.

Besides, garden tractors have locking differentials, a feature that provides better traction and allows the machine to handle tough or messy terrain easily. These tractors offer so much, hence their price of $8,000 and upwards.

Which Is Right for You?

It depends. For those who simply wish to cut their grass, a riding mower or lawn tractor will do.

However, go for a garden tractor if you have a large expanse of land to cut or intend to do a lot of landscaping. If you still can’t decide, then a lawn tractor is the safest option.

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