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Lawnmowers are essential machines that you can use to keep your homestead eye-catching and neat. Whether a riding or walk-behind lawnmower, it is with no doubt that you will want long-term service.

For that reason, you have to ensure proper maintenance of your machine’s parts. Worn-out components like lawn tractor wheels and tires, blades, and belts will need repair and replacement to ensure optimum lawnmower operation.

How have you prepared yourself for the coming summer or spring mowing season? To make sure that your mower is in good working condition, this article will answer your question, after how long should you replace lawnmower tires?

Is It Time to Replace Your Lawnmower Tires?

Is It Time to Replace Your Lawnmower Tires

Depending on how you use your machine, the best lawnmower tire should serve you for at least 5 years. Factors such as usage, mileage, and the material will determine the lifespan of your mower tires. If you operate your lawn tractor a lot on rough and hard terrain, it will have a shorter lifespan. Moreover, rubber tires will give you longer service compared to plastic ones.

Most lawnmower manufacturers and service providers suggest that taking the machine as a vital investment will improve its functionality and stead. That will translate to tires lasting longer for better mowing service. For example, a given marketing company suggests that a lawnmower should have a lifespan of 7 – 10 years.

However, robotic mowers can last longer. Model and maintenance remain the main factors that determine the longevity of lawnmower tires. Are you a handyman or homeowner that wants to know more about this subject?

We will dive deep into all factors that contribute to the lifespan of lawnmower tires. Firstly, keep in mind that purchasing quality tires will be costlier compared to things like mower blades.

Signs That Your Lawnmower Tires Need Replacement

Unless you have time to take your burst tire to the manufacturer for recycling, there is no such thing as repair when it comes to lawnmower tires. As much as you can clean clogged fuel filters or whet blunt mower blades, tires require a different maintenance approach.

You can incorporate different strategies to avoid dry rot. However, a time comes when the only way out is lawnmower tire replacement. You will have to go back to the market to get new tires.

You probably understand the fact that new tires will offer you optimum performance. With the following signs, it is about time you consider lawnmower tire replacement.

Dry Rot

If you take dry rot as an issue that affects wood only, spotting them on your lawnmower tire can surprise you. Do your tires have cracks after long-term usage? That is a sign of dry rot. Make sure to act quickly whenever you see dry rot signs.

Waiting for long can subject your mower to damage risks such as tire falling apart or tire bursts. The worst of all is that your mowing machine will become unreliable with dry rot incidents as the air leaks out.

No homesteader deserves the situation of sudden tire bursts when mowing at a high speed. You cannot operate a lawnmower with fault tires until you buy and install new ones. The best thing is that you can hire service providers when dealing with commercial lawnmower tires. Follow the following steps to avoid cases of tire dry rot.

  • Maintain optimum tire pressure. When lawnmower tires lose pressure, sidewalls bend and crease increasing incidences of tire dry rot.
  • Use the right cleaners when washing the machine. Hash chemicals contribute to dry rot.
  • Avoid direct sunlight when storing your lawnmower.

Your Lawnmower is Wobbling

Your lawnmower wobbling is an indication of worn-out mower tires. Although the design specification of the machine encourages wobbling, it should not be too much. A wobbling machine will not give you the results you want to see in your backyard.

If you notice increased wobbling and the issue is not with loose axle nuts, uneven tire tread is the only thing behind that. That is why experts will encourage you to replace worn-out mower tires straightaway. However, wobbling can result from problematic wheels. As a rule of thumb, ensure a thorough check to get rid of such possibilities before you purchase a new tire.

Dead Tread

Does your mowing machine lack traction when operating on wet grass or surface? That signifies dead tire treads. You can utilize tread gauges to know if your tire is in good condition. Keep in mind that dead tread can lead to dry rot. Some of the dead tread causes in your mower include:

  • Prolonged use – treads wear out after operating the machine for many years. You will notice the reduced performance when running lawn tractor rear wheels.
  • Improper pressure inflation- do your mower tires lose tread unevenly? You may solve that by ensuring optimal pressure distribution and inflation.
  • Improper tire alignment – proper lawnmower tire alignment can help retain the treads.

The worst thing with lawnmowers with dead treads is slowness and non-traction. There is no way you will want the experience of mowing wet or snowy grass using worn-out tires. This is not to mention the dangerous skid that might follow.

Tires Losing Pressure Fast

How often does your lawnmower tires require pressure refill? Or, do you spend much time refilling the tires with pressure? If you have to refill your lawnmower tires now and then, there are chances that your tires have holes.

You may need to purchase replacement tires or use a patch to seal them. Although tires must lose pressure with operating, some homesteaders suggest that they use their mowing machine for one year without pressure refills.

How Can Ensure Lawn Mower Tires Durablity?

Is It Time to Replace Your Lawnmower Tires

Now that you understand the signs that your lawnmower tires need replacement, the next question to ask is, how can you ensure longevity on your mower tires? Well, that is possible by observing the following:

Purchase Original Tires: Buying original tires will ensure long-term service when using your lawnmower. Now, how can you tell that you are investing in original lawnmower tires? Indeed, that can be challenging with the many varieties available in the market. The best way to get quality equipment is by purchasing them from top-class manufacturers.

Avoid Overloading: Overloading your mowing machine with tools will impact its performance. Make sure to consult the manufacturer for the load limit. This is of course if your equipment does not have a user manual. Overloading reduces the life span of your mower tires. The worst thing is that you will incur higher maintenance costs if the problem reaches the axle.

Proper Storage: Proper storage will help lengthen the lifespan of your lawn mower tires. This does not mean removing the tires each time you park the mower. Rather, you may have to construct a storage shade for your lawnmower in case you do not have a garage.

Keep in mind that tires may dry rot if you expose them to sunlight. For that reason, always make sure to keep them in a cool storage place.

Ensure Optimal Tire Pressure: You can control the whole matter about tire faults by ensuring optimal lawnmower tire pressure. You will enjoy higher efficiency and faster mowing when you use such tires. Moreover, you will not have to deal with tear and wear when your lawnmower tires have optimal pressure.

You can always find help from professionals if you cannot gauge the pressure as required. The best thing is that most models include instructional manuals to aid through some maintenance and care practices.

Proper Maintenance: Proper maintenance and care are essential to ensure longer service when using any machine. In the case of lawnmower tires, analyze them for tear and wear. However, if you cannot replace worn-out lawnmower tires, can you ensure proper maintenance?

Well, it is possible to care for and maintain the mower tires. The first thing is to make sure that the tires have the correct pressure and well-aligned to prevent irregular tread wear and tear. Also, you can re-tread old tires to improve their performance.


How long your lawnmower tires will last depends on care and maintenance. Although various factors will contribute to the life span of lawnmower tires, experts suggest that the best model should serve you for about five years before you can think about tire replacement.

While this article addresses multiple ways that you can use for your lawnmower floatation tires to last longer, with the time you will have to consider buying new tires. The tires lose traction when you operate them for years.

Nonetheless, when it comes to lawnmower tire replacement, you need to act with care. You have to replace old lawnmower tires using the original and new set. Minor things like fault in tire dimensions can negatively impact the performance of your mowing equipment.

You can use the user manual and product sticker as a guide when purchasing your mowing tractor. For your commercial lawnmower tire maintenance and care, you can consult lawnmower manufacturers or service providers.

Buy your mower tires from top manufacturers and ensure proper care and maintenance to enjoy long-term operations.

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