Average Lawn Mower Service Cost In UK

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Are you looking to repair your lawnmower? It might cost you anywhere between £18 to £36. However, it can be more depending upon the repair.

A mower keeps your lawn neat and tidy so that it can look attractive. But what if the lawnmower refuses to start? Or it creates a lot of smoke when you try to cut the grasses. You can purchase a new machine, but repairing the existing tool is a better idea.

Restoration is generally inexpensive than purchase a new mower. Plus, you don’t have to research a lot to find one of the best mowers available in the UK market. So, why not you trust your old lawn assistant and repair it? Read further if you want to know the average lawn mower repair cost.

Lawnmower Service/Repair Costs in the UK

  • Average service cost £17
  • Maximum cost £36
  • Average cost £25
  • Average £18 to £36

Hourly Repair Rate

Lawnmower technicians charge you around £8 to £10 per hour, but it can go up to £20 to £50.

Cost Comparison For Common Lawn Repairs

Most of the mower servicing centres and other repair outlets offer standard charges for common repairs. For instance, carburettor cleaning might cost you around £10. Similarly, you might have to pay up to £15 to replace the carburettor. For more extensive repairs, the repair person can tell you the exact amount only after diagnosing the mower.

Some common mower repairs include blade replacement, carburettor cleaning and replacement, and air filter replacement. If the mower’s motor is blown or its transmission needs to be replaced, the prices changes.

Lawnmower Types

Average Lawn Mower Service Cost In UK

The professionals can fix all the lawnmower types irrelevant of the fuel type. So, no matter you have a manual, electric or petrol propelled machine, they can restore it. But yes, the repair cost will vary according to the power mechanism. It’s the reason why you should purchase a mower according to your lawn size.

Here’s the deal.

If you have a push mower, its repair price will be lower than a self-propelled petrol machine. And it’s easy to understand why? Walk-behind or self-propelled models are comparatively more complex than manual variants. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Push/manual mowers: Perfect for small gardens and yard, push mowers use your physical strength to cut the grasses. None of the electric components is involved in the process. So, not only you burn more calories pushing a reel mower, but it never demands high repair costs as well.

Walk-behind mowers: You need to walk behind such a mower to guide it. Such a machine uses an engine or motor to cut the grasses, but you need to drive it over the lawn. Walk-behind mowers are available in electric and petrol propelled variants, wherein most of them move over four wheels.

These mowers are inbuilt with a motor that powers the blade. As you can understand, more electrical parts mean the repair cost will be higher than manual mowers.

Self-propelled: Automated mowers do not need your physical power to move or cut the grasses. So, you don’t have to put any efforts into such a machine. Guide the tool all over the lawn, and it will do the needful. As there are multiple mechanical parts in self-propelled lawn tools, the repair cost will be higher.

Riding mower: Best suited for extensive lawns, riding mowers are easy to operate. You can ride such a machine with a provided steering, pedals and levers; no physical efforts required. As you know, ride-on lawn tools are expensive, and hence, the repairs are costly. Zero-turn riding mowers are even more expensive because of their ability to cover grasses along the edges.

Factors That Impact Lawn Mower Repair Costs

Repair location: A mower is not as complex as your SUV. So, most of its common repairs can be done on your lawn or by a nearby service centre. You can call a professional, and he or she will bring all the necessary tool to fix your machine. But, sometimes it not possible to transport all the repair instruments to your residence. So, you should better take the mower to the repair shop if it needs significant repair.

Onsite repair is expensive in general because the professional is covering some distance to reach your place. If you don’t want to pay a high amount, then look for a nearby repair shop.

Experience: Try to find a service centre that is expert in fixing the issues of your mower. For instance, if it belongs to Bosch, it’s better to contact the Bosch service centre. Even if you consult a local maintenance specialist, make sure that they have experienced in fixing Bosch mowers.

A certified service station might be comparatively expensive, but they might offer you better results. Local repair shops are cost-friendly and can do a commendable job, but only if they are experienced in your mower’s brand.

Time: Fixing a lawn mowing machine is not a simple job. Sometimes, it takes more than just a few hours to bring the tool online. If the technician needs days to repair your mower, then the charge will be high as well. On the contrary, small tasks are not much time taking. For instance, a spark plug or air filter replacement is a small piece of work. Hence, the charges are lower.

Lawnmower Tune-up Cost

A well-maintained mower is one of the pre-requisites to keep your lawn healthy and attractive. Long grasses lead to weed germination and many mosquitoes, which is of no use for you or your family. So, you can contact the professionals to tune up your mower.

The servicing of a petrol mower might cost up to £145. The price includes air filter replacement, spark-plug replacement, blade sharpening, carburettor cleaning, transmission lubrication, screw tightening, and fuel system inspection. A regular tune-up will keep your mower fit and healthy. So, you will not face any interruption or downtime due to a clogged carburettor, blunt blades or engine failure.

Lawnmower Maintenance Tips

Average Lawn Mower Service Cost In UK

Caring for lawn machines is not an easy task. But, you need to invest time and energy to maintain them. Follow the given tips for a better outcome.

Check instructional manual: Get familiarized with the lawnmower so that you don’t damage it accidentally. The owner’s guide will tell you all the points to maintain your mower and keep it active for as long as possible.

Regular cleaning. Clear the mower from any grass clippings or debris after each usage.

Oil replacement: Read the instructional guide to know the suitable oil type for your mower. The directory or manual will also tell you how to change the oil when it’s too old or contaminated. Dispose of the old oil properly.

Filter cleaning and replacement: A clean filter maintains the mower’s efficiency. So, clean or replace its air filter after following the user’s guide.

Spark plug replacement: Annual replacement of spark plug is recommended if you own petrol propelled lawnmower. It would be best if you took it out before starting to service the mower. Removing the plug is necessary so that the machine does not start itself while you are working.

Secure storage: Once the season ends, you should run the mower until and unless it consumes all the petrol. If the petrol level is high, then we suggest that you drain it out. You can also add fuel stabilizer before storing the lawn machine for the next season.

Sharp and balanced blades: Mower blades wear out after regular usage. You can sharpen the blades without any external help, especially if you are an expert. However, we recommend that you contact professionals if you are a beginner and yet to master this skill.

How To Hire A Lawnmower Professional?

Read user reviews: You should read the buyer’s review to understand how a particular technician or servicing centre performs.

Ask for free quotes: Try to choose a professional that offers free repair or servicing estimate. Compare the repair cost with the initial investment on the mower. Sometimes, it’s better to donate an old mower because of the high restoration investment.

Get a contract: Some of the outlets offers a service contract after the repair. The bond lets you know about the services you can enjoy. Plus, it also includes the price of replacements and labour.

Look for discounts: Almost all lawn mower repair professionals offer regular discounts on their services. Sometimes rebates are only available for senior citizens or military professionals. Look for such discounts while hunting for a mower repair expert.

Final talk

You cannot maintain your lawn without a functional mower. So, it’s essential to take care of the mowing tool so that your yard does not convert into a mess. Fortunately, you have the help of lawn repair professionals who can fix any of the variants you own.

If your lawnmower is not ready to work, then look for a trusted lawn repair expert or service centre who can fix it. Answer some of their questions, and they will be able to assist you accordingly.

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