How Do you Turn off a Lawn Mower?

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How to turn off a lawn mower? By using the kill switch. Press the button in case of an emergency, and it will turn off the engine within a second.

But what if there is no kill switch? Or what if it’s not functional anymore? Well, it’s a common issue. Read the given guide to know how to stop a lawn mower.

How To Turn Off a Lawn Mower?

Check The Switch

The first step is to check the kill switch; is it functional or not. Try to turn off the mower by pressing the button a few times. We recommend that you choose a flat surface for this inspection.

Plus, hold the mower all the times and don’t try to move it forward.

How To Turn Off a Lawn Mower

Turn Off The Gas Flow

Most of the mowers come with a gas tap, which is general placed beside the carburettor. When turned off, this tap does not allow any of the fuel to reach your mowers’ engine.

So, turn it off, wait for one to two minutes, and you will see that the engine stumbles, then stops.

Adjust The Throttle

Move the mower’s throttle to a cold start. If you are a beginner, then the throttle is a switch like component that you need to flip before pulling the starter cord.

The throttle will have clear indications of a warm and cold start. So, you will not face any confusion.

Choke The Engine

After you pull the trigger to a cold start, pull down the bail lever and hold it down until the engine shuts down. The machine will choke if you hold the lever for some time, and hence, it will stop.

Don’t worry; you will not damage the engine during this step. But, avoid repeating it more than a few times.

Take Out The Spark Plug

Find the spark plug and unplug it. Follow the wire coming from the throttle to its engine. Once you find the pin, take this component out of its socket. The engine or motor will stop. Connect the spark plug to start the mower again.

Now we know how to stop a lawn mower. But, don’t you think we should also find out the root cause? So that you don’t have to deal with similar troubles again. So, let’s discuss some of the points that are helpful to diagnose the reasons.

Check The Ignition Switch

If your mower has an ignition switch, then it could be the culprit. Check all the connections and clean the points. Try to start the mower again.

If the mower refuses to turn on, then you can replace the ignition switch.

Check The Kill Bar

Some of the walk-behind mowers come with kill bars. If you own one of these, check the cable that starts from the kill bar and go to the engine. The cord might not be connected properly. It’s the reason why the engine does not stop even when you release the bar.

The cable is trying to stop the engine, but its efforts are half-hearted. So, the switch kill is not working. So, you need to check the cable for corrosion, notching and overstretching. Lubricate the cord and see if things go well. Otherwise, replace it.

Inspect The Throttle

A faulty throttle could be a problem as well. It’s the component that supplies fuel to the engine. So, if the throttle lever is open, the gas supply will not stop.

Apart from that, you should check the carburettor’s return spring. Make sure it’s not broken. The throttle body should be lubricated so that it can move properly.

Final talk

Now you know how to stop a lawn mower and the parts you need to check in such problems. You can try the steps mentioned above to turn off any of the walk-behind or self-propelled mowers.

If you were experiencing such problems in the past, then it’s better to consult a professional because an out of control mower might lead to unwanted injuries.

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