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Are you looking for a cheap bandsaw? We know it’s very tricky to find a suitable power tool that can meet all your requirements.

So, we are here with some of the best cheap bandsaws that are helpful for multiple woodworking tasks.

Let’s get started without wasting much of your time.

Best Budget Bandsaw Purchase In 2024

Here are our 7 best value bandsaw in the UK market.

1. Silverline 441563


  • Motor: 350W
  • Speed: 1450 RPM

Silverline 441563 is an inexpensive bandsaw equipped with several features to perform according to your expectations. First, it has a decent 350w motor with a no-load speed of 1450rpm. With this pace, this tool can work flawlessly on all the wooden materials and produces precise cuts.

The maximum cutting depth is 80mm, which means Silverline 441563 can efficiently deal with a wide range of applications. Its blade length is 190mm. So, you can work without any barriers.

A 300 x 300 table provides enough space for all the working materials. This table also tilts up to 45 degrees, helpful when you need bevel cuts. Moreover, it includes a mitre cut guide to assist you make precise cuts. What’s more? There is a locking fence for straight cuts.

Silverline 441563 has a compact footprint, perfect if you own a small workshop. It has a dust extraction port that works well with a vacuum system. Keep in mind that this tool is only suitable for domestic usage. So, give it a pass if you want to deal with heavy-duty woodworking projects.


2. VEVOR 8 inch Benchtop Bandsaw


  • Motor: 35W
  • Speed: 900 RPM

Please take a closer look at the Vevor benchtop bandsaw because of its ability to produce precise cutting results. It’s equipped with a ruler and an angler, which helps you cut the materials accurately. The angler is for the adjustable angle from 0 to 45 degrees.

The cheap bandsaw UK is primarily built of solid steel. Also, this tool features a 350w motor constructed using silicon steel and aluminium wires. Due to such a strong built, the machine and its engine last for long and provide powerful performance.

Table size of 300 x 360mm is suitable for all your DIY projects. It also has an extension of 160mm. So, the total working space is 300 x 560mm with the supplement. Plus, the table has a tilt adjustment from 0 to 45 degrees.

Vevor benchtop bandsaw comes with a super sharp blade that works in unidirectional and continuous patterns. With a driving speed of 900rpm, this knife can efficiently deal with all the hardwood. It also has the advantage of narrow slits, which saves energy because they are easy to process.

Talking about the user’s safety, this cutting machine has a one-button protection switch that shuts it down in an emergency. So, the bandsaw is affordable, precise and also safe to use.




  • Motor: 900W
  • Speed: 6.7 – 13.3 m/sec

Makita LB1200F is a substantial bandsaw primarily made of cast iron. It comes with a powerful 900w motor to work at a cutting speed of 6.7 – 13.3 m/sec. The blade’s diameter is 2240mm. And this machine includes lots of different blades to help you deal with a wide range of applications.

A significant table worth 560 x 400 mm ensures you don’t have to face any difficulties while cutting significant workpieces. This table also tilts from -2 to +45 degrees. Then, it has a mitre gauge to change the settings.

The main fence does well to keep the cutting material stable. It locks on both sides so that you can work without any disturbance. Plus, you can attach the blade without taking out a measuring guide.

Makita LB1200F has a padded grab handle and a set of wheels that are helpful to move this machine from one spot to another. However, you cannot quickly relocate the cheap bandsaw UK due to its heavy built. Once it tilts, the balance becomes a problem.


4. Dewalt DCS371N-XJ


  • Motor: 460W
  • Speed: 174 meters/min

You cannot frequently move a bandsaw because of its heavy built. If you want something portable and lightweight, Dewalt DCS371N-XJ could be the right purchase. It has compact dimensions and a weight of only 3.9 kg. So, you can use this cutting machine anywhere as per the requirements.

With such a small footprint, Dewalt DCS371N-XJ does not take a lot of space in your workshop or garage. So, it could be an ideal investment if you need a bandsaw but running low on open space. Not only compact and lightweight, but this tool is also powerful. It uses an 18v battery to generate sufficient strength to go through wood and metals.

The inexpensive bandsaw provides smoothness and leaves the surface burr-free. You might notice some sparks while cutting the metals. But, no need to worry because this tool produces error-free results. All thanks to its 14/18 TPI variable pitch bi-metal blade, you will not find any chance to the complaint.

Dewalt DCS371N-XJ could be the first bandsaw with a hanging hook. So, you will easily use it in every position, even when cutting overhead. However, the cutting depth of 63mm is lower than other models we discussed above.


5. Sealey SM1303


  • Motor: 180 W
  • Speed: 900m/min

Sealey SM1303 provides the total worth of your investment. First, this tool features an 180w motor that offers smooth cutting results whenever required. Then, the bandsaw is available at a budget-friendly price tag, but it does not compromise anything, including built quality, power and speed.

The SM1303 has a decent cutting rate of 900m/min to produce precise results. Besides, it comes with a 300 x 300mm table to provide enough space for all the timbers. Plus, a maximum cutting height of 80mm lets you achieve the desired cuts without any hassles.

What’s more? The table tilts at 45 degrees to facilitate bevel cuts. Moreover, its blade is integrated with a wheel brush to prevent dust accumulation and make the cutting process efficient.

This best value bandsaw has a compact design, ideal if you own a small home workshop. Plus, it has a steel chassis with blade locking wheel covers. In addition, this unit is fully approved by the CE directive.

Sealey SM1303 comes with a push stick to promote safe working. So, you can try it as a beginner. Apart from that, it could be a suitable investment for DIY enthusiasts who enjoy precise cutting results.


6. Lumberjack BS254


  • Motor: 375W
  • Speed: 400 & 800m/min

Lumberjack BS254 has a massive cutting capacity because its 375w induction motor provides accurate results. Moreover, this machine has three sealed bearings on its blade guard to maintain accuracy. Then, it comes with a set of blade guides that enables you to keep the working line straight.

The BS254 has a generous table measuring 360mm x 320mm that has a tilt function of 90 to 45 degrees and positive halts at two positions in between these angles. Plus, the cutting tool comes with a significant cutting capacity of 150mm.

An LED work light ensures you don’t feel uncomfortable even if the lights are poor. Plus, Lumberjack BS254 has an integrated dust collection tray to keep your workshop clean. This dust collection port is compatible with most of the extraction systems. Hence, you don’t have to clean the floor repeatedly.

Try this best value bandsaw if you need unlimited cutting power without allocating a lot of open space to a power tool. Its motor does the needful without prodcuing high noises. Plus, this model produces precise cutting results.


7. Record Power BS250


  • Motor: 350W
  • Speed: 740m / minute

If you are a woodworking hobbyist or DIY enthusiast, then Record Power BS250 might be a suitable model to try. It’s one of the best budget bandsaws for light-duty and straightforward projects. You don’t have to be an expert to use this machine because it’s evident to operate.

Although Record Power BS250 is a small power tool, it can compete with high-end models. This unit features a 350w motor that generates sufficient power to deal with residential cutting and redesigning jobs. Besides, it has a 315 x 350 mm cast iron working table that can tilt up to 45 degrees for mitre cuts.

You will love its steel frame that provides stable and durable services. Moreover, this cheap bandsaw UK can be mounted on a bench or floor as per your requirements. This tool is not very heavy at 30 kg, but you cannot relocate it without external help. Purchase a different stand and wheel kit to make it portable.

Overall, Record Power BS250 could be a perfect investment if you have limited space in the workshop or need a practical power tool with performance-friendly features. It’s a high-end alternate to lightweight hobby bandsaws available at a similar price range.



After reading the cheap bandsaw reviews, you can easily make a final choice. We have selected the models mentioned above from different price ranges and features so that any of them can suffice all your requirements related to cutting depth, power and speed.

If you are confused about which one can fulfil your requirements, try the Silverline 441563 because it offers all the required features without asking a lot in return. If you want a simple machine, go for the Vevor benchtop bandsaw.

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