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A manual impact screwdriver is a must for the heavy duty jobs like loosing over tightened or frozen nuts, bolts or even screws, and to tighten tough bolts of your vehicle.

Many other tough projects involve hardened woods and metals, wherein you need to fit some longer than standard screws to their designated places.It’s the reason why traditional tools cannot perform well in such scenarios.

Now, to choose that “one” powerful impact making tool, we will recommend 9 best hand impact screwdrivers, all straight from the expert’s desk.

Best Manual Impact Screwdriver Set Reviews

Here are our 9 best manual hand impact screwdrivers reviews UK of 2024.

1. Draper 22322 Expert Impact Screwdriver

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The Draper expert 22322 is the best manual impact screwdriver set in our list.  With an impact-absorbing grip and both forward as well as reverse rotation, the Draper Expert 22322 is built for industrial use.

It Comes with 10 bits and a steel holder to store all of them, including the primary screwdriver. All the components are made of high-quality materials and are sure to last for a lifetime.

Whether we talk about screw fastening or loosening, the Draper expert is a really an expert. It might look like a regular screwdriver, but give it a rusted piece of metal with multiple trapped screws and see how happy it will be to take them out one by one.

As its handle absorbs all the jerks created from the hammer, you only have to hold it firmly, hit with a hammer and the work will be done. Whether you are a professional or DIY enthusiast, you will appreciate the quality, price, and included bits.


2. Teng Id515 15 Piece Impact Driver Set

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Out next hammer screwdriver ID515 also has a ½ inch socket that works in reversible directions. Apart from the ½ inch bits, it also works with 5/16 inch hex bits because of an extra chuck. It includes 12 different hex bits to fasten or loosen almost all the available screws and bolts.

All the bits, screwdriver, and related accessories come in a storage box, which is oil resistant and keeps the tools together as well as safe.

Whether you are dealing with stubborn screws or you have to tighten some of them on wooden materials, you can trust the ID515.

The price is higher than the Expert, but the Teng tool also has a variety of bits and accessories that makes it compatible with other 5/16 bits as well. As it’s an industrial quality product, expect it to last for generations.


3. TEKTON 1/2 Inch Drive Impact Screwdriver Set (7-Piece) | 2910

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Electric impact drivers are expensive, and it’s one of the reasons why homeowners and professionals try to find cost-effective alternatives to reduce the project expense.

The Tekton 2910 helps in the same by performing similar to an electric driver. You might ask; really?

Yes, it is possible. Homeowners are using it as a replacement for corded drivers. As it has multiple bits already included, you never face loosening or tightening any screws. No electricity or battery, all you need is a hammer to power 2910.

It’s a manual tool that uses the torque generated by the stick to loosen freeze bolts easily. It can move in both the directions, which adds to the working convenience.


4. Jgo.Destorgolpe 14 Pzas/Pcs.

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If innovation in hand tools had a name, we could have called it Bahco. One of the leading brands, they have always offered something that can be more than useful. BH7823 comes from that same lot and gives you the freedom to choose any of the projects.

You might think, why is that? It’s because it has 22 different bits that can be useful in a wide range of built materials and automobile repairs.

The European brand leaves no stone unturned in giving you one of the best alternates of electric impact drivers. The comfortable to hold Bahco driver has a reversible action that makes both loosening and tightening of screws an easy task.

All the components are included inside a smart box that’s helpful when you have to visit a site or change the home improvement section.


5. Hilka 11670013 1/2-Inch Pro Craft Impact Driver Set

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The heavy-duty impact driver from Hilka comes with a comfortable grip and switchable reverse and forward motion. Whether you have to fasten the screws or loosen some of the stuck bolts, Hilka 11670013 comes handy and gives you fast results.

It includes Philips T12, T20, T30, T40 tx star, and nine other pieces to be useful in a wide range of applications. All the components are contained inside a blistering storage box that keeps them together for easy access. It also allows you to carry the screwdriver to the sites safely.

Due to its sturdy and long-lasting built, the screwdriver serves both residential and commercial projects alike. Looking at its affordable price tag, it will be helpful for DIY enthusiasts to include the driver set in their toolbox.


6. Sealey Ak2081 Impact Driver Set 15Pc

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Whether you need a manual screwdriver for daily use or you need a versatile hand tool that can be commercially useful, choose the AK2081 from Sealey.

This comprehensive driver set has a composite handle and an integrated knuckle guard. Talking about the included bits, the ½ inch drive adapter has 13 pieces of add-ons to fit multiple types of screws.

Everything is shipped inside a smart carrying box that has separate chambers for all the kits and the main driver. All you need is a hammer, and you will be able to take your home improvement project to the next level. Also, due to its knuckle guard, it gives you immense safety from any injury that might occur from the hammer.


7. Silverline Soft-Grip Impact Driver Set 14pce

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Silverline 375291 is a carbon steel screwdriver covered with an elastic grip and sleeves for better protection, especially while using a mallet. It comes with 13 hex pieces that are perfect for fastening and pulling out a variety of screw fixtures. All thanks to its reverse and forward motion that makes it versatile for even cross threaded screws.

The bit holder of Silverline manual screwdriver is made of corrosion resistance dark phosphate and provides anti-spall assurance. The set comes with useful add-ons including Phillips PH1, PH2, PH3, and PH4, 5x opened bits 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12mm and 4, 5, 6, and 8 hex bits. All these bits are compatible with its ½ inch square drive holders. Everything comes together inside a storage box.

Perfect for household jobs or commercial workshops, it’s an idle tool if you don’t want to invest in different woodworking screwdrivers. It fits perfectly in your pocket and makes you ready for emergency house repair jobs and new DIY projects.


8. Draper 81519 6-Piece Impact Screwdriver Set

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Getting frustrated over removing over tightened or corroded screws? Then, it’s time to invest in a screwdriver set that is specially designed to overcome such problems. We are talking about our seventh contender from Draper that needs some hits from a hammer, and it releases stuck fixtures from any material or vehicle.

Draper 81519 has a length of 170 mm. Hence it easily fits small areas. Chemically blackened knurled handgrip of the tool is sturdy and remains comfortable while you work. The driver set is primarily famous among the automobile technicians, but can also host many other trades.


9. Silverline Impact Driver Set

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The 4276733 manual screwdriver from Silverline has a ½ inch square drive attachment that can be used with standard ½ inch sockets. Its reversible action includes both clockwise and anticlockwise movement, so it can be used to fasten as well as loose screws and bolts. Using the manual driver, you can easily take out stuck, frozen, or corroded screw fixtures.

Silverline manual screwdriver has a flat base for proper contact from a mallet or hammer. The driver and its bits are all made of steel, so everything is rust and corrosion-free. Its removable bit holder measures 8 mm and to use with it there for bits, including 6 and 8 mm slotted /Philips PH2 and PH4.

All the components come inside a sturdy powder-coated box that lightweight and sturdy enough to keep everything safe in one place. Overall, the driver set gives you more than its price.


What is an Impact Screwdriver Used for?

Manual impact screwdrivers deliver a sudden thrust when hit using a hammer. You can use this strong rotational force to loosen, move and take out screws that are stuck due to over-tightening or corrosion.

You can also use an impact driver to fasten larger screws. If you are working on hard materials and need to fix some long screws, then most of the traditional tools surrender. Its where you can use an impact tool with a hammer. Apart from these two essential functions, these tools can also be used with a hex driller bit to achieve drilling tasks.

Woodworking professionals love the impact tool because it’s immensely helpful while building cabinets, decks, and any other structure that requires a large number of screw fastenings. Automobile workers in the servicing centre and car repairing outlets use the impact driver to remove the car drums. It’s also useful while fitting the vehicle doors.

Can I use an impact driver like a screwdriver?

Yes, you can use an impact driver like a regular screwdriver. Don’t use the hammer, if you think the screw can be loosened using physical force. Choose the right bit that can fit the screw properly, install the selected bit on the holder and position the screw that you want loose or tight.

Apply some downward force, start revolving the screw and continue doing that until it reaches the destination; in or out.

Buying Guide Of Impact Screwdriver

Once in a while, one of the tools prove to be useful that we start to think, where was it all the time? Just about any DIY enthusiast would agree that manual impact drivers fall into the same category. But, to get the full value from a manual driver set, you need to consider a few factors before choosing one of them.

A number of bits. Consider the number of attachments you are getting. Sometimes an impact driver with a high number of bits might be expensive, but it would fulfil the requirement. Moreover, a wide variety of bits means you can handle almost all the screws.

Protection. Manual screwdrivers are available in a variety of designs. As you know, we need to use a hammer with such hand tools. So, it’s better to have protection for your hand. A tool like Sealey AK2081 comes with a knuckle guard that keeps your protected.

Grip. All the hand tools seek manual operation. To apply physical force, you need a comfortable grip that should not slip while working. When you need to pull out some of the highly corroded screws, you need to be sure that a tool is non-slippery and comfortable to hold.

Budget. As an alternative to electric screwdrivers, manual ones has to be affordable. However, there are various options available with different price tags. So, choose something that can be helpful and includes all the required bits. At the same time, try to select a variant that should not essentially expand your home improvement budget.


Make sure that you purchase one of the best impact screwdrivers that we discussed today. Don’t forget that a manual driver also comes with a range of bits.

So, choose an option that contains all the required attachments. Every manufacturer gives you different types of options that provide a variety of add-ons.

You will inevitably have multiple of those in a wooden or automobile project. So, be a pro, head out and make a selection that you can be proud of.

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