What Is An Impact Driver And Why Should You Purchase One?

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Cordless drills or drivers are the standard tools that you can find in the arsenal of a DIY enthusiast or professionals. But, when we talk mainly about screw driving, then you need tools like impact drivers.

Ideal for screwing plywood, building decks, backer board installation or any other project wherein you have to drive lengthy screws into the wood, these titans comes in a compact form factor.

So, you can easily carry and use an impact tool in confined places.

What Is An Impact Driver?

An impact driver is used to drive screws inside materials like wood, metal, concrete etc. It uses screwing as well as up and down hammering motion that’s very fast.

So, these tools require minimal effort but still moves the screws at record speed. Even due to dual movement and power, you feel less wrist stress, and hence you can keep working for hours.

To accept the bits, most of the impact screwdriver comes with a hex chuck. You can also deploy an impact machine to loosen screws; wherein traditional tools are unable to prove useful.

These are the reasons why you should keep one of these tools in your garage. If required you can use drill bits, but such hexagonal bits are not available in a wide range of choices.

How Does An Impact Driver Work?

An impact screwdriver combines rotational and hammering motion to generate high torque that in turn takes the screw inside a material like wood or metal. Imagine you are trying to fix a screw using a manual screwdriver, and you are also using a hammer to power its rotation.

Naturally, the screw will go faster because there are two forces in action. It’s the same process all the impact equipment follow.

When the motor is unable to generate enough power to fasten or unfasten screws, the spring-loaded hammer helps and hits the output shaft in addition to the rotational force and keeps repeating the same until the screw reaches the right depth.

These blows by the internal hammers are defined blows per minute or BPM. In modern impact machines like Makita DTD152Z, there is an option of speed control. It gives you more accuracy and control over the device, screw as well as the material.

Uses Of Impact Drivers

Impact tools are useful for construction workers, woodworkers and homeowners who believe in DIY projects. It’s because these devices can be used in any situation wherein you have to fasten lot many screws.

Building decks, cabinets, automobile repair, building construction are some of the standard processes wherein an impact driver can prove more than useful. To conclude crisply, these are the functions or uses such machines.

  • Fasten screws including standard blots, high tensile, threaded or machine screws
  • Loosed over tightened, frozen or corroded bolts, screws and nuts
  • Driving long nuts in hard materials where traditional tool fails
  • Automobile construction and repair

Advantages Of Impact Drivers

Looks similar to cordless drills so that you might think; why should I look for an impact screwdriver instead of a drill? Well, there are some positive aspects of the impact tools that overshadows drillers when it comes to screwing driving. Though hand impact screwdrivers available in the market that you can consider too for light works.

High torque: Impact makers are much more powerful than a cordless drill. So, if you need accurate screw driving into some hard materials, you would not enjoy working with anything else but an impact.

Small footprint: Due to the lightweight and compact nature, impact tools are more comfortable to hold for prolonged hours. Moreover, you can also squeeze one of those into confined spaces, wherein a driller cannot fit.

Self-driving screws: Such devices don’t require a pre-drilled hole to fit the screws. When you are using an impact device, you have to convenience to use it without a driller.

Less recoil: When you use an impact device, you do not experience any kickback or recoil. Things are different with a drill because you can quickly lose the drill path if any extreme resistance comes into the way.

Minimal wrist stress: Due to immense power, lightweight nature, impact devices never exhaust your arms like a driller. Even if you use an impact tool like Makita DTD152Z throughout the day with regular breaks, you will not feel any strain on your wrists.

Disadvantages Of Impact Drivers

Price: These tools are not cheap, especially when compared to cordless drills. Due to their compact design, accuracy and robust nature, impact tools comes at a higher price tag.

If you look at Makita DTD152Z and Hi-Spec DT30319, you will understand the price difference.

Bits compatibility: Almost all the impact tools come with ¼ inch hexagonal socket head. So, you need to purchase bits that are exclusively available for impacts.

Makita DTD152Z comes as a body only unit, but DT30319 comes included with everything that you would need for drilling.

What To Look For While Buying An Impact Driver?

Torque: Newton meter (Nm) or inch-pounds (in-lbs.) represents torque. It varies between 100 to 200 Nm. What do you want an impact tool to do? You should choose to depend upon your requirements.

Speed: RPM cunt is another factor that deserves your attention.

Motor: Try to go for brushless motors because they are efficient and enhances battery life.

Weight: Choose a lightweight impact tool that you can bear in your hand for prolonged hours.

Best Impact Driver Manufacturers

Most of the power tool brands have the production unit for impact devices. Most popular ones are

  • Makita
  • Dewalt
  • Workx
  • Ryobi
  • Teccpo
  • Milwaukee
  • Bosch
  • Black+Decker
  • Vonhaus


Impact devices are a useful tool that deserves an existence in your arsenal. While browsing for such drivers, you should consider weight, power, price, battery life and RPM.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, who needs something to be assistance while house repairs, then you don’t have to invest in a powerhouse. DTD152Z will do the job because it will mostly face softer materials like plastic, house walls or wood.

If you need a screw fastening device for commercial usage, then you need tools that can drive long and thick screws through harsh materials like metal and concrete, try Makita DTD154Z.

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