What is a Combi Drill?

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A combi drill is a versatile power drill machine that can perform a wide range of functions. Apart from working as a hammer drill, you can also use it as an impact driver to tighten screws. Most of these devices come with variable speed control that you can use according to the requirements. So, whether you need to make some holes or fix some screw into wood and metal, you can try one of the combi drills.

What Are Combi Drills Used For?

Assemble Furniture. You cannot complete any of the woodworking or furniture projects without drilling it anywhere. Built a study table, deck, or modify your kitchen, you can use a combi drill in multiple woodworking situations.

Replace the Screws: Most of the wooden structures requires attaching and assembling for the finish, which also includes some screw tightening. Using a screw bit, you can quickly insert any of the screws into a wooden structure.

With a flip of a lever, the combi drill can also rotate counterclockwise to remove the screws. Due to dual movement, combi drills are invaluable to new and modification projects.

Make Pilot Holes: Inserting screws into wooden pieces that might split is a tough task. But, you can use a combi drill with a bit one size less than the screw’s diameter to make pilot holes. A screw tends to separate the grain and split the wood, but not when there are pilot holes.

Cut round holes: A combi drill can easily cut out holes for sink faucets, doorknobs, drain or any other fixture wherein you need round holes. Bits for the combi drill are available in various shapes that you can use for a variety of cuts outs according to the requirements.

Install Drywall: Combi drill rests on your tool belt and you can easily access them while installing drywall. Its easy to use such a compact drill with one hand while you are holding the panel with another.

Drill Concrete: A combi drill works with great power, but minimal vibration. So, when you need to fix screws into concrete or any other hard surfaces, you can use a combi drill.

Professionals might find multiple uses of this feature, but as a house owner, you can use this functionality to attach any wooden structure to house walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between a Drill and a Driver?

A drill is useful when you have to make some holes and tighten small screws. On the other hand, impact drivers are suitable for tightening large fasteners. Places where you need precision, we recommend using a drill because of its delicate operation when compared to impact units.

What is a Brushless Combi Drill?

Brushless combi drills work with motors that uses a magnet to draw power instead of brushes. It’s the primary reason why brushless units operate without any friction, wastes less heat energy and hence provide better results. Moreover, a brushless combi drill requires minimal maintenance because there are no brushes to clean or replace.

What is a Combi Drill

Will a Combi Drill go Through Brick?

Yes, a combi drill will go through brick and you can also use it make holes into cement, mortar and concrete. Choose the right bit and it will do the job.

Do You Need Both a Drill and Impact Driver?

When you are working on softwood, you need a drill to treat the work materials lightly. On the other hand, when you are working on hardwoods, masonry or concrete, you need an impact driver. In other words, when you need to fix long screws into hard materials; use impacts. So, if you are a professional then you might need both the tools. Same goes for the homeowners who are working on some major DIY upgrades.

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