Tools To Clean Gutters Without a Ladder

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 Are you planning to clean the gutters?

You made a bright decision because it’s important to keep them free from leaves and twigs. However, most of the times you cannot accomplish this task without jeopardizing your safety.

All the homeowners are not experienced enough to climb a ladder and clean the gutter system.

The process also required leaning up to some extent.

You might be wondering if there a tool to clean gutters from the ground.

If you are not comfortable with ladders, then don’t worry. There are other methods & tools to clean the gutter mechanism from the ground.

So, you don’t have to feel at risk while maintaining the roof.

How Do You Clean Gutters That Are Too High Without Ladder

Let’s discuss all the tools you may utilize to maintain your hard to reach gutters from the ground easily and then you can follow one of them as per your convenience.

1. Power Washing

A power washer is one of the safest tool for gutter cleaning. It lets you stand firmly on the ground and remove all the debris using the powerful flow of water.

The cleaning process might need an extension wand, so that you can reach the gutters without climbing ladders.

Using a power washer is a convenient way to clean the gutters. It is effortless and works for most of the gutters.

Keep in mind that this cleaning method could be messy. So, it’s better to wear safety goggles to make sure none of the debris accidentally harm your eyes. Wearing waterproof clothes while using a power washer is also necessary to come out clean after unblocking the gutters.

Sometimes, power washing could mess up the sidewalls of your house. So, you might have to wash your house after clearing the gutters. Apart from that, there are chances that this method might not be effective if you live in a tall house.

Duplexes and similar buildings are higher. So, power washing is not possible for such houses. However, you can use an extension wand to clean most of the average-sized homes. Therefore, consider the size of your residence before opting for this method.

2. Wet/Dry Vacuuming

Do you own a wet/dry vacuum? It’s generally used for commercial cleaning.

But, some homeowners use such a vacuum in their garage and you can deploy it to clean the gutters without leaving the ground. Use an extension wand to reach the gutters and clean them efficiently.

You can also make an extension wand if you have a creative mind. A lot of homeowners use plastic pipe to create this attachment. It’s easy. You simply have to bend the pipe at its end so that the wand can easily clean the gutters.

Using a wet/dry vacuum is beneficial because it can clear all the debris, including small ones like. This is an efficient method wherein you don’t have to invest anything, especially if you own the vacuum cleaner.

However, you might not like this way of gutter cleaning if you don’t want to purchase a new extension wand or you cannot waste time to create this component.

3. Garden Hose

You can also use a garden hose to clean the gutters, but it might not be effective if you simply stand on the ground and start firing.

To get the desired results, blast water from one end of the gutters to another. Plus, you need an attachment. Otherwise, hitting the right spot could be challenging.

Fortunately, the required attachment is not tricky. It’s a simple tube with a curved end.

However, the garden hose might not be effective if the gutters are tightly packed with leaves and twigs. Hence, the success rate of a garden hose depends upon its power and the amount of debris in the gutters.

4. Leaf Blower with Gutter Attachment

Most of the users own a leaf blower nowadays because it’s a convenient tool to pile up the autumn leaves. The blowing device is also useful in multiple other scenarios, including gutter cleaning. Use an attachment to clean the gutters.

The gutter cleaning attachment is a long tube with a curved end. Attach it with the blower to clean the gutters while standing on the ground. This method offers satisfactory results if the blower is powerful and you use a long attachment. Try this way if you own a leaf blower.

5. Gutter tongs

Here comes another gutter cleaning tool that lets you clear the waterways without leaving your base.

It’s built using a long pole and trigger, which controls the gripping movements of the tongs fitted at the other end.

Using this tool is easy because you can quickly extend its pole to reach the gutters. Then, deploy the tong to capture the accumulated leaves and dispose them accordingly.

A gutter tong is the best tool if you want to clean the gutters without getting your hands dirty. Plus, it saves you from the dangers of climbing a ladder.

6. Telescopic Gutter Cleaning

If you need something especially made for gutter cleaning, then try the telescopic tools.

They come with a long tube that you can use in multiple ways to keep the gutters clear.

For instance, some of the telescopic tools includes a claw arm to grap the debris blocking your house gutters.

These cleaning sets also include a cleaning pad to remove small debris by running it throughout the gutter system.

Telescopic gutter maintenance tools offer desired cleaning results.

So, you can invest in them if you don’t like any other methods. Luckily, these products are not very expensive. Therefore, you can get one of them without draining your wallet.

Find a telescopic gutter cleaning tool according to your requirements.

Check its length, so that you don’t have to struggle later. Also, measure the height of your house gutters from the ground. This helps you to invest in something that can easily reach the gutters.

7. Professional Cleaning

One of the best ways to accomplish gutter cleaning while you stay on the ground is don’t perform this task yourself. Contact a professional gutter cleaner to do what is needed.

You can easily find gutter cleaning experts in your locality. The professionals can do the initial cleaning and they can also keep a regular check on your house gutters.

Some of the gutter cleaning agencies also offer additional components, like gutter guards.

These guards sit on the top of your roof gutters to prevent debris accumulation. Hence, they make the future cleaning sessions almost effortless.

You can try one of the above methods to enjoy block-free gutters. Isn’t it nice to know that you don’t have to climb a ladder to perform gutter cleaning?

Importance of Clean Gutters

Gutters collect the rainwater and diverts it away using downspouts. Without this mechanism, the rainwater falls near the foundation of your house, leading to leakage in the basement.

The moisture also spoils the internal and external walls of your house.

Cleaning the gutter system of your house is easy. But these waterways become a breeding ground for germs and insects when filled and blocked with leaves.

Furthermore, the weight of water and these debris can destroy your roof.

Prevent Clogged Gutters

Try to prevent gutter clogging, so that you can easily maintain this system in the future.

To minimise the hard work, you can install a screen that allows water to drain and stops the leaves and twigs.

You can find a variety of gutter guards to toss leaves and allow only water to enter the pass way. However, most of them seeks professional installation.



How often should you clean your house gutters?

Clean the gutters once every year. The best time is after autmun leaves are fallen. Remove them before winter arrives.

You can clean the gutter system twice if there are multiple trees around your house.

What is the best tool to clean the gutters?

The best gutter cleaning tool depends upon the amount of leaves you have to tackle. It also depends upon the height of your house. We have suggested some effective ways to maintain the waterways while standing on the ground. Try one of them that suits your requirements.

Can I walk on my roof while cleaning the gutters?

Walking on the roof while you clear the gutter system is not safe. The experts can do it, but you should not try such stunts as a homeowner. Follow the methods we suggested for safe maintenance of your roof.

Final words

You can clean your house gutters without using a risky ladder. But, it’s better to contact the professionals if you live in a tall building. You can try telescopic tools if you have some free time on the weekend.

Consider all the suggested methods and make the right choice as per your convenience.

Keep in mind, you have to clean the gutters without feeling unsafe. Now you know how to maintain things without leaving the ground.

So, it should not be a big deal to perform gutter cleaning whenever required.

Our motive is to make you feel confident as a house-owner, so that you can keep your property safe. Gutter cleaning is not a challenging task. Keep the waterway clean and to avoid damages to your house.

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