7 Easy Steps to Clean Gutter Guards

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Gutter guards are a great way to keep your gutters clean and protect them from damage, but they need to be cleaned regularly to work properly. Here’s how to do it.

What do Gutter Guards Do for Your House?

The name is self-explanatory, a gutter guard keeps your gutters safe from a problematic accumulation of leaves and twigs. It catches the debris and allows only water to flow through the gutters. You can blow away the leaves once they are dried.

  • Gutter guards are available in a wide range of styles and price tags. These screens do not only help to keep the gutters clean, but they also have multiple other benefits.
  • Allows the gutters to work efficiently
  • Prevents water pooling, which night destroy your house roof, walls, foundation or basement
  • Stops insect germination and never allows rodents to build nests.
  • No need to risk yourself by climbing a ladder. Read More Tools To Clean Gutters Without a Ladder
  • Helpful in rainwater harvest action

Types of Gutter Guards and Their Maintenance Requirements

As we stated earlier, you can find multiple types of gutter guards. However, keeping them clean and debris-free is the same. Now we know that this component works as a barrier for debris. So, it is easy to understand that some leaves or twigs may stick in the guard and needs manual removal.

Brush: Brushed guards are budget-friendly, fit with existing gutters and easy to install. Such a screen appears similar to a huge bottle cleaner. It lets the rainwater pass but traps any debris that can block the flow. Check the guard occasionally to make sure none of the leaves or twigs is stuck. Also, make sure to clean the dirt.

Foam: Fits into the house gutters and allows water to flow through, but prevents the entry of debris. Foam guards are inexpensive, easy to install and stop gutter blockages.

These screens are dense, which means they need regular rinsing. Plus, you have to take out the materials stuck in between.

Perforated: Metal-made guards fit on the top of your house gutters. They stop large debris to enter and disrupt the water flow. Dirt accumulation is common on these screens. Use a leaf blower to pile up the leaves. Sweep clean is better if you notice dirt accumulation.

Mesh-screen: Similar to perforated guards, the mesh screens fits over your house gutters. They do not allow any debris to enter the pipes. Debris accumulations are common, but you wipe the top to get rid of them.

Reverse-curve: A reverse-curve guard creates a curved way for the rainwater to flow directly into the gutter. It is very effective and needs minimal maintenance. These screens fit into the existing house gutters or could be installed as a new mechanism.

7 Easy Steps to Clean Gutter Guards

Some gutter guards claim that they don’t need maintenance or cleaning. But, let’s be realistic. You have to address them regularly, especially after autumn leaves fall and storms. Check their performance and clean them as required. Inspect the gutter system annually or twice every year.


  • Drop cloth
  • ladder
  • gloves and
  • hose

Step 1: Place a drop cloth

Use a drop cloth to cover the area under the gutters you will clean. The debris falls on the lawn or patio while you wipe the gutter guards. The drop cloth saves you from cleaning the ground so that you can finish the house-maintenance session without any hassles.

Step 2: Secure a ladder

Follow all the safety measures while using a ladder. Secure it carefully to avoid any injuries. It is better to seek external help. Ask someone to hold the ladder as you climb and use it.

Step 3: Wear protective gloves and reach the location

Use gardening gloves to keep your hands safe from sharp twigs. Have them before you carry the ladder to the working area. Climb to reach the gutters once you secure the ladder.

Step 4: Clean the guards

You can remove most of the leaves and twigs with the sweeping movements of your hands. Remove all the debris and let them fall over the drop cloth. Pull gently if any unwanted materials are stuck.

Step 5: Remove the guards if possible

Liftoff the guard once you clean it top. Check the internal areas of your house gutters to find any accumulations that weren’t rinsed by rainwater.

Step 6: Wash the guards

Some of the guards cannot be removed. For instance, the brushed screens. So, rinse it off using a garden hose or power washer. You can rinse the guards even if they are removable. Everything depends upon the dirt levels.

Step 7: Reattach the guards and secure them

Reinstall the guards properly. Make sure there is caught in between. Clean the working area. Gather and dispose of all the debris.

Alternate Ways to Clean Gutter Guards

Leaf blower:  A leaf blower does an excellent job when you want to remove dirt and debris accumulated on the gutter guards. This tool comes with a narrow attachment, which is perfect to clean the gutter system and its guards. Place a drop cloth, position the ladder, climb and blow off the debris. Use a garden hose or power washer to tackle dirt accumulations.


Wet/dry vacuum: You can also use a wet/dry vacuum to clean the gutter guards. This tool is perfect to deal with stubborn debris.

Pressure washer:  A strong flow of water can do wonders even if you cleaned the gutter guards a long time ago. It is where a pressure washer comes into the picture. This tool fires a fine spray of water that clears the toughest dirt accumulations.

When to clean the gutter guards?

Cleaning professionals suggest that you should clean the gutters in the autumn and spring.

When to contact the professionals?

Some gutter guards need experts to clean them. It is a bright idea to contact a professional if

Your house gutters are installed very high above the ground. For instance, you have to climb at least two storeys to reach them.

The gutter guards are in poor condition because of multiple breakages, gaps or leaks.

Your house gutter mechanism is complex to clean comprising tough to reach corners, high peaks and steep slopes.

The cost to clean your house gutter guards varies depending upon their size, conditions and duration between the cleaning sessions. The average cost of cleaning gutter and its guards could be anywhere from £80 to £150.


Timely cleaning of gutter guards is an essential part of house maintenance. However, it is an easy task if you know what you are doing. So, you can keep the roof clean without investing a lot of time or effort.

Expensive gutter screens seek less maintenance. Still, you have to inspect them to avoid dirt accumulation. A blocked gutter system can create a wide range of troubles in your roof and walls. Hence, make sure the gutters are functional and are at work without any obstacles.

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