Scroll Saw Vs Jigsaw (What Are the Key Differences?)

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We understand that both a scroll saw, and a jigsaw can do a pretty good job of making plunge cuts and curved lines. However, what exactly is the difference between these two power tools? Let’s find out.

Design: In terms of design, a jigsaw can either come in a corded form or be cordless. Though this instrument needs to be used on a tabletop, the user has to guide it around the material being cut with their hands.

Scroll saws too are used on tabletops that are built into the tool. While they are not potable, these tools are designed specifically for creating curved lines and making plunge cuts. As such, they can be used to make really intricate designs.

Scroll Saws vs Jigsaws

These two tools are accurate in their cuts. Nevertheless, jigsaws are somewhat more powerful. That said, when you’re looking to do intricate, zig-zag type cuts scroll saws are what you go for. Let’s take a more detailed look at these two instruments.

Scroll Saw Overview

Scroll Saw Overview

A scroll saw is a unique saw type designed to make intricate cuts and create curved lines into different materials. Finesse, as well as accuracy, are the strong points of these saw types. Unlike most saws, scroll saws are not known for power. So, if you have a really complicated design project to finish scroll a reasonable choice.

Scroll Saw Uses and How They Cut: Because of their lack of power scroll saws can’t handle demolition jobs or any other hard task like slashing through solid woods. A scroll saw can make a specialized variation of designs, cuts, and projects. This equipment can help you Design plaques, carve numbers and letters, and make wooden portraits. Read more on how a scroll saw works and how to use.

Features of Scroll Saws

Arm: As a vital component of the scroll saw, the arm, through a pinned or pinless feature, holds the blade in place. Scroll saws have 3 types of arm: a parallel arm, a C arm, and a Parallel-Linked arm. The parallel linked arm is the newest arm type and is connected to the motor.

Blade: Blades also have a pinned and pinless form. The one you choose depends on what type your scroll accepts. While the latest models of this tool can take both the pinned and pinless blade, older models will only work with the pinned.

Blades are ranked from <0 to a maximum of 12 according to a semi-standard blade sizing system. However, different companies have varying numbering methods for sizes of blades

Throat Size: Throat size is a term used to refer to the distance between the blade and the back of the table’s surface. This distance presents a guide to the amount of material you can work with. Throat sizes on some scroll saws are between 16″ and 20″. However, some saws are not within this range.

Some scroll saw models have extra features like led lighting and adjustable dust blowers. These additional elements boost the accuracy, visibility, and performance of the instrument.

Cutting Wood with Scroll Saw: The speed of a scroll saw can be adjusted to fit the material being cut as well as the blade type. High-quality scroll saws also have blade tension knobs which are used to control the blade tension and thus make cutting more convenient.

Jigsaw Overview

Jigsaw Overview

Jigsaw is quite similar to scroll saws, but they are also quite different from them. We can trace the origination of Jigsaws to sewing machines. The earliest of this saw type came to be when Albert Kaufmann, an engineer in the 1940s, substituted the needle inside the machine of his wife with a blade. Today, jigsaws come to have a modernized form.

Jigsaw Uses and How They Cut: Jigsaws cut in circular motions. The blade points out from the machine’s top and starts to cut the material. Jigsaws are meant for various jobs. They are much rougher, and though accurate, they are not as precise as the scroll saw. However, jigsaws are much powerful and can handle hard, demolishing jobs.

Features of Jigsaws

Blade: Jigsaw blades are classified according to the type of shank in which they fit. These shanks are of two types– a U-Shank which has a tiny u indentation and a T-shank which looks round. The T-shank is more popular because of its keyless blade clamp component.

Motor: Like in other machines, the engine of a jigsaw is what powers it. A jigsaw’s engine is measured in amps. The higher the amp, the better the machine. High-quality jigsaws have up to 6-7.5-amp level.

Stroke Length: The distance in which the jigsaw’s blade travels when it oscillates is termed stroke length. Jigsaws cut faster when they have a longer stroke length. Usually, jigsaw Stroke lengths vary from ¾” to 1″, but the higher figure is found in top-quality jigsaws.

Like scroll saws, jigsaws have many extra features like dust blowers to clear dust, and dust bags to contain them. Both of these saws are great depending on what you need them for. Remember that scroll saws are more accurate while jigsaw will give you power. Keep all these tips in mind as you go saw haunting.

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