Repair or Replace: Is it Time to Buy a New Lawn Mower?

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The fact that your lawnmower is not working the way it should is not enough excuse to go buy a new one. Garden equipment like lawnmowers develops faults easily, especially if they’re used over and over again.

However, while minor issues like pull cord problems and broken cable problems are easy to fix, the same cannot be said for more serious faults, most of which have to do with the engine of the machine.

In situations like this, what do you do? Should you spend an enormous amount of cash getting the repair done or simply head to a nearby store to buy a brand-new mower? Well, according to experts, you will have to compare costs and then do the deciding yourself.

The real question here is how much are you willing to invest in your mower? Can you afford to simply buy a new lawn mower (you may think about cheap petrol lawn mowers too) instead of spending almost the same amount repairing your existing lawn mower?

When buying a new lawn mower you will need to consider a lot of things that should be in your new lawn mower, like if you want more comfort with a powerful machine then a self propelled petrol lawn mower will be a good decision. A lawn mower with mulching facility will also get count.

When you calculate the cost of solving these more advanced lawn mower problems, it may be more profitable to simply purchase a new one.

When to Consider Replacing Your Lawn Mower?

Hyundai 196 cc Self Propelled Electric Push Button Start Petrol Lawn Mower

1. When There is an Engine issue

One of the costliest repairs to undertake where your lawnmower is concerned is an engine repair. This repair gobbles a lot of money which you may discover at the end of the day isn’t really worth it.

One of Ohio’s top-rated mower doctors, John Ellis says it’s time to purchase a new mower if your mower has internal damage.

It cost more to fix broken rods and crankshaft damage than purchase a new mower. Dr. John advises that you consider getting a new machine instead.

You’ll be spending between £800 and £900 to fix a riding mower’s blown engine. Meanwhile, a new ride on lawn mower cost £2,000

2. When There is A Transmission issue

Generally, a riding mower transmission repair is priced between £400 and £500. Go for a new mower instead, especially if your lawnmower is already old.

When to Consider Repairing Your Lawn Mower

Repairing Your Lawn Mower

When There is a Carburetor issue

Lawnmower carburetors get clogged by a buildup of particles inside petrol. This is often the result of leaving old petrol in the fuel tank for a long period of time.

A faulty carburetor might prevent your machine from powering up. However, you can easily fix the issue. There’s no need to change the mower.

Maintaining Your Lawn Mower is Important

Be it a minor repair issue or a tough engine complication, you can prevent faults in your lawnmower by simply maintaining it properly.

Regular servicing & simple maintenance like changing oil, sharpening blades, and replacing spark plugs can go a long way in preventing future mower breakdown. So, whether you get a new machine or repair the existing one, make sure you maintain it properly.

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