Pros and Cons Of Ride On Lawn Mower

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If you are planning to buy a home or you are a homeowner, you need to know there will be a time when you will mow the lawn. It requires a lawnmower, but there are different types.

Therefore, what type of lawnmower is right for you? If you are having a yard with many obstacles, the ride-on mower might be the best choice, but what are their pros and cons?

Pros Of A Ride On Mower

Pros Of A Zero-Turn Mower

1. Versatility: One of the advantages of ride on mowers is versatility. Technology changes every day. In this connection, a ride-on mower has evolved over the years.

Operations have also been improved to organize your yard more efficiently. The companies responsible for manufacturing the ride-on mower have been using various fuels.

The primary reason for alternative energy sources is because fuel costs have been rising. Additionally, alternative energy sources are eco-friendly. Also, electricity is the right option; nevertheless, the focus needs to be on the battery life to make this mower last longer.

2. Additional maneuverability: The ride-on mower is equipped with two-wheel engines to increase manoeuvrability. The users can control every wheel separately. This means you can push the mower on any route quickly.

3. Shorter time for mowing: The zero-turn mower is effective because it works at high speed.

Using it shortens the time used for mowing; several factors need to be determined, like the type of obstacles and the lawn size. When using this mower, you will notice that the time for mowing is shortened considerably.

The time is shortened due to the features present on a ride-on mower. Thanks to its excellent manoeuvrability because the user can easily overcome obstacles like trees and houses.

Besides, the wheels make it easier to change the ride on mower direction when compared with different models.

4. Consume less fuel: Because this ride on mower uses less time when mowing a lawn, it uses less fuel. Also, it is very effective. Since it uses less gas, this makes it fit to meet your lawn mowing needs. This means, if you’re searching for anything pocket-sized, the mower should be the choice.

5. Extra comfort: The ride on rotary mowers have various features that increase comfort, which include power steering. Formerly, people faced particular challenges when trying to steer the wheel.

These problems no longer exist today. The zero-turn mower seats are comfortable, and some lawnmowers for commercial purposes have adjustable weight seats.

6. Reduced weed easting: The zero-turn mower offers excellent manoeuvrability with a turning radius, which is small. This means you can easily mow close to the obstacles, like trees and fences. This means the ride on mower can have less trimming work after finishing to mow.

7. Have many models: You will discover that there are different lawnmowers types. The zero-turn mowers are fit for big lawns. Also, it has many attachments and can be customized to fit the budget.

8. Beautiful lawn: There are lawns with stripes that look like the golf course. Given that you need to make sure your garden looks the same consider using a zero-turn mower.

With easy manoeuvrability, you can change the mowing direction and quickly get the stripe on the lawn. You will get different stripe kits available, but one you choose must match the mower you want to use.

9. Quality cut: A ride on mower is designed to ensure the lawn is in the right state always. The speed of the blade is high, and the quality of the cut is excellent. When buying the mower, ensure it is very sharp and clean.

10. Durable: The zero-turn mower takes less time by working at a very high speed. As it takes fewer hours when mowing, the mower will last for long. Likewise, less time to cut makes it environmentally friendly.

Also, you spend less on maintenance. Oil changes are also rare and with fewer changes, make them eco-friendly. Also, the mower will produce fewer emissions, which means it is environmentally friendly.

Cons Of The Zero-Turn Mower

1. Zero-turn mower traction problems: You might hear that the mower is what you require to mow the lawn. You may have seen various advertisements saying that you will cut the grass in half the usual time with a ride on mower. Retailers may also have reported that they’re selling the top mowers.

Did you understand that a similar device that is often advertised can develop some traction challenges?

For instance, snow and rain affect the mower tires’ traction. An increase in traction would improve performance and reduce the risk of accidents. To get the solution:

  • Check the tire’s pressure on the mower’s rear and front tires.
  • Refer to the user manual for more information.
  • Remove the cap of the tire from a valve stem.

2. Difficult when mowing in the wet terrain: A zero-turn mower has tires, which spin faster. So, it is not perfect for mowing wet areas. Tires always burn in dry regions, but summer may soon be over, and the humid climate will cover different areas of the country.

You will find that weather can cause problems for your lawn and equipment. There are many reasons for not mowing wet terrain; for instance, it is often slippery. As a result, clipping will clump, which will not look good.

3. Difficulty climbing a hill: The ride on the mower can work on a flat surface very well. After climbing a hill, it may lose power trying to cut the grass. Finding the source of the problem is essential, especially if the device requires troubleshooting when mowing uphill.

The common problems with zero-turn mowers are often quite simple, where the device requires extensive modifications and standard maintenance to function correctly. However, it is more reasonable to understand that you shouldn’t go uphill using the zero-turn mower.

It would be best if you avoided inclinations altogether. Debris and dirt can slow down the mower when going uphill. If you are mowing, the grass and mud can reduce the speed of the machine and therefore causing power problems.

4. Very expensive: Unlike other regular lawnmowers, a ride-on mower is a bit expensive. You can spend around $3,000 on the residential mower. Landowner and semi-professional models with the strong deck can cost about $6,000.

5. Highly advanced: If you have a medium-sized garden, you must be very sensitive when caring for it. Check if the grasses have been trimmed consistently. The devices can solve these problems. Nevertheless, you should be conscious of them because they are sophisticated.

For some people, it is on the list of professionals. However, we classify them as the disadvantage list because the zero-turn mower can be complex than the tractor. This means you should read the dealer’s manual before making the hasty decisions when mowing.

6. Environmental pollution: The mower may not come to mind when talking about different types of pollution. However, this significantly affects its size, especially the older design without the catalyst converter.

Also, the hours for operating the zero-turn mower can cause air pollution that has hydrocarbons. Often, you can find yourself completing the task of keeping the lawn clean. Hydrostatic transmission usually requires maintenance.

7. Untrustworthy transmissions: Untrustworthy transmissions is another disadvantage of zero-turn mowers, which cannot withstand heavy tasks. It’s essential to consider it because it can damage the device and require expensive repairs.

For this reason, you are not supposed to pull heavy carts. All at once, you shouldn’t be pulling heavy objects with the ride on mower.


The ride-on mowers have different pros and cons. When you follow the information keenly you will be enlightened on the advantages and disadvantages you will get when using them.

Also, you will be able to handle them when mowing your garden.

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