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Finding one of the best petrol pressure washers among multiple options is quite difficult. In the past, the choices were limited and most of the models were only suitable for professionals.

But now, a homeowner can also purchase petrol propelled washer for residential usage. Let’s check some top-notch models available in the UK so that you can select the most suitable version for your house.

Top 9 Petrol Pressure Washer Reviews

Here are our top 9 petrol pressure pasher to buy in the UK. Let’s check our top reviews below:


1. Briggs & Stratton 020739 ELITE 3200Q

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  • Briggs & Stratton 875EXi Series engine / 190cc
  • Maximum water pressure of 220 Bar with a flow rate of 612 litres per hour
  • Including 4 Quick Connect spray tips: 0°, 15°, 40°, Soap
  • Detergent Injection System
  • Quiet Sense Technology makes the pressure washer's engine idle down automatically when the spray gun trigger is released for quieter operation

Briggs & Stratton ELITE is one of the best petrol power washers because its powerful, noiseless and has a high water flow. The 3200Q petrol pressure washer is very professional and business-minded. It’s portable but still blasts out toughest accumulations. Let’s know some of its features so that you can understand why the washer deserves the top position here.

Elite 3200Q provides you with a water pressure of 220 bar, which is higher than mains powered electric washer. Its pulls a huge amount of water using an Axial Cam AnnoviReverberi motor. Everything takes power from a 190 cc Briggs and Stratton’s CR950 engine that never seeks choke or priming.

The pressure washer has a quick-connect spray tip that ranges between 0 to 40 degrees. A detergent injection mechanism is another beneficial feature. You might think that it’s necessary to use ear protection while using this machine. However, the reality differs because the washer has a muffler that reduces any noise. Keep in mind that this one needs SAE30 4-stroke oil for its engine.


2. Wilks-USA TX850 Petrol Power Pressure Washer

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  • 12 month warranty and free to call UK based technical support line
  • Undoubtedly the market leader in the “big pressure washer” category with unrivalled power and features
  • Massive 4800psi, making this washer the powerful in its class, reducing working time by up to 75% over smaller units
  • Features a 15hp four-stroke engine with stubborn reliability and it’s fuel-efficient so you can keep cleaning for longer between refills
  • 20 Metre commercial wire braided pressure hose, ultra-durable and allows you a massive reach without having to constantly move the machine whilst maintaining that huge pressure

Wilks-USA TX850 is one of the best petrol power washers that recently came under our scanner. It’s a solid investment if you need a powerful cleaner for regular use. However, it might be expensive if you need to deal with small cleaning jobs that also occasionally.

TX850 is perfect for owners of commercial vehicles and industrial users who need to deal with a lot of regular cleanings. It’s right because the pressure washer is built to deal with tough jobs. The cleaning machine produces a massive cleaning pressure of 3600PSI (331 Bar). Moreover, it has a water flow rate of 840 litres per hour.

The washer comes with a 4-stroke OHV engine, which is very powerful with a displacement of 450cc. Due to a strong engine, the washer machine runs for long without looking for mercy. Moreover, its 20-meter cleaning hose allows you to clean significant areas without any hassles. You might not find such a long hose with any other models.

This model has a steel construction, which is robust and long-lasting. It features 4 heavy-duty transportation wheels for easy movement. Also, the machine features foldable handles that facilitate convenient storage.


3. WASPPER ✦ Petrol Pressure Washer 3000 PSI

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as of June 12, 2024 9:23 pm


  • ✦ QUALITY FOR THE DECADES: Built to last at least 5 years longer than any electric pressure washer. That simply means less of your time spent on repairs, on returns or on choosing your second or third pressure washer. Our W3000HA model will serve you for years to come.
  • ✦ SPEND LESS TIME CLEANING: Our powerful 3000 PSI / 207bar, 196cc OHV breakthrough engine with steady 8.5 lpm flow rate and low oil shutdown mechanism provides the tremendous cleaning power and significantly reduces your time spent pressure cleaning. You will make your surfaces shine in minutes!
  • ✦ CLEANING HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER: High pressure fully metal spray gun with 40cm stainless steel extension lance. PVC hose rated at 3200 PSI / 220 bar. Quick-coupling and M22 connectors! No power cords and ultra-light construction. You can use it even in remote locations.
  • ✦ TOP-NOTCH VERSATILITY: Now you can wash stubborn dirt and grime away with amazingly little effort! Imagine you could make your decks, cars, boats, motorbikes, fences, driveways, decking, garage doors, sidings, bricks, patios, outdoor grills or garden furniture look like new again!
  • ✦ THE ULTIMATE PRESSURE CLEANER: Use your brand-new gas powered professional cleaner right out of the box! We even give you 0.6L of 10w40 engine oil for FREE. All comes with 24 months manufacturer warranty. Order now, the UK shipping is on us!

Waspper W3000HA makes a confident statement that it can last 5 years longer than other models. Well, it might be right because this pressure washer petrol has corrosion-free stainless steel built and an aluminium pump. In other words, it has a high-quality construction that’s durable and remains at your service for long.

Using a high-quality Peggas OHV engine worth 196cc, the washer offers a pressure of 207 bar. The brand’s engine is reputable in the pressure cleaning market. Plus, this version also has a low oil shutdown mechanism that not only offers incredible power but also reduces the cleaning time.

W3000HA has a water flow rate of 8.5 litres per minute and a hose worth 7.5 meters, which is sufficient to deal with small to medium areas. Then, it has M22 connectors with quick couplings, so that you can change them easily. Waspper also sends a 0.6L of engine oil as a gift for new users.


4. Hyundai 2800psi 212cc 8.75L/min Powerful Petrol Pressure Washer

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  • Powered by a Hyundai 210cc 4-stroke unleaded petrol engine: Provides easy starting, low emissions and reliable running in all weathers.
  • Triple-piston stainless steel axial pump producing 2800psi: Low maintenance and requires no pump oil changes.
  • Portable pressure washer: Fitted with puncture-proof wheels for easy mobility. Low oil shutdown: Prevents engine damage due to lack of lubricant.
  • Supplied with range of nozzles, trigger gun, lance and 7.5m hose: Get started straight out of the box.
  • Peace of mind: 3 year Hyundai warranty* (terms apply). Note: The customer must place enough oil into the engine, we recommend to the base of the dipstick threads. The machine has a low oil sensor that cust spark to the engine in the event of not enough oil.

HYW3000P2 is a versatile petrol jet wash that can utilize water from a mains supply or gravity-based water resources. Is has an inbuilt detergent tank for convenient cleaning. At 210 cc, this pressure cleaner is not the most powerful but has sufficient juice to take care of everything that becomes a spoilsport on your vehicles, patio or construction site.

Hyundai is a reputable manufacturer of long-lasting and robust petrol engines. This one also has a strong 4-stroke engine with auto cut function, which is helpful if the oil level is low. Also, its engine is designed not to run at its full power all the times. So, there are no chances that the engine will overheat even after prolonged cleaning hours. It’s the reason why none of the experts doubts the performance of HYW3000P2.

The cleaning machine has high-end steel built that’s durable and never asks for early repairs. As its steel made, you will never notice rust even after storing the product for a long time. If you need a powerful and durable patio cleaner that we also suitable for multiple other maintenance tasks, then try the Hyundai HYW3000P2.


5. DEALOURUS TX-PRO Petrol Pressure Washer

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  • 8.0hp 3950PSI (272Bar) High Pressure Petrol Washer
  • 5 Unique Pressure Nozzles plus a FREE Turbo Nozzle
  • 20m hose included in this deal
  • Bonus Gutter Lance & Straight Lance + Extra Large Fuel tank
  • Brass Head Pump & Will Draw water from a Barrel

Are you looking for a petrol jetwash that can easily deal with light or heavy tasks? Try the Dealourus TX-PRO, which has a powerful 210 cc petrol engine that works at 3600 RPM to generate a water pressure of 3950psi / 272Bar. Looks like this one has all the required specs to be your new cleaning partner.

Whether you need to clean the patio, garden walkways, sideways, or removing accumulated grime from any other area, the TX-PRO is capable of offering high-quality results. For added convenience, the machine also includes 5 pressure nozzles that offer 5 different spray settings.

The pressure cleaning machine has a decent fuel tank with a capacity of 3.5 litres. Its detergent container measure 4 litres and prevents repeated refilling. comes with two separate hoses. One of the hoses is 20-metre long that you can use for general cleaning. Another 8-metre hose is only for a soap dispenser.

At a flow rate of 12 litres per minute, TX-PRO facilitates quick cleaning. Then there is a quick-release hose reel that allows you to start and end the cleaning process without investing much time or energy. Its 10-inch wheels are useful for easy manoeuvrability, especially over uneven terrains.


6. Petrol Pressure Jet Washer

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  • Extremely Powerful Unit
  • 6.5HP Four Stroke Engine
  • 2,900 PSI Output
  • Great for Cleaning Patios, Cars, MX & More
  • Includes 5 Nozzles, Long Hose & More

With a powerful engine of 6.5 HP, the PPPW-2900 delivers a pressure of 2900 psi at the flow rate of 11 litres every minute. As its petrol-propelled, you don’t have to manage any power cable or look for a nearby electric outlet. The jet washer also has a pair of sturdy wheels that provides portability as well as manoeuvrability.

Due to a robust engine, the petrol washer is great for cleaning vehicles, lawns, patio and all the other areas that you want to save from grime and dirt. It comes with 5 different nozzles that allow you to choose the suitable spray setting for desired cleaning results. You can use the wide spray to clean the car or narrow to clean outdoors. To remove accumulated and stubborn dirt, the machine also has a pencil spray nozzle.

PPPW-2900 has an open design that maintains proper airflow and hence, you will never notice any engine overheating. Its 8-metre long hose allows you to reach nearby areas without much shifting.


7. Petrol Pressure Washer

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as of June 12, 2024 9:23 pm


  • Maximum Pressure - 3100 PSI
  • Wheeled chassis for added manoeuvrability
  • 8M Wire Reinforced Hose
  • Powerful 6.5HP 4 Stroke Engine
  • Integral Soap Dispenser

ParkerBrand PPPW-3100 has a very user-friendly design, helpful features and high-quality performance that keeps you happy as well as satisfied with the results. Similar to PPPW-2900, the PPPW-3100 also has a 6.5HP petrol-driven engine that offers maximum water pressure of 3100 psi.

You will like the slim design of ParkerBrand PPPW-3100. The pressure based cleaning machine has a compact built, which makes it highly portable. Moreover, its pair of larger wheels offers an even higher level of mobility.

The pressure cleaner is petrol-powered, so you will not have to deal with power cables at any point in time. It comes with an 8-metre long hose, which is sufficient to provide you with a decent cleaning radius. PPPW-3100 also gives you multiple spray settings that you can utilize to clean a wide range of surfaces.

PPPW-3100 has an impressive water flow rate of 11 litres per minute, which is economical in comparison to other models. It’s very effective in reducing your utility bills. An additional foam box is very helpful when you want a shiny finish on the cars.
Overall, the washer and cleaner here have all the required features that keep your property on the cleaner side. However, it’s not suitable for commercial usage. Keep in mind that the machine is sometimes very loud, so it’s not recommended to use it in the morning or late at night.


8. SwitZer EURO V Engine Quality 3000 PSI 6.5 HP 4 Stroke OHV Petrol

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  • Performance-approved OHV engine with low oil protection, Low pressure detergent injector
  • Comes with 10m high-pressure hose, Quick connect nozzles 0°, 15°, 40° and chemical nozzle

If you need an efficient and performance-oriented jet washer, then SwitZer gives you another affordable option to try. The cleaner comes with a 6.5 HP petrol engine that functions with 3400 rpm and generates a maximum pressure of 3000 PSI. Its engine has low oil auto-cut fucntion that keeps your engine safe for a long time.

SwitZer jet washer comes with a 10-meter high-pressure hose, that has a time-saving quick connect nozzle. Its water flow of 7.5 litres per minute quickly deals with dirt and grime to give you a clean surface without wasting much time or energy. Moreover, the machine has pneumatic wheels measuring 8-inches that are helpful in transportation.

Overall, the SwitZer Petrol washer is a suitable cleaning machine for residential tasks related to cars and patios. It’s not suitable for commercial and industrial usage. If you want to clean a construction site or you own a commercial servicing centre, then we recommend you to look at other options that we discussed today.


9. Lavor Independent 1900 Petrol Pressure Washer

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Model Independent 1900
Color Yellow and Black

Equipped with a 1900 W engine, the Lavor Independent petrol pressure washer throws pressurized water at 130 bars/1900 psi. It offers a water flow of 520 litres per hour, which is sufficient to deal with car washes, lawn and patio cleaning. The spray cleaner comes with a hose of 6 meters, which is suitable for residential cleaning tasks.

The washer has a 4-stroke engine that never compromises with the performance. You can feed it using the main water supply, container or barrel. The maximum temperature that’s allowed through its inlet is 40 degrees Celsius. The machine has a holder that stores all your accessories. For easy portability, it also has an ergonomic handle.

Lavor Independent has strong steel construction and aluminium pump head that promises long-lasting services without any downtime. You will not find any wheels for transportation. However, the machine has a weight of 14 kg that’s not very hefty for adult users. Overall, if you need a high quality, but cheap petrol pressure washer for residential usage, then you might not find a better solution then the Independent.


Buyer’s Guide

What should be the engine power?

Most of the petrol pressure washers come with a power of at least 6.5 HP, which is helpful for small as well as significant jobs. Engine power is important because it decides the water pressure. So, a powerful washer will give you high pressure and faster cleaning. In other words, you need to check the displacement or horsepower of petrol propelled cleaner and choose one of them that is feasible according to your requirements.

What about the water flow?

Water flow rate is another important factor that you need to consider. For residential cleaning jobs, you should target at least 360 litres per hour. For commercial purpose, the flow rate should be a minimum of 600 litres per hour. Some of the cleaning machines offer more water flow than we stated, which is useful when you need to deal with large areas.

What is the suitable water pressure?

It’s easy to understand why water pressure is important. Because it’s the primary factor that’s responsible to remove the grime and accumulated dirt. Our experts recommend at least 220 bar of water pressure for commercial tasks because industrial sites need more power to remain neat and clean. For residential cleaning tasks, you can try a petrol pressure washer UK with more than a water pressure of 100 bar.

How to choose the built material?

Another important factor to consider is the durability of a petrol cleaning machine. Buying a machine with high quality built means you don’t have to reinvest on its repair or early replacement. Most of the petrol-based cleaning tools are durable. Still, you need to make sure that you are buying something that can last for long. Choosing stainless steel or metal built is beneficial.

Do you need a portable cleaning machine?

Most of the petrol propelled cleaners comes with wheels so that you can easily transport from one site to another. 7, 8 or 10 inches’ wheels are fine. You should prefer rubber wheels because that is much suitable for uneven ground. Go for wheels above 10 inches if you are a professional.

Do you have sufficient storage space?

Storage space is another important consideration. You cannot store petrol propelled washer inside your living room, right? So, you need a dedicated space inside the garage, barn or garden shade.

Do you need an inbuilt detergent system?

An inbuilt detergent mixing mechanism is not essential, but it saves your time and adds to the convenience, especially in the winters or if you are suffering from cold. So, an integrated detergent container that can automatically add to the cleaning power is worth to have.

Do you have the required time to maintain a petrol operated washer?

Investing in a petrol-based cleaning machine is a wise idea, but you should remember that its engine seeks regular maintenance. Such machines need oil refilling, spark plug and air filter replacement after every 6 six or months depending upon the make and model. If you are always running low on time, then there is no point investing in a fossil fuel washer. Otherwise, it might not survive for long.

What is an appropriate length for a cleaning hose?

While all the petrol-based cleaners come with a cleaning hose, the length differs. You can easily guess the primary advantage of a long hose. So, check the area or objects you need to clean and choose an option accordingly.

Steps to use and refill a petrol pressure washer

Petrol propelled washer is helpful, but it might damage the windows, spoil your car’s paint, or create unwanted holes in walkways. Such a machine can also lead to physical injuries because of electrocution, falls and lacerations. So, it’s crucial to understand the usage of a power cleaner.

Manufacturer’s manual is the primary help: An included booklet will tell you the exact process to use the machine. You can also know about the customer service contacts, right replacements, troubleshooting steps and warranty.

Protective gears are crucial: Do not wear loose clothes or flip flops. Safety gloves, shades, shoes, and hearing protection are the primary items you should think about. Keep in mind that shoes are better when they are steel-toed.

No hands in front of the spray: Always remember that you don’t have to put your hand or any other body part in the way of water spray. Never try to direct the water flow to someone else. Also, do not allow your kids to use the machine.

Ladders can be risky as well: Petrol propelled washers generates strong kickbacks resulting in a fall and injuries. So, it’s not recommended to use the stairs. Instead, you should look for an extension wand. Call the professionals if you cannot reach some particular areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a petrol pressure washer work?

A petrol operated washer has an easy to understand functions. Its inlet valve connects to a water supply and draws the water inside the pump. This pump takes power from a petrol engine that boosts the water pressure and fires it through a hose. This high density concentrated form of water easily deals with up to 90 per cent of dirt and grime without using much water when compared to a standard garden hose.

Can I use regular gas in my pressure washer?

Some of the models need regular gasoline, while several other needs a mix of oil and gasoline. Read the included instructions manual with the machine to know the right fuel.


All the petrol pressure washer reviewswe discussed today are helpful in cleaning jobs that you cannot accomplish using traditional tools. Follow the buying guide to know some of the key factors that you should consider while looking for a petrol pressure washer. Choose something that has all the required features and is available in your budget.

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