Oscillating Bobbin Spindle Sander

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A spindle sander makes the sanding of intricate curves on your woodworking jobs easier. It makes the job faster, and your hands will not experience too much fatigue.

We put this guide together so that you will be able to discover the right product that will meet your expectations and pocket size.

Top 7 Bobbin Spindle Sander Reviews

Here are our top 7 oscillating spindle sander to buy in the UK. Let’s check our top reviews below:


1. Triton 450W Oscillating Spindle Sander TSPS450

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  • Large cast iron table for stability and enhanced material support
  • Rotating and oscillating action for precise finishing of intricate work
  • Includes 6 x 8-grit sanding sleeves 13-76mm dia with matching drums
  • Table inserts in matching sizes prevent gaps between table and sanding surface
  • On-board storage keeps all accessories neatly to hand

Triton TSPS450 oscillating spindle sander is an ideal choice for you if you desire outstanding performance in all your woodworking tasks. It comes with a cast iron table measuring 370 by 295 millimetres so that you can have enough space for placing your wood. You will like its oscillating action, which guarantees perfect movement of the drum up and down so that there can be reduced static friction.

Besides, this machine is specially designed to make it possible for you to match the sleeve size to meet every project’s requirements. It is powered by a 450-Watt motor, hence, you should be able to experience optimum performance. It is compactly designed so that you won’t have problems storing it whenever you want to do so.

What’s more, there is a dust port that you can easily link up with a vacuum cleaner so that you can have a clean working environment. It has a power switch with a cover so as to prevent the entry of dust. Six 80-grit sanding sleeves are included in the package with a diameter range of ½ inch and 3 inches. There is onboard storage, which enables you to keep all accessories with ease.


2. Triton 450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander TSPST450

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  • Large cast aluminium table with -45° tilting front section for flatness, accuracy and strength
  • Rotating and vertically oscillating sanding action for the perfect balance between work rate and control
  • 5 x sanding sleeves (13 - 51mm dia) and matching drums provide maximum versatility with intricate, shaped workpieces
  • All metal belt sander unit with easy belt change provides maximum workrate with straight and shaped workpieces
  • On-board storage slots keeps accessories with the tool for rapid mode changing and convenience

The Triton TSPST450 oscillating belt and bobbin sander is a 2-in-1 machine. It can work as a belt or spindle sander, and switching from one mode to another is as easy as ABC. It boasts of a dynamic 450-Watt motor, hence, you should expect ultimate effectiveness at all times. You can tilt the table up to 45 degrees so as to get maximum precision of your jobs, especially when sanding edges.

The spindle has a maximum load speed of 2000 revolutions per minute while the belt boasts of a speed of 480 metres per minute. There is an onboard-storage that makes it possible for you to keep your accessories without much hassle. You will like its dust extraction channel, which is situated under the table, and there are vented throat plates.

Besides, the on/off switch comes with a dust cover so that you can experience maximum safety and lastingness. It comes with five throat plates, three drum washers, five sleeves, four drums, and a spindle wrench. Also, there are five sanding sleeves that accompany the package, and their diameters stand between 13 and 51 millimetres. With a belt dimension of 100 by 610 millimetres, you may not be able to get a better deal elsewhere.


3. VonHaus 450W Oscillating Bobbin Spindle Sander

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  • LARGE WORKING SURFACE – with a 370 x 295mm cast iron surface to work on, you’ll have all the stability and support you need to create intricate grooves and smooth finishes
  • 2000RPM NO LOAD SPEED – ultra-fast rotation delivers impressively smooth results, while oscillating action (58OPM) reduces friction to prevent burning and band marks
  • 6 SANDING SIZES – 13, 19, 26, 38, 51 & 76mm diameter sanding sleeves are included with rubber drums and table inserts to match (all industry standard sizes). Accepts 114mm tall bobbins Accessories can be stored conveniently on-board the unit
  • DUST EXTRACTION – an extraction system can be attached to the dust port to keep shavings clear of your workspace. 3 upper spindle washers and wrench included. Dimensions: L37cm x W30cm x H33.5cm. Weight: 12.6kg

If you are looking for an oscillating sander that will not disappoint you in times of need, you need to check out this product from VonHaus. It comes with a dynamic motor of 450 Watts, hence, you can be sure of optimum sanding performance. It boasts of a large working space measuring 370 by 295 millimetres, which is ideal for ultimate support and stability.

With its no-load speed standing at 2000 revolutions per minute, you can be sure of getting the most satisfactory result. You will like its oscillating action, which stands at 58 oscillations per minute so that there will be reduction in friction during operations. This machine is compactly designed so as to enhance space-saving storage.

Also, six sanding sleeves accompany the package with diameters ranging between 13 and 76 millimetres. You can store your accessories in the storage compartment of the machine. You can attach a dust extraction system to the dust port of this machine so that your workspace will remain clean always. It weighs just 12.6 kilograms, meaning that you won’t have issues manoeuvring it in your workshop.


4. Scheppach OSM100 4903401901 240V Oscillating Bobbin Sander

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  • Lightweight for easy transport to the job site
  • Powerful 450 W motor provides sufficient power in all applications
  • Rotating and oscillating action ensures exceptional finishing results
  • Heavy duty cast iron table for greater stability, accuracy and durability
  • Large table size provides greater material support

The Scheppach OSM100 comes with plush attributes that will enhance your sanding jobs. It boasts of a 450-watt motor so that there won’t be issues with outstanding performance. That is why you can use it to sand wide and deep workpieces, narrow inner curves, front edges and so on. With its speed standing at 581 OPM, you can be sure of getting your sanding jobs done without much hassle.

Also, this machine boasts of both oscillating and rotating motions so that there can be a flawless finish of your jobs. Its table is made of heavy-duty cast iron so that there can be maximum durability, accuracy, and stability. The table is very large so as to provide adequate support for your materials.

Its lightweight is another outstanding feature, which makes it easier for you to move it to the job site. There is a dust collection port, which makes it possible for you to connect dust collection equipment so that you can work in a safe and clean environment. With its fully enclosed guarding, you will get absolute protection against accidental cuts during operations.


5. Draper 10773 Bench Mounted Bobbin Sander

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  • Cast iron table
  • Dust extraction facility
  • Oscillations 58/min
  • Oscillation travel 16mm
  • Bobbin height (max.) 115mm

This 230-volt bobbin sander from Draper has a dynamic motor of 370 Watts, hence, you can be sure of getting outstanding effectiveness. It is bench-mounted and comes with a cast iron table so that you will be able to get the most satisfactory results. It has a stand so that you can sand without going through too much stress.

With the dust extraction facility of this machine, you can be sure of a cleaner working environment at all times. The package consists of five bobbin drums, six sanding sleeves, and six plastic table inserts. It weighs just 15 kilograms so that you can easily move it from one place to another.


6. Sealey Sm1300 Oscillating Belt/Spindle Sander 230V

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  • Features:An oscillating belt and bobbin that allows faster sanding and prevents burning of the workpiece
  • Features a tilting front table for bevel sanding
  • All sanding parts and accessories have allocated slots in the housing for storage
  • Easily change between belt and bobbin sander with the supplied wrench
  • Includes sanding belt assembly and five sanding sleeves with appropriate drums, washers and throat platesSpecifications:Model No: SM1300Motor Power: 450W - 230VNo Load Speed (Spindle/Belt): 2000/1750rpmOscillations: 600pmBelt Size: 610 x 102mmSpindle Height: 102mmTable Tilt: 0-48�Table Size: 489 x 483mmBobbins Included: 13, 19, 25, 38, 50mmDust Extraction Port ID/OD: �36/39mmWeight: 18kgHeight: 474Width: 536Length: 458

This 2-in-1 sander from Sealey is your best bet if you are looking for a product that is reliable. It has the functionality for both bobbin and belt sander, meaning that you will certainly get value for your money. It has an extraction port, which is very vital for making your working area dirt-free.

Also, the oscillation of this machine makes sanding to be faster and it does not allow your workpiece to burn. You can tilt the front table up to 48 degrees so that it will be possible for you to engage in bevel sanding. The table comes with indents at well-known angles such as 0, 15, 22.5, 30 and 45 degrees so that you can be more flexible with your work.

Besides, there is a storage compartment designed with this machine so that you can effectively keep sanding parts as well as accessories. Switching between the bobbin and belt sander is a piece of cake because a wrench is included in the package. The spindle has a no-load speed of 2000 revolutions per minute (rpm) while that of the belt is 1750 rpm. With its cord length standing at 2.5 metres, you don’t need to worry about any restriction during operations.



7. Rutlands Oscillating Bobbin Sander


Last but not least in this review is this machine from Rutlands. It has a 450-Watt motor so that there can be flawless effectiveness at all times. You will like the quiet operation of the motor, making it possible for you to enjoy every time you spend on your sanding tasks.

Also, this machine oscillates and rotates so that you can achieve a scratch-free finish. Its solid cast iron table is a plus, hence, you can be sure of sanding large and heavy workpieces conveniently. With its dust port having a diameter of 38 millimetres, you can easily get rid of waste without much hassle.

What’s more, this product has five bobbin diameters, and when you combine this with the spindle, you will have access to six sanding diameters. The sanding diameters are 12.7, 19, 25, 38, 51, and 76 millimetres. That is why you can use it on multiple applications for the most satisfactory sanding result.



Choosing the right spindle sander is dependent on your budget and preferences. With the proper use of this guide, it is our belief that you will be able to make a flawless decision based on the information at your disposal.

We advise you to compare features properly before making a purchase.

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