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A log splitter makes your life easy because it can do all the splitting tasks without taking much of your time and hard work.

If you are looking to prepare a firewood supply for winter or you are a professional who needs to deal with wooden logs every day, we have a collection of log chopping machines to suit all your requirements.

Top 9 Log splitter Reviews 2024

Here are our top 9 log splitters to buy in the UK. Let’s check our reviews & buying guide below:


Forest Master FM5D-TC Electric Log Splitter

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as of July 23, 2024 12:51 pm


  • POWERFUL 5-TON SPLITTING FORCE: Effortlessly split soft/green wood with the FM5TW log splitter, delivering genuine power for efficient log splitting.
  • QUICK 9-SECOND CYCLE TIME: Experience the fastest small log splitter on the market, ensuring a swift and productive wood splitting process.
  • PRE-FILLED WITH HYDRAULIC OIL: Get started right away with the FM5TW, which comes pre-filled with hydraulic oil for immediate use.
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE DESIGN: The FM5TW features a lightweight and compact design, complete with a stand for easy mobility and storage.
  • SUPERIOR LOG PROTECTION: Our guard design eliminates openings that can cause damage, ensuring split logs remain secure during the splitting process as well as providing capability for 400mm diameter logs. Competitor brands are limited to 250mm diameter logs.

Built for residential usage, the Forest Master FM5 is a fantastic log splitter that’s suitable for beginners. It accommodates and splits logs up to 300 mm in length and 300 mm in diameter. The log splitting machine does not include a stand, but you can purchase it from Amazon as well as the manufacturer’s website.

Forest Master FM5 is suitable for home use. Due to its incredible motor and powerful splitting, it can accomplish a wide range of tasks, which is impossible with an axe. Another department where the log chopping machine overshadows most of its competition is its low weight of 32 kg.

Equipped with a 2200W motor, FM5 generates a power of 5 tomes. At such power, it can deal with all wooden log, including the green ones. What’s more? This electric hydraulic chopper consumes up to 50 per cent less electric power than other variants available with the same power. So, it might be a solid choice if you need a powerful option that remains easy on your electricity bills.

Forest Master FM5 is one of the safest wood chopping machine available at this price range. It has simultaneous buttons and levers for 2 handed use. At 9 seconds, its cycle time is also fast. Once you are done with the wood preparation, the machine is easy to move around and store due to its lightweight build.


Logmaster 5 Tonne Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter Machine

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  • Powerful; Maximum ram pressure force of 5 tonnes will split wood efficiently
  • Safer; Quick, quiet and highly safe operation, no need to swing a sharp axe
  • Versatile; Able to split green and hard wood with ease, use good quality wood for a better burn
  • Functional design; Easy operation, automatic return, streamlined build and wheels for transportation when not in use
  • Guarantee; 12-month guarantee

Are you looking for a reliable, but affordable wood splitter? Try the 5 Tonne electric hydraulic log splitter manufactured by Logmaster. Equipped with a 1500W motor, the outdoor tool produces a power of 5 tones. At this power, it can easily split small or average-sized logs.

Logmaster 5 Tonnecan deal with all the logs up to maximum diameter of 250 mm and length of 380 mm. After looking at the numbers, you can easily understand that this machine is not for commercial usage. However, it’s perfect for home use.

Most of the users who invested on Logmaster 5 tonne says that it’s an amazing log chopping tool. Why? Because it has the power to deal with all the wooden types, including the green and hard ones. Moreover, the built over a stand for added stability and balance.

The 5 tonne is efficient and time saver because it can chop approx. 100 log per hour. Due to two-handed operation, you can safely cut all the logs that are required for the wooden stove. Apart from that, its steel construction never seeks any maintenance or early repair.

With a weight of 43.3 kg, the 5 Tonne is heavy that other variants available with the same power. Its hydraulic ram is self-lubricating and has an automatic return features for convenient usage. For trouble-free manoeuvrability. the tool also comes with inbuilt wheels.


Forest Master FM16D Heavy Duty Electric Log Splitter

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as of July 23, 2024 12:51 pm


  • POWERFUL SPLITTING FORCE: Experience up to 8 tons of force to effortlessly split even the toughest logs.
  • DUOCUT BLADE: Our trademarked blade design enhances efficiency and enables the splitter to handle knotty wood with ease.
  • TWO-SPEED RAM CONTROL: Choose between fast splitting with reduced force or full force at a slower speed, depending on the wood type.
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Built to handle heavy use, this log splitter can handle logs up to 450mm in length and 400mm in diameter.
  • READY TO USE: The log splitter comes pre-filled with hydraulic oil, so you can start splitting right away.

Forest Master FM16D is a heavy-duty log splitting tool that’s reliable, long-lasting and offers excellent results with its 2300 W motor. It has a maximum force of 16 tons, which is sufficient to deal with commercial projects. The machine comes with a Duocut blade and an inbuilt Ram Stop, which allows you to decrease the length of log travel to save time and electric power.

The Duocut blade serves a special mention because it splits the logs from both the sides, which simply adds to its power to offers excellent chopping results. You might have noticed that sometimes single blade splitting tools jams when it encounters a knot while tearing the log apart.

In such a situation, you need to take out the log and restart the process. However, nothing sort of jam can happen with FM16D. Once one of its blades encounter a knot, another one takes over and chops the log.

Forest Master hydraulic wood chopping tool has a 60 mm ram, which can tackle almost 99 per cent of the wood types. So, it can easily deal with seasoned or green woods.

FM16D needs both your hands to chop the logs. It includes a workbench and safety guard so that you can use the machine without any trouble or unwanted injury. The included safety guard is unique because there are no side holes. With such a design, the guard never damages the logs.


The Handy THLS-6G Electric Log Splitter

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as of July 23, 2024 12:51 pm


  • QUICKLY AND EASILY MAKE KINDLING AND FIREWOOD WITHOUT A WOOD AXE - simply place a log inside the wood splitter, then press the push button switch with your right hand and the hydraulic control lever with your left to force the log onto a splitting wedge
  • SPLITS SEASONED OR GREENWOOD TIMBER - a massive 6 tons of pressure means you can effortlessly split logs up to 52cm in length and 25cm in diameter to make firewood for your wood burner or open fire
  • STRONG AND STABLE WITH BUILT-IN SAFETY FEATURES - rugged metal construction means the wood splitter feels sturdy and firm in use, while a two-handed safety control system means that if one hand slips, the machine stops instantly
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT - the log cutter is mounted on wheels with a pull handle so it's easy to move from your shed or garage to your work area
  • AUTHENTIC BRITISH BRAND SINCE 1938 – The Handy is known for well-engineered, robust and reliable products that get the job done and make gardening easy, with a helpful and knowledgeable aftercare team based in the UK

The Handy log splitter comes with a 2200W motor, which is powerful and hence, it can deal with all the wooden logs without any trouble. This wood chopping tool possesses a power of 6 tons, which is sufficient to cut logs up to 520 mm in length and 250 mm in diameter. With such a power and dimensions to accommodate small as well as average-sized logs, this models makes sure you don’t have to pick up an axe again.

You will like the fact that The Handy log cutting machine can tackle all types of wood including green and hard ones. It can even deal with wooden logs with knots. The machine needs both your hands for secure operation. Moreover, it has a safety cage the adds to your protection.

The Handy log chopper comes with a 1.8-meter power lead, which gives you the reasonable distance from the electrical outlet, that also without any extension cord. At 59 kg, it’s no lightweight. However, you can easily transport the machine using a pair of inbuilt wheels and handle.

You can easily assemble the outdoor tool. Once it’s ready, you will never face any trouble while cutting some logs. If you need a powerful and performance-oriented log chopper without spending much, then try The Handy wood splitter.


Forest Master FM8D-TC Electric Log Splitter

£359.99  in stock
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as of July 23, 2024 12:51 pm


  • COMPACT AND POWERFUL: 5-ton log splitter with a compact size and impressive power-to-size ratio.
  • CUSTOM MIX HYDRAULIC OIL: Pre-filled with Forest Master Custom Mix Hydraulic Oil for improved performance.
  • HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN: Reinforced moving carriage and sturdy pusher block for reliable and precise log splitting.
  • ENHANCED SAFETY: Button and lever operation, along with a UKCA/CE compliant work bench and guard, ensure safe usage in compliance with regulations.

Forest Master FM8 is a suitable option for homeowners with a wooden stove. It’s a hydraulic log splitting beast which takes from electricity. This model can deal with logs up to 370 mm in length and 250 mm in diameter.

The FM8 is available at a budget-friendly price tag. So, you can get rid of axe and all other manual tools without spending a high amount of cash or plastic money. Moreover, it comes with a big motor worth 2200 watts, which produces a power of 5 tons.

If you are a beginner and wants to cut small to medium-sized logs for residential usage, then FM8 might be a solid investment. The wood cutting machine is easy to use because it has two electric levers and buttons that you can operate safely by using both the hands. It comes with a workbench and safety guard, which also allows you to contain the logs. The guard keeps all the debris contained and hence, keeps you safe from any injury or scratches.

You will like the fact that its safety guard does not have any side holes. Means, the guard will never damage any of the wooden logs. Moreover, the log chopped consumes up to 50 per cent of electricity and has a low weight of 38 kg, which makes it easy to manoeuvre.


Fox 4 Ton Electric Log Splitter

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  • 1500w 230v motor (equivalent to 2HP) with a 4 Ton splitting force
  • Features a two handed operating system and accepts logs up to 370mm long
  • Supplied with the very latest CE compliant safety guard and cage
  • Comes fitted with a 5 metre power cable
  • 2 Years Domestic Warranty (1 Year Commercial)

Do you own a wood burner? Then, Fox 4 electric log splitting machine is a perfect purchase because it comes with a 1500 Watt motor. Not one of the mightiest, but the motor produces a chopping force of 4 tons. With such power, decent splitting force and affordable price tag, Fox4T is also suitable for users who need regular log cutting for open fires, fire pits or feature walls.

Fox wood splitting tool can accommodate logs up to 370 mm in length. It can deal with green and softwoods. Apart from that, this machine has a CE safety guard system for added protection.

The two-handed operation ensures simple usage. Plus, the tool has an inbuilt safety guard that contains all the logs while they are being cut. So, the guard restricts all the debris and adds another layer to your protection.

Manoeuvrability is an important factor to consider when you are looking for heavy power tools like a log rupturing machine. it’s the department where Fox4T excels because it comes with a pair of wheels and a carrying handle that facilitates convenient movement.

Fox4T is a 2-way splitter, but you can convert it into a 4-way chopper by adding an optional cross 4-way log splitter. Once added, it can split all the round logs into 4 different pieces.


Top 3 Vertical Log Splitters Reviews


Forest master Manual Heavy Duty Log Splitter

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  • Produces 10 Tonnes of force
  • Duocut twin blades work together using two splitting blades rather than one to optimise the splitting capacity
  • Twin lever rapid lift jack for faster splitting with a 16mm-20mm lift per crank
  • Adjustable blade position so the blade starts splitting the log immediately
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally operated by foot pedal or hand lever

Forest Master DUO10T comprises a twin lever rapid lift jack that can generate a force of 10 tons. With such power, it can split logs with a maximum length of 510 mm and a 300 mm diameter vertically. You can also use the machine horizontally, wherein the maximum diameter is 500 mm.

Yes, you read it right. The Forest Master DUO10T can be used vertically as well as horizontally. You need to use its foot pedals while cutting the log vertically. Once you decide to use the machine horizontally, you can use its hand levers.

One of the most beneficial features of Forest Master DUO10T is its Duocut twin blades, which maximizes its cutting capacity. It’s obvious because the chopping machine is using two blades rather than one. Also, dual blades can easily deal with knotted logs without any jams.

If you want fast chopping, we would suggest that you use both levers as well as pedals to get a jack lift of 16-20 mm per crank. All thanks to its adjustable stationary blade, the machine facilitates quick and instant chopping. So, you don’t have to wait for the log to reach its blade.

Forest Master DUO10T has a safety stop that prevents any damage to the machine when it’s overloaded. If you need a powerful multipurpose wood splitting tool that’s available at a budget-friendly price tag, then this option from Forest Master deserves your attention.


Sealey Ls575Vh Hydraulic Log Splitter

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  • Features:Safe and easy way to split logs, offering continuous sizing and up to 8tonne of pressure
  • Seven tier wedge system allows workpiece to be as near to wedge as possible, therefore minimising splitting time
  • Operated by foot pump requiring a maximum of 15 strokes to capacity (without load) for easy and fast splitting
  • Specifications:Model No: LS575VHTier Log Lengths: 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 575mmMaximum Log �: �160mmVertical Ram Travel: 158mmMaximum Load Pressure: 8 tonneOverall Size (W x D x H): 285 x 540 x 1040mmWeight: 30kgHeight: 285Width: 1100Length: 325

Sealey LS575VH is a safe and easy to use log splitting machine, which works at a pressure of 8 tons. Its 7-tier wedge system allows you to keep the wooden logs near the wedge and hence, reduces the cycle time. You can operate the vertical log chopping tool using a foot pump, which needs 15 strokes without any load.

Designed to offer excellent results without much effort, Sealey LS575VH can deal with logs up to 575 mm in length. It’s 7-tiers are 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550 ad 575mm. You can use any of them depending upon the log’s length. The maximum diameter it can tackle is 160 mm.

This hydraulic log chopping equipment is lightweight at 30 kg. It has a pair of rings and a handle for easy manoeuvrability. Moreover, it’s available at a budget-friendly price tag. The machine seeks some assembly for the first use, but you can easily accomplish the instruction by following the included manual.

We recommend that you read all the instructions before you start using the Sealey LS575VH. Do not try to load one log over another because this machine is built to crack only one target at a time. Overall, if you need one of the best vertical log splitters without spending a fortune, then LS575VH might be the right option.


Atika ASP 11 N Hydraulic Combination Log Splitter

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  • 3-way height adjustable splitting table, easy conversion for short and metre wood.
  • Includes split cross, hanging table and swivel table.
  • 4-stroke petrol engine: 212 cm³, input power P1: 4.0 kW.
  • Easy modification suitable for short and metre wood.
  • Splitting force: 11 tonnes.

Atika ASP 11 N firewood splitter might be a convincing investment because of its powerful 4-stroke engine that produces a force of 11 tons. At 80 kg, this one is heavy. However, the added weight makes it more stable and balanced.

The firewood chopper can accommodate all the logs within a length of 1325 mm. With such power and ability to split long materials, ASP 11 N can deal with residential as well as commercial log chopping missions. Another impressive feature is its height-adjustable support for splits, wherein you have three options altogether including 590, 900 and 1325 mm.

The height adjustment makes log cracking easy and convenient. Its assembly is also easy. As the machine is petrol-powered, you can use it virtually anywhere. It comes with a pair of wheels that facilitates easy relocation.

ASP 11 N has a heavy-duty and long-lasting built. Still, it’s not an expensive machine. Its petrol engine has a displacement of 212 cc, which makes wood processing fast and easy. Even if you have a huge leap of wooden logs to crack, you can trust this hydraulic firewood splitter. Hence, you can consider it for residential usage. The machine is powerful and has multiple levels to accommodate logs with variable lengths, which makes it suitable for professional usage as well.


Is it worth buying a log splitter?

We believe that the time-saving nature of log splitting tools is the sole reason why you should try it. With a log cracking machine, you will not spend a lot of time preparing firewood. Instead, you can finish other household tasks or enjoy some leisure time with your family.

Do not forget that log splitting tools need marginally less hard work compared to a manual axe. Moreover, you cannot tear a log with knots using an axe. Some of the logs are naturally tough to crack using physical power. However, a robust wood splitter can crack the target irrelevant of its density or internal knots.

Buyer’s Guide – Safety and Durability

Orientation: After reading the log splitters reviews, you can easily understand that these machines are available in two form factors: horizontal and vertical. The latter are powerful and occupies less open space than horizontal models. If you want to deal with large wooden logs with significant diameter, then you might try a log cracking tool with vertical orientation.

On the other hand, go for a horizontal model if you need high portability. Because some of the vertical variants are not movement-friendly because of their heavy nature. Moreover, you cannot use a vertical splitter over an uneven surface.

Splitters with horizontal orientation are suitable if you need to tackle small logs. If you prefer a horizontal option, then try to choose something that has dual blades. When to blades work together, they can chop logs faster. Therefore, you need to think about your requirements and choose a suitable option.

Pressure force: Another important factor to consider is the force a log cutting machine can generate. You can choose any of the models within 4 to 10 tones to prepare seasonal firewood. If you have some fireplaces in your house, then such variants can serve the purpose.

Commercial models can generate up to 40 tons of force. For commercial usage, you can try anything than 10 tons. However, it entirely depends upon what types of projects you generally handle.

Maximum size: For some of the products; size matters. And log splitters are one of those power tools wherein you need to check the maximum log size it can accommodate and split. If you need to chop long materials, then try a vertical splitter.

Types of wood: In general, you will deal with two types of woods; seasoned and green. The latter type of wood is mature and hence, a splitter can easily cut through. If you leave the logs untouched for 3 to 4 months, they become brittle and any of the decent log choppers can go through them.

Green logs have high levels of moisture, which makes it difficult for the log cracker to chop through. If you want to deal with greenwoods, then try a log splitting tool with high-pressure force. Most of the models clearly state whether they can deal with greenwood, seasoned wood or both. So, you can choose one of them accordingly.

Portability: Some of the horizontal log splitting variants are compact. Almost all the models come with a pair of inbuilt wheels. However, vertical options are less portable due to added weight.

Apart from orientation, another factor the largely contributes to portability is the fuel type. Gas propelled variants can be used anywhere, even in a forest. But, the petrol engine produces gases that are harmful to mother nature.

Besides, petrol or gas engines seek more maintenance when compared to their electric counterparts. Regular replacement of spark plugs, air filter cleaning and lubricating moving parts are the basic servicing steps you need to follow in case you choose the petrol-powered log chopping tool.

Mains powered variants do not consume much of your time for maintenance, but such a machine is restricted due to a connecting power cable. Then comes the mechanical variants, which you can take anywhere. However, such a model needs manual power to go through wooden logs, which is time taking.

Noise level: A mains powered wood cracker works at low sound levels when compared to their petrol propelled variants. If you want an outdoor tool to use in the backyard, then it better to try its electric version.

Frequently Asked Question

How many tons do I need for a log splitter?

Well, that depends upon the log you need to chop. If you want to crack thick wooden logs, then try a power splitter with more pressure. For instance, you can deploy a 4-ton machine to chop 6-inch logs, but you will need a 10-ton machine to crack logs with a thickness of 20 inches.

What is a log splitter used for?

A machine that can crack or split wooden logs into pieces. Such a tool can deal with logs that are already precut into round pieces using a chainsaw or table saw.

Is a 22-ton log splitter enough?

If you are planning to enter the commercial business of firewood, then a 22-ton machine would offer more than enough power. Any of the machines within 10 tons are suitable for residential usage. A 15-ton log chopper can deal with both residential and professional usage.

Are electric log splitters any good?

Electric log choppers are comparatively affordable than the gas propelled options. It’s primarily because mains powered models offer less pressure force, which is only suitable for residential projects. If you need to prepare firewood or if you own a wood stove, then trying an electric version is a bright idea.

How much force does it take to split a log?

The species or thickness of a log determines how much pressure force you need to split it apart. For example, a 4 ton can easily crack all the logs within 150 mm of thickness. But, if the logs are 500 mm thick you need a machine with at least 10 tons of power.

How much wood can you split in a day?

Our experts recommend that you can cut up to 5 cords, according to your fitness level. However, going for more than 5 cords can be tough because you need to lift all the logs one by one. No matter how strong you are, but spinning more than 5 cords in 1 day might take a toll on your body.

How often should you change hydraulic fluid in a log splitter?

Whether the machine is petrol propelled or mains powered, you need to change its hydraulic fluid after every 100 hours of usage. You also need to replace the hydraulic oil. The process is similar to your car.

Is it better to split wood green or dry?

The answer depends upon the wood type you are targeting. For instance, some of the species like red oak have straight grains that are easy to split when they are dry. On the contrary, live oak cracks easily when it’s green. Some of the pines chops smoothly when they are dry.


Consider your requirements before you try any of the log splitting machines. Compare the options that fall within your budget.

We have discussed some of the best log splitters today, so you can try any one of them. If you face any confusion, refer to the buying guide. Talk to you in the next post.

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