How To Cut A Hedge With A Chainsaw?

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A chainsaw is not only a powerful tool that makes garden tasks very easy and productive, but the tool is also incredibly versatile.

This notwithstanding, you must always handle a chainsaw with care whenever you’re using it.

It is a powerful machine which could wreak serious havoc if not managed properly, meaning that adherence to proper safety measures is absolutely important.

Besides, when you know how to use a chainsaw properly, the knowledge will help you to use it on your plants in a way that improves the health and look of your hedges and shrubs.

 Trimming Hedges With Chainsaw

So, what is the right way to cut hedges using a Chaim saw? Find out below.

Safety Procedures for Using a Chain saw

Safety Procedures for Using a Chain saw

First and foremost, read the owner’s manual that comes with the tool. This helps you to get familiar with what the equipment can do, how it works and safety precautions to put in place in order to avoid any harm, both to you and to the machine.

Also, you need to let the people around know that you’re about to use a powerful and dangerous device and advise them to stay away while you work. And like you probably know, goggles, long pants, hand gloves, hard hat and hearing protection are a must when you’re using such a powerful device as a chainsaw.

When using a chainsaw, never lift the machine higher than your shoulder level and try as much as possible to cut from your waist height. It is also a good thing to slice hedges from the side of the saw so that kickbacks do not occur. You also want to avoid getting too close to the ground level as this can make the saw hit and withdraw.

Next, examine the oil filter, the fuel level and the surface oil of your saw every single time before using the tool. Also, reset the tension if there’s a need to, clean your saw always, and sharpen it with a file regularly.

Powering Your Chain Saw

It is always safer to start your power saw while it is laying flat on the ground. Make sure to continually push the brake right until it fully engages, and you can turn on the power switch afterwards. If your chain saw happens to come with a decompression valve, press it down while pumping the primer valve several times.

Using your left hand, hold the front handle of your saw as you step on the back handle with your right foot. Then, start the saw using your right hand. When your saw comes on, start making your cuts from either the bottom of the tool or from the top of the tool

Pruning with Your Chain Saw

The particular plant you’re about to deal with will determine the technique you are to use to control your saw. Cutting juniper bushes, for example, requires serious caution and carefulness because only the weak, crossed and old branches need to be cut. A petrol hedge trimmer is much easier to use for this task. You can read petrol hedge trimmers review here. However, springtime is the best time to prune juniper shrubs.

You can use your chain saw to trim your leaf-bearing hedges. This kind of hedges should be pruned not too long after they’re planted because pruning helps them to grow healthily. Seasonal hedges should be cut during late summer. Also, try to avoid bird nests as your use your chain saw on hedges.

Be patient for your lilac bushes to grow to about 6 feet before trimming them. In fact, clip off the whole stem instead of simply pruning off tiny pieces at a time. Lilac bushes should be pruned only after they’ve stopped flowering. Remember to be extremely careful and protect yourself as best as you can.

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