How Often Should You Change Lawn Mower Oil?

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Most of you know how to check the oil level in your lawn mower but do you know how often should you change lawnmower oil? & how to do it properly?

Its not like the old days where you had to prop the mower up on blocks & pull a plug. It’s much more easier nowadays.

Let’s check out some of the frequently asked questions about lawnmower oil.

Moreover, how can you change the mowing machine oil? Well, firstly, engine oil plays a crucial role in the running of any machine. The oil serves your mower in various ways including reducing friction, cooling the engine, inhibiting rust and corrosion, and keeping the engine surfaces clean.

Keep in mind that the oil in your lawn tractor becomes dirty as you operate the machine. If your equipment lacks a gas filter to get rid of dirt and particles, the contaminants might lead to engine wear with time. For that reason, you will have to schedule a maintenance and care practice to change the oil in your mower engine after some time of operating.

When Should You Change Lawn Mower Oil?

When Should You Change Lawn Mower Oil

Is it about time you consider changing lawn mower oil? The best thing is that you can use multiple ways to know whether it is time to change the oil. For instance, you can utilize a dipstick to check the oil level.

The whole thing is hassle-free if your mowing machine is equipped with an hour meter. It will always indicate to you when to change the dirty oil. In most cases, this is after 30 – 50 hours of operating.

Make sure to check the manual for the correct time. If you are among the lawnmowers that do not utilize their machines for long enough, ensure that you refresh the mower oil when in your yearly maintenance practice.

If you want to have the best out of your machine for the long term, you need to ensure proper care and maintenance. The worst thing is that most homeowners ignore the aspect of an oil change as a lawnmower maintenance practice.

However, the best thing is to replace oil filters and engine oil at least two times each summer or spring. Alternatively, you can do the same after 30 – 50 hours of working. If you want to understand everything about changing mower oil, you need not worry. This post will analyze everything concerning lawn tractor maintenance and the best time to change your mower oil.

Is It Time To Change Your Lawnmower Oil?

Is It Time To Change Your Lawnmower Oil

First of all, the life span of your mower oil will differ from the underground oil. Regular cooling and heating of the oil by the engine tends to reduce its lifespan. In addition to what we said earlier, change the mower oil after operating the machine for five hours when new.

Do you want to enjoy top performance each time you use your lawnmower? Well, you have to keep checking the oil after every use. Keep in mind that harsh conditions like wet grass, rough terrains, dust, and high temperature, can determine your frequency of changing oil. However, here are some indicators that you need to change the oil in your lawn mower machine.

Dipstick: After operating your lawn mower for some minutes, use a dipstick to check the remaining oil. After that, wipe it using white paper and in case it has a few particles or looks dirty, an oil change is an option you have to ensure proper performance.

Hour Meter: In most cases, riding tractors and mowers have an hour meter. Your only work is to follow the schedule of changing lawnmower oil from the hour meter.

Usage: Some push mowers and walk-behind lawnmowers do not have hour meters. What will you do to know the oil level in that case? Well, a rough assessment can work. For example, if you operate your mower for about four hours each week, it will take you about three months to complete 50 mowing hours. You now know the time to change your mower oil.

Annual Maintenance: The best thing is to undertake general maintenance on your mower tractor after a complete mowing season. When servicing, sharpening blades, or cleaning your machine, remember mower oil change. With that, you will wait for the next trimming season hassle-free.

Tools That You Need For Lawnmower Oil Change

  • Spark plug wrench
  • Funnel
  • Disposable gloves
  • An empty container
  • A rag to mop any oil spillage
  • A spanner or socket wrench
  • Some plastic sheets to cover the floor from oil spillage
  • Pieces of 2-inch wood to raise your lawnmower off the ground

Steps To Change Your Mower Oil

As much as mowing machines have smaller engines, they too need oil to operate as required. Moreover, you will have to change lawnmower oil with time (ranging between 30 – 50 hours of machine operating) to ensure optimum mower performance.

However, keep in mind that several factors come in hand to determine the best time to change the mower oil. The best thing is that you can do everything on your own provided you have tools such as a drain container, rags, hand tool, and funnel. To save your time and prevent spillage problems, utilize the oil extractor.

After you observe all the instructions to ensure safety, use these steps to change the oil in your mowing machine.

  1. Run the engine for 10 – 15 minutes and turn it off to stimulate any debris
  2. Disconnect and remove the spark plug
  3. Lift your mowing machine to access the drain plug with ease. That prevents cases of spillage. However, you may skip this step if you are using oil extractors. In that case, you will have to skip to the 6th step.
  4. When not using an oil extractor, locate and clean around the mower drain plug. If operating push mowers, you can find the plug under the lawnmower deck, usually clogged by grass clippings. Clean the area to avoid wear and contamination.
  5. Now, drain dirty oil after removing the drain plug. Clean and reinstall the plug after draining the old oil
  6. Refill using new and original oil.


Undoubtedly, different parts will contact each other when running your lawnmower. To ensure optimum performance, you will have to lubricate these parts using fresh oil.

When using a new machine, change the mower oil after operating for the first five hours and after 25 – 50 hours of running as well. Use the above content to keep your mowing machine in top performance as far as a lawnmower oil change is concerned.

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