How Much Do Lawnmower Blades Cost?

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In this blog, we will compare the cost of different blades for the lawnmower. How much does a 3-in-1 gator cost? How much does the mulching blade cost? How much do new lawnmower blades cost? How much does lawn mower blade sharpening cost?

The zero-turn mower blades cost ranges from $ 12 to $ 31, depending on the brand and type. Also, the cost of riding lawnmower blades ranges from $ 10 to $ 40. Our pricing studies show that the blade’s length is not a big difference.

Also, we will compare various brands of blades to see the low-cost lawnmower blades, which is the most expensive, and why.

We will discuss the price difference between the blades for different types of lawnmowers and the blade length. The other side of the blog will be about the various sharpening services of the blade and the US, Australia, and the UK prices. Scroll down to see the lawnmower blades’ cost and the sharpen lawn mower blades cost, all listed in the tables.

Types Of Lawnmower Blades

Types Of Lawnmower Blades

There are five types of lawnmower blades which include:

1. Gator Blade

The Gator blade combines medium-lift (high and low) with the mulching feature to combine three grass mowers or one lawn mowing technique. It is also called a 3-in-1 blade. Typically, it is easy to spot due to the serrated section at each end of a blade.

Even though it makes it possible for the higher lift mulching with one design and the above, 3-in-1 blade falls short in every area, mainly in a low lift, mulching, and high lift to achieve that compromise. However, these blades are still very popular and ideal for lawn mowing use or grass cutting.

2. Deck, Standard, or Straight Blade

The deck, standard, or straight blade is the typical blade used in many lawnmowers, rotating horizontally.

The blade has a slightly curved edge to provide continuous airflow when it turns, creating a cutting and sucking action.

3. High Lift Blade

Due to the more vertical swooping shape of the high-lift blade, the high-lift air below the lawnmower gives the blade great suction power. This fan-shaped suction makes the high lift blade fit for the bagging purpose.

It also makes bagging faster, more efficient, and more manageable and reduces the cut grass’s clogging in the mower’s cutting area. The high lift blade is perfect for cutting compact and tall grass but needs a more powerful motor.

4. Low Lift Blade

This blade is designed for side discharge cutting and recommended for mowing sandy soils on the terrain.

With the low suction power, the low lift blade is designed with a less drastic swoop than the high lift blade, making the grass stay in a low location where it is best pushed from the mower’s side.

5. Mulching Blade

It is also known as the all-purpose blade, which has a curved surface that allows it to work in three different ways. The first way is where the blade pulls grass and cuts it.

The clippings are then sucked inside the bundle and then cut into small pieces. Finally, the blade’s inner curve creates atmospheric pressure to push out the small clippings where they feed the soil.

Final Remarks

To summarize this blog, I can say that you now know about the costs of the difference on how much do lawn mower blades cost and the sharpening service costs.

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