Complete Led Grow Tent Kits UK (Hydroponic Grow System)

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Complete led grow tent kits are one of the affordable and self-contained ways to grow plants inside your house.

Today, we will put together a list of some indoor growing kits that you can choose to enjoy some plantation without going outdoors. Read on the list if you want to add some of your favourite plants in the attic or kitchen.

Top 9 Led Grow Tent Kits Reviews 2024


Here are our top 9 led grow tent kits to buy in the UK. Let’s check our reviews & buying guide below:

1. GoodGrow LED Grow Tent Kit


  • Power: 300 watts
  • Maximum Plants: 4

The LED grow tent kit by GoodGrow is accomodates 4 plants at once. It means that you can pursue your plant growing hobby without any trouble. No matter what is the growth cycle of the plants, this grows tent kit boosts the stability and adds some years to their lifetime.

The GoodGrow hydroponic plant kit comes with a clip-on and extractor fan that improves air circulation and also keeps the nasty smell away. With dimensions of 60x60x140cm, the tent kit offers the best chances to make your plantation successful. Apart from that, it’s easy to set up and seeks minimal maintenance.

The kit contains everything that you would ever need for indoor plantation. You will like the fact that this product is easy to set up and comes with a plug-in timer for optimum growing conditions. Apart from that, it also includes odour killing spray, all the plant’s nutrients, 5 ml Pipette, ducting and hydrometer.

This hydroponic plants growing platform consumes 300 W of electricity. You simply need to add some soil and seeds to grow some of your favourite plants.If you are a fan of gardening, but you cannot find open space in a rented flat, then the GoodGrowLED grow tent kit is one of the best options that you can bring home.


2. Direct Discounts LED Grow Tent Kit


  • Power: 300W
  • Maximum plants: 5

Are you planning to grow some plants inside the house? You can try the Direct Discounts LED grow tent kit that’s easy to set up and can accommodate up to 5 plants. You only have to add soil and seed to start the journey of indoor plantations.

The grow tent kit comes with a 300w LED that consumes less power and never overheats. This LED has a lifespan of 50, 000 hours, which means you don’t have to look for early replacements. It has a heavy-duty plug-in timer and adjustable hanging kit that offers optimum growing conditions for your favourite plants.

Then, the kit also comes with a 4-inch carbon filter, clip-on and extractor fan to enhance air circulation and kill the nasty plant smells.Apart from a couple of fans, the led grow kit also has an anti-odour spray, hydrometer, nutrients for the plants and 5 ml pipette. Means, you don’t have to look for any other components once you invest in the kit by Direct Discounts. Tthis model has dimensions of 80 x 80 x 160 cm.

Another beneficial component of the kit is its Mylar tent, which is a reflective and waterproof material that supplies a maximum amount of light to the plants. If you want to grow some of the exotic plants inside your house, then Direct Discounts gives you an efficient and low-cost solution. Try it if you cannot go outdoors to fulfil your gardening interests.



3. Gardeners Corner LED Hydroponics Complete Grow Room Tent Kit


  • Power: 600 W
  • Maximum plants: 4

Gardeners Corner LED hydroponic grow room tent kit is another high-quality options, which is perfect for individuals who want to enjoy an indoor garden. The kit has a Dual Spectrum LED grow light that has a mix of blue, red, white and infrared bulbs. So, it helps when you need to grow seeds, improve the growth in young plants and boost flowering in grown plants.

The grow tent has dimensions of 0.8m x 0.8m x 1.8m that can easily accommodate 4 plants. This hydroponic grow system comes with 4 fabric pots, 4 carbon filters and a light timer. It also as 20 litres of Canna Coco that provides all the required nutrients to the plants.

Gardeners Corner tent kit works with the latest technology in hydroponic gardening, which ensures complete growth and flowering in the plants. With such advanced growing method, the plants never ask for anything else from the outer world.

The dual spectrum LED deserves special mention because it provides uniform lights for proper growth of the plants. As it’s full-spectrum light, you don’t have to make any adjustments at different stages of plant growth.

Overall, the grow room tent kit not only contains all the components that you will need for indoor plantation, but it’s also easy to use. It might be a perfect purchase if you are a beginner who wants to enjoy some private greens inside your basement.



4. Gardeners Corner Hydroponic 600w LED Grow Tent Kit


  • Power: 600 W
  • Maximum plants: 12

The Gardeners Corner 600w LED grow tent kit is a high-quality product that gives you a perfect platform to grow healthy plants or crops as per your interests. Its tent has 600D silver Mylar covering that ensures proper distribution of light and hence maintains optimum growth of your lovable plants. Built over sturdy steel poles, the tent has double stitching. Both of these factors makes the tent durable.

The 600W LED light has a fantastic mix of blue, infrared, white and red bulbs that makes it perfect for all stages of plant growth. So, you can use this grow tent kit led to cultivate seeds, young plantations and boost flowering process in mature plants. The kit also has a Fox twin speed filter that reduces excess heat and smell.

For extra cooling, the hydroponic kit includes a Cyclone oscillating pedestal fan worth 16 inches. It has three blades and three-speed settings to keep the environment cool and favourable for the seeds or plants. The fan also has a tilting head for your convenience. Moreover, you can adjust its height up to 1.25 meters. It has a 60 x 60 cm base that’s stable and stays at your plant’s assistance for long.

The indoor plantation kit comes with 12 fabric pots that you can easily adjust inside its tent. So, whether you want to grow tomato, carrots, mushrooms, or green beans, you can try the Gardeners Corner kit.



5. Gardeners Corner Hydroponics Complete Grow Room Tent Kit


  • Power: 600W
  • Maximum plants: 4

Today’s next recommendation offers complete value for your investment. Gardeners Corner hydroponics is one of the best indoor garden kits with 600W LED. Do you know why? First, because it contains all the items that you need for indoor plantation.

Then, the hydroponics gardening kit comes with a 120 x 120 x 200cm grow tent and 600W full spectrum LED light that takes care of all the plant development stages.

Moreover, it has a Fox filter with an inbuilt fan that reduces heat and maintains freshness. What’s more? The kit includes 4 fabric plant pots. To maintain the nutrient level, the kit also comes with 20 litres of Canna Coco natural.

All the included items are easy to set up. Once ready, you need to add some soil to the fabric pots and plant the seeds. Use the provided Coco natural fertilizer, so that the plants can grow well and provide you with the desired results.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced indoor gardener, this plant growing kit might be a suitable purchase. The kit comes with a ceiling mount that allows you to hang it anywhere in the basement or attic. Its recommended that you decide the room or area where you will place the kit. Once configured properly, it might be difficult for you to relocate the plants.

Overall, the growing kit by Gardeners Corner is the best you can find at such a pocket-friendly price tag. It’s a suitable purchase if you want to practice indoor gardening for some exotic plants, marijuana, vegetables or flowers.


6. Green Box Hydroponics Complete Grow Room Tent Kit


  • Power: 600W
  • Maximum plants: 4

Today’s next recommendation from Green Box is one of the best complete led grow tent kits UK. The manufacturer has worked to collect user reviews and researched hard to design the perfect kit for indoor plantation. With a tent size of 120 x 120 x 200cm, the indoor plant kit can accommodate up to 4 pots. Hence, it might be a perfect kitchen addition for small families as well as bachelors.

The Green Box kit contains everything that you need to start an indoor plantation. Apart from that tent, it has 600w Lumii Magnetic Ballast that maintains optimum growth for the seeds or plants at all the stages. Then it has a Euro standard reflector that is responsible for proper light distribution.

To reduce the extra heat and unwanted odour, the kit comes with a Fox twin speed filter. It includes 4 fabric pots with a capacity of 15 litres each. You don’t have to worry about the nutrition because the kit also includes 4 Coco coir bricks.

Overall, the indoor plantation kit might be a suitable purchase for new gardeners. Its internal fan makes minimal noise and hence the kit never disturbs you while working or watching TV. The kit has a Lumenlite bulb that’s long-lasting and never seeks an early replacement.

The kit has high quality zips made of commercial-grade steel. So, their teeth and joints are durable. Plus, the zip keeps all the light inside and maintains an ideal environment for the greens.


7. Green Box Grow Tent Roof Tent Kits


  • Power: 600W
  • Maximum plants: 4

Green Box led to grow tent kit is beneficial for users who wants to enjoy indoor gardening without sacrificing much open space. It’s an ideal purchase if you own a small flat wherein outdoor plantation is not possible. This is one of the best indoor growing systems because of its high-quality construction that creates a suitable environment for plants.

The tent has a heavy-duty coated steel frame and metal corners. The internal lining of silver Mylar maintains optimum light distribution, which is helpful for the growth of your favourite plants. The kit also includes a ceiling hanger made of steel.

Due to its slanted roof, you can place the tent kit into the attic. You can also place it into your basement. We recommend that you decide the suitable area to place the kit and only then you should set it up. Once configured, it might be difficult to move the indoor garden.

The grow tent kit led comes with a dual spectrum bulb, which means you don’t have to change or replace it during the growing stages. It has a reliable motor that works without any overheating and makes sure that your plants get a continuous supply of what they need to grow.

You will like the fact that this kit is PVC free, which means it will never make any harm to your plants. Made of Oxford cloth black cover (600 x 600 Denier), the tent is long-lasting and you can use it many more years to come.



8. GardenersCorner Hydroponics Complete Grow Room Tent Kit


  • Power: 315 W
  • Maximum plants: 4

If you are a new gardener who wants to cultivate some indoor plants, then take a closer look at the Gardeners Corner hydroponics kit. It comes with a 315 W light that works as good as a 600W variant. However, the former generates less heat. Means, the plants get the required amount of light, but without any overheating.

As the plant growing kit never makes extra heat, it ever never interferes with the outer environment. The tent has dimensions of 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m, which is sufficient for up to 4 plants. It’s the reason why the kit includes 4 fabric pots worth 11 litres each, wherein you can easily grow vegetables and flowers. The gardening package also comes with a heavy-duty ceiling mount.

The kit includes a couple of fans; 5-inch extraction fan and a 7-inch clip-on Cyclone fan. Both the cooling points make sure that your plants don’t have to face extreme heat in any conditions. Apart from that, the kit has aluminium ducting that works well and never leaks even after years of usage.

Gardeners Corner kit comes with a carbon filter kit that removes all the unwanted odour and keeps the area fresh. Also, an additional light timer is included for your convenience. Overall, this option deserves your attention because it’s simple to use, long-lasting and caters all the requirements to promote adequate growth.


9. Grow Tent Silent & Small Grow Tent Kit


    • Power: 600W
    • Maximum plants: 4

Grow Tent indoor plant kit has a tent worth 120 x 120 x 200cm. It comes with a dual spectrum 600W light that provides the right amount of light to plants as well as flowers. To keep the smell and excess heat at bay, this kit comes with a 4-inch carbon filter. Its internal fan is near silent and never disturbs while you work or listen to some music.

The indoor gardening kit is suitable for both beginners and experienced users because it’s easy to set up and comes with all the components to grow some plants at your residence. The indoor plantation tent is dependable because of a Lumenlite bulb that’s suitable for all the vegetables and flowers.

Apart from a noiseless filter fan, the kit has a black acoustic duct that reduces the noise generated by airflow. If you want one of the best led grow tent kits the UK, then try the option from Grow Tent that’s suitable for exotic plants, marijuana, tomato, ginger, onion or beets. This kit is available at a budget-friendly price tag, which is marginally lower than other variants.



We discussed some of the best complete led grow tent kits. After reading the reviews, you will know where to start. You can choose any one of the above-mentioned models as per your needs.

Be assured that anything that you select from our expert’s recommendations will provide favourable conditions for your plants to flourish.

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