Front Wheel Drive vs Rear Wheel Drive Mower

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Are you thinking about having a change of lawnmower? A self-propelled mower model is something you should consider, especially if you currently own a push mower. Push mowers are good too and they have their advantages.

However, it is not every time that one has the strength to maneuver one’s mower on the lawn. It’s just so much easier to own a self-propelled model which minimizes your work by pushing itself.

Self-driven mowers are either front-wheeled or rear wheeled. Either one of them offers distinct advantages. Read the rest of this post to know the pros and cons of each one of them.

Basics of a Self-Propelled Mower

When using a push mower, one has to drive the machine along one’s lawn to get the job done. Self-propelled mowers, on the other hand, do not need your energy to function.

Because they have engines that supply power to the machine as a whole, self-propelled mowers can push themselves forward. The only input they need from you is a steer in the right direction.

The Self-propelled lawnmowers often come with a bar on their handle. It is this bar that one squeezes to engage the blade.

When one releases the bar, the blade either stops working or the machine’s engine halts altogether. The speed level of self-driven Mowers can reach 1 to 3-1/2 miles in a single hour

Front-Wheeled Self-Drive Mower

Front-Wheeled Self-Drive Mower

This kind of self-propelled mower is characterized by front wheels. Their wheels are what drive the mower. It is the strength of these wheels that draws the mower along when they turn.

Note also that this model is best for flat areas. It isn’t ideal for yards that have hills or lawns with steep inclines. What’s more? One can easily steer this model around obstacles.

Rear-Wheel Self-Drive Mower

Rear-Wheel Self-Drive Mower

This model is the more powerful self-propelled type. It can handle the rigorous work of mowing valleys, hills or sloppy inclines. This kind of mower always has its wheels at the rear.

When these wheels turn, they push the mower forward irrespective of how steep the land is. However, they are not easily maneuverable.

The best place to use them is in large open spaces. Because their wheels are always moving forward it can be somewhat difficult to pull rear wheeled mowers backwards.

Advantages of A Self-Propelled Mower

The number one advantage of a self-propelled mower, either front wheeled or rear wheeled, is that anyone can use it. These machines practically do all the hard jobs.

It is also very easy to use a bag attachment with these mower models. This is because the extra weight of grass clippings is handled by the machine and not the person operating it.

If you think purchasing a self-propelled mower is worth your buy, then we advise you to begin your search right away. Your lawn will appreciate you for it.

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