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Transferring compost in your garden is a challenging task and it becomes even more difficult when the load is heavy.

Fortunately, an electric wheelbarrow can be helpful when you need to move gravel, fertilizer or any other heavy material in the yard, lawn or a construction site.

Let’s check out our top 9 motorised wheelbarrows that will help you to choose the best option among them.

Top 8 Electric Wheelbarrow Reviews

Here are our top 8 powered wheelbarrow to buy in the UK. Let’s check our top reviews below:


1. Makita DCU180Z 18V Li-Ion LXT Brushless Wheelbarrow

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  • Soft start, constant speed control and electronic 2 speed selection with reverse gear
  • Led job light to illuminate the area
  • 3 stage adjustable handle
  • Brake lever with locking mechanism
  • Folding handle for storage and transporting

Makita is a reputable manufacturer of power tools. The Makita DCU180Z utilizes an 18V Li-ion LXT battery and delivers a maximum weight of 130 kg at once. Its brushless motor is efficient and performance-oriented. While its soft start function makes the starting process easy and convenient.

The maximum speed of Makita electric barrow is 3.5 km/h. However, it comes with a variable speed control function that allows you to choose between high and low-speed settings. At low speed, the garden carrier moves at 1.5 km/h. Talking about the climbing angles, the barrow can deal with slopes up to 12 degrees.

Due to a powerful battery and robust motor, the barrow moves at constant speeds. Its overload protection makes sure you do not test its power by mistake. Apart from that, DCU180Z also has a lock key that prevents accidental start-ups.

The power wheelbarrow has storage space for 2 slide-type batteries. You can select any of them using its battery selection switch. You will like the fact that this powerful device comes with a reverse gear, which justifies its worth as a professional tool. So, Makita DCU180Z is not only a helpful investment for your house, but it can be also used for commercial sites.

Keep in mind that the product doesn’t come with a battery, pipe frame or bucket frame. You need to purchase all these items separately.


2. Greenworks G40GC Self-Propelled Cordless Electric Garden Cart

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  • MOVE HEAVY LOADS WITHOUT PUSHING - press the safety button to start the motor and turn the throttle to adjust the speed, from very slow to a comfortable walking pace - perfect for big garden projects
  • ASSISTED UNLOADING WITH HYDRAULIC POWER - a smooth, heavy duty piston lets you empty the cart quickly and safely, even with heavy loads, whilst the strong motor and large wheels tackle slopes with ease for excellent performance on uneven ground
  • VARIABLE SPEED WITH SAFETY CUT FUNCTIONS - two speed settings and a handy reversing function make it easy to control and for total peace of mind, the cart will only work when the security key is in to prevent accidental start-ups
  • USE WITH ANY GREENWORKS 40V BATTERY - this is a special 'tool only' package that comes without a battery, so if you already own a Greenworks 40V tool you can use the same battery to save space, cut costs and reduce waste
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE – by Greenworks, a world leader in electric tools and battery technology, with a global reputation for smart design, high performance and outstanding customer service

If you need an affordable motorised wheelbarrow, then the second recommendation from Greenworks deserves your attention. G40GC has plenty of power to deal with all the tasks wherein you need to move some weight from one point to another. It’s a three-wheeled model and the front ones have the driving responsibility.

The self-propelled wheelbarrow has a maximum speed of 4.2 km/h. Its maximum speed in the reverse gear is 2.4 km/h. So, you can easily transfer the load while walking at your regular pace. You can also select any of the two-speed settings using its variable speed control.

G40GC uses either a 2 or 4 Ah battery working at 40 Volts. It doesn’t have the battery or charger included. Purchasing a separate battery will be beneficial because it will be compatible with all the other Greenworks power tools that use a 40 Volt cell.

The automated wheelbarrow comes with plastic made hopper, which is strong, long-lasting and can withstand a weight up to 100 kg. Its inbuilt spring-loaded tipping device allows you to unload without putting much hard work. For additional protection, the barrow has a safety start switch that prevents accidental startups.

At 39.9 kg, the G40GC is comparatively heavy than other models. But, you don’t have to worry because of its brushless motor that’s not only efficient but also maintains a constant speed. It makes minimal noise while operation. Hence, you can use the tool early in the morning and none of your family members will complain.


3. Sherpa Power Barrow

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  • This is a very high quality self propelled cordless electric wheelbarrow cart. It is of very strong durable construction, with heavy gauge tubular steel making up the frame
  • All in all this is a machine to take some of the back-breaking pain out of building, landscaping, clearing and general labouring.
  • The capacity of the barrow tray up to the rim is 116 litres (liquid). Solid material (6 cubic feet.)
  • Controls are easy to use, the variable speed throttle can be operated with one finger.
  • The optional FLATBED CARRIER accessory - a very useful addition to the Sherpa Electric Barrow - great for carrying boxes, bales, timber

Suitable for gardens and construction sites, the Sherpa SPB-500 is a high-quality battery-powered barrow. It includes a tray that can withstand a maximum weight up to 116 litres. However, the barrow has a maximum fluid carrying capacity of 170 litres and it can withstand solid weight up to 150 kg.

Sherpa power barrow has a user-friendly design. The battery powered tool includes a variable speed control that allows you to control the pace within 4 km/ hour. It has a disc brake lever with lock function. So, stopping the ride at sloped will not be a problem, even if the tray is loaded at its full capacity.

SPB-500 has a high-grade tubular steel structure that’s strong and durable. Its wheel uses race bearings for long-lasting services. Moreover, this barrow stops automatically if pushed. Such a function allows you to control it manually, which is unique.

The front wheels of this barrow use chevron tread for added traction so that you can easily manoeuvre it on almost all the surfaces. Next helpful feature of SPB-500 is its Easy Tipping system, which facilitates easy unloading. You only have to pull a clip and its tray automatically tips forwards for quick and easy unloading.

Sherpa comes with a powerful 24v battery that sits beneath its tray. You can remove it charging. Once ready, the cell has enough juice to deal with day to day construction of gardening tasks.


4. Smartwiel Battery Powered Wheelbarrow

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  • SMARTWIEL WHEELBARROW BATTERY with BRAKE, AUXILIARY WHEELS. Made in EU. The electric cordless wheelbarrow is suitable for daily use at home, in the garden and on a construction site. The motorized wheelbarrow enables easy handling and the transport of heavy loads. It has ergonomic grip handles, reverse drive and electric wheel with bearing. So it is characterized by ease of operation and handling.
  • Due to the high-capacity Li-Ion battery and electric drive with variable performance of up to 500 watts, it pulls up to 50 kg uphill and can operate on a single charge in regular use for 2-3 weeks, up to 8 hours continuously or a distance of up to 10 km.
  • Due to the stainless steel construction and the HDPE plastic container, the AKU wheelbarrow is characterized by exceptional durability and life. Moreover, thanks to its disassembly and folding capabilities, this wheelbarrow can be stored and transported very easily.
  • ADVANTAGES OF SMARTWIEL: The SW wheelbarrow has several advantages in comparison to existing technical solutions. The biggest advantages of SmartWiel wheelbarrows are their indestructible construction with a 10-year warranty on the container and frame. Due to the use of stainless steel, the construction of the wheelbarrow is much lighter, more durable, without the need for surface treatment.
  • The container is made of HDPE material resistant to damage, impact and frost, guaranteeing the extreme durability of the container and long-lasting life. The entire structure of the wheelbarrow is removable with a couple of screws for extremely fast and easy disassembly or assembly of the wheelbarrow (easy storage and transport).

Smartwielbattery powered wheelbarrow has a brushless motor worth 500W. It’s energy-efficient and powerful that allows this wheelbarrow to pull a maximum load of 80 kg while riding uphill. Moreover, a 4400 mAh battery maintains high-quality performance and is durable enough to be at your service for many years to come.

The included 36V Li-ion battery takes anywhere between 1.5 to 3 hours for a full recharge. It supports at least 500 charge cycles. Once fully recharged, you can use the battery for 2-3 weeks. In other words, it can work for up to 8 hours or up to 10 km at once.

Smartwiel wheelbarrow has a steel frame and its container is made of HDPE plastic. Then, it’s finishedwith nanotechnology layer for long-lasting shine and protection from external elements. The maximum volume of the container is 185 litres.

At 30 kg, the barrow is lightweight than other models that we discussed above. It has reverse gear and drum brakes that are useful when you need to stop the ride. If you want more battery backup, then this tool also has an option to add more cells. Adding extra battries can take the maximum distance up to 30 km.

The battery-powered barrow has ergonomic handles, which allows you to work for long without feeling tired. All these features ensure that you can enjoy convenient load movement in a garden, farm or construction site.


5. Powerpac ED120 Electric Wheelbarrow

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  • See our videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/PowerPacGmbH?feature=mhee
  • Battery-power, electric drive: usage time 3 to 5 hours
  • Climbing ability: 35 %
  • Standard equipment:115 litre trough, 24 V/10 Ah battery, charger, hub motor, disc brake, parking brake
  • Optional accessories: 180 litre trough,loading bed, snowplough, snow chain

Whether you need an electric powered wheelbarrow for agricultural sites, lawn or farmhouse, the Powerpac ED120 deserves your attention because of its powerful 24 V/10 Ah battery and a performance-oriented hub motor. It comes with a strong tray that can withstand up to 115 litres of a dump. A disc brake is another powerful feature that’s helpful in all the conditions.

You will be impressed to know that ED120 can deal with up to 35 per cent of incline at full load. Its three-wheel design is easy to move. All the options to control the barrow is built on its handles, which adds to your convenience.

Another attraction of this battery-powered barrow is its usage time, which goes up to 35 hours. With a runtime, this little monster works more than a gardening tool for you.You can easily take out its battery for recharging.

At 42 kg, this model is comparatively heavier than other variants. However, due to its powerful motor and performance-oriented battery, you will never face a problem while manoeuvring this user-friendly tool from one point to another.

With such power, features and convenience of usage, ED120 is a perfect investment if you need a high-quality wheelbarrow that can last for long. If you have a medium-sized garden or farm, then you can try this battery-powered tool without any doubt.


6. SMARTWIEL Battery wheelbarrow

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  • Battery wheelbarrow with carrier – Made in the EU: the cordless wheelbarrow with drive system is suitable for everyday use at home, in the garden and on construction. The motor-operated wheelbarrow allows easy handling and transport even with heavy loads. It has ergonomic handles, a control of the drive with return and an electric wheel with bearings. Therefore, it is characterised by a smooth running and easy handling.
  • With the powerful Li-ion battery and the electric drive with variable power of up to 500 watts, it creates up to 150 kg uphill and can be operated in normal operation for 2-3 weeks on a single charge, up to 8 hours uninterrupted or with a slight incline you can travel up to 10 km. Thanks to the stainless steel construction, the battery wheelbarrow is characterised by exceptional robustness and durability.
  • In addition, this wheelbarrow can be easily disassembled and assembled, making it easy to store and transport.
  • Advantages of Smartwiel: the SW wheelbarrow has several advantages compared to the existing technical solutions. One of the biggest advantages of the SmartWiel wheelbarrows is their indestructible construction. Thanks to the stainless steel used, the construction of the wheelbarrow is much lighter, more robust and without the required surface treatment.
  • The entire wheelbarrow construction can be disassembled and reassembled extremely quickly and easily with just a few screws (for easier storage and transportation).

Smartwiel battery operated trolley is perfect for your garden, farmhouse and commercial sites. Its powerful motor worth 500W allows easy transport of load up to 150 kg. The trolley has electrical wheels, ergonomic handles and reverse gear that allows convenient handling so that you can finish the garden works without feeling tired or irritated.

The 500W engine deserves a special mention because of its brushless built that makes it performance-oriented. Its power is adjustable according to the load, which enhance the battery backup. The trolley allows you to add extra batteries and it will be able to run up to 30 km.

The battery powered carrier comes with a high-capacity 36V/4400mAh Li-Ion battery that can work for up to 2-3 weeks after a single full recharge. It can move continuously for 8 hours or cover a distance of 10 km without looking for a refill. Charging time of the battery varies between 1.5 to 3 hours.

Apart from a durable and powerful battery, the trolley also has a sturdy as well as long-lasting construction. Built around a stainless steel frame, the Smartwiel trolley has a strong HDPE plastic container. Even after a metal built, the battery-operated carrying device is lightweight at 30 kg. Apart from that, it can be easily assembled for usage and disassembled for secure storage.


7. PowerPac Loading Platform Suitable for ED120 Electric Wheelbarrow

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  • Loading platform suitable for PowerPac ED120 electric dumper
  • Dimensions: Width: 71 - 78 cm / Length: 92 - 100 cm
  • Other accessories for ED120: 180 L basin,snowplough, snow chain
  • Other accessories for ES230: snow chain, 50 cm sweeper

We know that ED120 is the ultimate wheelbarrow for your garden, lawn, farmhouse or construction sites. The tool already includes a tray that can withstand up to 115 litres of weight.

If you need an additional loading platform for the PowerPac dumper, then try this recommendation that weighs mere 5 kilograms. Due to a decent length and width of 92 – 100 cm and 71 – 78 cm, the platform is suitable for wooden logs, metal rods and similar materials.


8. Niubullbull Electric Powered Mini Dumper Wheelbarrow

Designed and manufactured in China, the niubullbull electric powered mini dumper offers plenty of benefits to the landscaping and construction industry. Due to its commercial-grade 800W motor, the wheelbarrow can withstand a maximum weight of 500 kg, which is three time more than other models that we discussed today. Moreover, its wheels offer maximum traction to easily deal with wet and uneven paths.

The wheelbarrow comes with a brushless motor that deserves special attention because of its brushless built and performance-oriented nature. Its motor draws all the power from a high capacity 48V 20 Ah battery, which is one of the best that you can find at this price tag. Apart from that, the barrow comes with an inbuilt steel rod that makes unloading easy and fast.

If you want to improve the work efficiency on a construction site, then niubullbull electric-powered dumper is a solid investment. You can drive the barrow and transfer the load without investing much time or energy. Due to compact dimensions, the barrow can easily enter an elevator or warehouse.

With such power and sturdy construction, the mini dumber can also tow your flat car whenever required. Apart from a car, it can be also used to transport your boat to the shore. You will like the fact that its maximum speed of 20 km/h is also marginally higher than other models available to purchase.



We are sure you have an idea about the helpful nature of electric wheelbarrows now. Such tools are useful in farms, gardens, as well as construction sites.

If you were struggling to find the best motorised wheelbarrow, you can rely on the recommendations we discussed today. In case of any confusion, try the Makita DCU180Z, which an excellent machine to be in your yard or commercial site.

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