Best Electric Leaf Blower UK (Reviews 2024)

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An electric leaf blower is very popular in today’s world because it is easy to use, and does not make too much noise. If you want to get an ideal product that will serve you properly when it matters most, this guide is for you.

We researched top blowers in the market right now so that you can find one that will meet your expectations.

Electric Leaf Blower Reviews

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3 new from £49.98
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Here are our top 9 corded leaf blower to buy in the UK. Let’s check our top reviews below:

1. VonHaus Leaf Blower and Vacuum

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3 new from £44.99
as of May 26, 2024 6:03 am


  • ULTIMATE GARDEN TIDY TOOL: Your VonHaus leaf blower and vacuum tidies lawns, patios, gutters and driveways. Powered by a 3000w motor & with its huge 35-litre bag capacity, piles of leaves are a thing of the past.
  • VACUUM & MULCH: Blowing leaves is great but getting rid of them is even better. Your VonHaus leaf blower sucks, blows and mulches all in one. Keep your garden looking its best all year round.
  • FOR YOUR WHOLE GARDEN: With the extra-long 10m cable, you'll reach every part of your garden including patios, driveways, gutters & lawns, whilst the handy harness takes the strain & saves your back.
  • STRESS-FREE GARDEN CLEANING: Now with a handy shoulder strap/harness, plus wheels for extra mobility in the garden, your VonHaus leaf blower is your go-anywhere garden cleaner.
  • THE VONHAUS PROMISE: This product is backed by a 3 year warranty, so you can be safe in the knowledge that if anything happens we're here for you. Use our products with confidence.


This corded leaf blower from VonHaus is a 3-in-1 machine with all the plush features for effective lawn maintenance. It is fortified with a motor of 3000 Watts so that you can experience optimum effectiveness. Its three modes include blowing, mulching and vacuuming. That is why it is a perfect machine for cleaning patios, lawns, driveways, and so on.

You will like the mulching function of this electric yard blower vacuum, which helps in turning the leaves into compost material. Its compact design is a plus, hence, you won’t have issues with its manoeuvre. With a collection bag that has the capacity of 35 litres, you will have adequate space to keep your debris for convenient emptying.

Also, this machine has a shredding ratio of 10:1, meaning that you can be sure of perfect shredding of a large amount of debris. Its flow rate is impressive, and that is why you can be sure of optimum performance at all times. There is a shoulder strap with wheels that helps you to work for a long time without getting tired quickly.

The power cable is 10 metres long, hence, you won’t have to be restricted during operations. If you feel the cable is not long enough for you, it is advisable to use an extension box so that you can experience effective blowing. There is a thermal cut-out safety feature, which helps in keeping you safe during operations.

2. Einhell 3433300 GC-El 2500 E 2500 W Electric Leaf Blower

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  • Selector switch for vacuum/Blower
  • Large two piece suction tube
  • Two guide rollers
  • Electronic speed control
  • Debris bag approximately 40 litre


The Einhell GC-EL 2500 E electric blower vac is an ideal tool for every serious gardener. It makes garden cleaning easier so that you will experience a tidy environment at all times. It has both blowing and vacuuming functions, and switching between functions is a piece of cake because you don’t need a tool for this.

Besides, you will like its electronic speed control, which makes it possible for you to use the right blowing and suction power. There are two guide rollers that help in tackling difficult areas without much hassle. With its big, 2-piece suction tube, you can be sure of the perfect direction of large objects into the catch bag. The catch bag has a capacity of 40 litres so that you can have more time cleaning and less time evacuating.

This powerful leaf blower has a shredding ratio of 10:1, hence, you can be sure of a perfect reduction of the debris size. It comes with an adjustable carrying strap so that you can conveniently carry it during operations, especially in difficult terrains. It has a distinct on/off switch meaning that it won’t start operating immediately when you plug it into the mains.

With a powerful motor that is rated 2500 Watts, this machine is all you need if you care about optimum performance. It has a blow velocity of 240 kilometres per hour, and that is why no one can dispute its ultimate effectiveness. It weighs just 3.24 kilograms so that you can manipulate it with ease during operations.

3. Hyundai Leaf Blower, Garden Vacuum & Mulcher

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  • 62-170mph variable airspeed You can use lower speeds on delicate areas such as flower borders and higher speeds on larger areas
  • 3000W Hyundai motor Allows you to tackle tough jobs quickly and efficiently
  • Long 12m Power Cable Extra-long 12m power cable, allowing you to cover a wider area without having to reach for an extension cable
  • Large 45L leaf collection bag The spacious and robust 45L canvas collection bag offers ample room to save you time and prevent you from having to keep emptying it
  • Use year-round Ideal for clearing snow, grass trimmings, leaves or gutters and for drying vehicles and machinery


Are you searching for top garden electric blower vacs in the UK? You need to try the Hyundai HYBV3000E. It boasts of a 3000-Watt motor, which guarantees maximum effectiveness at all times. With its airspeed standing at 299 kilometres per hour, you should rely on its ability to get rid of leaves and debris in good time.

This 3-in-1 electric air blower has the capacity for usage as a vacuum, blower and mulcher. Its mulching capability helps in turning leaves to materials that you can use as manure. Its function speed is easily reachable, hence, you won’t have issues changing between vacuuming and blowing functions. You will like its easy-to-reach variable speed switch, which helps in the maintenance of controlled airspeed.

With a collection bag that has a capacity of 45 litres, this machine is perfect for long-time use. It has a shredding ratio of 10:1 meaning that you won’t spend much time emptying the bag, and there will be enough time for cleaning. You won’t mind its ergonomic handles, which come with anti-vibration technology so that you will be more comfortable when cleaning.

What’s more, there are two front wheels that make it easier for you to manoeuvre it on lawns, driveways, paths, and so on. This machine has a 9-position telescopic chute, which you can extend from 70 to 10 centimetres. It comes with a 12-metre power cable, hence, you can be sure of unrestricted operations.

4. Handy THEV3000 Electric 3 in 1 Leaf Blower

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  • VARIABLE SPEED BLOWER, VAC & SHREDDER FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM GARDENS - air stream switches from 93mph to 167mph for freeing debris from flowerbeds without damaging plants or quickly shifting large piles of leaves, grass-clippings and hedge trimmings
  • CUTS CLIPPINGS AND DEBRIS TO 1/10 THE SIZE - simply suck up dry garden waste to turn it into a fine mulch that is collected in the large 45L bag, ready to be spread onto flower beds to feed nutrients back into the soil
  • SIMPLE AND COMFORTABLE TO USE - simple function controls let you switch between blower and vac in seconds, while the variable power switch is within easy reach on the rear handle
  • EASY TO HANDLE AND COMFORTABLE TO USE – with a large handle at the front making it easy to direct the airflow, while a shoulder strap and guide wheel take the strain making it a breeze to get around the garden
  • AUTHENTIC BRITISH BRAND SINCE 1938 – The Handy is known for well-engineered, robust and reliable products that get the job done and make gardening easy, with a helpful and knowledgeable aftercare team based in the UK


The Handy THEV 3000 boasts of a 300-Watts motor for effective operations. Its variable-speed function is a plus, and that is why you can work in accordance with the type of job at hand to achieve the perfect outcome. It is a 3-in-1 machine that can blow, vacuum and shred, hence, you will be able to get value for your money.

With a shredding ratio of 10:1, you can be sure that the collection bag will not be full quickly. The collection bag has a capacity of 45 litres, hence, you won’t have to experience frequent emptying of the bag. A shoulder strap is in place so that you won’t be easily stressed up when blowing.

The power cable has a length of 10 metres so that there can be maximum reach when you are working. There is a nozzle support wheel, which makes it easier for you to use it on a hard surface. Weighing just 4.9 kilograms, it is easy to manoeuvre and you won’t get tired quickly using it. This is the perfect machine to go for if you truly desire optimum blowing experience.

5. Flymo GardenVac 2700 - 4-in-1 Electric Vacuum

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  • 40 L debris collection bag which means you don’t have to stop and empty it as often
  • 3: 1 shredding ratio reduces the volume of leaves meaning that you can fit more into the collection bag
  • Powerful 212 km/hr blowing speed for quickly tidying leaves and debris into a pile
  • 12 m mains cable makes this garden Vac perfect for medium sized gardens


The Flymo GardenVac 2700 comes with all the rich features that will certainly take your garden blowing to the next level. With three operations modes, which include blowing, vacuuming and shredding, you can be sure of getting it right in terms of clearing debris in your lawn. It is powered by a motor of 2700 Watts so that there can be flawless effectiveness.

It has a shredding ratio of 3:1 with a collection bag capacity of 40 litres. That is why you don’t need to witness frequent bag emptying, which will enable you to focus more on your cleaning job. Switching from vacuum to blowing mode is as easy as ABC since there is a simple lever on board for this purpose.

With a blow speed of 212 kilometres per hour, you can be sure of perfect blowing of both wet and dry leaves as well as debris. Its lightweight is an outstanding feature, and that is why you won’t have issues with its manipulation during operations. The length of the power cable is 10 metres, hence, you can use it for small and medium-sized gardens.

6. Terratek Corded Leaf Blower and Garden Vacuum

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as of May 26, 2024 6:03 am


  • Powerful Leaf Blower: The Terratek powerful 3000W garden vacuum and blowers is the essential garden power tool for shifting leaves, tidying lawns, patios, driveways and more. Also the leaf blower as a thermal cut out safety feature and max air speed at (167mph/270kmh).
  • 3 In 1 Shredder, Leaf Blower and Vacuum with 10:1 Shredding Ratio: With the 3 in 1 function, the Terratek leaf blower will collect, blow and the garden hoover will compact leaves in the 35-litre capacity collection bag at a shredding ratio of 10:1, which means less time spent emptying the bag and more time making your garden clean and tidy.
  • Lightweight Design with Rolling Wheels: The leaf vacuum includes a shoulder strap and wheels allowing you to work in comfort for prolonged periods of time. It comes with a 10m power cable and lightweight design at only 3.7kgs.
  • Easy To Use: The Terratek garden vac comes with a large switch which allows you to switch between leaf blower and garden leaf vacuum in seconds. Its easy to assemble and use allowing you to keep your home, garden and garage clean all year round.
  • Complete Package 2 Year Guarantee: The Terratek leaf blower and vacuum comes with support rolling wheels and shoulder strap which ensures you have everything you need cleaning your garden immediately and we offer a 2 year guarantee for your added peace of mind.


This machine from Terratek boasts of a dynamic motor of 3000 Watts, hence, you can be sure of optimum performance. Its airspeed stands at 270 kilometres per hour, and that is why it is very perfect for all types of lawns. It has a shredding ratio of 10:1 so that there will be a perfect reduction of the leaves.

Also, this machine comes with a grass bag capacity of 35 litres, meaning that you won’t witness frequent bag evacuation. It is compactly designed so that it won’t take up too much space in your garden shed. You will like its lightweight design, which helps in boosting manoeuvrability.

Its power cable has a length of 10 metres, meaning that you will be able to reach every part of your garden during operations. There is a thermal cut-out safety feature that guarantees optimum protection from harm when you are working.

Also, this machine comes with rolling support wheels so that you can work conveniently on tough terrains. A shoulder strap accompanies the package, hence, your convenience is sure during operations. It is made from high-quality plastic material, and that is why no one can contend with its ultimate durability.

7. Selections 3 in 1-3000 Watt Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum

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This machine boasts of a motor of a 3000-Watt motor, which guarantees optimum efficiency. You will like its 4-metre cable, which is not bad for small and medium-sized gardens. You can use an extension box if the reach is not adequate for your type of garden.

Also, this machine has an adjustable cushion grip handle so that you can work at any convenient handle. You can alter its nozzle from 47 to 74 centimetres so that you can achieve perfect reach. There are base wheels that support its weight during operations meaning that you won’t have to worry about getting tired quickly.

Also, the nozzle has an adjustable mini rake to handle stubborn leaves as well as wet ones hiding in corners. It has a collection bag capacity of 50 litres, and there is a zip that makes emptying a piece of cake. There is a simple lever that makes it easier for you to switch modes from blowing to vacuuming. That is why it is an ideal machine to go for if you want to get it right in terms of optimum garden management.

What’s more, the body of this machine has a section that you can open for effective cleaning of the fan if there is a clog up. There is a belt hanger that helps in stopping tangles and boosting safety during operations. You will like its variable speed feature, which makes it possible to use a speed that suits your purpose.

8. Stream Leaf Blower and Vacuum, 3000W 3 in 1 Electric Garden Leaf Blower

£36.99  in stock
as of May 26, 2024 6:03 am


  • 【Leaf Blower, Garden Vacuum and Shredder】---This 3 in 1 Powerful 3000W garden vac blower can quick and easy to clear leaves and grass, keeping your garden lawns, patios, driveways tidy. The mincing function can quickly smash the leaves into material suitable for composting.
  • 【Mulching Feature】---10:1 mulching ratio; Stream leaf blower and vacuum with large collection bag can hold up to 35-litres of mulch and the leaves are ready for composting straight from the bag.
  • 【Upgraded Leaf Blower & Vacuum】---The blowing and vacuuming modes can be switched freely without changing the pipes, Save energy and give you a better experience.
  • 【Lightweight & Convenient Design】---The lightweight electric leaf blower vacuum Shredder ( only 2.7KG) comes with 35L large capacity back dust bag, shoulder strap, Adjustable front support handle Vacuum/blower tube with support wheel and 10m power cable make it easy to move.
  • 【Easy Assemble】---The Electric leaf blower garden vacuum mulcher & shredder can be assembled quickly. All parts are assembled all parts can be easily assembled just by following the installation instructions in a few steps.


The Stream electric blower boasts of a powerful motor with a rated capacity of 3000 Watts. If are looking for a cheap leaf blower vacuum under 50 it can be a good choice. It comes with three operation modes – blowing, vacuuming, and shredding. With its shredding ratio standing at 10:1, you can be sure of effective cleaning debris without much hassle.

Also, this machine comes with a collection bag that has a capacity of 35 litres, and you can start using the debris collected as a compost immediately from the bag. With its variable speed control, you can be more flexible with your operations to get the most satisfactory outcome.

Also, you won’t mind its power cable, which is 10 metres long so that you can work without any restriction. You can change its operational modes without changing pipes, hence, no one can dispute its ease of use. Its lightweight design is a plus, and that is why you can manoeuvre it without going through too much stress.

Its airspeed stands at 270 kilometres per hour meaning that you can be sure of efficiently blowing all leaves, even stubborn ones. It is easy to assemble as there are easy-to-use instructions that will be your guide. Within a few minutes, you are good to go.

9. Marko Gardening 3000W Leaf Blower Electric Garden Vacuum

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  • 3 in 1 Multi-function
  • Strong Shoulder Harness Included
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Wheel Aided Steering
  • Include Debris Bag


Last but not least in this review is this machine from Marko. It features a 3000-Watt motor, which helps in boosting efficiency. With its 3-in-1 capability, you can use it as a blower, vacuum and shredder. It has an airspeed of 270 kilometres per hour, hence, you can rely on its effectiveness.

Just like many machines in this review, it has a shredding ratio of 10:1, which makes your work to be less stressful. The collection bag has a capacity of 45 litres, and that is why you won’t have to worry about the constant emptying of the bag. Its power cable is 10 metres long so that there won’t be any restricted operation.

Besides, this machine has a shoulder strap that makes you comfortable during operations. Its steering is wheel aided, meaning that you won’t have issues getting the most satisfactory result. With a no-load speed of 14000 revolutions per minute, this machine is what you need for flawless performance.

You will like its compactness, which helps with space-saving storage. It works quietly during operations so that you won’t disturb your neighbours as well as other family members, including your pets. Also check the best leaf vacuum UK – our recommended products here.


Buying Guide

Before you go for that electric leaf blower, you need to understand the features to look out for so that you won’t make a mistake. Check out this buying guide, which helps in putting things straight.

Types: There are two major types of electric blowers – corded and cordless. Corded blowers are easy to use, and work continuously once there is sufficient supply of power. They come with a power cord, which may restrict their movement.

Cordless leaf blowers are easy to maintain, and their lightweight is a plus. You can use them anywhere without worrying about a power cord. On the flip side, they are battery-operated, meaning that their operation can only last as long as the battery permits.

Motor Power: It is very essential for you to consider the motor power of the machine you want to buy before parting with your money. The higher the value of motor power, the easier it will be for you to get rid of debris in your garden.

Airflow: Also, you need to check the airflow rating of the machine you want to buy. This will give you an idea of its blowing capacity, and this is usually measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). A blower with an airflow of 350 CFM will have a higher blowing power when compared to the airflow of 180 CFM.

AirSpeed: A higher airspeed will certainly give you a better performance. It is usually measured in miles per hour (MPH), and a faster blowing rate will blow the leaves quickly for the most satisfactory result. Some models come with variable speed control so that you can choose an ideal speed for the type of work you are carrying out.

Size & Weight: If your machine is compactly designed, you won’t have issues manipulating it during operations. Its weight is also important, and lightweight machines are the best so that you won’t get tired quickly when you are blowing leaves.

Noise Level: You will do well checking the noise level of the machine you want to buy. This will enable you to know the level of disturbance you and your neighbours should expect during operations. Noise level is measured in decibels (dB), and the lower the better. When you reduce the speed of the machine, you are certainly going to witness a reduction in the noise level.

Working Modes: You should check the working mode of the blower before parting with your hard-earned money. The various modes available are sweeping, mulching/shredding and vacuuming. Some models come with two modes while others have three modes.

Shredding Ratio: Blowers with mulching and vacuum options come with shredding ratio ratings. This will enable you to know the rate at which the machine will reduce waste for effective operations. However, it is important for you to note that wet debris usually has a low shedding rate.

Frequently Asked Question

How You Can Use an Electric Leaf Blower?

You can use an electric leaf blower to get rid of leaves as well as grass cuttings in your garden. It functions by propelling air out of a nozzle so as to provide the right speed for moving the debris.

How Does a Leaf Blower Function?

A leaf blower works by rotating its blades so as to create a centrifugal force that pushes the air out of the machine. The air helps in clearing debris that may want to disfigure your garden.

What’s the Best Brand Leaf Blower You Can Buy?

There are various brands and models of leaf blowers in the market. The perfect one for you is dependent on many factors including budget, features, performance, durability, and so on.

What is the Cost of Electric Leaf Blowers?

The features and capability of a product will determine its price. You can check out online reviews or visit online stores to get the latest price of the product of your choice.

Do Electric Leaf Blowers Work More Quietly?

Electric leaf blowers work more quietly when compared to gas blowers. The average noise produced by an electric blower is around 65 dB.


This electric leaf blower buying guide is all you need if you really desire the discovery of a perfect product. You should take your time to go through it properly, and compare features so that it won’t be difficult for you to make the right choice.

Hopefully, your yard management will reach the next level.

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