Best Electric Lawn Edger UK [Reviews 2024]

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Lawn owners spend a great amount of time and energy to maintain their garden. You will be happy to know that the maintenance tasks will be comparatively easier with an electric lawn edger.

Today, we will discuss the top ten electric edge trimmers that are helpful to groom your garden. We will compare the designs, features, and easy to use so that you can choose the best option for your use.

Top 4 Electric Edger Reviews

Here are our top 4 electric lawn edger to buy in the UK. Let’s check our top reviews below:


Makita DUR181Z 18V Body Only Cordless Li-ion Line Trimmer

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  • Compatible with 1.5, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion batteries
  • The spool end is reinforced with a metal cap for increased wear resistance
  • Adjustable loop-handle can be adjusted according to user's height and working posture
  • Bump and Feed cord feeding system (Single-cord cutting)
  • Shaft length adjustable up to 180mm

Makita is a reputable manufacturer of gardening tools. Most of the professionals prefer Makita’s product because their products are reliable and never make lawn maintenance a punishment for users. Makita DUR181Z belongs to the same lot because of its balanced built, adaptable nature and easy usage, especially in confined areas.

The line trimmer arrives in separate parts, but you can easily assemble them using a screwdriver (Philips). Its total weight is 2.5 kg. The tool is marginally lightweight than other models. Still, due to a robust built, it feels solid and trustworthy.

All thanks to a pivoting head, you can easily adjust the trimmer in tight corners. The line trimmer has an adjustable shaft that allows you to choose a length that suits your height. The shaft adjusts to a maximum of 180 mm.

Makita DUR181Z has a safety catch that you can disengage using your thumb to pull the trigger for an easy start. It comes with single line nylon cord with a bump and feed mechanism. So, you need to simply bump its metal feed against the ground.

The electric start lawn edger is compatible with Lithium-Ion batteries, wherein the power can be 1.5, 3.0, 4.0 or 5.0Ah. As it’s a body-only product, the battery or charger are included. Yes, you will get a blade and battery cover with the line trimmer.


BLUE RIDGE Electric Grass Trimmer 600W 32cm BR8103 Corded Lawn Trimmer

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  • Great Performance: 600W motor and 10000rmp operating speed, with 32cm cutting diameter, the Grass trimmer offers good cut quality and facilitates both fast and clean lawn cutting
  • Trimmer & Edger 2 in 1: easily converts from trimmer to edger with a quick turn of the shaft in seconds and with no tools needed. Adjustable auxiliary handle, ideal for taller gardener
  • Automatic Line Feed System: Always ensures the optimum trimming line length at all time
  • Extra Spool: Come with two spools, one is assembled on machine, the other is hold by a Spool holder on body
  • More features: with Telescopic shaft, Pivot head and Quick release adjustable auxiliary handle to adjust to Trimmer's height and posture; with Flower guard to protect sensitive plants. 【2 Years Warranty Without Registration Request】

The Blue Ridge electric grass trimmer comes with a 600W motor that works at 10, 000 RPM. With a cutting diameter of 12.5 inches and an edging wheel, the trimmer offers high-quality cutting results. Its automatic feed mechanism makes sure that you get the line advances without any input.

This gardening tool comes with an adjustable shaft, which allows you to change its length according to your height. Its 90 degree pivoting head facilitates easy trimming of grasses without damaging other plants. In addition to the primary handle, the trimming machine also has an adjustable auxiliary handle that adds to your convenience and ease of use.

You can easily convert the function from trimmer to edger and vice versa. Due to an inbuilt wheel, you can maintain the balance while edging the lawn. Moreover, the trimmer has an extra spool attached to its body.

At 3.84 kg, the electric grass trimming machine is lightweight. It also has a cable retention hook that prevents any disconnection from an electrical outlet. The tool has most of the parts made of plastic, but its long-lasting and stays at your service for many more years to come.

If you need one of the best lawn edging tools electric, then Blue Ridge multipurpose tool deserves your attention. Its powerful, lightweight, easy to use and offers unmatched cutting results.


3. Gold teil Electric Grass Trimmer Edger

The multi-purpose gardening tool by Gold teil comes with a 21 V 3000 mAh Lithium-ion battery. Its 450W motor is powerful enough to generate 6000 RPM, which makes the cutting process easy and quick. The trimmer cum edger has a versatile shaft that extends between 36.5 to 48 inches. Means, it’s adjustable according to your height.

Gold teil grass trimmer has a professional-grade construction comprising lightweight aluminium and plastic. You only have to press one button and it changes the function from trimmer to edger. So, the tool is useful for a variety of tasks in your garden but never damages any of the plants.

The gardening tool includes four different blade types to deal with a wide range of maintenance tasks. For weed cutting and lawn mowing, you can use its plastic blades. To prune and remove thick grasses, its metal blades are suitable. If you want to cut branches from small trees, the machine includes a saw disc.

With such power, features, and included attachments the trimmer cum edger is suitable for your residential gardens, villa, park or any other area where you need to remove the grass overgrowths. At 2.5 kg, it’s lightweight and hence, you can use it easily for a long time without feeling tired. Then a comfortable handle gives you a soft and ergonomic grip to maintain optimum comfort.


4. TACKLIFE Cordless Grass Trimmer – LGT01A

Tacklife LGT01A comes with a 40V Lithium-ion battery that offers a runtime of up to 45 minutes. The given battery backup is suitable for lawns up to ½ acre yards. Its 12 inches of cutting diameter makes sure you can finish the edging session without wasting much time and energy.

At 5.4 kg, LGT01A is lightweight. It has an ergonomic grip and an extra auxiliary handle for additional balance. The secondary handle is adjustable and hence, you can easily cut at different heights without any problem. Grass cutting sessions will not take much of your time because this garden maintenance tool has a maximum speed of 7500 rpm.

The trimmer comes with a brushless motor, which offers longer runtime and generates less heat as well as noise. This gardening tool has a 180-degree pivoting head, which allows you to convert the functionality from a trimmer to edger. Moreover, it has dual cutting line system that easily goes through stubborn grasses.

Safety is one of the primary concerns, especially if you are using power tools. It’s the primary reason why LGT01A comes with two safety switches. You need to press the smaller button first and then press the bigger one to start this machine.

Low noise level is another important factor, which becomes crucial if you are living in a busy neighbourhood. Tacklife grass trimmer works below 96 dB and hence, it never disturbs anyone. Moreover, it does not emit any harmful carbon gasses.



An electric lawn edger should be performance-oriented, lightweight and easy to use. These are the reasons why WORX WG896 wins the race today.

The convenience of a powerful motor, multiple cutting adjustments and low weight simply means that you will be able to remove all the unwanted growths without wasting much time or energy.

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