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A cordless plunge saw is popular among professionals and DIY enthusiasts because of its freedom and ease of use.

However, as these tools grow in the UK market, you might find it hard to find the best option.

So, let’s compare some of the high-grade cordless plunge saw UK and find something suitable according to your requirements.

Best Cordless Plunge Saw Purchase In 2024

Last updated on May 21, 2024 4:16 am

Here are our 5 best cordless plunge saw in the UK market.

1. Bosch Professional BITURBO GKT 18V-52 GC

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  • POWERFUL: The BITURBO plunge saw's power is equivalent to that of a 1620 W corded plunge saw. The GKT 18V-52 GC is fully optimised for ProCORE18V battery technology
  • COMPACT: The saw's compact design with only one battery allows cutting close to the edge up to 10 mm
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Thanks to individual speed setting via the app as well as overload protection, restart protection, soft start and spindle lock
  • Professional 18V System. Ultimate performance. Maximum freedom. All rechargeable batteries are compatible with new and existing Bosch Professional tools in the same voltage class.
  • ITEMS INCLUDED: GKT 18V-52 GC, saw blade (140 mm saw blade dia., 20 mm saw blade bore), connectivity module, dust bag, L-BOXX inlay, L-BOXX 238


Bosch is a trustworthy manufacturer of power tools, and GKT 18 V-52 GC is their best cordless plunge saw in terms of power, dimensions, ease of use and cutting quality. It works at a maximum of 5500 RPM, which can be compared to 1620W electric plunge saws. Also, the Biturbo is also fully optimized for ProCORE18V battery technology that ensures maximum performance.

The GKT 18 V-52 GC needs only one Lithium-ion battery to operate, which is not included. It only comes with a 140mm blade, 20 mm bore, and connectivity module. Hence, you have to purchase the cell and its charger.

Bosch Biturbo has a maximum cutting depth of 52 mm at 90 degrees without deploying its guide rail. If you use the fence, then this unit can cut up to 46 mm. At 45 degrees, its cutting depth is 32 mm with or without the rail.

The GKT 18 V-52 GC is compatible with multiple guide rails like Bosch FSN 1600. It also accepts most of the rails manufactured by Makita, Mafell and Festool. Overall, Bosch Biturbo is a top-notch cordless plunge saw UK that offers the total value of your investment.

It efficiently goes through wood, aluminium, panel or board materials and acrylic glass. So, try this Bosch cordless plunge saw if you frequently deal with these matters.

2. Makita DSP600ZJ

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  • Brushless motor
  • Depth stopper for splinter free cutting
  • Compatible with guide rail
  • Maximum cut at 0 degrees 56mm
  • Maximum cut at 45 degrees 40mm


You will be impressed with the high-quality construction and straightforward usage of Makita DSP600ZJ. It uses a 165 mm blade to offer fast and precise cutting results. This plunge saw has a maximum bevel capacity of 48 degrees with a positive stop at 22.5 degrees.

Apart from that, the DSP600ZJ has a significant cutting depth of 56 mm at 0 degrees, but it decreases to 40 mm at 45 degrees and 38 mm at 48 degrees. The Makita cordless plunge saw provides splinter-free and accurate cuts with the help of a locking lever, which holds the blade in position.

Makita DSP600ZJ uses a brushless motor to deliver a cutting speed up to 6500 RPM. The cutting rate is adjustable, which lets you set it according to the cutting material. So, this machine can efficiently deal with all the wooden materials, including laminates that can melt at high-speed cutting.

Makita DSP600ZJ does not come with a battery or charger. So, you have to purchase these two parts separately. However, this unit has a warranty of 1 year, which can be extended to 3 years if you register it within 30 days after making the payment.

3. Dewalt DCS520NT-XJ XJ XR Flex Volt Li-ion Plunge Saw

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  • High performance thanks to innovative brushless motor technology
  • Flexvolt cordless diving circular saw 54 volts including t-tak box iv without battery and charger innovative xr flexvolt system - wireless power source for future construction site
  • 48 tooth blade gives a fine and accurate finish with very little breakout in laminates
  • Parallel plunge allows the user to maintain a smooth and constant h and position while cutting
  • More compact dimensions


Dewalt DCS520NT-XJ comes with a 54V FlexVolt power system and a parallel plunge that provides additional stability. Moreover, its 48 tooth blade offers fast and accurate cuts. Plus, this unit also lets you adjust its rails for precise cutting results.

The cordless plunge saw UK uses a brushless motor for added power and long-lasting services. It’s reliable and provides extended runtime so that you don’t have to face any downtime. Apart from that, this unit keeps you safe with its anti-kickback function. The protective feature stops the saw from moving out of the workpiece.

Dewalt DCS520NT-XJ has a no-load speed of 2500 to 4200 RPM. So, you can set the required cutting rate according to the material. Its 165 mm blade has a maximum cutting depth of 59 mm at 90 degrees and 44 mm at 45 degrees. The bevel capacity of this unit is 47 degrees.

Dewalt DCS520NT-XJ does not include a battery or its charger. So, purchase these two components separately. But, it comes with a TSTAK VI heavy-duty kit box for convenient storage and transport.

4. Festool TSC 55 Li 5, 2 Rebi-Plus/XL-SCA Cordless Plunge-Cut Saw

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  • Brushless EC-TEC motor combined with lithium-ion batteries
  • Can be operated with two 18-volt battery packs (36V) for maximum power
  • For ideal cutting quality and rapid working progress
  • Dust collection bag for clean, healthy working
  • Standard saw blade for completely smooth operation


Festool TSE 55 Li 5 might be the perfect investment if you need a compact and powerful cordless plunge saw UK. It has an innovative kickback stop function, which keeps your hands safe. Whenever a kickback happens, the track saw resets itself instantly.

The cordless plunge-cut saw collects up to 90 per cent of dust, which is impressive. Hence, the TSE 55 Li 5 keeps your worksite clean and tidy. For better dust extraction, you can use a Festool dust extractor.

You will never feel a lack of power while using the TSE 55 Li 5 because of its 36V system. It needs two 16V batteries to generate a maximum RPM of 5200. This model comes with a 165mm blade, which gives you the best possible cutting results. Its maximum cutting depth is 47mm at 45 degrees.

With such power and speed, the Festool cordless plunge saw offers clean and splinter-free cutting results. You will never notice any burns. In addition, it’s easy to operate. Attaching and removal of the batteries are also very straightforward. So, try this unit if you want the best cordless plunge saw in terms of ease of use.

5. Makita DSP600ZJ Twin 18v Cordless Plunge Saw Bundle Kit Body Only

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Color Blue


Makita DSP600ZJ is one of the best cordless plunge saws in terms of build quality, power and ease of use. It has a wide range of features that are helpful in almost all woodworking projects. First, it has a brushless motor that consumes low energy but promises high-quality outputs. This engine is long-lasting and trustworthy.

Then, Makita DSP600ZJ has an adjustable working rate of 2500 to 6300 rpm. So, you can set the different speeds according to the cutting material. Moreover, it has a soft start. Therefore, this track saw takes some time to reach its full power. Hence, the tool is marginally safer than saws that jump to their maximum speed after pressing the trigger.

On top of that, the DSP600ZJ has Automatic Torque Drive Technology that automatically adjusts the cutting speed and torque according to the material. It also has an electric brake for added convenience and safety.

Makita DSP600ZJ is a cordless plunge saw UK; it lets you work without managing any power cable. This tool needs two 18V batteries to generate the required 36V. Plus, this product comes with a warranty of 1 year, which you can extend up to 3 years by registering it online.



To conclude, the best cordless plunge saw is Bosch GKT 18 V-52 GC because of its fast and precise outputs. Plus, this recommendation has a significant cutting depth that let you deal with thick materials without any hassles.

You will also like working with Makita DSP600ZJ because of its adjustable working speed. Other options are also excellent. So, pick something that can add to your confidence while dealing with DIY projects or professional projects.

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