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Try one of the best cordless mitre saws if you generally cut wood boards as a DIY enthusiast or professional. Such a power tool makes quick and precise cuts without any limitations of power cable.

So, you can also use a battery dependent sawing device on locations or worksites with no power supply. To help you pick a suitable model, we have reviewed five high-grade cordless mitre saws.

Cordless Mitre Saw Purchase In 2024

Here are our 5 best cordless mitre saw in the UK market.

1. Bosch Professional BITURBO GCM 18V-216 Cordless Sliding mitre Saw

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as of May 26, 2024 5:21 am


  • The new, brushless high-performance motor, combined with ProCORE18V rechargeable batteries (at least 5.5 Ah for max. power), offers comparable power to a 1600 W corded tool
  • Easy transportation: Thanks to the low weight and optimal ergonomics
  • Precise working: The laser and the LED function enable accurate work results
  • AMPShare: Batteries and chargers are fully compatible with the Bosch Professional 18V System and with many other tools of the multi-brand AMPShare battery alliance.
  • Professional 18V System. Ultimate performance. Maximum freedom. All rechargeable batteries are compatible with new and existing Bosch Professional tools in the same voltage class.


Bosch GCM 18 V-216 deserves your attention because of its enhanced cutting ability of up to 70 mm. It has an 18V system and a brushless motor, which is durable, robust and efficient. This cordless sliding mitre saw also comes with a laser guide and LED functions to produce accurate results.

All thanks to the 18V sawing system, the GCM 18 V-216 offers ultimate performance without any limitations. It’s compatible with all the Bosch 18V batteries. So, you can use this power tool anywhere. It uses one Lithium-ion battery. But, you can purchase a spare cell for virtually unlimited runtime.

This sawing tool has a blade diameter of 216 mm. Its vertical cutting ability is 70 mm at zero degrees and 45 mm at 45 degrees. Talking about the horizontal cutting capacity, this unit can reach up to 270 mm at zero degrees and 190 mm at 45 degrees.

The cordless mitre saw UK is compact and lightweight. Hence, you can easily transport it. But, this model does not include a battery or its charger. So, you have to purchase these two items separately.

2. Ryobi EMS190DC 18V ONE+ 190mm Mitre Saw

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as of May 26, 2024 5:21 am


  • Ideal for cutting skirting boards, noggin pieces, or any application that requires a quick and accurate crosscut at a selected angle.
  • The 18V motor achieves a no-load speed of 4500rpm to easily cut 38x108mm at 90°.
  • Adjust the angle of cut with the pre-selected mitre angles at 0,15,22.5,31.6 and 45°.
  • Includes a thin kerf 190mm 24T carbide tipped blade for improved performance and runtime.
  • This tool is sold as a 'bare' Tool (without a battery or charger) but is compatible with all batteries and chargers across the 18V ONE+ system of tools for the home and garden.


Ryobi EMS190DC is an impressive mitre saw because it’s available at a budget-friendly price tag. Plus, it’s a battery-operated and low weight model. These two points are considerable if you are looking for a portable cordless mitre saw UK.

This sawing tool has an 18V motor that works at a maximum speed of 4500RPM. So, it can efficiently cut 38 x 108mm at 90 degrees. Therefore, you can accomplish almost all the DIY projects using this sawing machine.

Ryobi EMS190DC comes with a 195 mm carbide-tipped blade, which offers high-quality cutting results and improved runtime. The mitre saw also has an adjustable clamp that helps you produce precise cuts. Apart from that, its mitre angles are up to 45 degrees. Plus, there are multiple pre-set mitre positions for your convenience.

The only frustrating point is that this Ryobic saw does not include its battery or charger. However, both the parts are readily available on Amazon. However, the EMS190DC is compatible with all the power tools that belong to the 18V ONE+ family.

So, try this cordless mitre saw if you need a high-quality power tool to cut noggin pieces, skirting boards, or any other material where you need accurate cross-cuts at precise angles.

3. Makita DLS600Z 18V Li-Ion LXT 165mm Brushless Mitre Saw

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as of May 26, 2024 5:21 am


  • Built in laser guide
  • Soft start
  • Electric brake
  • Aluminium base
  • Led job light


If you like to enjoy unrestricted sawing reach, then try the Makita DLS600Z. The cordless mitre saw uses an 18V Li-ion LXT, which provides steady energy for all the applications. Then, it has the latest brushless motor, which offers professional-grade cutting results.

This model uses The DLS600Z has a soft start and a maximum no-load speed of 5000 RPM. Due to a high-quality motor and Lithium-ion technology, the cordless mitre saw is less likely to overheat. Moreover, it has Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT) that adjusts the cutting speed according to the target. Hence, you get optimum performance whenever required.

Makita has abundant experience in manufacturing powerful and performance-friendly cordless power tools, and DLS600Z is no different. Its brushless motor performs better than the carbon brush motor, which significantly impacts the outputs.

This mitre saw comes with a standard one year warranty, which can be extended to 2 years if you register. Keep in mind that it does not includes a battery or its charger. So, you have to invest extra in these parts.

4. Einhell TE-SM 36/210 Li - Solo Power X-Change Cordless Sliding Mitre Saw

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as of May 26, 2024 5:21 am


  • The Einhell TE-SM 36/210 Li - Solo cordless drag, crosscut and mitre saw is a flexible helper when it comes to wood. As a member of the PXC series, all the rechargeable batteries from the high-performance lithium-ion series can be combined with it.
  • The Einhell drag, crosscut and mitre saw is equipped with a smooth draw function which is suitable for wider workpieces. The X-Tend workpiece supports can be adjusted with one hand and without the need for any tools.
  • The high-performance saw has a high-quality carbide-tipped precision saw blade with thin body and grooves that was developed specially for cordless saws and delivers a fine cut.
  • A battery for all. The latest Lithium-Ion Technology from Einhell. Flexible and high performance in all areas. Unlimited and combinations.
  • With active 7 in ABS battery management system and cutting-edge microprocessor for monitoring parameter.


Einhell is a famous manufacturer of high-quality power tools, and TE-SM 36/210 Li solidifies their reputation because it has multiple features to accomplish a wide range of woodworking projects. This sliding mitre saw comes with a 4.0 Ah battery and charger, which is an excellent point because most of these devices are available only as a body-only version.

Speed and accuracy are the two primary factors that decide the performance of a cordless mitre saw. Einhell TE-SM 36/210 Li overshadows its competitors because of a maximum no-load speed of 3800 RPM. Then, it has a laser cutting line and LED light to ensure safe, accurate and quick cuts.

Einhell TE-SM 36/210 Li works on an 18V Lithium-ion battery, which performs according to your expectations and co-operates well in all the projects. It does not self-discharge. Moreover, this battery has an inbuilt indicator that lets you know about its status.

This cordless mitre saw UK is perfect if you need a powerful, accurate and affordable power tool for woodworking tasks. It comes with a sawdust bag and dust extraction adapter, which keeps your worksite and surrounding air clean.

5. Metabo KGS 18 LTX 216 18 V Cordless Li-Ion Mitre Saw

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  • Cordless 18 Volt Lithium Ion Mitre Saw (Body Only)
  • Capable of handling wide workpieces thanks to the sliding function
  • Centrally positioned main carry handle which is easily carried with one hand thanks to the saw head lock
  • Effective dust extraction - A large proportion of the saw dust is extracted due to the integrated dust scoop
  • Precisie indication of the cutting line thanks to the laser


Metabo has built a reputed name for themselves in the field of cordless mitre saws. It’s the reason why their KGS18LTX KGS 18 LTX 216 deserves your attention. This model is synonymous with performance, longevity and high-quality outputs. Consider this model if you want to try the best cordless mitre saw UK.

At 16 kg, Metabo KGS18LTX KGS 18 LTX 216 is not a very heavy mitre saw. Moreover, it has small footprints. In addition, this model comes with an inbuilt carrying handle and saw headlock. Therefore, you can carry it in one hand.

Metabo KGS18LTX KGS 18 LTX 216 comes with a 40 tooth carbide saw blade, which has a diameter of 216 mm. It has a maximum cutting depth of 65 mm at 90 degrees and 36 mm at 45 degrees. Then, this model has mitre settings of 47 degrees to the left and 2 degrees to the right.

As you can see, the Metabo KGS18LTX KGS 18 LTX is a no non-sense mitre saw. It uses an 18V battery to generate a maximum speed of 4200 RPM. At such speed, this model can handle a wide range of workpieces.



Whether you are a professional or DIY enthusiast, it’s better to purchase power tools manufactured by a reputable brand.

So, we gave you some of the best cordless mitre saws by trustworthy makers. Pick any of the suggested models, and it will stand the test of time and allow you to enjoy the woodworking projects because of accurate results.

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