Best Cordless Leaf Blower UK (Reviews)

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Are you struggling to find a cordless leaf blower for your garden? Well, you are on the right page.

Today, we will discuss some of the top-rated battery leaf blowers, their build quality, performance and features.

We have also checked the sound levels, dimensions, weight and ease of use so that you can select any one of them according to your preferences.

Top 10 Cordless Leaf Blower Reviews

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Here are our top 10 battery powered leaf blower to buy in the UK. Let’s check our reviews & buying guide below:

1. Hyundai Cordless Battery Powered Leaf Blower

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  • No Cables, No Petrol, No Pollution - simply charge the battery and you’re ready to go.
  • 129mph maximum air speed / Turbo, High & Low air speed settings
  • Brushless motor: Powered by LG 58v lithium-ion 2.5Ah battery, designed for 1000+ charges.
  • Extremely quiet running, eliminating any disturbance to family and neighbours.
  • Full UK service & parts operation to maintain your leafblower for years to come


Hyundai HYB60LI is a powerful and performance-oriented cordless garden blower that deserves your attention because of its efficiency as well as low noise operation. Apart from that, it has all the useful features to be faithful assistance during garden maintenance. Let’s know more about this battery-powered blowing device and then you can decide whether it can suffice all your requirements.

The cordless tool boasts a Lithium-ion 2.5Ah battery manufactured by LG. Charging time of this battery is 90 minutes and it is designed to handle more than 1000 charge cycles. The cell supplies power to a 58V motor, which generates maximum airspeed of 207 km/h (129 mph). At such an impressive air output, it takes care of all the waste leaves without wasting much time of yours.

HYB60LI is comparatively heavy at 4.07 kg, but you need not worry because it’s easy to use and control. The blower comes with three different speed control; low, high and turbo, which makes it practical as well as versatile. All thanks to a brushless motor, it offers unmatched performance in any of three-speed modes.

Even after such power, the garden cleaning tool operates at low sound levels and never becomes a disturbance for anyone. It comes with a 60V battery, which is compatible with all other 60 V Hyundai power tools.

Overall, HYB60LI is a smartly constructed garden blower that delivers incredible power and is easy to use. Take a closer at the device if you need some extra power without investing in a petrol version that’s not only noisy but also demands frequent servicing.

2. Murray 18V Lithium-Ion Leaf Blower Kit IQ18LBK

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  • Powered by Briggs & Stratton 18V Lithium Ion Battery System
  • 5.0 Ah Battery and Charger included in the box
  • Powerful 225 km/h Air Velocity
  • Easy to Control and Operate
  • Stepless variable speed control on the handle for ultimate control


Murray 1697119 is one of the best cordless leaf blowers for small and medium-sized gardens. It comes with an 18V Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah battery manufactured by Briggs & Stratton. The maximum airspeed of the garden maintenance device is 225 km/h. At such high air output, it can deal easily deal with wet and heavy leaves as well.

The 1697119 has a maximum runtime of 22 minutes, which is suitable to deal with areas up to 425 m2. You can recharge its battery within two hours. Moreover, the battery is compatible with all the other Murray 18V power tools.

You can comfortably use the garden cleaner due to its balanced design and low weight of a mere 1.4 kg. Another attractive feature of the Murray device is its step-less variable speed control. It offers five levels of airspeed. You can use a knob to choose the most suitable among them, which depends upon the target.

The gardening tool has a brushed motor that works at 18, 000 RPM. It has a maximum sound level of 105 dB, which is somewhat higher than the previous models on this list. Apart from a battery, the blowing machine also includes a charger. So, it’s an all in one package for homeowners looking for an easy to use, powerful and durable lawn blower.

3. Bosch Home and Garden Cordless Leaf Blower

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  • Powered by a Lithium-ion battery
  • Up to 210 km/h airspeed for fast and efficient work
  • Lightweight, weighing 1.8 KG
  • Easy clearing of leaves and garden foliage from patio and garden areas
  • One battery for an entire Home & Garden tools system


Are you looking for a lightweight lawn blower? Then, take a closer look at our next recommendation from Bosch that carries a gravity of a mere 1.8 kg. ALB 18 LI uses a 2.5 Ah Lithium-ion battery to generate 18 Volts of power, which makes your garden maintenance sessions productive and efficient.

Low weight and power are not the only factors why Bosch ALB 18 LI deserves your attention. It also comes with a comfortable and vibration-free handle that makes your gardening time even more convenient. This cordless blower is affordable and compact, but it has a maximum air output of 210 km/h.

With such power, ALB 18 LI can easy tackle wet leaves. Another attraction is its runtime of 17 minutes, which is sufficient to clean a small or medium-sized property. The user-friendly gardening tool also has a detachable blower tube, which is helpful when you have less open space in the garden shed or garage.

Bosch ALB 18 LI works at low noise levels. Moreover, it has Syneon chip that efficiently manages the battery power and ensures fade-free performance. Overall, Bosch gives you a lightweight and powerful lawn cleaner that’s perfect for users suffering from back pain or any injuries on arms and shoulders.

4. VonHaus Leaf Blower Cordless

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  • POWERFUL: Transform your garden, patio, or driveway with the VonHaus cordless leaf blower, designed to rapidly clear leaves, debris, and other waste whilst remaining low on noise and vibration.
  • EASY TO USE: The blower’s cordless, lightweight design with ergonomically designed soft grip rubber handle offers complete mobility and comfortable operation, so you can cover every corner of your outdoor space with ease.
  • 12 MINUTE RUN TIME: The quick charge time of just 1 hour provides you with 12 minutes of non-stop blowing, giving you a generous amount of time to clear out and refresh your garden.
  • 20V MAX G-RANGE: Covering all your garden maintenance needs, use the garden blower’s 20V max. 1.5ah Li-ion battery with any product from the VonHaus Max Garden range, including a hedge, grass, and pole trimmer.
  • THE VONHAUS PROMISE: All our products are backed by a minimum 2 year warranty, so you can be safe in the knowledge that if anything happens we're here for you. Use our products with confidence.


Using power tools like leaf blower might be disturbing in a busy neighbourhood. But, this is not the case with today’s next recommendation from VonHaus. This cordless garden blower has one of the lowest sound levels and hence it is a suitable purchase if you prefer to maintain your garden early in the morning.

VonHaus blower packs a 20V 1.5 Ah Lithium-ion battery that offers a runtime of 15 minutes. Such a battery backup is sufficient to clean an average sized yard. The charging time of this cell is 1 hour. Moreover, it is compatible with all other VonHaus 20V garden rage tools.

Now that’s a comfortable feature, which is helpful when the battery is discharged and you are away from an electrical outlet. You simply have to use a battery from any other nearby VonHaus tool and the blower will be back to business. We also like that the blower has a detachable tube that facilitates convenient and secure storage.

The VonHaus blower is highly portable because of its low weight. But, what makes the tool comfortable is its ergonomic built and soft handle. Apart from that, the tool works without making much vibrations and noise.

Overall, it’s one of the best cheap cordless leaf blower UK available at a budget-friendly price tag. Keep in mind that the product does not include a battery.

5. Ryobi OBL1820S ONE+ Cordless Blower

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  • High speed nozzle provides airflow of 245km/H
  • Lightweight Design with ultimate cordless convenience makes quick work of clearing jobs
  • GripZone over mould for comfortable grip
  • Sold as a 'bare' tool (without a battery or charger) but is compatible with all batteries and chargers across the 18V ONE+ system


Manual maintenance of a garden is time taking, especially when the lawn is spoiled with a thick layer of waste leaves. It’s the reason why you should consider Ryobi OBL1820S, which has all the traits to be perfect gardening assistance. It has a balanced design, lightweight built, powerful motor, and ergonomic grip. Moreover, the cordless is easy to set up and use.

OBL1820S has a compact appearance, but it does not mean the machine lacks at any department. It has a maximum air output of 245 km/h. With such airpower, you can easily take care of the wet leaves as well. Once you are done with all the cleaning, you can remove its detachable tube for secure storage.

Ryobi cordless gardening tool has a low weight of 1.6 kg, which makes allows convenient usage. It has an over mould design that adds to your comfort levels. OBL1820S has a narrow nozzle, so you can take clean small corners as well. Moreover, its runtime of 20 minutes is great to clean a small to medium piece of land.

Do not forget the tool does not have a battery or charging adapter. However, all these items are available on Amazon. So, if you are looking for an electric sweeper that can help you to clean the patio, driveways, decks, or garden, then OBL1820S might be a solid investment. It’s a part of ONE + System and hence, the tool is compatible with any other battery and charger belonging to the same family.

6. Makita DUB361Z Twin 18V (36V) Li-Ion LXT Blower

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  • Dual LED battery capacity warning lamp, shows the charge level for each battery
  • Push button for high and low volume settings, positioned on the gripping handle
  • Xpt (extreme protection technology) to provide increased dust and water resistance
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 2 speed, high and low


Makita DUB361Z uses two 18 V batteries to power a 36V motor. It has two speed settings; low and high. Plus, there is cruise control that’s useful when you need to clean large areas.

The Twin battery blower has a compact built, but it works with a maximum airspeed of 335 km/h. With such a powerful airflow, it’s ideal to deal with heavy leaves as well. As DUB361Z uses two batteries, the weight is comparatively higher than single-cell variants.

DUB361Z has an easy startup. All thanks to a push-button, you can easily control the airspeed. Its handle is soft, comfortable and keeps your wrist strain-free. The power button is also nearby the handle so that you can easily shut down the motor without using another hand.

This battery powered leaf blower features XPT (eXtreme Protection Technology), which keeps its internal components safe from dust and moisture. It’s the reason why DUB361Z never fails to perform even under harsh conditions. Besides, its long tube with a curved tip offers optimal blowing results.

Makita DUB361Z is available without batteries or charger, but both the items are readily available on Amazon. This gardening tool is compatible with 3, 4, and 5 Ah batteries and its runtime vary between 15 to 56 minutes depending upon the battery power and airspeed settings.

7. WORX 20V Cordless Turbine Blower WG547E

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  • TURBINE FAN TECHNOLOGY: WORX TURBINE TECHNOLOGY delivers forceful, high air volume to do everything from sweeping the driveway and sidewalkafter mowing, to pilling up those leaves.
  • 2-SPEED CONTROL: Features two-speed control, WORX Turbine Blower can spins at 120 km/h (High) or 88km/h (low) for jobs ranging from light-duty clearing to full leaf removal on any type of surface.
  • STRONG STREAM OF AIR: Blows up to 600m³/h high-capacity air volume, Worx Turbine Blower is able to clear more debris quickly. Features a hyper-stream air nozzle, even the extra tough conditions is a piece of cake for the blower.
  • ERGONOMICAL DESIGN: Lightweight but powerful, at only 2.0kg, Worx Turbine Blower is perfect for one hand operation. Rubber overmold grip offers improved comfort to bring you the best using experience while working.
  • SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER: Worx PowerShare Battery is compatible with all Worx 20V and 40V tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products.


WORX WG547E uses turbine fans to generate an airspeed up to 119 km/h. Due to its dynamic airflow, this garden leaf blowing device throws a large volume of air. All thanks to an 18 – 20 V Lithium-ion battery, the blower can easily clear your patio, driveways, garden or any other piece of land where leaves are spoiling the appearance.

Apart from decent power and advanced airflow technology, WG547E has a lightweight body. It also has an ergonomic design that you can easily lift or control. With such features, this leaf blower makes sure that you can finish the garden cleaning early and enjoy rest of the leisure time with your family.

WORX WG547E offers a maximum runtime of 30 minutes at low-speed setting. At high speed, it gives you a decent backup of 10 minutes. Use it carefully and you can easily cover a small or average-sized area without any trouble.

Due to its lightweight and ergonomic design, you can single-handedly operate the WG547E to clear an area. The tool includes one battery, but there is another version that comes with two cells. Any of the included battery is built on Powershare platform, which means these batteries will work with all theWorx 20 V tools. If you already have a WorxPowershare tool, then you should choose a body-only version.

8. Einhell Power X-Change 18V Cordless Leaf Blower

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  • The compact leaf blower for order in the yard and garden
  • Integrated speed control and soft grip for comfortable work
  • Small and handy design for easy handling
  • Powerful performance: blow air flow 210 km/h
  • Power X-Change: a battery for all with the new Einhell lithium-ion battery system


Einhell GE-CL 18 Li E – Solo Power X-Change is easy to use and budget-friendly cordless gardening tool. This is not one of the most powerful options available to purchase, but it offers decent result when you need to clear a small or medium-sized garden.

The Solo Power X-Change comes in a trademark Einhell black and red appearance. It does not have a power button. You simply need to press a trigger and its motor will start. The variable speed control dial is on the front, but you cannot use it with the thumb. So, you need to engage another hand while changing the airflow.

The battery dependent lawn blower has a thoughtful and long-lasting built that remains at your service for many more years to come. It has a soft grip that gives you a comfortable hold. Moreover, there is plenty of space to move your hand around. There will not be any discomfort even if you are wearing a pair of thick winter gloves.

At 1.33 kg, this outdoor tool is lightweight and easy to use. Due to its balanced design, you can also clear leaves from overhead areas. Its blowing tube is also removable, which is a huge benefit if you have less open space available in the garden shed. Whether you need a blow to clear the garden, lawn, patio, or deck, Einhell GE-CL 18 Li E is a perfect option to try.

9. Garden Gear Cordless Leaf Blower

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  • Powerful; 20-volt battery to make blowing leaves quick and easy with this leaf blower
  • Cordless; The leaf blower has no leads to restrict you or get tangled up in, you can carry out jobs wherever you need to
  • Compact; Leaf blower has a space-saving design due to the detachable blower tube
  • Lightweight; Easy to use thanks to it weighing only 1.76-kilograms
  • Guarantee; This leaf blower has a 12-month guarante


Garden Gear battery blower packs a 20V 1500 Lithium-ion battery that’s perfect to deal with small and medium-sized lawns. It recharges within 3 to 5 hour and works for up to 15 minutes, depending upon the usage. Moreover, the battery is compatible with all other 20V cordless Garden Gear power tools.

The leaf blowing machine has a low weight and compact body. Plus, it is a cordless tool, so you only have to slide in a recharged battery and start the blowing session. This gardening tool has a maximum airspeed of 160 km/h, which is sufficient to deal with dry leaves and other debris.

Due to a long tube, the blower is suitable for cleaning the corners wherein other tools might not be effective. The blowing device has a soft grip that keeps you comfortable. You will like the fact that its rube is removable, which facilitates easy and secure storage.

Garden Gear leaf blower works within sound levels of 93 dB, which is not very high to disturb your neighbours. Moreover, it’s affordable than most of the blowers available at a similar price range. If you need a cost-efficient, lightweight and space-saving lawn blower, then Garden Gear gives you a competent option to try.


10. Greenworks 2400807UA Cordless Axial Leaf Blower


  • Power: 2/4 Ah (40 V)
  • AirSpeed: 177 km/h
  • Weight: 1.9 kg

If you want to get rid of leaves and debris from the garden or driveways, then Greenworks 2400807UA might be an ideal purchase. It comes with a 40V 2Ah battery and universal charger. The rechargeable leaf blower has a powerful motor that generates a maximum air output of 177 km/h.

Even after working at high airspeeds, 2400807UA never creates much noise to disturb any of your family members or neighbours. At 1.9 kg, the axial blower is lightweight and hence easy to control. It has an ergonomically built handle to keep you comfortable. You will find all the control near the handle, which means you can use the leaf blowing device with either left or right hand.

Greenworks 2400807UA has a smart design, which allows you to clean narrow areas without using any other tool. It uses a Lithium-ion battery that offers fade-free power. There is also an onboard battery life indicator to let you know when to find an electrical outlet.

The cordless gardening tool is easy to start. You only have to slide in a recharged 40V battery and start cleaning the yard. There are no connecting cables and hence, you can use it virtually anywhere. The tool is also compatible with 4 Ah 40V batteries. Besides, you can use any of the Greenworks 40V battery to make it run.

If you are looking for a 2 in 1 cordless garden vacuum & leaf blower go for Greenworks Tools GD40BV.


Battery Leaf Blower Buying Guide

Battery dependent cordless blowers are available in abundance. You will encounter a wide range of models available at different price ranges. However, you only need one of them that should all your gardening needs. So, what should you look at while choosing a cordless blower? Well, it’s what we will discuss in this section.

Size of your garden: A 18 or 20V cordless leaf blowing device is suitable for small lawns or yards. Look for a runtime of at least 10 minutes. For instance, Murray 1697119. This one has the power to deal with a small or medium-sized property. Its runtime of 22 minutes is also sufficient to clean a significant area.

You should choose a 40V blowing device for medium-sized gardens. Try to find a lightweight option that can offer the required runtime. You can consider the Greenworks 2400807UA because its powerful, lightweight and also gives you the option to change the airspeed.

If you are a professional or own a large garden, then you will need something more mighty and powerful. Something like Hyundai HYB60LI might fit your requirements because its strong, very powerful and also has a long runtime.

Required power: While reading the cordless leaf blower reviews, you must have seen terms like airspeed and volume. Now, what is the right air aped and air volume for your garden?

Airspeed is the rate of airflow coming out of the blowing tube in one hour. It’s measured in km/h. For instance, Greenworks 2400807UA has a maximum airspeed of 177 km per hour. Means, the device can release air at the given speed.

The next specification that you need to consider is air volume, which is described as cubic feet per minute (CFM). Simple to understand, CFM is the amount of air a blower can release in one minute. Keep in mind that it’s the unit the determines how powerful a blower can be. To enjoy perfect blowing results, you need the right mix of airspeed (km/h) and air volume (cfm).

To get the right idea, you need to think over three points. How big is your property? What type of leaves are you trying to clean? Do you need to follow any noise restrictions on society?

We recommend that you choose a blower with CFM between 200 to 400, especially if you own a small lawn or garden. In case you have a property of an acre, then a blower with CFM anywhere between 400 to 700 might be suitable. Keep in mind that high CFM always results in higher sound levels, which might not be feasible if you are living in an area with noise restrictions.

Sound level: Power tools are one of the biggest contributors to noise pollution. Cordless gardening tools excel in this department because they generally operate between 65 to 110 dB. We recommend that you choose a model with the lowest possible sound level so that your family members and neighbours can be thankful later.

Weight: Cordless garden blowers are heavier than mains powered models. It’s because the former uses single or dual batteries that add to the weight. Still, cordless models are lighter than petrol propelled options.

Most of the cordless leaf blowing devices are available within a weight range of 1. 5 kg to 6.5 kg. You should choose a model that you can carry and use easily. Leaf blowing tools are made to make your task easy. So, always try to choose a lightweight item.

Dimensions: A garden blower should be powerful and easy to use, but at the same time try to choose a compact model that you can easily maneuver. Think about the storage as well. Choose a model that you can easily store in the garden shed or garage. Look for an option that comes with a detachable blowing tube, which facilitates secure storage.

Runtime: While browsing battery-dependent yard blowers, its crucial to check the maximum runtime. Once you fully recharge the blower, it should be able to clean your entire property without looking for a power outlet. Apart from the battery backup, check the battery recharging time as well. A battery with low recharge time is better. However, we recommend that you invest in a spare battery for virtually unlimited runtime, especially if you own a large garden.

Battery: Now we know that a cordless garden blower needs a battery to start and operate. Most of the modern blowing devices use Lithium-ion batteries. However, you need to check their capacity, which is generally measured in Ah (Amp hour). Ah describes the capacity of a battery to store energy or charge.

In case you own a significant piece of land, then its recommended that you purchase a blower with a powerful battery with high Ah. To enjoy virtually unlimited runtime, you can invest in another spare battery.

Comfort level: Comfort is one of the primary factors that you should consider. So, try to invest in a garden leaf blowing device with a soft handle and an ergonomic design. These are small things that you might not ignore. Keep in mind that you cannot get the desired results if you are using a gardening tool in a compromised state.

Budget: Initial investment is one of the major factors that you need to consider. It’s easy to understand that mighty and powerful blowers are expensive. But, it’s not always the case because multiple models are powerful and easy to use, but are available at a budget-friendly price.

No need to spent on a powerful mower with high airspeed if you own a small lawn. On the contrary, you need to look for a high-quality model for professional usage.

Warranty: A warranty is helpful when you face any manufacturing defects or troubles while using any blower. You simply need to contact the makers and they will do the needful. So, purchase a garden cleaning tool from reputable and trustworthy brands and also check its warranty.

What’s the best Brand Leaf Blower to Buy?

Greenworks is one of the leaders in cordless outdoor tools for gardening, DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Headquartered in Hoxton, Greenworks has a robust range of residential and commercial leaf blowers. Whether you need a 24 V blowing device for small lawns or 40V for a medium-sized area, Greenworks has an option.

For commercial usage, the brand offers leaf blowers with a power of 60 and 80 V. You can choose any of the Greenworks blowers depending upon the requirements. Most of their products are performance-oriented, powerful, and works at low noise levels. For instance, Greenworks 2400807UA is available with a 40V motor and is our top recommendation because of its high airspeed, low weight, and long-lasting built.

Ryobi is another brand that produces a wide range of home and professional leaf blowing tools. Apart from Greenworks and Ryobi, you can also consider VonHaus leaf blowers. VonHaus deserves your consideration because the brand has some high-quality garden blowers available at budget-friendly prices. However, this Manchester-based brand only has power blowers for residential usage.

Corded vs cordless leaf blower- Which should I Choose?

We often hear this question, especially from the beginners. Both corded and battery dependent electric leaf blowers have a set of benefits as well as disadvantages. Apart from that, there are some differences as well. The most obvious is their fuel type. A corded model needs to be plugged in a mains powered outlet while the cordless models need a battery to operate.

Corded models can work as long as they are connected with an electrical outlet, which is a benefit. However, the power cable limits your blowing radius. You also need to hold the cable with one hand, especially when it’s on high tension. Pulling the cord or tripping over it are the two possible troubles that you might face while using a corded garden blower. The power cable is also very dangerous if it’s wet or exposed to your body in a damaged state.

Due to a battery, cordless models are often heavier than corded blowers. Apart from the initial cost, you need to replace the battery after every 3 or 4 years, which depends upon the usage and manufacturer’s guidelines. So, not only comparatively heavy, but battery dependent models are expensive as well. But, are there any benefits to purchasing a cordless?

A cordless leaf blowing machine offers complete freedom because it has no connection with the physical world. So, if the worksite doesn’t have an electric outlet or there are too many trees in your garden, then you should choose a cordless tool. You simply need to invest in a spare battery to enjoy unlimited runtime. Moreover, these machines work on low sound levels, which makes them suitable for compact societies.

On the other hand, a corded leaf blowing tool is great if you have a small garden with less number of trees around. Mains powered models are great when you need to blow away some leaves from the patio and deck that’s nearby a power outlet.

Frequently Asked Question

Are our leaf blowers worth it?

Manual garden cleaning process might take hours to finish. Plus, you need to invest a lot of hard work and time. On the contrary, a motor powered leaf blower generates enough power to remove all the leaves and other debris within a few minutes. It does work quickly so that you can spend your weekend with your family. This is a primary factor why you should go for a leaf blower.

How much CFM do I need?

You can try a leaf blower with CFM anywhere between 200 to 400 for a medium-sized garden. In case you own a garden worth an acre or more, then a CFM anywhere between 400 to 700.

Is cfm or mph more important in a leaf blower?

The power of leaf blower primarily depends upon the air volume (CFM). So, if you need to transfer more leaves without investing much time then look for a model with higher CFM. Airspeed (mph or km/h) refers to the speed of air coming out of the tube.

Does it work on wet leaves?

A powerful leave blower can remove recently fallen wet leaves. For instance, Murray 1697119 has a 5Ah battery that generates an airspeed of 225 km/h, which is sufficient to deal with dry as well as wet leaves.

How long do leaf blowers last?

With right usage and maintenance, leaf blowers can last up to 10 years. You need to clean the tool after every usage and make sure all its parts are properly connected. Do not try to use it on low battery. Moreover, you should not leave the gardening tool outside because external elements like rain, sun rays and snow can damage its electrical components.

Can you use it to clean the dryer vent?

Keeping the dryer vent clean improves its performance by reducing the running time. An electric leaf blower is one of the best ways to clean a dryer. Simply insert the blower at the starting point of dryer vent and start the airflow.


Overall, Greenworks 2400807UA is the best battery leaf blower in our list because of its powerful all-round performance that can keep your outdoors free from leaves, dirt and other debris. If you own a small price of land and do not want to invest a big amount of gardening tools, then Bosch ALB 18 L might be the right selection.

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