Best Cordless Garden Multi Tool UK

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A cordless garden multi tool makes it possible for you to carry out various gardening tasks without any restriction. It comes with standard attachments such as hedge trimmer, brush cutter, pole saw, leaf blower, and so on.

We investigated hundreds of products so as to discover top ones that you can rely on.

Cordless Garden Multi Tool Reviews

Here are our top 7 cordless garden multi tool to buy in the UK. Let’s check our top reviews below:


1. Greenworks G40PSH Cordless 2-in-1 Pole Saw and Pole Hedge Trimmer

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  • POLE SAW AND POLE HEDGE TRIMMER FOR LARGE GARDENS - 2-in-1 pole saw lets you easily switch between tools so you can cut, trim and prune low hedges and high trees with a long pole that gives you up to 2.4m reach.
  • SPLIT SHAFT POLE SAW WITH AUTOMATIC OILER - with a 20cm long blade and 8m/s speed, this pole saw is perfect for cutting high branches, plus it has a convenient automatic oiler so you always have the right amount of oil for the job.
  • SUPERIOR CUTTING WITH DUAL ACTION BLADES - both blades move together at the same time for cleaner, faster cuts than a single cutting blade.
  • USE WITH ANY GREENWORKS 40V 2Ah or 4Ah BATTERY - this is a special 'tool only' package that comes without a battery, so if you already own a Greenworks 40V tool you can use the same battery to save space, cut costs and reduce waste.
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE – by Greenworks, a world leader in electric tools and battery technology, with a global reputation for smart design, high performance and outstanding customer service​.

One of the top garden multi-tools in the market right now is this cordless solution from Greenworks. It boasts of cordless power made possible by a 40V battery. The package includes a telescopic hedge trimmer, and chainsaw so that you can get two products in one.

It features a long sword measuring 51 centimetres so that you can conveniently trim tall hedges. You won’t mind its laser-cut steel double blade, which has a cutting thickness of 18 centimetres. That is why it is possible for you to achieve the best trimming results at all times. Also, the hedge trimmer has a 7-position swivel head so that there will be maximum alignment.

The length of the sword of the pruner saw is 20 centimetres, and there is an electric chain brake for optimum safety. You can change the chain and sword without using any tool, while chain tensioning is as easy as ABC. With a telescopic handle measuring 2.10 metres, you won’t have problems reaching your hedge’s higher ends.

This machine weighs just 2.9 kilograms, hence, you can conveniently manipulate it for optimum effectiveness. The trimmer comes with a rotating handle so that you can conveniently work at any height. The hedge trimmer weighs 2.8 kilograms while the weight of the saw is 4.3 kilograms. That is why you won’t get tired quickly when working.


2. eSkde 4 in 1 Electric Multi Tool Brush Cutter Strimmer Hedge Trimmer

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  • The pefect kit for every all those outside tasks
  • Includes Chainsaw, Hedge Trimmer, Strimmer, Brushcutter Attachments
  • Powerful 900w Electric Motor
  • Long 10m Power Cable

The eSkde ESMT4 electric multifunctional 4in1 garden tool is an ideal product for all-round garden maintenance. It comes with a brush cutter, hedge trimmer, pruner, and strimmer. You will like its split shaft, which helps in making the switching of attachments a piece of cake. This machine boasts of solid design, hence, you can carry out tough jobs without much hassle.

Also, this electric garden multi tool from eSkde is powered by a 900-Watt motor so that you can experience optimum efficiency. It has an ergonomic front handle, which is vital for making you more comfortable when working. There is a shoulder strap that helps in balancing its weight for ultimate effectiveness.

With a 3-tooth cutting blade and a nylon strimmer head, there is nothing stopping you from achieving your set goals. There is a multi-angle adjustment function on the pruner and hedge trimmer so as to get the most satisfactory result. It has a no-load speed of 6900 revolutions per minute, meaning that you can get tough jobs done effectively.

This machine has a long power cable measuring 10 metres so that you can move freely with limited restriction. Its split shaft connection system is a plus, making it easier for you to switch tools. With ergonomic finger controls, you can be sure of investing in a product that will give maximum value for your money.


3. Garden Power Tool Kit 20V - 2 Batteries

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  • � Package includes: � Model No. - Description � CS20V - 20V Cordless Strimmer - Body Only � CB20V - 20V Cordless Leaf Blower - Body Only � CHT20V - 20V Cordless Hedge Trimmer 520mm - Body Only � PC20SD20V - 20L 20V Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner - Body Only � CP20VBP2 - 20V 2Ah Lithium-ion Power Tool Battery for CP20V Series � CP20VBP - 20V 3Ah Lithium-ion Power Tool Battery for CP20V Series � CP20VMC - 20V Lithium-ion Battery Charger for CP20V Series � Model No. CP20VCOMBO3

The Sealey CP20VCOMBO3 comes with attachments for strimmer, leaf blower, hedge trimmer, wet & dry vacuum cleaner. It is powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery, and that is why its efficiency can be guaranteed.

The trimmer has a cutting width of 52 centimetres, meaning that you can get your job done in a timely manner. The capacity of the vacuum cleaner is 20 litres, hence, you won’t have issues with optimum performance at all times.

You will like the compactness of this machine, which makes it possible for you to be convenient during operations. It weighs just 12.8 kilograms, meaning that you can work for a long time without getting tired quickly. If you are looking for a multi-tool that will not disappoint in times of need, this is the product to go for.


4. Bosch AMW10 Electric Motor Unit 1000w 240v Multi Tool System

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  • 1000 watt motor unit delivers outstanding cutting performance whatever the job
  • Effortless quick attachment change, no tool needed to switch between applications (no attachments supplied)
  • Shoulder strap and adjustable handle for well balanced and comfortable use
  • Ergonomic design - easy to carry and manoeuvre
  • Hook for easy, space-saving storage

Have you been searching for electric garden multi function tools? The Bosch AMW10 is one of the top products in the market right now. It is powered by a 1000-Watt motor, hence, there is a guarantee of ultimate effectiveness. This 3-in-1 tool is effective for various gardening tasks such as heavy-duty trimming, pole hedge cutting and pole pruning.

You can easily switch from one tool to another without using any tool. It comes with an adjustable handle so that you can be more flexible with your operations. With a short length of about one metre, it is easy to store and hang after use. Getting the attachments to connect is a piece of cake with just three steps.

When you fit the trimmer, this machine is about 1.70 metres long with its weight standing at 5.5 kilograms. That is why it offers more convenience when you are carrying out trimming tasks. You will like its angled drive shaft, which helps in making your work undemanding at all times.

There is a shoulder strap that helps in balancing the weight of the machine on your body. The plastic cutting sticks measure 3.5 millimetres, hence you can rely on their durability as well as cutting efficiency. With a cutting diameter of 36 centimetres, nothing will stop you from achieving fast work progress.

What’s more, the hedge cutter has a blade that is 43 centimetres long with a tooth gap of 15 millimetres. Its overall length can reach 2.30 metres when you fit the hedge cutter. You can adapt the blade to the type of job you are doing because the blade can be swivelled up to 180 degrees. The tree pruner has a cutting width of 25 centimetres so that you can get it right in terms of effectiveness.


5. Makita DUX60Z Twin 18V (36V) Li-Ion LXT Brushless Split Shaft

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  • Brushless motor
  • Soft start, variable speed control and constant speed control
  • 3 speed selection
  • Reverse switch for grass clipping removal
  • On/off button with auto-off (no operation within one minute; automatically powers off)

Coming last but not least in this review is the Makita DUX60Z. It is powered by two 18-volt lithium-ion batteries giving you a total voltage of 36 volts. It features a brushless motor system, which is noted for high efficiency as well as noiseless operations. You will like its soft-start mechanism as well as variable speed control, and that is why you can be sure of flawless performance at all times.

This machine has the capacity of delivering a speed of up to 9,700 revolutions per minute, hence, you can use it for various applications. You can choose among low, medium and high speed so as to meet the requirements of the application you are working on. There is a reverse switch that you can use to remove grass clipping.

Also, with overload protection and lever-style lock system, you can be sure of maximum safety during operations. You will like its loop type handle as well as an electric brake for extra protection. You don’t need to worry about getting a tool to connect the attachments, meaning that nothing can stop you from getting the best result. There is an on/off button with auto-off, which turns the machine off when you are idle for about one minute.

This machine features the cutting-edge Active Feedback Sensing Technology (AFT), which guarantees perfect shutting down when the rotation speed slows down. Its compactness is a plus, and that is why you can store it without using up too much space.


4. Black + Decker BCASK8967D2GB Cordless Garden Tool Set


The Black + Decker BCASK8967D2GB is a 7-in-1 solution for effective garden maintenance. It boasts of a 25cm chainsaw, 30cm strimmer, leaf blower and 45cm hedge trimmer with an extension of 2.3 metres. With its 18-volt battery, you can enjoy absolute cordless freedom during operations.

It is compactly designed so that you can use it with ease. Its lightweight is a plus, hence, you can manipulate it easily in your garden without quick fatigue. You can use its battery on other Black + Decker tools thereby boosting its versatility.

With an extension as long as 2.3 metres, you can be sure of effective trimming of tall hedges. It is produced from materials of high quality, and that is why no one can dispute its durability. You don’t need to break the bank to maintain it, and its performance is of a high standard. This is the product to go for if you are looking for a versatile machine that you can rely on.


7. TRUESHOPPING Cordless 5 in 1 Garden Multi-Tool


Have you been searching for garden multi tool systems? The Trueshopping. It is a 5-in-1 machine is our top pick. This 5in1 multi tool includes a set of hedge trimmer, pruner, grass trimmer, lawnmower, and leaf blower. It is powered by a 36V lithium-ion battery, and that is why you can rely on its optimum effectiveness.

You will like the compactness of this product, meaning that you won’t have issues with space-saving storage. Its lightweight is a plus, hence, you can manipulate it without much hassle. If you have various garden tasks to accomplish, this machine is your best bet so as to maximize your time. You can easily change from one tool to another within a twinkle of an eye.

Besides, there is a shoulder strap that reduces arm strain if you will be using it for a long time. It is sold as a bare unit but when you get a 36V battery to power it, the battery will require 90 minutes of charging time. When fully charged, you can expect a runtime of 30 minutes so that you can conveniently carry out all your gardening tasks.

Also, this garden power tool set boasts of a no-load speed of 7500 revolutions per minute, hence, you can rely on its optimum performance. The grass trimmer has a cutting width of 300 millimetres while the hedge trimmer comes with a cutting width of 406 centimetres.


Battery vs. Petrol Multi-Tool

Taking a decision on whether to go for a battery-powered multi-tool or its petrol counterpart depends on many factors. However, it is very essential to know what the two types of tools offer so that you will be in the best position to make the right decision.

Battery Multi Tools:

Battery-powered multi-tools give you the freedom you have always desired when working in your garden. They are not heavy, hence, you won’t have issues manipulating them during operations. Many brands and models come with brushless motors, which enhance their longevity.

Also, they don’t make too much noise when compared to petrol multi-tools, and you don’t need to break the bank to maintain them. They are the perfect choice for senior citizens, and no fume is released during operations.

Petrol Multi Tools:

Petrol multi-tools are ideal for tough jobs, and when you will have to work for a long period of time. If serviced regularly, they can last longer than battery-powered multi-tools, hence, they are a perfect long-term investment.

Besides, you can use them to work in areas with no electricity. If you have a large garden, you can consider these types of tools for maximum effectiveness. However, you need to be ready for the high cost of maintaining a petrol engine.


If you will be engaging in multiple garden tasks, a cordless garden multi tool may be your best bet. It enables you to be more flexible and avoid buying multiple tools. We believe that this is all you need so as to select a product that will not disappoint you during operations.

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