Corded Circular Saw

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Using a corded circular saw is convenient because it offers unlimited runtime.

Plus, such power tools are comparatively inexpensive than their cordless versions.

So, a corded circular saw UK is helpful for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

Let’s discuss some of the best options so that you can smartly try one of them according to your requirements.

Corded Circular Saw Purchase In 2024

Here are our 7 best corded circular saw in the UK market.

1. WORX Compact Circular Saw, Black and Orange, 85 mm

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  • 400 watts
  • Ideal for: wood, metal, tiles, plasterboard and plastic
  • Bevel capacity max: 45 bevel cut
  • Blade diameter 85mm
  • Single speed


If you want one of the best corded circular saws without investing a lot of money, then Worx WX423 might be a perfect bet. The little beast is compact but can cut most materials, including wood, plastic, tiles, plasterboard and metals. So, it could be a suitable purchase if you generally deal with a wide range of matters.

Worx WX243 has a 400W motor that offers sufficient power for light and medium-duty tasks. Plus, it maintains high-quality performance without adding to the weight. Apart from that, this model has an adjustable cutting depth of up to 27mm. So, you set it as per the cutting material.

No one enjoys a heavy power tool. It’s one of the primary reasons the WX243 has a lightweight built. Plus, this unit is compact enough to be helpful in small cutting tasks.

Worx WX243 could be an intelligent investment if you cut laminate flooring, plywood, decking board, MDF, chipboard, and hardboard. It’s also a perfect tool for plunge-cuts. Plus, this guy is a great assistant if you have to handle a lot of floorboards and plasterboards to cut.

2. BLACK+DECKER CS1250L-GB Circular Saw

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  • 190 mm blade allows for a 66 mm depth of cut
  • Bevel cut facility with 50 mm Max depth of cut at 45 degrees
  • On-board laser for added cutting accuracy
  • Rise and fall depth setting function for optimum cutting performance
  • Safety lock-off prevents unintentional starting; dust extraction ports to minimise the amount of dust


Robust, ergonomic and durable, Black+Decker CS1250L-GB is one of the best corded circular saws in the UK market. It comes with a 1250W motor that runs at a maximum of 5300rpm. Then, this unit accepts a 190mm blade with a maximum cutting depth of 66mm.

Bevel cut facility is also available with CS1250L-GB. It provides a maximum cutting depth of 50mm at 45 degrees. Apart from that, it’s not very lightweight or heavy. Instead, this unit feels comfortable and solid while you work.

Moreover, the corded circular saw UK does not produce a lot of vibrations. So, you can use it without any annoyance. The maximum sound level is 102dB. Hence, it’s not recommended to use this device during odd hours.

An onboard laser facilitates accuracy. Plus, an integrated dust blower keeps all the unwanted debris out of your sight. Apart from that, there is a safety lock-off feature for added protection.

Black+Decker CS1250L-GB might be perfect for frequent cross and rip cuts. Its mighty engine and high cutting speed are suitable for most woodworking projects. Try this unit if you want precise cuts and convenient usage without investing a high amount.

3. Mini Circular Saw, Ginour 750W 3600RPM Circular Saw

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  • ✨【Powerful and Compact 】The Circular Saw with power of 750 W(Corded Electric) and a speed 3600 RPM, ideal for cutting wood, metal, tiles, plywood and plastic. Soft rubber handle, perfect for one-handed operation and reduce fatigue
  • ✨【Laser Guide and Precise Cutting】Mini saw with laser guide and scale ruler make the cutting line more precise. Cutting depth 0~48mm can be set arbitrarily; cutting angle 0~45° can be adjusted at will
  • ✨【Double safety switch and Dust-proof】Equipped with double trigger switch, the mini electric saw will turn on only when pressing two buttons, ensure your safety during work. The vacuum hose keeps dust to make the saw cutting line clean, which reduces dust obviously
  • ✨【Ergonomic Design】 The slim saw handle have soft rubber coating, easy to handle with one hand and avoid fatigue. Comes with 6 x blades for different work needs, do not worry about buying saw blades. Goes with a useful guide fence for accurate and professional cutting
  • ✨【What you get】 1 x Ginour mini circular saw; 6 x blades (2 x 24T blade for wood / 2 x 60T blade for soft metal / 2x diamond blade for tiles),you can also find replacement blades in dimension 125MM*9.5MM or 115MM*9.5MM;1 x ladder guide; 1 x Wrench for removing saw blade; 1X Dust hose;1X Hose to connect the vacuum cleaner 1 x User manual; 1 x Warranty Card. 24 months warranty and best 12-hours customer service


Ginour mini circular saw comes with a 750W motor driving up to 3600rpm. It has a 115mm blade that can cut wood, plastic, tiles, plywood and metals. The maximum cutting depth is 0 to 48mm, and the cutting angle varies between 0 to 45 degrees. So, you can set both of them as per your will.

The corded circular saw UK features a built-in dust blower, which keeps your working area clean and gives you a visible cutting line. Apart from that, it’s safe to use because of a double trigger switch. In other words, the saw will only start if you press both the buttons.

Weighing just over 3.5 kilograms, the Ginour mini circular saw is not heavy. Instead, it’s easy to use because of a soft rubber handle. So, you can use this machine single-handedly.

This power tool comes with six different blades; 24T for wood, 60T for soft metals and diamond edge for tiles. It also includes a wrench for fast and easy blade replacement. Apart from that, the mini circular saw has a warranty of 24 months and 24/7 customer support.

4. GALAX PRO Circular Saw, 600W 4500RPM Mini Circular Saw

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  • 【Powerful Circular Saw】 Featuring a small size, this circular saw is of light weight and portable, but with a 600W motor, it can deliver full size performance at 4500RPM with ease to cut such materials as wood, metal, tile and plastic etc.
  • 【3 Blades & Adjustable Cutting Depth】Comes with 3 different type of blades, you can cut wood with TCT, metal with HSS, and the diamond blade for cutting of tile or brick. And the cutting depth can be adjusted up to 28.5mm.
  • 【Dust Collection Design】The dust collection design allows you to connect the product to the vacuum cleaner, effectively preventing the flying of wood chips during work and making your working environment cleaner.
  • 【Compact Saw & Ergonomics Design】 This mini electric circular saw is compact in structure, small in size and light in weight compared to conventional products. It’s very lightweight to handle. Optimized ergonomic slim grip provides easy to one-handed operation and less fatigue.
  • 【Package Content】1 x GALAX PRO mini circular saw, 3 x saw blades, 1 x guide ruler, 1 x dust extraction adapter, 1 x allen wrench, 1 x user manual


Galax Pro manufactures some of the best corded circular saws for budget buyers, and this model is no different. It could be an eligible purchase if you need a performance-friendly circular saw without investing a high amount. Despite the affordable price tag, this tool is robust and provides the complete worth of your money.

All this is possible due to a powerful 600W motor, which is generally unavailable at this price range. Its blade length is also decent. Plus, there are three blades. So, the circular saw can cut almost all the materials, including wood, tiles, plastic, and metals.

An adjustable cutting depth up to 28.5mm makes your work easy. Plus, it has a maximum performance speed of 4500rpm. Apart from that, a dust collection port can connect to a vacuum cleaner and keep the work area clean.

The circular saw lasts for many more years due to its durable built. Plus, it is compact and lightweight when compared to other models. Moreover, an ergonomic grip keeps you comfortable. Hence, you can easily handle this power tool without much fatigue.

5. BLUE RIDGE Mini Circular Saw

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  • 【Compact & Lightweight】 The small circular saw impresses with its easy handling and easily cuts through wood, metal, PVC & ceramic. The maximum cutting depth can be up to 45 mm at 90 °. The 45 ° angle of inclination can reach a cutting depth of 28.5 mm.
  • 【Outstanding Accuracy】 The parallel guide clamp attachment ensures a professional and precise cut, the vacuum cleaner adapter for connecting the vacuum cleaner or dust bag, the Allen key for quick changing of the blades
  • 【3 Blades, Wide Applications】HCS saw blade is great for plunge and flush cuts in a wide range of non-metallic materials. TCT saw blade is designed for cutting metal tubing, pipes, rails, nickel, zirconium, cobalt and titanium-based metal. Diamond saw blade fits for tile cutting.
  • 【Powerful Motor】Featured with a 750W copper motor, the compact circular saw can reach a high cutting speed of 4500RPM. Powerful 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery and 1-hour quick charger for use with all DIY and garden tools in the 18V system from BLUE RIDGE
  • 【2 Years Warranty Without Registration Request】You get 1 BLUE RIDGE mini circular saw, 1 x Allen key, 1 x vacuum adapter, 1 x parallel guide, 1 x TCT blade, 1 x HSS blade, 1 x diamond blade, 2 years warranty. If you encounter a problem or have a few tips for us, please contact us. We are always available and will respond within 24 hours


Blue Ridge BR3402 is compact, lightweight and easy to use. Hold this mini circular saw in one hand to feel like a superhero because it’s capable of cutting through almost anything, including wood, PVC, ceramic and metals. A 120mm blade produces remarkably effective cutting results.

The corded circular saw is perfect for small and light-duty tasks, especially if you need something to work in a confined space. It comes with three different blades and an Allen key to exchange them. HCS blade is suitable for flush and plunge cuts, TCT blade is designed to deal with metals and diamond blade is for tiles.

Blue Ridge BR3402 features a 750W copper motor, which reaches a maximum of 4500rpm. It has a maximum cutting depth of 45mm at 90 degrees and 28.5mm at 45 degrees. The cutting depth is adjustable. Apart from that, there is a parallel guide clamp for precise cutting results.

All thanks to an ergonomic design, you can hold the Blue Ridge BR3402 in a single hand. In addition, it has a dust extraction port that lets you collect the dust. On top of that, a warranty of 2 years provides extra peace to your mind.

6. Mini Circular Saw,POSENPRO 700W Compact Circular Saw

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  • .【Material】: Multi function circular saw is made of high-quality metal alloy material, with antiskid handle and high carbon steel saw blade. Durable, small, light, powerful, sharp blade.
  • .【Multifunctional mini saw set includes】: Mini electric saw + 3pcs saw blade + hexagon wrench + dust hose connector + parallel guide + cardboard box.
  • .【Ergonomic handle】: Soft and comfortable leather covered handle can effectively reduce the shock force, increase the maneuverability of the saw, so that you can finish tight and detail cutting work conveniently and effortlessly.
  • .【Safety switch and dust-proof】: Mini electric saw is equipped with safety switch which ensures your safety during work and dust hose connector can connection extraction hose keeps from dust to make the saw cutting line clean.saw depth limiter keeps your cutting work precise and accurate.
  • .【Multi-function】: This mini chainsaw is versatile and easy to use, suitable for any DIY project, whether it is installing wooden floors, grout repair, fences, planters, herb gardens, signs, bird houses, drywall repair, doll houses, and much more.


Posenpro PPMCS700 is a lightweight and easy to handle corded circular saw UK. It provides clean and splinter-free cutting results because of a powerful 700w motor and a no-load speed of 8200rpm. Made of high-quality alloy materials, this machine is solid and durable as well.

The PPMCS700 features an 85mm blade, which provides an adjustable cutting depth from 0 to 25mm. There are three blades to cut a wide range of materials, including wood, tiles, and metal. These carbon steel edges are solid and durable.

Then, it has a reinforced aluminium plate for proper support. On top of that, the machine has a textured grip for complete control and comfort. An anti-slip handle is also there for better control.

An integrated dust port ensures clean worksites. It also provides zero debris on your clothes or eyes. The circular saw has a ruler guide to maintain accuracy. For safety, there is a button switch that eliminates accidental startups.

Try the Posenpro PPMCS700 if you need a versatile and straightforward mini circular saw for DIY tasks. It offers precise results and is suitable for installing wooden floors, fences, planters, signs, and many more.


7. WESCO Circular Saw – WS3453

If you want one of the best corded circular saws for DIY tasks, then Wesco WS3453 is an affordable option. This model comes with two blades that can efficiently tackle many materials, including wood, plastic and metal. It features a 500W pure copper motor to deliver a working speed of 5100rpm.

The maximum cutting depth is adjustable between 0 to 27mm. So, you can position it as per the need. Apart from that, this unit has a double safety switch to prevent accidental startups.

Wesco WS3453 weighs just over 2.5 kilograms, which means it’s easy to use and store. Plus, the circular saw has the motor at its rare, which balances the weight distribution. Moreover, an ergonomic grip lets you use this unit with one hand.

Wesco is a reputable manufacturer of power tools, and WS3453 is their decent effort for average homeowners or DIY enthusiasts. It’s a perfect circular saw if you are a beginner or need a woodworking device without spending a lot.



A corded circular saw is comparatively inexpensive than its cordless version. Plus, you don’t have to wait for an hour or so for its recharging process.

Worx WX243 is the best corded circular saw UK as it has the perfect balance of price and features. And this unit is also durable. Try this tool, and it will never disappoint. You can also check and try other recommendations as per your requirements.

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