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Are you looking for the best pressure washer?

Well, you are on the right page. We spent a lot of time to search for some of the cheapest pressure washer available in the UK market that are available within £100. You will find 8 options and their reviews below.

Check all the models and choose an affordable power washer that suits your requirements.

Best Budget Pressure Washer Reviews

Here are our top 9 cheapest pressure washer to buy in the UK. Let’s check our top reviews below:


1. Kärcher 1.673-604.0 K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

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  • Full control lances with iconography guide users on which pressure setting should be used where.
  • Detergent application direct from the machine, using a suction tube.
  • T150 Patio cleaner is perfect for cleaning large areas of Patio, Decking and Block paving.
  • On-board storage: Telescopic handle, and storage for the high pressure gun, high pressure hose, full control lances and cable
  • The K2 Full Control Home power washer includes the new targeted pressure regulation trigger gun. This machine includes a home kit with a patio cleaner accessory and detergent.

Kärcher is a reputable manufacturer of best value pressure washers and K2 is not different. It comes with a Dirt blaster lance and Full Control Vario lance that allows you to choose the right pressure according to the cleaning surfaces. The cleaning machine also comes with a home kit that includes patio cleaning accessories.

Kärcher K2 comes with onboard storage for its accessories, so there are no chances you will lose any of them in the garden shed or basement. It has a 4-metre long hose, which is sufficient to cover an average-sized area. The pressure cleaner also includes a bottle of detergent, which it intakes via an inbuilt suction tube.

One of the most impressive components of K2 is its T 150 patio cleaner, which is helpful to clean large outdoor areas without investing much time or energy. An included Vario lance makes you the boss because of its variable power settings. You only need to twist and clock to select the required pressure that can clean the surface without damaging it.

If you need a long-lasting and performance-oriented washer to maintain the patio, block paving or deck, then K2 might be the right investment. You can also use it to clean the terrace and all your vehicles. Now, you can easily understand why this washer is the most popular among homeowners. It’s powerful. lightweight, and comes with all the useful attachments that can take care of all the dirt and grime.


2. Black+Decker BXPW1600PE High Pressure Washer

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  • Pressure (bar) max. 125; Rated power (kW) 1.6; Flow rate (l/h) max. 420; Inlet water temperature (°C) max. 50
  • The ideal pressure washer for removing stubborn dirt from outdoor household surfaces, gates, benches, garden furniture and equipment, cars, bicycles, motorbikes, steps and swimming-pools
  • Complete with 8 accessories stowed on the special support on the back of the unit after use
  • Patio Cleaner with click fast connection device, ideal for effortless cleaning of large horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Click fast water inlet connection device with inspect able filter that traps dirt and guarantees perfect high pressure washer operation

Black+Decker BXPW1600PE is an advanced version of high-pressure washers that offer unmatched cleaning results for multiple outdoor surfaces, garden furniture and vehicles. It comes with a wide range of accessories that helps you to deal with all the stubborn and accumulated dirt. Due to incredible cleaning abilities, the washing unit saves your time and energy.

BXPW1600PE comes with a patio cleaner that uses a couple of high-pressure washer nozzles to clean all the outdoor areas including your verandas, steps, pool edges, patio and balconies. You will never notice any unwanted water splashing because this attachment has a plastic top cover. If you want to use detergent while cleaning a surface, then BXPW1600PE has an option to use a nozzle with a foam lance bottle.

Next useful inclusion is a fixed brush, which boosts the washer’s cleaning abilities. It’s useful when you are cleaning the vehicles, garden furniture, glasses or any other delicate surfaces. The cleaning machine also includes two different jet wash nozzles; rotary and adjustable.

You can use the rotary jet wash nozzles to remove graffiti, mould, moss, from outdoors. The adjustable nozzle allows you to change the water jet strength between cylindrical and fan. Cylindrical is intense and can be used to deal with all the grounds, while the fan is delicate and is useful when you need to wash your cars or garden furniture.


3. Nilfisk C 120 bar 120.7-6 PCA UK Compact Pressure Washer

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  • Powerful, Lightweight Pressure Washer: This 120 bar max pressure washer handles mildly dirty surfaces up to 30 m2 per hour. Rated power is 1.4 kW
  • Compact, Manoeuverable Size: Included trolley wheels make this portable and easy to stow and store in your house or garage
  • Ideal for Many Home Cleaning Purposes: Use on auto, patio, grills, outdoor furniture and a variety of surfaces such as wood decking, tile, stone, metal and more
  • Multiple Nozzle Choices: Includes two nozzles for any job. Choose from the Tornado or Powerspeed (high impact) nozzles. Also features a 6m high-pressure hose for stubborn areas
  • Premium Quality: Features aluminum pump, lance and spray gun with storage and quick connection, automatic start/stop, cable storage and pressure regulation in nozzle

Maintaining a large patio is a difficult task. But, not if you have a powerful, but compact pressure washer like Nilfisk 120.7-6 PCA. It comes with all the attachments that you will clean all the wooden, stone and metal surfaces. What’s more? The portable washer has a water pressure of 120 bar, which is marginally higher than other models available at a similar price.

One of the primary attraction of the Nilfisk 120.7-6 is its price tag that’s just below £100. But, this machine has the required power to deal with multiple outdoor cleaning tasks. It comes with a 6-metre long hose, which is sufficient to cover a medium or large-sized patio. Don’t worry if you find it smaller because the device also comes with a 6-meter power cable for larger cleaning radius.

Nilfisk 120.7-6 PCA includes a standard, tornado and high-pressure nozzles. The first two nozzles are helpful for general cleaning, but the high-pressure version is suitable for car cleanup. It comes with a detergent bottle, which is helpful when you decide to deep clean the car of any garden furniture.

Overall, this cheap pressure washeris perfect to maintain large patios because it can easily deal with moss and accumulate grime. Its trolley like design offers convenient transport. Moreover, you can easily store the washer in the garden shade or garage because of its compact footprint.


4. Yard Force 150 Bar 2000W High-Pressure Washer

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  • Powerful 2000W motor pump for maximum performance
  • 150bar maximum pressure with 440L/h maximum water flow high cleaning power
  • Extendable aluminium handle and wheels for easy transport
  • Accessories: 0.7L foam sprayer, Turbo nozzle, Vario nozzle, quick connect gun & lance, 6.5m hose, 5m cable
  • Compact and lightweight design with innovative on-board storage

Yard Force EW U15 is perfect assistance when it comes to dirt and dust removal from driveways, patios, caravans, cars, boats and many other items. It’s lightweight and compact but throws water with a maximum pressure of 150 bar, which is sufficient to deal with all the cleaning tasks around your house. The water flow rate of 440 litres easily deals with accumulated dust, but never consumes much of the resources.

The 2000 W washer is not only powerful but also reliable. Its hose measuring 6.5 meters in combination with a 5-meter power cable gives you a cleaning radius of 11.5 meters. Impressive, right? Its Quick Connect spray gun easily attaches with the hose and throws high-pressure water that can easily remove dirt and unwanted weeds. Apart from the spray gun, it includes a lance and couple of turbo nozzles.

Another considerable component of the pressure washing unit is its super foam sprayer, which is ideal when you need to clean the cars, motorcycles, patio and decks. The sprayer supplies the right amount of detergent and offers fast cleaning results.
EW U15 comes with rear wheels for easy transport. Its hose reel is another attraction that’s helpful while using the machine as well as storing it. Moreover, the washer has onboard storage for all the accessories, which is not available in all the variants.


5. Bosch Lawn and Garden High Pressure Washer

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  • Quick connect SDS fittings: ready to GO, no assembly required.
  • 3 in 1 nozzle: high pressure fan, rotary jet and low pressure soap settings.
  • Energy efficient: auto-stop system delivers power only when needed.
  • Model number: 06008A7A70

High pressure of the Bosch Universal Aquatak and its 3 in 1 nozzle is perfect for cleaning cars, garden items, patio and windows. At 6.55 kg, it’s lightweight and also comes with rear rollers for easy movement. You will like the fact that the washer has onboard storage for all its accessories and there is also a front compartment wherein you can keep the spray nozzles.

Bosch’s 3 in 1 nozzle deserves a special mention because of its versatility. The nozzle combines three separate settings including fan, rotary and point jets that you can use according to the cleaning conditions. Apart from that, the machine works at reduced noise levels to provide you with a relaxed environment while working.

Another impressive component of Universal Aquatak 125 is its self-priming pump, which draws water from a container or tank. This machine offers incredible cleaning results on all the surfaces. It easily deals with accumulated grime and dirt on your patio and makes it look like new. The cleaning unit has a compact size, which is beneficial if you are running low on storage space.

The Bosch washer has the power to deal with grime, overgrown algae and all other elements that can spoil your patio or garden. It has sufficient components that you need to maintain your outdoor areas and vehicles. On top of that, it also comes with a detergent bottle that makes the car cleaning even more efficient.


6. Hillvert High Pressure Washer HT-HUDSON 1400B

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  • Axial piston swash plate pump: highly efficient, quiet, excellent durability
  • 1.400 watts engine - Pressure of 11 MPa, cleans surfaces with a high flow rate of 6.5 litres per minute
  • Durability - Hardened stainless steel pistons
  • Total-Stop-System: automatically shuts off the pump when the button is not pressed
  • Lightweight, agile little device with wheels and handle

Hillvert HT-HUDSON 1400B has all the attachments that you need to clean a garden, yard, home, workshop, or any other commercial site. Due to a 1400W engine, the pressure washer is long-lasting, performance-oriented, and provides quick cleaning results. It has an adjustable nozzle that allows you to change the spray pressure according to the surface.

No matter you need a harsh water spray to deal with algae and thick moss or a gentle flow for car cleaning, HT-HUDSON 1400B is the cheapest pressure washer the can offer such versatility via an adjustable nozzle. On top of that, it has a water pressure of 110 bar, which is more than enough for residential usage. With such pressure and flow rate, this cleaning unit can also deal with rust stains and oil build-up.

If you have multiple cars in your house, then cleaning them over the weekend can be trouble. Its where you can use HT-HUDSON 1400B because it easily removes all the dirt, insects, mud, or any other stubborn stain that’s spoiling the appearance of your ride. You will be impressed to know that it has a hydraulic quick coupler that makes nozzle exchange quick and easy.

HT-HUDSON 1400B offers multiple spray options, including a wide and concentrated ray. With wide flow, you can clean delicate materials or surfaces. For surfaces that need high-pressure water flow, you can use the stronger water spray settings.


7. WORX WG629.9 HydroshotPowerShare Cordless Portable Power Cleaner


WORX WG629.9 is a cordless power cleaner, which is helpful when you want to clean to clean the outdoor areas and vehicles away from power outlets. You can attach it to a garden hose or any other water resource like a pool, lake or even a bucket and tank. It offers multiple spray angles so that you can easily clean all the spots.

WorxHydroshot is easy to use and a cheap power washer that comes with a 2.0 lithium-ion battery, which recharges fast. The cell works for long without any power fading. Moreover, it doesn’t add much heft to the overall weight. The 20V battery included with the Hydroshot belongs to the PowerShare family. So, you can use the battery with any of the Worx 20V power tools.

WG629.9 Hydroshot comes with the dual-mode operation, which is an attractive addition for gardeners. You can use this power cleaner for watering plants and flowers. Yes, you read it right. Moreover, it is a highly portable power cleaner. So, apart from taking care of the patio and vehicles, you can also use the Worx cleaner to keep your garden alive.

The power washer comes with dual speed modes, including the usual high and low; no new names here. You can use the high-level spray when the conditions are legendary dirty. Try the low water spray mode, when you are dealing with less stained surfaces.


8. Wesco Pressure Washer – WS8800


Lightweight and compact, the Wesco WS8800 is a smart solution if you want a portable pressure washer for caravan trips and other journeys. Apart from that, you can also use it for patio cleaning, car washing, pet washing and garden watering tasks. The cleaner comes with multiple spray angles including 0, 15, 25 and 40 degrees, which is helpful to cover all the areas.

WS8800 has an easy to use a trigger that provides you with the control of water pressure. It can offer a maximum water pressure of 320 psi and the average spray length is 3 meter. The maximum water flow of the washer is 120 litres per hours.

Due to straightforward usage and light body, the cleaning device is a suitable purchase for senior citizens or female users. Even a beginner can use the unit because its hose attachment is easy. It also has double protection that prevents accidental startups.

WS8800 also has a battery charger and 4 nozzles for variable usage. Length of its hose if 6 meters, which is sufficient to give you a decent cleaning radius. The cleaning machine also comes with a bag to carry all these components. Keep in mind that the washer’s maximum suction height is 5 feet (1.5 meters).


9. VonHaus 1600W Pressure Washer


VonHaus 1600W pressure washer is arguably the best budget pressure washerto clean garden furniture, windows, vehicles, or decking. It’s an ideal cleaning unit if you need different pressure settings to deal with a variety of surfaces in and around the house. The cleaning unit has a working pressure of 90 bars, but it can throw water with a pressure of up to 135 bar.

The pressure washer is available at a budget price tag, which is marginally lower than other variants with similar power. Even after being a cheap power washer, this 1600 watt cleaning device is useful to clean and maintain a wide range of outdoor surfaces and items. The washer also comes with a detergent bottle that you can attach with its lance for better cleaning.

At 5.8 kg, the pressure washer is easy to transport. It has an adjustable nozzle that allows you to change the pressure spray power according to the requirements. Thus washing unit has a flow rate of 5.5 litres/minutes, (330 litres/hour) which is economical and saves on your utility bills.

This cleaning device has a distinctive appearance that involves a mix of black, grey and orange. It comes with a 5-meter hose that allows you clean according to your will. The included power cable also has a measurement of 5 meters, which provides you with a convenient cleaning process. Overall, It’s a lightweight washer with sufficient power to deal with all the cleaning jobs around your house.



And there you go, now you can confidently choose the best pressure washer under £100 because you already know the top-rated models. We will not be surprised to see if you can find some cheapest power washers then the options we discussed today.

However, the options mentioned above has enough power to handle all your household cleaning jobs.

If you have any confusion about the features or price, then consider Karcher K2. It has the power to deal with patio cleaning all other similar household tasks.

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