Best Table Saw UK 2024

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If your work or hobbies involve wooden actions, then only one of the best table saws can give you satisfying results.

An inaccurate saw is the only difference between a beautiful structure and a piece of work that you can only describe as a waste of time.

Today, we will guide you to get one of these tools for your next target.

Our Top 2 Table Saw Overview

In a hurry? Take a quick look at the top two.

i. DEWALT DWE7485-QS At Amazon

Portable woodworking tool that gives you a stable working surface.

Easy and safe to use and never takes much of your garage space.

It has everything that you will ever need for a small or medium-sized DIY project.

ii. Bosch GTS10J At Amazon

Today’s next contender comes from one of the biggies.

GTS10J is a perfect example of power on the go because its handhold makes transportation easy.

Powerful motor and self-adjusting parallel guides are the other features that make it our second favorite.

Best Table Saw Reviews 2024

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Here are our 9 best tables saw reviews UK 2024.


DWE7485-QS Sierra de Mesa

£499.95  in stock
3 new from £499.95
as of May 20, 2024 11:03 pm


  • The brand in which professionals trust
  • Model Number: DWE7485-QS
  • Colour: Black/Yellow

DEWALT DWE7485-QS is a workhorse when we talk about woodworking tools. The machine is our top recommendation due to its moderate weight, excellent cutting performance and dust control. It has a special coating on the cutting surface that reduces friction and enhances the smooth flow of work.

You can use the sawing tool for bevelled cuts up to 45 degrees both sides. There are two blade guards for your safety, but you can tilt both of them while measuring. You can also take the guards out, but we don’t recommend it. For power cutting performance over hard and frozen wood logs, it has an overload protection mechanism.

This portable Dewalt sawing tool has a powerful 1850W motor, and its fence system gives you a rip capacity of 250mm. It has a durable 24T carbide blade for high-quality cutting results.

The fence runs very smoothly and it also a rack and pinion system that allows making fast and accurate cuts. There is a yellow measurement tape that’s visible. Once you rollback the machine, it collapses everything in a compact package for secure storage.


Can I use this with a 254 mm blade?

No, it will only accept 250 mm blades.

What will be the best dust extractor to suit this model?

You can use a pure shop vacuum or any other dust extractor. It’s compatible with all of them.


Bosch Professional GTS 10 J table saw

 out of stock


  • Compact design and multiple grip areas for easy and convenient transportation
  • Powerful 1,800 W motor delivers fast work progress
  • Tool-free lowering of riving knife enables quick adjustments for creating concealed cuts
  • This tool is intended for cutting board materials to custom sizes, rip cutting, and concealed cuts in wood, wood composites, board materials, and laminate.
  • Items included: GTS 10 J, dust extraction adapter, parallel guide, push stick, saw blade, angle guide, carton

Bosch GTS10J is comparatively heavy, but a useful cutting tool that gives you the much-needed accuracy and professional panel ripping. Add the crosscutting ability, and you will see a high-quality machine built to take on everything that you want to create.

Bosch cutting machine takes all the power from a 1800W motor that has a soft start-up and overload protection. It has a right-sided extension table, which means you can rip objects up to 455mm wide to the right. You can only go up to 200mm on the left.

To adjust bevel cuttings, it has a knob and an easy to use an ergonomic wheel. Even for slot cutting, you can change the riving knife without using any tool. There is onboard space to store all the related items including rip fence, mitre gauge, wrench and smart guard.

Moreover, this portable table saw has a metal clip to keep the power cable in place. All the components are made of top-notch materials to make sure that you get uninterrupted completion of projects. There are different carrying handles, so you can easily carry the unit despite its heft.


Does this tool come with a folding leg?

No, the folding leg is available to purchase as a separate item.

What blade is included with the tool and how man teeth?

It has a blade worth 254 x 30 mm with 24 teeth.


Evolution Power Tools Rage 5-S Table Saw

 in stock
9 new from £347.99
as of May 20, 2024 11:03 pm


  • MULTI-MATERIAL: Blade Included - Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) cuts steel, aluminium, wood with embedded nails, plastic & more
  • ACCURATE: Assisted by an adjustable rail guide; 0 degrees - 45 degrees bevel tilt & 60 degrees - 60 degrees mitre covers all common cutting angles, for accurate cuts every time
  • RELIABLE: ‘Best-In-Class’ 3-year warranty included (only valid if purchased in the UK)
  • POWERFUL: 1500 W optimised gearbox & blade system, increases motor & blade life to cut through a variety of materials with ease
  • PORTABLE: Easy to store, quick to assemble or collapse & simple to transport – perfect for the keen home DIYer or construction crew on the job site

You will be surprised to know that our third contender from Evolution Power Tools cuts metals, wood, processed woods and plastic with the same blade. Yes, that’s right. Without changing the blades, you will get smooth and precise cuts on all the materials.

Whether you have to cut extensive stocks, make crosscuts, or divide some sheets, you can use the 5-S, and the results will not disappoint you for sure.

The sawing tool has premium accuracy while using tilt and bevel cutting styles. So, you can expect precise cuts that can be useful while making picture frames, furniture, and joining wooden parts for decking or skirting. With a full extension of its table, you can expand the cutting reach up to 650 mm that will be useful while door base trimming and flooring lamination.

The best beginners table saw has a robust construction, so its weight is also comparatively high. But, due to its foldable design and rugged wheels, you can easily park it inside your truck while moving to one of the worksites.

Apart from all that, it has a 1.8-meter dust collection hose. It’s not only a unique and useful feature but also keeps the workplace clean for an irritation-free cutting session.


Does this tool have a soft start?

No, it has a hard start-up process.

Do the extension tables sag when fully extended?

No, you will not notice any such thing.


10" Table Saw - 2000W 5000RPM

 in stock
as of May 20, 2024 11:03 pm


  • High powered 2000W, 5000RPM, 220-240V motor
  • 64.2mm x 938mm extended table
  • Quick and easily adjustable rip fence for exact cutting
  • (+/- 60°) Cross stop, allowing for further precision in cuts
  • High-quality Carbide-tipped 24-tooth blade

Another worthy pick in our list that has all the features that you would need for wooden projects. ParkerBrand PTS-250 gives you all the required sawing power and features at a reasonable price. First is its powerful 2000W motor that works at 5000 RPM to cut through any of the materials. Then, it also has an extension table that can hold material up to 938 mm.

Stability is an essential factor while cutting any of the materials. To provide the same, the cutting tool has rubber feet. Also, it has a cast aluminium tabletop for friction-free and productive cutting. Talking about the bevel cuts, the cutting machine can go at 90 degrees and at 45 degrees. For added precision, it has a laser line guide.

There is only one handle to adjust the cutting height as well as its bevel angle. Due to its Rip Fence feature, you can also make sure that its fence is in combination with the blade. Dust management is also unique, and due to the same, you will see a clean workplace even after hours of sawing. Overall, the ParkerBrand PTS-250 has all the features without any extra price.


Is this tool robust enough for DIY projects?

Yes, it has the power, stability, features as well as price to be useful in your home improvement projects.

Can I fit this tool on a separate stand, not with the included one?

It involves a lot of work because you have to tackle many screws. But, yes, it is possible to use this tool on a different stand.


Evolution Power Tools Fury 5-S Table Saw

£203.99  in stock
7 new from £203.99
1 used from £148.95
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as of May 20, 2024 11:03 pm


  • MULTI-MATERIAL: Blade Included - Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) cuts steel, aluminium, wood with embedded nails, plastic & more
  • ACCURATE: Assisted by an adjustable rail guide; 0 - 45 degrees bevel tilt & 60 - 60 degrees mitre covers all common cutting angles, for accurate cuts every time
  • RELIABLE: ‘Best-In-Class’ 3-year warranty included
  • POWERFUL: 1500 W optimised gearbox & blade system, increases motor & blade life to cut through a variety of materials with ease
  • PORTABLE: Easy to store, quick to assemble or collapse & simple to transport – perfect for the keen home DIYer or construction crew on the job site

Most of the table blade machines can only cut wood. However, the case is different with Fury 5-S because it can cut steel, plastic or aluminium as well. This means the machine can cut the wooden particles that have internal nails without any blade change. It’s one of the reasons why Evolution Power Tool saw is one of the best sellers.

Evolution Power Tools Fury 5-S enjoys a powerful 1500W motor that allows you to make bevel cuts at 45 degrees. Its carbide-tipped blade is solid. The cutting depth of the edge is 85 mm, and there is also a protective blade cover for added safety.

It has mitre gauge angled cutting from 0 to 60 degree with an anti-vibration mechanism that controls and minimizes the vibrations while you work. To contain the dirt, you can connect a vacuum hose with the dust connector. Looking at the features, it’s easy to understand why you should not invest in any other expensive option.


Can I remove the blade guard?

Yes, you can remove it. However, we don’t recommend using a sawing tool without a blade cover.

I need a table saw with an accuracy of 0.5 degrees and 1 mm, can I use this tool?

Yes, Fury 5-S will never disappoint you in terms of accuracy or cutting performance.


Ryobi RTS1800EF Table Saw

 out of stock


  • Powerful 1800W motor
  • Foldable Legs and wheels
  • 254mm Blade
  • Die cast aluminium table top for perfect support
  • Extendable side fence allows increased material support

Ryobi RTS1800EF is a useful contribution under £500 for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. It has a 1800W motor with a soft start. To cut at the given angles, the tool comes with a 250 mm (10 inches) standard blade with 48 teeth. You can use a variety of other blades depending upon the cutting requirements. With any of the blades, it can make up to 80 mm cuts at 90 degrees and p to 55mm at 45 degrees.

More than 32 kg, Ryobi RTS1800EF is relatively heavy. However, its integrated wheels and folding stand allows you to move the tool like a trolley. The total cutting area without the side extension is 546mm by 520mm.

Once you pull the side table, its cutting area sees an upgrade of up to 480 mm. Even the fence extends well with the table and has a front lock and rear attachment to provide full accuracy while making the cuts. However, the locking mechanism with Dewalt DW745 is superior.

The Ryobi cutting machine comes with a transparent blade guard that you can remove without using any extra tools. We don’t recommend to use the device without the guard, but there are some applications wherein you will not need the guard.


Is this tool ready to use or require some assembly?

It’s partially assembled, so will require some extent of time and assembly. If you follow the included instruction, the machine will be ready within 15 minutes.

Is this 230V or 110V?



VonHaus Table Saw - Circular Saw

 out of stock


  • BEVEL & MITRE CAPABILITY – Achieve precisely angled cuts every time at up to a 45° bevel or 60° mitre by turning the bevel wheel at the front or adjusting the angle on the material pusher. Max. cutting depth of 85mm at 90° and 65mm at 45°
  • EXTENDABLE – Both sides of the table saw can be easily extended when working with extra wide workpieces. Extends to 642 X 226 X 28mm on each side.
  • CARBIDE-TIPPED SAW BLADE – (250mm diameter, 2.4mm thickness) allows you to make precise bevel and mitre cuts in solid wood, MDF, laminate and plastic.
  • QUICK CLAMP RIP FENCE - Ensures secure cutting performance every time. The sturdy base frame creates a comfortable working height and stable position on all surfaces, while the included pushing stick keeps fingers away from the blade and riving knife safety feature prevents kickback while in use.
  • MANUFACTURER 2 YEAR WARRANTY - For peace of mind.

One of the least expensive power tools on this list, but the VonHaus table saw possesses a lot of power that you can only find an inexpensive machine. It can compete with Dewalt DW745 if we only remove the little less resilient structure.

You might feel that it’s a small table saw, but due to attachable table sides; it has a significant working area of 642 x 226 x 28mm on each side.

The tool takes all the juice from a 1800W motor that drives its 250 mm carbide tipped blade to go through solid and MDF woods. It features a rip fence with a quick clamp to ensure secure and accurate cuttings every time you use the machine.

The tool also has a cross stop with an angled scale to make bevel cuts anywhere up to 60 degrees. To collect the dust and debris, you can use its dust extraction port with a vacuum cleaner.

The motor might be powerful enough to cut metals. However, we don’t recommend using the tool on metals. Repeated metal cuttings can burn out the engine for the extended downtime. So, if you are looking forward to cutting steel or aluminium, then you should skip this variant.


What is the shipping weight of this tool?

22.7 kg

What is the maximum thickness this one can cut through?

3 inches


Einhell TC-TS 2025 U 1800 W (250 x 30 x 2.4) mm Table Saw

 in stock
2 new from £159.99
as of May 20, 2024 11:03 pm


  • Powerful 1800 W motor with 5000 rpm cutting speed
  • Professional carbide tipped saw blade 250 x 30 x 2.4 mm
  • Quick clamp rip fence for secure cutting performance
  • Cross stop with angle scale (+/- 60)
  • Includes base frame for stability

Our next contender comes from a brand that’s slightly less popular in the industry, but if you will look at the specs; the tool is more than powerful. It has a 1800W motor that works at an RPM of 5000.

At this speed, its carbine tipped 24 T TCT 250MM blade can go through anything you throw at it. Once again, we would not recommend cutting metals using this tool.

The Einhell TC-TS 2025 U machine has a stable base at comfortable working height and side extensions for big materials. Its quick clamp rip fence is beneficial while you are making accurate cuts anywhere between 0 to 45 degrees.

Then, there also comes a cross stop that allows you to adjust the material up to 60 degrees. For chip extraction, it has a dust extraction connector, and there is also a blade guard attached that keeps you safe.

The Einhell cutting tool has onboard storage for all the related items and a holder to wrap the power cable. All these features come at an unavoidable price tag. So, whether you are a DIY enthusiast or woodworking professional, you can take the benefit of this cheap bench saw that gives you efficient results on solid and processed woods.


Will this tool accept dado blades?

No, you should use standard 250mm blades according to the material.

Can I cut reclaim parke bricks with this tool?

Yes, you should use the right blade and avoid cutting at high speeds. The problem will be to hold the bricks still while cutting.


Tooltronix 1800W Table Saw

 out of stock


  • The ToolTronix Table Saw is a very well made floor standing table saw with a powerful 1800 Watt motor and 10 Inch / 254mm blade. It is an essential piece of machinery for the woodworking workshop, and for most rip, cross, bevel & mitre cutting jobs. With left and right extension tables and a hard wheel rise and fall system, this quality saw also comes with a full length rip fence, push stick for safety and a fitted TCT blade.
  • High spec table saw features a cross stop with angle scale (+/- 60) allowing you to make precision angled cuts with accuracy and ease. Both sides of the table saw can be easily extended when working with extra wide workpieces. Left extension table size: 642 X 226 X 28mm. Right extension table size: 642 X 226 X 28mm.
  • Carbide-tipped saw blade (250 X 30 X 2.4mm) allows you to make precise longitudinal and angle cuts in solid wood, MDF and other substrates. Features a quick clamp rip fence which ensures secure cutting performance each and every time. The extra sturdy base frame creates a more comfortable working height and a stable position on all surfaces.
  • ToolTronix Table Saw is ideal for bench top use or as a stand alone machine with the leg stand which is included in the price. Features : 2-in-1 saw blade adjustment (height, angle 0°-45°). - Table width extension for wide work pieces. - Saw blade guard with chip extractor connection. - Parallel stop with eccentric clamp. - Cross stop with angle scale (± 60°). - Housing with chip extractor connection for a clean workplace. - Includes base frame for stability, holder to wrap the power cord and h
  • Specification - Input Power: 1800W. - No Load Speed: 5000/min. - Depth of Cut: @90º: 80mm, @45º: 65mm. - Blade: 250 x 30mm Bore. - Swivelling Blade Range: 45°. - Continuous Height Adjustment: 0-80mm. - Dust Extraction Diameter: 35mm. - Working Height: 830mm. - Table Size with extensions: 642 x 940mm. - Weight: 22.2kg.

Featuring a powerful motor working at 5000 RPM, Tooltronix 1800W Table Saw is a great choice that can benefit all the users. Whether you are a professional or homeowner, you can take benefits from this affordable cutting machine. It utilizes a 250 X 30 X 2.4mm blade with a carbide tip that gives you quick and accurate cuts.

Due to high revolutions per minute, Tooltronix gives you smooth and precise cuts that require less or no finishing at all. It doesn’t have a tilting blade that can provide you bevelled cuts, but there is a mitre gauge for angled cuts between o to 60 degrees. You can change the cutting angles using the handle mounted below the working table.

Tooltronix has a maximum table size of 642 x 940mm, which is more than enough for most of the cutting materials and applications. Its adjustable aluminium rip fence reaches ¾ of the total table length to give you better accuracy. The only downside of the unit is its stand which is non-folding. So it might be challenging to move it regularly.


What is the spindle hole size of this cutting tool?

30 mm

Is the blade height adjustable?

Yes, the maximum height of the cut is 85 mm that changes to 65 mm at 45 degrees.


How To Use a Table Saw Safely?

Accidents happen when you don’t follow the safety procedure, or you don’t know how to operate a table blade. Respect your tools and do things in the right way. Do not follow risky techniques, even if you are using these cutting machines for a long time.

Wear Safety Equipment: It’s essential to keep yourself safe while working with power tools. Wear safety glass, gloves and hearing protection. Do not wear loose clothes, bracelets or any other accessory that can tangle with the cutting materials or the tool.

Blade proximity: Starting with the basics; never take your fingers too close to the moving blade. Use a push stick like Silverline, or you can even make one for yourself.

Keep close relation with the blade guard: Most of the professionals in your region admits that they removed the blade guard and splitter while using specific blades or cutting particular materials. Even if you do it when required, put them back once you complete one of those rare jobs. Both components protect users from kickbacks and unnecessary injuries.

Wood sizes: Do not try to cut anything less than 12 inches, because small wood pieces are challenging to control. Even if you cut small chunks, make sure that you use a push stick when the end is near. Do not use your fingers to finish the cut in any case.

Crosscuts: Do not try to crosscut long materials. Never use a miter gauge and rip fence at the same time. Ask any of the experts, and they will tell you no different because both of them, when used together, cause 100 percent kickback.

How to Change a Table Saw Blade?

While working on different materials and making a variety of cuts, you need to know how to change the blades. For professionals, it will be a routine activity. Even for home users, you need to change the knives when working on a home improvement project that involves various materials and structures.


The new blade, Hex Wrench, Screwdriver, and a small piece of wood

Step1: Power off the machine: Take out the power cable for added safety. Let the machine sit idle for a few seconds so that it can release all the extra charge.

Step 2: Take out the blade plate: Locate the blade plate and remove it. Most of the time, the topmost metal surface has two screws. Use the screwdriver, loosen these screws and put the metal plate aside.

Step 3: Take out the blade: Move the blade to be at its highest position. For additional safety, place a piece of wood against the knife to prevent accidental movement. Locate and turn the washer anti-clockwise (left side) to take it out. Use the hex wrench to complete this step. Now, take the blade out of the machine and place it aside.

Step 4: Install the new blade: Place the new edge towards the front of your cutting machine. Use the nut and washer to secure the module and tighten it. Hold the edge at its place using the same wooden piece.

Step 5: Reinstall the blade plate: Put the blade plate at its designated place and tighten its screws using a screwdriver.

Step 6: Reconnect the power: Connect the power plug and see if the blade is working correctly.

How To Choose A Table Saw (Buying Guide)

We read about the best table saw reviews and how to use one of them. Now, when you choose a sawing tool, you should consider some of the factors that we are mentioning in this section.

Blade: The most crucial consideration that comes into the picture while choosing a table saw bench is its blade. Most of the options that we discussed today come with carbide-tipped blades. Such modules are durable and give you high-quality results when compared to other knives.

You will also find various table sawing tools that have a tungsten tipped blade, which is also great and gives comparable results.

The best blade depends upon the materials you are trying to cut. Some of the modules can only go through wooden pieces while several others can cut steel, aluminium, plastic and wood.

So, if your work only involves wooden materials, choose a blade that’s effective for wood; something like a DEWALT DW745-GB. On the other hand, if your trade needs you to deal with various materials, then choose a blade that can provide effective results on all of them. We would say try Rage 5-S.

Versatility: If you need to make angled cuts, then you should look for a table sawing tool with a blade that you can tilt. Most of the options that we discussed has this feature.

Mitre gauge: Just like you can make beveled cuts by tilting the blade; mitre gauge allows you to make angle or crosscuts over a material. This part of the machine sits over the tabletop and can slide up and down in parallel to the blade.

It has a measuring scale and a half-moon shaped face where you can rest the cutting material. Generally, a mitre gauge can pivot both sides for 45 degrees.

Safety features: You have to be safe while working. So, invest in a power cutting tool that has a blade guard, splitter and an easy to reach power switch. Besides, you can look for a model that comes with a riving knife, which provides better protection from kickbacks.

Dust collection hose: Almost all the bench saw tools come with a dust extractor connection. However, only some of them include a tube as well. So, look for an option that has the link as well as the medium to take out the chips.

Fence: Another essential part of a table sawing machine is its fence. It should remain parallel to the blade and should not slide or wobble. All the fence come with a locking system that should be effective enough to get perfect results.

Expandable sides: It can be challenging to rip cut large materials. So, it’s better to look for a table cutting tool that has expandable sides.

Budget: We have discussed options from different price ranges. Choose a model that completes your requirements checklist. If you are a DIY enthusiast, then there is no need to spent on an expensive machine.

You should try one of the budget table saws benches like the option from VonHaus. On the other hand, if you own a workshop, then you should adjust your budget for Dewalt DW745 or Bosch Professional GTS 10 J.


All the power cutting tools we discussed today are equally suitable for hobbyists and professionals.

However, we would rate Dewalt SW745 as the best table saw because of its power, high-quality blade for smooth cutting experience and a generous cutting capacity of 610 mm/61 cm.

At such great size, you can easily align more significant materials.

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