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Do you desire the best ride-on mower? We’ve got your back. Riding lawnmowers are widely used for mowing large lawns, especially commercial properties.

In today’s world, homeowners with large gardens are not left out in the rush for this piece of equipment. Riding lawnmowers are easy to use, and they get the job done quickly.

Who Needs a Ride On Lawnmower?

If you want to manage a very large garden, you should consider getting a sit on lawn mower. It will make your job faster and easier, no matter the terrain.

Also, you will achieve a high level of efficiency without exerting too much effort compared to using other mower types.

Besides, you can use them for multipurpose jobs by connecting specific attachments to them. With the right attachments, you can use them for mulching, snow clearing, grass bagging, ploughing, livestock feed haulage, and so on.

In fact, you can use them as a leaf collector if you connect the right attachment for this purpose.

Best Ride On Mowers Reviews 2024

Here are our 7 best ride on lawn mower reviews UK of 2024.


1. Stiga Combi 3072 H Ride-On Mower

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  • Product Arrives Fully Assembled & Ready to Use
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

The Stiga Combi 3072 H is your preferred machine if you want to get it right in terms of effective lawn maintenance. It is powered by 344 cc Briggs & Stratton Powerbuilt 3130 engine, and that is why it is one of the most popular mowers in online reviews. It comes with rear-wheel steering so that you won’t have issues with its manoeuvre.

No matter the terrain you are working on, this machine will certainly be there for you for optimum performance. You will like the Quick Flip cutting deck of 90 centimetres, which makes it easier for you to raise the deck for maintenance and washing without stress. Also, it features a Hydrostatic infinitely-variable transmission, which makes it possible for you to control speed in both directions with a single pedal.

What’s more, you can change cutting height settings without stopping the machine by just pushing a button. This will save you time because you don’t need to come down from your seat to change cutting heights. With the maximum height standing at 76 millimetres and a minimum standing at 30 millimetres, you may not be able to get a better deal elsewhere.


2. FEIDER - Rider Thermal Rider

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  • The
  • FRT7550M-1 combines comfort
  • Equipped with Feider motor located at the rear

The Feider FRT-7550M is powered by a high-capacity 432cc 4-stroke engine making it easier for you to work at ultimate effectiveness. It comes with a cutting width of 76cm so that you won’t spend too much time on your mowing task. It is compactly designed, and that is why it can fit through a typical garden gate. This electric-start machine guarantees comfort before, during and after operations.

It has five cutting height positions so that you can be more flexible with your operations. You can set the cutting height as high as 90 millimetres while the lowest value stands at 20 millimetres. Its gearbox is a plus, making it possible for you to achieve your desired result. There are four forward speeds and a reverse speed so that you can cut with the highest level of precision.

Also, there is a grass bag, which makes it possible for you to work for a long time before going for an evacuation. You will like the sturdy steel cutter-deck of this machine, which contributes to its durability. It is easy to install and use for the most satisfactory mowing results.


3. MTD MTD 96 Self-Supporting Side Ejection MTD 96

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Part Number 13A7765F600
Model 13A7765F600
Color Red

The MTD 96 Ride-On Lawnmower is your best bet if you want to take your lawn maintenance to the next level. It is fortified with an MTD ThorX 382 motor so that you can experience optimum performance. It comes with a single cylinder and has a rated power of 7.8 kW. With a turning radius of 46 cm, you can get the best result without much hassle.

With an electric start situated at the back of the machine, you can start operations without stress. You will like its offset cutting tray, which helps you to cut closer to edges with ease. This garden tractor has an open platform so that you won’t experience any difficulty in accessing the driving station. Its seat is adjustable so that you can be more comfortable during operations.

Besides, you can change speed easily with the aid of the 6-speed Transmatic Transmission. That is why you don’t need to stop and unplug the machine before you can change speed. You can use this machine to maintain lawns as big as 2500 square metres without compromising maximum performance. With a cutting width of 96 cm, you don’t need to go through so many passes before achieving that perfect cut of your desire.

What’s more, you can adjust your cutting heights to comfort with the height of grass you are mowing. There are five height positions available, and changing height setting is as easy as ABC. The minimum height for this machine is 30 millimetres while the maximum height is 95 millimetres. With a fuel tank capacity of 3.8 litres, you don’t need to worry about a frequent refill of the tank.


4. Castelgarden XE 866 B Ride On Mower

The Castelgarden XE 866 B sit on lawn mower comes with a single cutting blade so that you can get that perfect cut you have always desired. It has a cutting width of 66 cm, meaning that you can get your job done completely with a few passes. You will like its compact as well as captivating design, and that is why manoeuvre it in your garden without much hassle.

It comes with six cutting height positions so that you can be more precise with your job. You can choose between 30 and 80 mm of cutting heights making it possible for you to work in accordance with the height of the grass. Fortified with a powerful Briggs & Stratton 875 Series 190 cc E.S. engine with geared transmission, this machine is your best bet for optimum performance.

Its small dimension is a plus, and that is why it can fit through typical garden gates. Also, it is easy to store without consuming too much space. It is an electric key start mower, hence, you can start your operations without much stress. With a 150-litre grass box, this mower guarantees convenient operations because you will not be going for frequent evacuations.

It is delivered fully assembled, and you can start using it immediately. You will like its lightweight, which helps in its manipulation around your garden. You can mow edges with ease, and its steel deck guarantees maximum durability. If you want a sit on lawn mower that will perform at an optimum level, you should go for the Castelgarden XE 866 B.


5. Lawn-king 60 sde Ride on Lawnmower

If you want a riding lawnmower that will not disappoint you when it matters most, you should consider the Lawn-king 60 SDE. This machine comes with a side discharging feature so that you won’t have to bother about grass collection. It is fortified with an MTD 196cc Single-Cylinder engine so that you will experience optimum performance. With its electric start function, you can get down to work without much effort.

It comes with 6 drive settings, and you can change the gear with ease while working with the aid of the Transmatic transmission system. There is a step-through frame, which assists you in boarding and unboarding the mower. There are no switches or pedals that will prevent you from getting on and off with ease.

You will like the compact as well as the captivating design of the machine, and that is why it is one of the most sought-after products in the market right now. It is easy to store without consuming too much space, and you can move it through the typical garden gate. With a turning radius of 46 cm, it is perfect for lawns with stumbling blocks like bushes, flowerbeds and trees.

This machine has a cutting width of 60 cm, meaning that you can cover more ground with a few passes. Since grass height varies from one season to another, this machine offers variable height settings. You can choose for 5 height positions so that you will be able to get the most satisfactory result. The highest possible height is 95 mm while the lowest is 38 mm. It has a fuel tank capacity of 1.2 litres, which is ideal for completing your job.


6. Castelgarden 72cm cut Hydrostatic Ride on Lawn Mowe

Castelgarden 72cm cut Hydrostatic is compactly designed so that you can manoeuver it ease, and fits through standard garden gates. With a turning radius of 70 centimetres, you can conveniently manoeuvre through obstacles like trees, beds, shrubs and so on.

You will like its rear-mounted engine, which helps in giving you a perfect view of the working area during operations. This ride on lawn mower is powered by B&S engine so that you can achieve flawless performance at all times. With its low-frame mounting, you won’t be stressing your joints when you want to get in for operations or get down after operations. There is enough space for your legs, and you don’t require any tool to adjust the seat.

Also, you can hold the steering wheel securely, and there is a control panel that aids effective operations. With a grass box that has a capacity of 170 litres, you can work confidently without fear of frequent evacuations. There is a level indicator, which gives off a discernible signal when there is a need to empty the box. You can set the threshold of the signal so that you can effectively utilize the volume of the box.

Besides, this machine has a fuel tank capacity, and that is why you work efficiently to get the most satisfactory outcome. You will like the accessories that come with this machine, making it possible for you to be more versatile with it. There is a trailer coupling, which makes it possible for you to securely attach a tilting trailer.


7. MOUNTFIELD T38H 98CM 432CC Sit on Lawn Mower

The Mountfield T38H combines performance with the class so that you can achieve your mowing goals with ease. It boasts of a dual-bladed cutting system, which helps in achieving perfect cuts at all times. With an electromagnetic blade engagement, you can be sure of optimum cutting performance. The contra-rotation of the blade makes the grass clippings move through the rear discharge opening into the large grass box.

The grass box has a capacity of 200 litres enabling you to carry out enough tasks before going for an evacuation. Also, the grass box comes with an alert system that beeps when it is full. With seven cutting height positions, you can be more flexible with your work to get the best result. The highest cutting height stands at 80 millimetres while the lowest is 25 millimetres.

Also, this machine comes with a 4-Stroke OHV engine making it possible for you to experience flawless effectiveness. With hydrostatic forward and reverse drive, you can mow with full confidence of maximum coverage. Its hydrostatic transmission is easy to use, you only need to press the pedal’s front part if you want to move forward. If you want to move backward, you should press the pedal’s back.

It is not difficult to change from forward to backward movement, and that is why this machine is perfect for lawns with obstructions as well as tight corners. There is a push-switch that helps in engaging the brake leading to the stoppage of the blades, not beyond 3 seconds. You will like the safety switch that accompanies the seat, which ensures that the engine is cut off if you get down from the mower when the blades are running.

What’s more, there is a washing connector on the cutting deck, and a hose connector so that you can quickly clean the blades without much hassle. Also, it comes with a tow bar, which makes it flexible for various garden tasks. It has a turning radius of 140 cm, and that is why it is ideal for lawns as big as 2½ acres.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do riding lawn mowers last?

A well maintained site on lawn mower can last 20+ years.

Should I buy a new or used riding lawn mower?

If you want to save some money you can go for a used mower instead a new one. This way you can save around half of the new mower price But if you want the best service, a new site on mower is recommended.

Are riding lawn mowers worth it?

A walk behind mower is fine if you have a small ride on mower or medium sized lawn. But you need to mow a large lawn and you have the ability, a riding lawn mower is worthy.



If you really want to save time on the maintenance of your large lawn, you need the best sit on lawn mower. There are various brands and models in the market, hence, you should carry out enough research to discover the right product.

We hope that this ride-on lawnmower review will help you to choose a product that will meet your expectations.

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