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Looking for the best petrol strimmers in the UK for 2024? This guide is for you. Grass cutting requires more than a mower, and that is why a strimmer is a valuable tool to have as a gardener.

Choosing a machine that will meet your expectations is not an easy task, especially now that many brands and models flood the market.

To make the selection process easier for you, we analyzed various brands and models of strimmers so as to discover the best. We discover the best ten products you can put your money on if you really want to get value for it.

Top 10 Petrol Strimmer Reviews

Here are our 10 best petrol strimmers 2024 in the UK. Check the reviews and buying guide below.


1. Ryobi RLT254CDSO 43 cm 25.4 cc Petrol Full Crank Grass Trimmer

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  • Powerful 25.4cc full crank engine
  • 43cm line cutting path with 2.4mm bump feed line
  • Reel Easy Head for rapid line refills
  • Split-shaft for easy storage
  • Expand-it compatible

If you are looking for the best professional petrol strimmer, you should consider the Ryobi RLT254CDSO. This grass trimmer is powered by a full-crank 25.4 cc 2-stroke petrol engine for optimum performance. It comes with a cutting width of 43 centimeters so that you can trim perfectly without spending too much time. It has a Reel Easy head, which helps in reloading lines with ease.

You will like the split-shaft of this machine making it easier for you to store it. This model is harmonious with Ryobi’s Expand-It range so that you can be more flexible with the way you trim. It comes with a ONE+ EasyStart technology, and that is why you can operate it with so much ease. There is a metal brush cutting blade, which helps in getting accurate cuts at all times.

What’s more, this machine comes with a two-fold 2.4 mm HD line and a 26cm TriArc+ blade making it possible for you to get the most satisfactory result. You will like its clean engine technology, which helps in reducing emissions for environmentally friendly operations. With its single shoulder harness and ergonomic handle, you will experience greater comfort using the machine.

Reasons To Buy:

  • EasyStart technology for ease of operation.
  • Reel Easy Head guarantees rapid line refills.
  • Split-shaft for convenient storage.
  • Solid full-crank engine guarantees optimum durability.
  • Strong metal brush cutting blade for precise trimming.


2. McCulloch B26 PS Brushcutter: STrimmer

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  • Variable working width: When using the thread, the appliance has a working width of 40 cm; when using the grass blade, the working width is 20 cm
  • Powerful engine performance: With a power output of 0.75 kW and a displacement of 26 cm³, the petrol brushcutter easily cuts through densely overgrown grass
  • Simple maintenance: The air filter cap can be removed without the need for tools, significantly simplifying the maintenance process
  • Keep working for longer: The carry strap ensures that the weight is distributed evenly across your shoulders. The adjustable P handle is highly ergonomic
  • Scope of delivery includes: 1x McCulloch B26 PS trimmer, 1x trimmer head, 1x grass blade, 1x single strap (Article Number: 00096-72.078.01)

The McCulloch B26 PS is an electric-start petrol strimmer under £200 with plush features for effective grass trimming. It is a heavy-duty machine with a split shaft so that you can easily use it with other attachments like an edger, hedge cutter as well as a cultivator. It comes with a single strap harness so that you can enjoy a flawless performance. With an exceptional trimmer head and grass blade, you should expect greater performance with this machine.

Its soft start technology is a plus, and that is why no one can dispute its smooth operations. With an auto-return stop-switch technology you can trim your grass without much hassle. It has a Tap N Go function, which helps in ensuring perfect cord feeding so that you can get the best result. This machine has a brush cutter blade and a combination guard so that you can be protected from debris that hovers around during operations.

You will like its innovative OxyPower and SoftStart technologies making it a perfect machine for effective garden maintenance. Its trimmer head has a cutting width of 43 centimetres making it possible for you to get the best result without too much effort. Weighing just 5.4 kilograms, you can manipulate this machine with the greatest ease.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Cutting-edge OxyPower technology for optimum performance.
  • Soft start technology guarantees easy operation.
  • Combination guard for protection during operations.
  • Compatible with various attachments for best result.
  • Tap N Go trimmer head guarantees automatic line feeding.


3. Stihl FS 55 R 27.2cc Petrol Brushcutter/Strimmer

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  • Stihl Fs 55 R 27.2Cc Petrol Brushcutter Strimmer
  • Stihl FS 55 R 27.2cc Petrol Brushcutter Strimmer
  • Product type: STRING TRIMMER
  • Multicolor

This Stihl FS 55 R small cheap petrol strimmer comes with a loop handle so that you can easily trim difficult terrains with ease. You will like its modern functional design, which makes it possible for you to be well-balanced during operations. It has a standard AutoCut line head so that you can achieve optimum performance with ease.

With its electronic ignition module, you can start the machine with ease, and run it efficiently. Its ignition system is totally enclosed so that it will be protected from dirt and damp. With the touch of a button, its small manual fuel pump supplies fuel to the carburettor. This prevents multiple starting strokes when there are elongated operational breaks.

Its control handle is multifunctional and you can operate it with your thumb. This prevents your hand from leaving the handle at all times for effective operations. With an estimated power output of 750 Watts, this machine offers optimum performance on a platter of gold. It has a fuel tank capacity of 0.33 litre, which is ideal for most trimming jobs.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Electronic ignition module for reliable starting.
  • Manual fuel pump for optimum fuel supply.
  • Loop handle for limited space trimming.
  • Multi-functional control handle for ease of operation.
  • Low weight loop-handle compact brush cutter for difficult terrain and restrained conditions.


4. 43cc Petrol Grass Trimmer and Brushcutter

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  • Twin line and 3 toothed cutting blade for more efficient lawn edge trimming and bush & weed clearing
  • A Free ergonomic harness included, which spreads the load, improving comfort and efficiency
  • A bike-style handlebar is included to prevent an uneven load being placed on the user's back
  • key specs - 43cc. Power: 1.25KW / 1.7HP. Weight: 7.4kg, Certificate: CE, GS, EMC
  • Please be aware these items are powerful and heavy. For ease of use please consider a lower CC or electric model

The Trueshopping 43cc Petrol Trimmer is a lightweight machine that will make it easier for you to trim your garden. This machine is powered by a 1250-Watt engine making it possible for you to achieve optimum performance. It comes with an air-cooled 2-stroke 45 cc petrol engine, and that is why you can tackle light and tough jobs successfully.

This machine has a harness so that you can be more comfortable during operations. It has a split shaft, and that is why you won’t have issues moving it from one place to another. You will like its power-to-weight ratio, which is very high and that is why you should expect optimum performance at all times. Its lightweight petrol strimmer is a plus making it easier for you to manoeuvre.

With its automatic centrifugal clutch, you won’t have issues operating this machine. It has a spiral gear, which makes it possible for you to change operational speed with ease. With a fuel tank capacity of 0.8 litres, you can be sure of covering more grounds before going for a refuel. There are attachments that will make your job easier like a trimmer shaft, mixing bottle, protective guard, among others.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Air-cooled engine for optimum effectiveness.
  • High power to weight ratio guarantees perfect acceleration.
  • Vital attachments and accessories for best performance.
  • Harness for convenient operations.
  • Lightweight design for easy operation.


5. McCulloch TRIMMAC Trimmer

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as of July 19, 2024 7:24 pm


  • Ideal for occasional use the Trimmac is a 25cc petrol powered trimmer that has an power output of 0.6kW
  • Powerful: With a power output of 0.6 kW and a displacement of 25 cm³, the petrol trimmer easily cuts through dense, overgrown grass
  • Maximum user-friendliness: The Tap 'n' Go double thread tracking simplifies operation, as the thread is automatically extended as soon as the trimmer head is pressed to the ground
  • Simple maintenance: The air filter cap can be removed without the need for tools, significantly simplifying the maintenance process
  • Weighing only 3.9kg this petrol trimmer also features a combination guard, adjustable handle, split shaft and a tool-less air filter over

The McCulloch TRIMMAC is a perfect tool for all-round garden maintenance. It is powered by a 600-watt engine making it possible for you to experience optimum performance. It weighs just 3.9 kilograms, and that is why you can manoeuvre it with so much ease. This machine comes with a split shaft making it easier to transport and store. You will like its ergonomic handle, which makes you comfortable during trimming.

With its single strap, you can be sure of even weight distribution across your shoulders and arms. The McCulloch brushcutter makes it possible for you to get a perfect cutting position so that you can achieve the most satisfactory result at all times. It cuts through thick grass with ease, thanks to its unique sharp blade.

With its Tap ‘n’ Go double thread tracking, it is possible for you to experience simplified operations. The thread extends automatically when you press the head of the trimmer to the ground so that you can get the most satisfactory result. It has an air filter cap, which you can remove without using any tool. That is why you can maintain this machine without much hassle.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Tap ‘n’ Go double thread tracking for ease of operation.
  • Easy-to-remove air filter cap for easy maintenance.
  • Carry strap for even weight distribution.
  • Adjustable handle for ergonomic use.
  • Lightweight design for easy manoeuvre.


6. eSkde 5-in-1 Powerful 52cc 2 Stroke Petrol Gardening Backpack

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as of July 19, 2024 7:24 pm


  • Offers all of the power and efficiency of the handheld range but with a backpack mounted power unit.
  • 5-in-1 system with metal brush cutter blade & nylon strimmer head for cutting, trimming & strimming. Powerful Chainsaw Pruner, Long Sharp hedge Trimmer and Extension Pole.
  • Cushioned backpack which absorbs vibration and impact for improved user comfort and reduced fatigue.
  • Highly efficient 52cc 2 stroke petrol engine provides consistent power that you can rely on.
  • Large 1.2 litre fuel tank doesn’t need to be refilled as often, saving time, money and hassle!

Getting optimum trimming results requires a perfect machine, and that is why we recommend the eSkde BP52-S8kit. This 5-in-1 machine is fortified with a 52cc engine, and that is why it is one of the most sought-after products in the market right now. The package has a chainsaw, extendable hedge trimmer and brush cutter so that you can experience all-round garden maintenance.

Also, this backpack multi-tool comes with long reach extension pole making it possible for you to trim tall branches. With its 1.2-litre fuel capacity, you can be sure of achieving your desired goal before going down on fuel. Its lightweight design is a plus, and that is why its manipulation is as easy as ABC. You will like its unique strong design, which guarantees maximum durability.

Besides, this machine has a 3-teeth metal blade for effective cutting performance. With a good cutting width, this machine guarantees optimum coverage in good time. This professional petrol strimmer comes with a nylon thread spool so that you won’t have issues getting the best result. For your safety, this machine comes with safety glasses, ear defenders as well as the shoulder harness.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Long reach extension pole
  • Vital attachments for optimum performance.
  • Powerful 52cc 2-stroke engine for high performance.
  • Free safety accessories like ear defenders, safety glasses and harness.
  • Lightweight design for easy manoeuvre.



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as of July 19, 2024 7:24 pm


  • Product type: STRING TRIMMER

The STIHL FS40 is a 700-Watt machine with dual capability. You can use it as a grass trimmer as well as a brush cutter. It comes with the cutting-edge DuroCut mowing heads so that you can get optimum performance at all times. The mowing heads come with dual serrated mowing lines, making it possible for you to get the best trimming results.

Also, it boasts of an ErgoStart technology making it easy for you to start the machine. It weighs just 4.2 kilograms, and that is why you can manipulate it with so much ease. Also, it is easy to store and transport making your gardening tasks a stroll in the park. Its 2-stroke engine comes with a stratiform charge so that you can achieve quick acceleration.

With its low-emission performance, this machine does not consume too much fuel. It comes with an AutoCut mowing head, loop handle, and bent shaft so that you can trim around obstacles and small grass areas with ease. Its multifunctional thumb-operated control handle is a plus, and that is why no one can dispute the ease of operation associated with this machine.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Reduced-emission engine technology for environmentally-friendly operations.
  • 2-stroke engine with a stratified charge for optimum performance.
  • 20% lower fuel consumption than regular 2-stroke engines.
  • Manual fuel pump for perfect fuel distribution.
  • Multi-functional control handle for ease of operations.


8. Efco Stark 2500TR 25.4 cc Petrol Brush Cutter

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Part Number EFC-STARK 2500TR
Model EFC-STARK 2500TR
Release Date 2011-01-17T00:00:01Z

The Efco Stark 2500TR is powered by an 800-Watt machine so that you can achieve optimum performance. With its Burn Right engine technology, you can be sure of reduced cost on fuel. That is why this machine is your best bet if you want to spend less on fuel.

You will like the lightweight design of this machine, and that is why you can manoeuvre it with ease. It comes with a self-lubricating liner, which protects the transmission system for effective performance. This machine operates with fewer vibrations, and that is why it is very popular in online reviews.

With its tap ‘n’ go head, you can get automatic line advance which makes line feeding as easy as ABC. It has a fuel tank capacity of 0.75 litres meaning that you don’t have to worry about frequent refilling of fuel.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Advanced Burn Right technology for reduced fuel consumption.
  • Environmental friendly generating less emission.
  • Comes with a clutch for easy operations.
  • Self-lubricating liner protects the transmission and reduces vibration.
  • Lightweight design for convenient manipulation.


Draper Expert 45576 Petrol Brush Cutter/Strimmer

The Draper Expert 45576 is the best petrol brush cutter and garden strimmer you can invest on. It is powered by a 2-stroke petrol engine making it possible for you to enjoy optimum performance. It has a one-piece single shaft so that you can easily connect it with other attachments. With its on/off switch with a safety throttle lever, you don’t have issues starting the machine.

It comes with a bike handle so that you can be more comfortable with its use. There is a double safety shoulder harness, which comes with a quick-release mechanism so that you can be more secure using the machine. It is fitted with four toothbrush cutting blades with a tap ‘n’ double line spool for easy line feeding.

You can use this 2-in-1 machine as a brush cutter and line trimmer. You will like its ergonomic handles, which helps to have a comfortable grip during operations. This machine has a fuel tank capacity of 1.25 litres meaning that you don’t need to refuel the tank frequently. It does not produce too much emission since it conforms to EPA Euro II emission regulations 2008.

Reasons To Buy:

  • One-piece single shaft for optimum performance.
  • On/off switch with safety throttle lever for a convenient startup.
  • Bike handle for ease of use.
  • Double safety quick-release shoulder harness for greater comfort.
  • Hip support pad and choke for easy starting.


UWINGARDEN Petrol Multi-Tool Grass Trimmer

The UWINGARDEN Petrol Multi-Tool works as a grass trimmer, hedge trimmer, chainsaw pruner, and brush cutter. There is a free extension pole making it possible for you to trim tall trees in your garden. It is specially designed so that you can conveniently trim overgrowth and brambles. You can switch from edging to trimming mode with ease, thanks to its EasyEdge function.

There are specific teeth on the frontal part of the blade, which helps cutting branches easily. With a cutting width of 39.5 cm, you can effectively cut branches as thick as 25 millimetres in diameter. There is a safety brake that provides additional security for you during operations.

It is fortified with an air-cooled 2-stroke petrol engine so that you can experience high performance. You will like its low combustion engine and low fuel consumption. With a cutting speed of 8500 RPM, you should expect maximum cutting performance at all times.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Multifunctional device for effective operations.
  • Perfect for large areas of overgrowth and brambles.
  • Easy Edge function for an easy switch between trimming and edging modes.
  • Special teeth at the front of the blade for easy cut.
  • Safety brake for optimum security.


Are Petrol Engine Grass Trimmers Any Good?

Petrol grass strimmers are perfect for those with large lawns. They can be heavy but powerful to handle the most difficult tasks. You can easily top them up on the go, especially if you have a big task at hand.


  • Perfect for large lawns.
  • No restriction to where you can work.
  • Powerful for clearing tough weeds.
  • Can be used for cutting down large meadows.


  • Can be too powerful for light gardening tasks.
  • A bit heavier than other strimmer types.
  • Starting it can be hard.


How to Choose The Best Petrol Garden Strimmer?

To keep your overgrown grass and weeds under control, you need a good grass strimmer. Ideally, a strimmer comes with a nylon cord, which spins at high speed for effective cutting of grass. On some machines, you will need to manually replace the cord when it becomes worn out. Other machines have an interior cord spool, which helps in feeding out the extra cord when it is needed.

What To Look Out For: There are so many features to look out for, and they vary based on the model in question. Some of these features include the length of the shaft, type of hand grips, cutting head type, power of the engine, petrol or battery-powered, accessories and so on.

Petrol Or Battery Power?

Typically, the major powering mechanism of grass strimmers is petrol engines. However, cordless strimmers have gained more popularity. The right one for you will depend on what you prefer.

Petrol strimmers are the cheapest and are more powerful. So, if you are looking for a machine that will not create a hole in your pocket, you need to go the petrol way. However, petrol engines can be heavy and they make a lot of noise. Also, you will need to refuel them frequently, especially if the fuel tank is not large enough.

Battery-powered strimmers are lighter and do not make too much noise. They make use of fast-charging lithium-ion batteries for effective operations. However, they are more expensive and not as powerful as petrol engines.

Comfort-ability: Your comfort is very paramount when using a grass strimmer so that you will be able to get the most satisfactory result. If you are using your machine for the first time, you must ensure that you adjust it properly so that it will be comfortable to use. You should extend the adjustable shaft to the point that you won’t need to bend over during operations.

if you are a tall person, it is important for you to look for a machine that you can extend to a length that will be comfortable to operate. Some machines come with adjustable handles so that you can be more comfortable holding it. A comfortable handle is very essential if you plan to use the machine for a long period of time.

Safety Matters: Buying a grass strimmer requires having the right safety equipment that complements it. Even though a grass strimmer is generally safe to use, you need to take extra precaution because you are dealing with a petrol engine. Hence, you should have safety goggles so that you can protect your eyes from debris that may be flying around.

Also, ear defenders can be essential to protect your ears from the noise produced by the petrol engine. You should also get the right footwear to prevent sharp objects on the floor from injuring you. Getting a pair of gloves is also a good idea so that you can achieve extra grip and guide your hands against being injured by thorns and brambles.

A Brushcutter Combination: Getting a grass strimmer with a brushcutter function will help you to get a better result. Ideally, a strimmer with such function will come with an interchangeable cutting head. You will not only get a 2-string nylon head but 3 or 4-tooth metal blade for greater flexibility.

A combination of grass strimmer and brush cutter will help in tackling thick weeds as well as overgrown grass that may be difficult for the strimmer’s nylon cord to handle. Even though a brushcutter is not a compulsory requirement for everyone, you can invest in this extra functionality so that you can cut through dense vegetation with ease.

If you expose your strimmer to thick vegetation, you may need to invest on a second machine sooner or later. You may also consider going for a multi-tool, which comes with a pole saw, chainsaw and hedge trimmer so that you can take your lawn maintenance to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Petrol Strimmers Easy To Use?

Generally, petrol machines are not easy to start and maintain but some petrol grass strimmers come with an easy key start. Also, they are heavy but some models have shoulder straps or harnesses so that they can be easy to operate.

How Much Do Petrol Grass Trimmer Cost?

Typically, prices range between £100 and £700, depending on whether you want a basic machine or a professional one. The difference in features and capabilities account for the difference in prices.


Bottom Line

For effective lawn maintenance, you need the best petrol strimmer. It will give you the opportunity to reach areas that a mower cannot reach like edges and flowerbeds.

With these petrol engine strimmer reviews, we hope you will be properly guided to make the right decision. Consequently, you will be able to select a product that will meet your expectations.

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