Best Petrol Hedge Trimmers UK Reviews

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The petrol hedge trimmers are comparatively more powerful than the electric versions and are suitable if you are dealing with a large area.

You can use such a machine virtually anywhere without worrying about a nearby power outlet. And when you need to tackle thick and super dense hedges, then only petrol-powered hedge cutter could be sufficient.

In this guide, We are going to review the popular petrol operated hedge trimmers in the UK market.

What’s our Top Pick?

As per our research the Makita EH7500W is our Top pick; because of a powerful engine, stain-free double-sided blades and a lightweight design.

Apart from the low gravity, the machine has improved controls to reduce noise and vibration.

Moreover, you can lock its rotating handle at five different positions.

Makita hedge cutter complies with all the exhaust regulations. It’s gas output direction is also forward that keeps you safe from harmful carbon emissions.

No matter what materials you are cutting with this tool, it gives you the best without trying for hours.

Petrol Hedge Trimmer Reviews 2024

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Here are our 9 Best Petrol hedge trimmers UK of 2024; Check detailed product reviews and buying guide below.


1. Makita EH7500W 22.2cc 75cm Hedge Trimmer

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  • Double sided blade Hedge trimmer
  • Equipped with 22.2cc 2 stroke engine in accordance with carb tier 3, EPA phase 2, EU stage 2 safety regulations of the EC directives
  • Stain-free shear blade of glittering silver obtained by non-electrolysed nickel plating that features high anti-abrasion surface for long lasting coating
  • Forward exhaust direction
  • 5 position rotating rear handle can be locked a 0 degrees and 45/90 degrees left and right for vertical or angled trimming

Compact, lightweight and powerful; The Makita EH7500W is our first recommendation, it has all the features that make it one of the best gardening tools available in the UK market. Makita EH7500W has a long blade with a cutting diameter of 21 mm.

All thanks to its robust engine and low gravity, the trimmer is efficient as well as easy to use.

Makita EH7500W is all about productivity. Its two-stroke engine runs at a maximum RPM of 4390, which is almost double than comparisons.

Due to fast reciprocal movement, its blade quickly slices through the leaves and branches.

The blade has a nickel coating, which protects it from abrasion and also maximizes the durability.

However, it might not be able to tackle thick branches.

Makita tries to incorporate maximum features for your safety and EH7500W is not an exception.

There is a small guard for protection. You will notice another guard covering the blade teeth from halfway to its base. There is a kill switch at the top of this machine that can instantly power it off.

To keep the engine running at any constant speed, you can use a throttle lock.

You can operate the kill switch as well as its throttle using your thumb.

Moreover, the machine incorporates four vibration dampening springs that reduce fatigue on your wrists.

Reasons to buy:

  • Long reciprocating blade for quick results
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Durable and high quality built
  • Comes from a reputable and reliable brand



2. Einhell GE-PH 2555A Petrol Hedge Trimmer

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  • Low-vibration two-stroke engine
  • Quick start system for easy starting (auto choke)
  • Safety cutters made of precision-ground special steel
  • Centrifugal clutch for cutting tool
  • Swivel handle +90/0/-90 degrees

Einhell is one of our favourites because the brand offers economical gardening products that last for long. It’s amazing to know that the hedge hammers from this brand stay sharp for long.

Due to the advanced manufacturing process, Einhell produces one of the longest-running gardening blades for their hedge hammers.

Einhell GE-PH 2555 A encases both the qualities; its affordable and comes with a robust double reciprocating blade.

The trimmer has plenty of strength to deal with thick materials. All thanks to its 2-stroke 25 cc engine that rotates at 1900 RPM. The tool is not only impressive in terms of power, but it’s also lightweight and easy to use.

Rotational handle and vibration-free grip are the other two features that are similar to long reach hedge trimmer that add to your convenience.

GE-PH 2555 has a 61 cm blade (55 inches usable) with a cutting diameter of 19 mm.The brand uses lasers to cut metal while manufacturing the hedge trimmer blades.

Then they use a diamond to grind and sharpen the blades that make them efficient as well as long-lasting.

Overall, The Einhell hedge cutter comes with all the high-quality features to serve you well but never asks much in return.

Moreover, the machine also comes with an auto choke system for quick startup.

Reason to buy:

  • A powerful gardening tool that easily cuts through thick branches
  • Decent blade length for a productive hedge trimming session
  • Long-lasting sharpness
  • Durable product with high quality built


3. Stihl HS45 Hedge Trimmer

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  • 24" / 60cm Blade Length
  • 27.2cc Stihl Engine
  • Double Sided Dual Action Blade

Stihl HS45 is a great product available under £300. The hedge trimmer comes with a 24 inch/60 cm blade that’s sufficient to maintain all the shrubs and hedges. It has a powerful engine and hence you can try to use it commercially as well.

HS45 is an easy to start machine, because of a manual fuel pump. Due to this component, you only need to press a button and the fuel will reach the carburettor. Such a feature is useful when you are starting the machine after an entire season.

Equipped with elastostart system, it also reduces all the vibration during the start up. So you don’t even feel a bit of shock because it goes away from your joints and muscles. Moreover, the machine has an electric ignition system that ensures a smooth start-up and operation. There is an encapsulation over the ignition system that protects it from dirt and moisture.

Do you know that the vibration from power tools can lead to problems in your blood vessels? But, this is not the case with HS45. This gardening tool comes with an anti-vibration system that reduces the jerks and reduces the stress on your arms. Due to this feature, you can comfortably use it for a long time, without much fatigue.

Reasons to buy:

  • Powerful engine to deal with all the tough branches
  • Dual-action blades for desired cutting results
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Easy to start even after an entire season


4. Mcculloch HT 5622 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

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  • Ideal for frequent use the HT 5622 is a 22.7cc petrol powered hedge trimmer that has an power output of 0.65kW. The HT 5622 has a blade length of 56 cm and a blade gap of 22 mm
  • The rear handle is possible to adjust in multiple positions for ergonomic work
  • Weighing only 5.2 kg this petrol hedge trimmer also features dual action blades, reciprocating cutting, soft start, ergonomic adjustable handle, low noise engine, anti-vibration handles, auto return stop switch, tool-less air filter and a visible fuel tank
  • Anti-vibration system: Yes

McCulloch is a reputable brand that produces some of the best gardening tools. McCulloch HT 5622 gains from the experiences and stands tall as a useful hedge trimmer. Its 22 cc engine and 56 cm blade, co-operate well and you get excellent results without wasting much time.

This tool has a two-stroke engine that needs fuel in 50:1 ratio, which means it has less carbon emission. High mixing ratio also means that the trimmer will start easily and never clog due to oil residue. It has a dual-cutting blade made of steel and hence they are sharp as well as durable. The edge is comparatively shorter, but will not make much difference if you are using it for residential purpose. To compensate for the length, the trimmer has a high cutting diameter of 22 mm.

HT5622 doesn’t have a flashy patch on its face, but the machine is very easy to use. It’s a reliable tool that keeps you comfortable during prolonged usage. Its pull cord has reduced resistance up to 40 per cent, which means you don’t have to pull it harder to start the engine. The handle rotates at multiple angles to give you the required cutting position. You can easily access and clean the filters as well. Due to such practical features, HT 5622 is a suitable purchase for beginners.

Reasons to buy:

  • Powerful and efficient engine
  • Low carbon emissions
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Dual-action cutting blades for accuracy
  • Rotational handle for improved convenience


5. McCulloch SuperLite 4528 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

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  • Ideal for occasional use the SuperLite 4528 is a 21.7cc petrol powered hedge trimmer that has an power output of 0.6kW
  • Excellent cutting performance: The dual action blades are perfect for small and medium hedges and bushes – even in places without a power connection
  • For improved safety and stability when working: Thanks to the ergonomic handle, the lightweight and ultra-quiet appliance rests easily in your hand
  • Convenient gardening work: The Soft Start system and exceptionally efficient power pump reduce the start-up effort by up to 40 Percent
  • Weighing only 4.8kg this petrol hedge trimmer also features dual action blades, reciprocating cutting, Soft Start, anti-vibration handles, auto return stop switch and a tool-less air filter cover

Do you need an easy start hedge trimmer that you can use for a long time? Take a closer look at SuperLite 4528, because it might fit the bill. McCulloch combines lightweight, soft start and a powerful engine to give you a tool that’s pleasurable to use. Moreover, its latest anti-vibration technology keeps the machine steady and your arms; jerk free.

SuperLite 4528 comes with a 45 cm blade that gives you a decent cutting radius. Size of the blade is comparatively short in this model. So, it’s might be great only for a small or medium-sized garden. However, the gaps between the blade teeth are higher at 28 mm. The average diameter of hedge branches is 20 mm. So, the McCulloch trimmer can deal with some of the thickest debris with ease.

A 600W engine is another component that brings the machine in our top recommendations. This motor runs at a maximum RPM of 7800, which is sufficient to deal with complex cutting materials without wasting much time. It has fuel storage of 0.5 litre that seems to be large enough to keep you away from refuelling. Moreover, this fuel tank is transparent. So, you can readily know when to refill.

Reasons to buy:

  • Very lightweight and easy to use
  • Efficient and release a low amount of carbon
  • Powerful to deal with all the shrubs and plants
  • Soft start that reduces the startup effort up to 40 per cent


6. Hitachi HITCH22EBP2 Hedge Trimmers

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  • CH22EBP2 Petrol Hedge Trimmer 620mm 21.1cc
  • CH22EBP2 Petrol Hedge Trimmer 620mm 21.1cc
  • CH22EBP2 Petrol Hedge Trimmer 620mm 21.1cc

Our next recommendation comes from a reputable Japanese brand, which is renown to produce high quality and efficient hedge trimmers. Hitachi HITCH22EBP2 follows the same grounds and stands as a hedge trimmer that can perform well in any conditions. All the credit goes to its powerful 21.1 cc engine that generates 0.65kW of power and runs at a maximum RPM of 10,000/min.

The blade of this trimmer combines three different edges for efficient and productive hedge maintenance. Due to the decent length of its edges, you can enjoy a thorough trimming without much struggle. Trimmer’s handle has Quick-twist technology that allows you to turn it at 180 degrees. The machine never struggles at any of the angles due to its powerful engine and triple edge blades. Hitachi tries to include all the features that can provide you with accurate cutting in minimal passes.

The trimmer is comparatively lightweight than other variants. So, you can easily move along the edges without much fatigue. Its exhaust is also at the front so that you don’t have to face the harmful fumes directly. This machine is expensive. Hence, you should be serious about hedges before you choose it.

Reasons to buy:

  • A powerful engine that produces low carbon emissions
  • High RPM for efficient output
  • Three cutting edges for improved productivity
  • S-Start mechanism for easy starting
  • Lightweight and vibration-free operation


7. Ryobi RHT2660R 26cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer

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  • Powerful 26cc 2 stroke engine
  • Dual reciprocating precision blade for less vibration
  • StartEasy carburettor for easy starting
  • 5 position rotating rear handle for optimum user comfort

What do you expect from a high-quality petro hedge trimmer? Perhaps it should give you the authority to maintain the lawn efficiently. Or you might need a trimmer with security features so that even a novice can use it without any hassle. What if we tell you that you can get all these features added with several more in an affordable package? Check out next recommendation to see what’s inside the package.

Ryobi RHT2660R is a powerful gardening machine built to be effective in all situations, even the tough ones. Whether you need a trimmer for home garden or commercial usage, try the RHT2660R for fast and productive outputs. It comes with a powerful two-stroke 26 cc engine and 60 cm dual reciprocating blades for clean and accurate cuts. Its edges cut materials up to a diameter of 28 mm, which is comparatively higher than other variants.

Due to a large blade and great cutting diameter, the Ryobi machine co-operates well when you need to tackle thick branches and debris. The blades make minimal vibration and move well to swipe cut everything comes in its path.

This Ryobi trimmer is easy to start and never releases a high amount of carbon in the atmosphere. It has a revolving handle that stops at five different positions. What makes it even more comfortable is a low weight of 5.3 kg. The product also includes a hedge sweep attachment that assists when foliage breaks the cutting fluency.

Reasons to buy:

  • Easily deals with tough branches
  • Five positioning handle makes it convenient to use
  • Easy starting
  • Dual reciprocating blades for fast and precise cuts


8. ParkerBrand 26cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer

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as of May 30, 2024 7:23 pm


  • Powerful & Lightweight 26cc Engine
  • Two Stroke Engine
  • 24" / 60CM Double Blades
  • 180 Degree Rotatable Handle
  • Includes Fuel Mixing Bottle and Tools

With a powerful two-stroke engine, ParkerBrand hedge trimmer can easily tackle the overgrowths. It has a decent fuel tank that keeps you away from multiple refilling. So, you can use it for a longer hour if any of the areas are very edgy. However, we don’t think you need to use this tool for longer because its 60 cm dual reciprocating blades are powerful enough to support the mighty engine and take care of all the debris within a jiffy.

Not only powerful, but the engine is air-cooled as well. Hence, it maintains the force as well as efficiency to make your trimming session more productive. Its easy start system acts as a friendly feature and takes you on the field very quickly. However, you need to configure it for the first time use. No need to worry, because the installation tools are also included with the product.

The trimmer is heavy, but its ergonomic handle gives you a firm grip. You can rotate the handle according to the requirements or enhance the control over the machine as well as cutting materials. No matter at what position or angle you are using the tool, its powerful engine and sharp blade work together to give you the perfect cuts. And with a cutting diameter of 25 mm, none of the branches stands a chance to stand in front of this mighty machine.

Reasons to buy:

  • Powerful, yet affordable
  • Ergonomic and adjustable handle
  • The significant fuel tank needs less refuelling
  • Includes the fuel mixing bottle


9. McCulloch Ergolite 6028 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

McCulloch Ergolite 6028 is a powerful and lightweight hedge trimmer that’s suitable for residential usage. This trimmer has a soft start that keeps you safe from the start-up hassles. Its adjustable handle gives multiple angle cutting angles, while an effective anti-vibration mechanism keeps you jerk free.

Ergolite has dual reciprocating blade worth 60 cm that produces accurate cuts without many movements. There are sufficient gaps between the blade teeth, means it can easily deal with thick branches. As it’s a petrol trimmer, you can use the machine virtually anywhere without looking for a power outlet.

Powerful hedge trimmers are generally heavy, but this is not the case with Ergolite. It boasts a mighty engine, even after that the machine has a dry weight of 5 kg. Whether you have a small or medium-sized garden, you can easily carry the machine around hedges without feeling tired.

Talking about the design, the Ergolite looks attractive with its black and yellow colour scheme. However, this machine is comparatively expensive than several models that we are discussing today. So, it might be a suitable purchase if you are serious about your lawn. It could be a great gardening tool for professionals as well.

Reason to buy:

  • Powerful engine for fast and efficient trimming
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Soft startup system
  • Adjustable handle and anti-vibration system


How to Choose a Petrol Operated Hedge Trimmer?

You should consider some of the factors before choosing a petrol hedge trimmer. And it’s anyway essential to know about a machine that you are including in your garage. Well, let’s talk about some of the crucial factors that should decide your selection.

Who Needs a Petrol Hedge Trimmer?

Petrol-powered hedge trimmers come with more power than any other trimmers & they are ideal for trimming large hedges, mostly used by professionals. The longer blades and blade gaps make this machine more efficient cutting twigs up to 30 mm diameters.

So if have larger hedges and thicker branches a petrol-powered hedge trimmer is the choice best for you.

If you own a small garden or yard, then you can go for an electric version. Corded or cordless hedge trimmers are great for hedges wherein they don’t have to deal with thick branches or extra dense shrubs.

Blade size: If you own some hedges that need little pruning after a few weeks, then you can choose a trimmer with blade size anywhere up to 50 inches. If you have to deal with a lot of thick branches, then we recommend a blade size up to between 55 to 70 inches.

Power: An inferior engine cannot take the blades through when the conditions are tough. So, you should consider whether you need a large and powerful trimmer that can deal with dense shrubs and thick debris or an entry-level tool that can only cut through with average-sized branches.

Cutting diameter: The gap between the teeth needs a separate mention. It’s because a blade with narrow teeth spacing cannot cut through thick stems or branches. So, you should compare the thickness of different trimmers that you filter and choose one that can match the hedges.

Young shoots generally have a diameter between 16 to 25 mm. Most of the hedges comprise branches between 20 to 25 mm. If you own hedges that looks nothing less than a jungle, then consider a trimmer blade with a blade gap between 26 to 36 mm.

Handling and convenience: The only component that allows you the control of a hedge trimmer is its handle. Means that the handle should be ergonomic and adjustable at different positions. In addition to the primary grip, you should also look for a wraparound handle that gives you better control over the machine.

Weight is the next factor you should consider. You cannot lift and carry a heavy machine for long, especially if you are not physically fit. So, try to choose a lightweight trimmer that has anti-vibration springs. A lightweight and vibration-free will tool suits your arms better than a gravity inclined one.

Safety: Almost all the petrol hedge trimmer comes with a blade guard, but some of them are better than others. The oscillating blades might throw some wooden chip or debris towards your body, but a guard eliminates any such happenings and keeps you safe. Look for a wide blade guard that can cover the edges as well the handle.

Budget: Buying the cheapest option is not a great idea when we talk about gardening products like a hedge trimmer. A low-quality tool might work for initial days, but it will create troubles later onward. However, we are not suggesting you buy something very expensive. You should look for a well built, easy to use and powerful trimmer that’s available at a moderate price tag.

Pros & Cons of Petrol Powered Hedge Trimmer

The petrol hedge trimmer is quite popular. People can practically not stop talking about how great it is, and many of them have banned every other model from being used in their garden.

If you’re not so familiar with the tool, you must be wondering what exactly is so great about it. Not to worry, you’re about to find out in this next section.

The Pros

1. Freedom to Use Anywhere: One great thing the petrol hedge trimmer has going for it is its cordlessness. A corded machine evokes a lot of worries.

First is the fear of slicing through the cable wire accidentally and injuring both yourself and those around in the process. Then there’s the worry about the cord being too short of reaching farther areas in your garden, especially for those who have large yards.

With a petrol hedge trimmer, However, all these are not issues. The machine can be moved freely from one angle to another. Plus, even if you don’t have electricity, you’re good. A petrol hedge trimmer does not need power to work.

2. Weather-Proof Machine: Another beautiful thing concerning petrol cutters is that weather conditions have little effect on them.

Now, we all know that the weather is not always friendly, especially in a country like the UK where there’s a lot of rainfall. With other tools, a little rain can ruin your plans of hedging your garden on that day.

However, no such thing can happen when you’re using a petrol-powered trimmer. This is because unlike an electric machine which can electrocute when it touches water, this moto is safer. After all, it can’t be affected by liquid.

3. Great Performance and Power: Wherever hedge trimmers or any other tool for that matter are concerned, power is one major feature that can’t be overlooked.

The more powerful a device is, the higher its chances of performing effectively and producing the right results. While electric hedge trimmers can do an excellent job of trimming thin domestic stems, it becomes incapable in the face of really thick branches. For this kind of hedges, on a good petrol hedge trimmer can deliver.

4. Let’s Talk Durability: When compared with its electric counterpart, the petrol-powered trimmer has a greater tendency to last long. Why do we say this?

When electric trimmers are used on thick wood, a lot of strain will be on the motor, and this tends to weaken it over time. On the other hand, a petrol-powered trimmer has a more rugged engine. This implies that it can handle this same task for a long time and remain functional.

The Weakness

You must have suspected that petrol hedge trimmers can’t possibly be all good and no evil. This model does have a few shortcomings, and here they are.

1. Overwhelming Cost: A petrol hedge trimmer does offer a lot of power and performance but not at a low price. This trimmer type is so expensive it can leave a really deep hole in people’s pockets.

Of course, there are much cheaper versions, but these are usually below standard. Without the usual strength and quality of petrol trimmers, cheap petrol machines are almost of no use.

2. Much Too Weighty for Easy Manoeuvring: Bulkiness is an even more daunting weakness of petrol-powered hedge trimmers.

If one has to manoeuvre the tool on a daily basis or regularly, it can take an adverse toll on one’s body. This is specially so when you have to tilt or bend to reach hidden hedges.

3. Too Much Mess: The final disadvantage of petrol trimmers is that the machine always causes a mess. This is mainly because of its kind of motor and the solution it needs to run.

With petrol involved, you can imagine how the mixing and pouring processes can leave you’re surrounding messy. And even endanger your life since petrol is a highly inflammable substance.

Plus, the tool makes a lot of noise. As if that isn’t enough, it releases some toxic substances into the air that can be detrimental to people’s health. Electric hedge trimmers are not like this. You only need to connect the machine with a light source, and you can get to work.

Petrol vs Electric- Which One is Best For you?

Although hedge trimmers come in three basic types, the two most popular of them are the electric and petrol versions. Depending on the kind of hedges you have, you can successfully use any of these two trimmers to keep your garden beautiful and neat.

Petrol powered trimmers are way more powerful comparing any electric or cordless hedge trimmer. So, if you need a heavy-duty machine, petrol will be your ideal pick. On the other hand, if you need a tool for lighter jobs, you can go for any of the electric options.

The additional benefit of using a battery trimmer is that you can bear it anywhere without the hassle of a cord. However, the problem is that many people find it hard to make their pick; after all, both models get the job done. It’ll depend on your needs and requirement what is the most suitable version for your yard.

Bottom Line

Investing in petrol powered hedge cutter is a smart move, especially if you own a large lawn or garden. Powerful by nature, such tools complete the gardening tasks quickly and efficiently.

Consider the points they were discussing in the buying guide and we hope you can find one of the best petrol hedge trimmers for your yard.

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