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Today, we will talk about how to find the best mini circular saw according to your requirements.

There are endless small circular saws available in the UK market.

So, it’s necessary to narrow them down and choose the right one that can be useful for your projects.

Best Mini Circular Saw Reviews 2024

Here are our 9 best mini circular saw reviews UK 2024.

1. WORX WX427 XL 710W WORXSAW Compact Circular Saw

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as of May 26, 2024 5:21 am


  • Versatile, compact circular saw
  • Now with more power & a cutting depth up to 46mm
  • Bevel capacity of 45
  • Cut's materials circular saws dont including tiles & Masonry
  • Suitable for one handed operation. Max cutting capacity: at 90° 46 mm and at 45° 30 mm


With a cutting depth of 46 mm, The Worx WX427 XL is the best mini circular saw on our list. This is one of the most versatile miniature saw that has the plunge cutting facility and is also good for cutting wood, tiles, stone, brick, metal and even plasterboard.

It’s the reason why we recommend this Worx power tool at the very top of our list. High ratings and flexibility take it high on the price chart. So, if you are a budget buyer, then leave this one and check other options.

Whether you are using it on wood, tiles, stones, or brick, the 710W motor does an exceptional task to give you the required cutting depth. WX427 XL corded circular saw has an ergonomic design that keeps you comfortable and gives complete control. You can single-handedly use the tool because of its low weight. To make the cuts more accurate in the dark, it has a laser light that follows the blade while you cut.

The mini power saw comes with a diamond-tipped blade, HSS general purpose blade, TCT wood cutting blade, hex key and vacuum adapter. You will not find the battery or charger.


Is this tool suitable for cutting ties?

WX 247 is effective on tiles and masonry. So, with the right blades, you can do it.

Is it too heavy for users with small hands?

No, many of the user with small hands are using the tool with pure comfort.

2. BOSCH PKS 16 Multi Handheld Mini Circular Saw

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  • Plunge cut function with CutControl for clean, straight cuts
  • Spindle lock for quick and easy saw blade changes
  • Dust extraction adaptor for a clean work place
  • Highly designed base plate and outer position of the saw blade enables sawing close to the edge
  • Convenient adjustment of the cutting depth for precise sawing of the workpiece


The most popular Bosch power tool comes at number three. It’s a flexible saw and an all-rounder tool that deserves a place in your garage or workshop. It also includes three additional blades to deal with wood, tiles and many other materials.

Dual to a comfortable grip, This small handheld circular saw is easy to control and operate. Even after a power of 400W, it keeps you relaxed while working and you can also safely carry it to the sites. It has a bade diameter of 65 mm that gives you a depth of up to 16 mm. Looks like a win-win deal for any of the professionals or home users.


I am left-handed; can I use this tool?

Yes, you can use it; no trouble whatsoever.

Is it a rail guide included with the tool?

No, it only includes wood saw blade, diamond disc for tiles, multi-material blade, dust extraction adaptor and an Allen key.

3. Makita Circular Saw, Blue, 33.3 x 19.1 x 18.5 cm

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as of May 26, 2024 5:21 am


  • High power
  • Handle with soft grip
  • On tool Storage for hex wrench
  • Depth of cut at 90 degrees 25.5mm
  • Depth of cut at 45 degrees 16.5mm


Some of the circular cutting tools are bigger others are compact. And sometimes a tool is perfect to deserve a place in your kit. It’s the reason why Makita HS301DZ deserves your attention.

The first thing that you notice about this cordless mini circular saw is it’s robust but ergonomic built. It carries multiple rubber plates to be comfortable in your hands, but that liberty is only for you. When it comes to drilling, HS301DZ goes with the full power of a 10.8 Li-ion battery to give you the desired results.

Adding on the same, it provides reputable 16.5 mm cuts when used at bevelled angles of 45 degrees. At zero degrees, the tool gives you 25.5 cuts. Even better, isn’t it? There is also a thumbscrew to adjust the cutting depth.


Will it work with 18V batteries?

No, HS301DZ only works with 10.8V slide in batteries.

Will it go through plastics?

Yes, without any problem.

4. Dremel DSM20 Compact Saw 710 W, Circular Hand Saw

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  • Dremel DSM20 compact saw with 20 mm cutting depth and abrasive wheel technology is a multi purpose circular saw for making precise straight, plunge and flush cuts
  • Powerful: Dremel DSM20 boasts a powerful 710 W motor for cutting tough materials such as wood, metal, tiles, hard plastic and concrete
  • Precise: Its compact design allows for one handed usage to easily maneuver in smaller spaces and the adjustable depth guide and clear line of sight provides cutting precision and control
  • Compact: The DSM20 is smaller in size and weight than a typical circular power saw, making convenient one-handed operation possible
  • GUARANTEE: 2 years guarantee standard. Get 1 year extra when registering your Dremel tool on MyDremel


Dremel gives you a circular power tool that works on abrasive cutting technology. This means, it does not have toothed blades like the other variants. That does not matter anyway, because this tool works at 17 000 RPM and can go through most of the materials without thinking twice.

Dremel manufactures DSM20 to be active on wood, metal, plastic, walls, etc. However, if you have a diamond blade, it’s similarly effective on the glass as well. The tool only comes with three metal and plastic cutting (DSM510), one multipurpose carbide cutting blade, dust extraction, and a storage case.

So, if you need to cut some glasses; purchase a separate diamond blade. But, the modules it includes helps you to explore various materials.

Still, it might overheat if you try to apply some extra effort. So, be honest with its ability, and you will get what you need.


Is this tool useful in cutting the hardwood floor?

Yes, it has sufficient power for such purpose.

Can I cut glass with this tool?

Yes, but only if you use the diamond blade.

5. HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw, Circular Saw

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  • Powerful Motor: Featured with a 500W copper motor, the compact circular saw can reach a cutting speed of 4500RPM to cut tile, plastics, plaster board with ease.
  • Ergnomic and Safe: The soft rubber handle reduces hand fatigue. The dust port can be connected to vacuum for a healthy environment. The double protection switch enhances safety in use.
  • Precise and Adjustable Cutting Depth: The parallel guide allows you to make a precise and quick cut with ease. You can adjust the cutting depth from 0-25mm according to your need.
  • 3 Blades and Wide Applications: Comes with 1x30T HW for wood and plastic, 1x36T HS for soft metal, 1xdiamond blade for ceramic tile, great for DIY projects.
  • Package Contents: 1* Mini Circular Saw; 1* 30T HW Blade; 1* 36T HS Blade; 1* Diamond Blade; 1* Hex Wrench; 1* Scale Ruler; 1* Dust Exhaust Pipe; 1* User Manual.


Whether you have to cut wood, PVC or plasterboard, you can use the Hychika circular cutting tool that comes with a 500W motor. It has a metal gearbox housing, shroud and base plate adds extra safety and durability.

So, you can make use of the tool for a long time. As it already comes with a diamond, 36T HS, and 30T HW, blades, you will be able to face any of the materials that require some modification.

Compact dimensions and low weight makes the tool easy to use a companion. So, it’s not only a great addition to your professional toolkit, but you can also very well use the device in DIY projects. For precise cuts, it has a parallel guide and a laser light that allows you to make straight cuts. You only have to adjust the cutting depth from 0 to 25 mm, and it will be good to go.


Can you plunge cut with this tool?

Yes, you can.

What are the blade measurements?

Inner diameter is 10 cm, and the outer is 85 mm.

6. Einhell TC-CS 860/2 Kit Mini Circular Saw

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  • Dust extraction adapter for effective removal of dust and debris on the job
  • Includes 2 x TCT (20 teeth) blade, 2 x HSS (80 teeth) blade and 2 x HSS blade (wood)
  • Overload cut-out
  • Blade change tool
  • Tool bag (included)


A high-quality product from Einhell that most of the UK buyers will recognize for sure. The brand doesn’t manufacture a lot of mini circular cutting tools, but Einhell TC-CS 860/2 is their best. Offers good value for the price, because you are also getting six blades and a carrying case apart from an efficient tool.

With a 450W engine, the Einhell power tool is a good all-rounder that’s effective on almost all the materials and surfaces. Adjustable cutting depth is up to 23 mm available and with that, you can also get a plunge cut using the device.

To help make straight and precise cuts, the device has a parallel guide and integrated laser. An automatic overload cut of the machine makes sure that the gears are not working in case of extra resistance.


What are the blade diameter and cutting depth?

10 meter is the blade diameter, and the maximum cutting depth is 23 mm.

Is the machine supplied with a metal cutting blade?

No, the device only comes with the blades that you can use to go through wood, plastic and tiles.

7. VonHaus 1050W Circular Saw

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Part Number 15/268


The VonHaus mini plunge circular saw is our last contender for today. Do you know what its working speed is? 12000 RPM, can you believe it? Because it’s one of the highest than any other saw that came under our scanner. Other specifications are nothing like average.

Like it has a 1200W motor that has enough power to go through materials like wood, laminate worktops, and others. What’s more? It has a 65 mm cutting depth that makes sure that you get expected results even on solid objects.

Use the VonHaus cutting tool with a guide rail, and it will be hard to beat. There is a guide strip on each included guide rail so that you can get straight cuts regardless on the angle. As a plunge saw, you can start cutting material from anywhere you want. This means, you don’t have to start from the edge.


Where to buy some spare blades for this tool?

You can buy them on Amazon. Search for 110 mm blades. It will work on this tool.

What is the total length of the guide rail it includes?

700 mm


8. TACKLIFE Mini Circular Saw – TCS115A

Don’t let the friendly price tag deceive you; this Tacklife power tool has a 710W engine that delivers what you want.

The Tacklife TCS115A comes as the 2nd best recommended mini & compact corded circular saw. A powerful miniature saw you can buy at an affordable price.

TCS115A mini saw is an efficient tool that generates a cutting speed of 3500 RPM for fast and precise results. And why not? Apart from power and speed, it also has a laser guide that makes your work easy: even in the dark.

To cut different materials and cover a wide range of applications, the tool comes with three blades varieties; a couple of each 120 mm TCT Blade for Wood and Plastic, 115 mm 60T HSS 1Blade for Soft Metal or Grit and Diamond 115mm Blade for Tiles.


What is the difference between Tacklife TCS115A and Worx WX427 XL?

Both models have the same power and almost similar features. However, TCS115A is relatively tough to control. Apart from price and cutting depth, it’s the only difference we noticed as per our tests.

Does this tool cut through metals?

Yes, it has a metal blade included. So, use the same, and it will do the needful.


9. Homitt Compact Circular Saw with Laser Guide 705W

Homitt Circular Saw with Laser Guide comes with a 705W motor that runs at 3500 RPM and hence promises efficient performance. Using the power and speed, it has a cutting depth of 43 mm at 90 degrees and 28 mm at 45 degrees.

To cut at the given degrees, this tool gives you three blades; 24T for natural or processed woods, 60T blade for soft metals or plasterboard and 60T diamond blades for metal and cement. There are hex wrenches that allow easy replacement of the blade according to the requirements.

The sawing device comes with a T-square guide that you can use to make straight and precise cuts. Due to the soft rubber handle, you can handle the tool with one hand. As it’s a lightweight machine, you don’t feel much fatigue even after extended hours of usage. Apart from the blades, the device also comes with a dust extraction hose and a hex wrench to complete the drilling process.


How many blades come with this tool?


Does it have a dust collection bag?

The tool has a dust extraction hose that you can connect with to get a clean cutting line.


The Buying Guide

We always want to include a mini circular cutting saw in our arsenal. But, which one to buy? It’s the question that arises when any of us try to look for one of those. In this section, we will mention some of the pointers that you need to check to make sure you are investing in the right tool.

Cutting style: Do you need a circular cutting device to make angles or cut bevels in wood? It’s the first question you should ask while looking for a mini plunge saw. If the answer is yes, then make sure you buy one of those with bevel cutting features.

Speed and power: Great power and working speed results in quick and accurate results. So, select a cutting tool depending upon its motor power and rotations per minute (RPM).

Cutting depth: Another vital feature to consider. If you need one of those mini circular cutting machines in your toolbox, then the cutting depth should be one of the first things you should check. When you read the above-given reviews, you will notice that we have mentioned the depth capacity as an essential specification. Make sure you get something that has enough cutting capacity to get the desired cuts.

Laser and parallel guide: A laser guide is not necessary, but it is useful for straight and precise cuts. The same goes for the parallel guide. Both of the convenient features are available in WX427 XL. So, you can try that without any doubt.

Ease of use: You should not consider a cutting tool that’s uncomfortable to use. Generally, miniature circular cutting machines require both hands. However, we have discussed some of the options like Worx WX427 XL that you can use single-handedly. All thanks to its lightweight design and ergonomic structure. There are other similar models like Bosch PKS 16 that you use and cut with single hands. You can use such low weighed tools with either side. If you are investing in a bulky machine due to some reason, then make sure you can handle the heft.

Power cable: All the cutting options that we discussed today are all corded. This means they need a power cable to work. So, choose a length that should not limit the cutting radius.

Included accessories: Most of the circular cutting tools come with three blades. But, tools like Einhell TC-CS 860/2 comes with six of them. You will not find a carrying case with all the options.

So, find a product that gives you the required number of blades. Apart from that, there are other options items that come included with a cutting tool, including carrying case and rails. So, choose an option that includes everything at a budget friendly price.

Mini Circular Saw (Our Top Picks 2024)

1. WORX WX427 XL

Dominating, powerful and versatile Worx WX427 is useful in a wide range of cutting and sawing jobs.

High price point, but still one of the bestsellers. A moderately weighted device that can cut up to 46 mm.

Whether you need straight cuts or slope, it’s an ideal cutting solution.

2. TACKLIFE Mini Circular Saw

One-handed operation, strong clamping force and stable cuts; the Tacklife mini circular cutting device has all the features that you would need for desired results.

Aluminium alloy guard adds to the longevity while its rubber grip keeps you comfortable.

With high power and running speed, it quickly finishes the cuttings without wasting much of your energy.


Our pick among the whole lot is WORX WX427. It’s sturdy and easy to use, so you will get what you require without any fuss. You can use this tool single-handedly because of its ergonomic handle and lightweight design.

The maximum capacity is 46 mm, and the device is also eligible for plunge cuts. And finally, the three included blades make it a complete package.

An ideal choice for professionals and one of the best mini circular saws for DIY enthusiasts. Then, we have many more tools to check and choose, but the selection depends upon your requirements and budget.

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