Best Mig Welder Under £300

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If you want the best MIG welder under £300, we have good news for you. We have analysed top brands and models that are very popular in the market presently.

It is our belief that if you use this guide properly, you will not only discover the ideal machine that will serve you right but get value for your money ultimately.

What is MIG Welder Used For?

A MIG welding machine (metal inert gas) is used for metal welding devoid of trapped slag in the metal. MIG welding is a unique process that makes use of inert gases or gas mixtures for shielding.

Common shielding gases or mixtures used are helium, argon, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Helium and argon are usually used for welding non-ferrous metals like aluminium.

The process makes the realization of high-quality weld possible because there is no flux is used. The shielding gas helps in protecting the arc so that there won’t be major alloying loss elements loss or weld spatter.

You can carry out the process in many ways, inclusive of fully and semi-automatically, and you can use it for joining various metallic objects along with alloys. That is why both beginners as well as experts are very fond of the process.

However, you can’t perform MIG welding in an overhead or vertical position because the weld pool features a high level of fluid and heat. Moreover, it makes use of complex equipment for the process.

Best Budget Mig Welder Under 300

Here are our top 9 Mig welder to buy in the UK. Let’s check our reviews & buying guide below:


1. Röhr MIG-200MI 3-in-1 MIG/ARC Welder

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  • 12 month warranty and free to call UK based technical support line
  • Auto hot start, anti stick, arc force stabilisation, thermal overload protection, 60% duty cycle
  • Euro torch, scratch start, standard UK 3 pin 13 amp plug, 3-in-1 output functions
  • Comes with lots of accessories - earth clamp, clipping hammer, wire brush, mask
  • For experienced and DIY users alike with it's intuitive design

Are you looking for the best welder for home use? Check out this high-quality product from Rohr. This manufacturer is synonymous with products of high quality using the most advanced technology. Using Rohr welders is as easy as ABC, and you can use them for various welding applications including vehicles, house maintenance, fabrication, and so on.

Also, you can use Rohr home welder for aluminium applications because of its advanced features. It is built with components of high quality, hence, you can rely on its durability. It features the current inverter technology, which helps in boosting efficiency by 30%. That is why you can experience constant power supply so as to achieve the most balanced welding arc.

Besides, this inverter MIG welder UK features an IGBT monotubing, which helps in boosting efficiency when you contrast it to normal MOS tubing. It comes with an electronic reactor circuit so that you can easily control blending and electric short transition. That is why you can experience constant wire speed, less electromagnetic noise, as well as low power consumption.

Its multipurpose function is a plus, hence, you can use it for welding low-carbon steel, alloys and stainless steel. Also, you can use this machine for MIG/MAG or MMA arc welding, and you won’t have issues getting the most satisfactory results. You will like its lightweight design, hence, you can carry it from one place to another without much hassle. With its anti-stick feature, you can be sure of maximum prevention of electrode overheating when the electrode sticks to the welding material.


2. STAHLWERK MIG MAG 135 ST IGBT - MIG MAG Gas Shielded Welder

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  • MIG/MAG gas shielded welder with MMA E-Hand function. Modern IGBT technology - powerful 135 A with high duty cycle.
  • Flux cored wire / flux suitable, Automatic wire feed, Inductance and voltage adjustable.
  • Many extras: High Performance Cooling & Overheat Protection, Hotstart, Anti-Stick and much more.
  • 7-year warranty according to § 6 warranty conditions, further information: click on seller name and there on General Terms and Conditions and Help.
  • Note for our UK customers: Please note that import duties apply to goods valued at £ 135 or more.

If you want welders for beginners, we recommend the STAHLWERK MIG 135 ST IGBT. This machine comes with all the plush features that will take your welding tasks to the next level. It is compactly designed so that it won’t take up too much space in your garden shed. You won’t mind its lightweight, which makes it possible for you to manoeuvre it around with ease.

This gas metal arc welding machine comes with an anti-stick function, which helps in preventing overheating. It is produced using the cutting-edge IGBT technology, which guarantees a heavy-duty cycle. With an amperage capacity of 135 amperes, you can be sure of getting the most satisfactory results at all times. It is ideal for flux-cored wire so that you can weld with utmost precision.

Its automatic wire feed is a plus, and that is why it is one of the most sought-after welders in the market presently. You can adjust its inductance as well as voltage so as to get a flawless precision. With its performance and overheating control, you can be sure of getting it right in terms of quality welding.

What’s more, there is a fast-cooling fan, which helps in enabling the usage of maximum power. That is why you can be sure of an increment in the duty cycle of the machine. When you overload this gas MIG welding machine, the overheating protection (O.C) begins operations instantly, hence, no one can dispute its durability. You can use it to weld nickel, alloy steels as well as copper alloys.


3. HITBOX 200A ALU MIG Welder

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  • 【5 IN 1 POWERFUL MIG WELDING】 Multi-process welding machine with gas MIG, gasless MIG, stick/MMA, spot welding, LIFT TIG. HITBOX MIG200II mig welder provides 2 welding modes - manual welding and Synergic welding. Synergic welding offers many welding parameters to welding, like | Welding Voltage | | Welding Current | | Welding Function| Wire Diameter | Metal Type | 2T/4T | Pre/Post Gas Time |
  • 【SYNERGIC MIG】Digitally controlled, automatically adapts to the recommended current and wire feed speed when selecting the wire diameter and gas material, you can also set the welding current to suit your welding habits. Easy to use for beginners or professional welders.
  • 【Silent MIG Welder】The MIG welder has special features including adaptive crater, tempering control and front/back flow to improve your welding efficiency. 2T/4T 2 welding methods to suit your needs. Quiet protection reduces noise pollution and the fan only turns on automatically when the temperature gets too high.
  • 【Weldable Aluminum】The HITBOX MIG200 can weld aluminum, copper, iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, et. It is suitable for pipe fitting, mold repair, petrochemical industry, building decoration, automobile repair, bicycle, crafts and general manufacturing.
  • 【Package contents】1X welding station, 1X electrode clamp, 1X ground clamp, 1X air tube, 1X graphite tube, 2* roller, 1* English manual. Our 24-hour online customer service will help you with repairs. Buy your HITBOX machine with confidence!

MIG welder reviews cannot be complete if we don’t mention the HITBOX inverter MIG welding machine. This 200-amp machine is very powerful to handle all your welding jobs effectively. You can use it with or without gas so as to get the most satisfactory outcome.

With its 1kg/5kg 0.8-1.0mm solid wire with gas, you can use it to weld iron. Also, with its 0.8-1.0mm flux-cored wire without gas, you can use it to weld stainless and carbon steel. You will like its lightweight design, which helps with its movement from one place to another.

Its simple design is a plus, and that is why it is very popular in many online reviews. This machine comes with vital accessories that will make your tasks easier. Some of these accessories include earth clamp, gun, gas tube, electrode holder, portable plug, and 1kg 1.0mm flux-cored wire.

With its input voltage varying between 190 and 250 volts, you can be sure of optimum performance during operations. It has a duty cycle of 30% at 200 amperes, hence, no one can contend with its ultimate effectiveness. You will like its automatic wire feed, which makes your task easier because you won’t have to worry with manual feeding. You can use it to weld many applications including alloy steel, nickel and copper alloy.


4. FlowerW MIG-200 3 in 1 Inverter Welder

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  • Advanced IGBT Technology: Our MIG-200 adopts the most advanced IGBT inverter technology with excellent arc stability. Suitable for welding carbon steel, iron, stainless steel, and other metals.
  • Convenient Flux Cored Wire: This mig tig stick welder can use 0.024"&0.031"&0.039" flux-cored welding wire and solid welding wire. It can handle 2.2 pounds and 11 pounds of coiled wire. Also, you can control the wire feeding speed. It is the perfect entry-level welder choice.
  • Easy Control Panel & 3 In 1: MIG welding machine has MIG MMA TIG mode. The welding machine has knobs to support different current adjustment needs, voltage adjustment needs, and wire-speed control. The LCD digital display is clear and easy to read. With this multi-function welding machine, you will save time and money when meeting different welding needs.
  • Safety & Overheat Protection: The arc welding machine has a built-in protection device, and the engine will automatically shut down when overheated and overload; it is protected against splashing water, with a protection level of IP21, which has good water resistance.
  • Compact and Portable: Lightweight 18.5 pounds, with a comfortable handle, easy to install and store. Ideal for outdoor repairs, rusty metal, farm and road equipment, and maintenance and repairs.

The FlowerW MIG-200 is a 3-in-1 machine that you can trust for your welding jobs. It comes with an IGBT inverter so that you can experience maximum effectiveness during operations. It is produced from materials of high quality, hence, no one can dispute its maximum lastingness. You will like its lightweight design, which helps in boosting convenience with its manoeuvre.

The compactness of this machine is a plus, and that is why its handling, as well as storage, will not be an issue. With its flux-cored wire adapters, you won’t have issues achieving airless welding with ease. Its automatic metal-inert gas release will guide against oxidation of the part welded. Switching welding is as easy as ABC, hence, you can achieve optimum precision without much hassle.

There is a unique LCD monitor, which helps you to monitor amps and voltage during operations. It weighs 12.7 kilograms meaning that you won’t have issues with its transportation. Its compactness is an outstanding feature, which helps with space-saving storage. This is the right machine to go for if you truly desire a machine that will not disappoint you when it matters most.

It comes with an integrated wire feeder of high quality, and that is why you can be sure of perfect wire feeding. The welding voltage as well as current are adjustable so that you can handle each job as it presents itself. You can use it for wide applications including steel and iron. It comes with a carrying handle for undemanding transportation.


5. Sealey 180Xt Arc Welder 180Amp with Accessory Kit

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  • Features:Manufactured to exacting standards this model meets all relevant CE requirements
  • Fitted with a forced air cooling system, this welder has increased duty cycle and performance
  • Features a single, vented, wrap-around shell fitted to a heavy-duty chassis
  • Screw type, stepless welding control allows fine adjustment of current
  • Fitted with carry handle

The Sealey 180XT comes with a sleek forced air cooling system, which boosts the duty cycle as well as performance. You will like its vented, wrap-around shell, which is connected to a powerful chassis. There is a stepless, screw-type welding control that makes it possible for you to adjust the control to the type of task at hand.

Its carry handle is a plus, meaning that you won’t have issues moving it around. With accompanied vital accessories, you can use this machine to get the most satisfactory result. Some of the accessories are electrode holder, earth clamp, cables, wire brush and chipping hammer.

Its current is adjustable, between 60 and 180 amperes, so that you will be able to get it right in terms of effectiveness. It is produced to meet specific industry standards, hence, you can be sure of getting a product of high quality. Weighing just 17 kilograms, this machine is your best bet if you want something you can manoeuvre with ease.


6. Clarke MIG151EN 240V 150A Turbo Mig Welder

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  • Professional type torch with full on/off control of power
  • Extra tough protective edging front & rear.
  • Powerful Wire Drive Motor
  • Provision to carry a spare gas bottle
  • Thermal Overload Protection

The Clarke MIG151EN offers professional specifications for flawless welding. It features an on/off (non-live) torch, which makes it one of the most popular in the market. It is a machine for both professional as well as hobby users, and you can use it for many applications.

You will like its wire feed system, which remains one of the best in the industry. Its multiple power settings will amaze you, making it possible for you to experience maximum welding power control. It comes with a cooling fan, which helps in boosting lastingness.

A carrying handle accompanies the package, meaning that you won’t have issues moving it around. Its transport wheels make transportation easier, and that is why you will enjoy using it. It features a 230v/1-phase operation, hence, you can easily accomplish your tasks without much hassle.

What’s more, the rotary power selection of this machine makes it possible for you to use the machine with ease. It boasts of thermal overload protection, which guarantees maximum safety during operations. Its lightweight is an additional advantage, which makes it possible for you to manoeuvre it without stress. With its compactness, you can keep it in your store or garden shed, and you won’t use up too much space.


7. ARC TIG Welder Inverter MMA Gas


Product Specification:

  • Amperage Capacity: 250 Amps
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Frequency 50Hz – 60Hz
  • Weight: 20 kg

This is another top quality product from Rohr, and you get it if you want the best hobby MIG welder? Whether you are a professional or DIY user, this machine has all you need for effective and attractive welding. It is designed with materials of high-quality so that you can experience optimum effectiveness during operations.

With its advanced features, you can use it for almost all metallic applications, including aluminium. It comes with cutting-edge inverter technology so that you can enjoy enhanced efficiency of up to 30%. This makes constant power supply possible, and that is why you can achieve a stable welding arc. With its IGBT mono tubing function, you can experience enhanced efficiency during operations.

This machine has an electronic reactor circuit, which helps in controlling blending as well as an electric short transition with so much ease. It guarantees consistent wire speed, low power consumption as well as reduced electromagnetic noise. You can use this machine to weld stainless steel, alloys, and low-carbon steel. You can also use it for MIG/MAG or MMA arc welding, and getting the best result is a piece of cake.

What’s more, it is compactly designed so that you can experience space-saving storage. Its lightweight is a plus, hence, you can move it from one place to another with so much ease. It features an anti-stick function, which prevents overheating of the electrode when it sticks with the material. Also, it has AC/DC and 2T/4T functions so that you can be more flexible when working.


8. Reboot MIG Welder


Product Specification:

  • Amperage Capacity: 150 Amps
  • Voltage: 220V
  • The diameter of wire: 0.6/0.8 mm
  • Weight: 10.22 kg

The Reboot MIG Welder is an ideal product for both experienced and new welding enthusiasts. It works with 1kg/5KG flux-cored wire, hence, you can weld steel perfectly without using gas. Also, it supports gas welding with 0.6 to 0.8mm of 1kg welding wires for welding thickness of up to 0.8mm.

You will like the multipurpose capability of this machine, hence, you can use it for welding mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, among others. Frequency switching is not dependent on the audio range, and that is why there is an absolute reduction of operational noise.

With its rated current output standing at 150 amperes, it is an ideal machine for the majority of your welding tasks. Its compactness is an outstanding feature, which helps in enhancing space-saving storage. It weighs just 10.22 kilograms, hence, you can move it from one place to another without much fatigue.

Besides, this machine has a maximum welding thickness of up to 0.8 millimetres with an efficiency rate of 85%. It has a flow time of one second, meaning that you won’t have issues achieving maximum effectiveness. It comes with necessary accessories like an earth clamp and electrode holder that will make your task easier.


9. WELDMAN 3-in-1 Portable Mig Welder


Product Specification:

  • Amperage Capacity: 200 Amps
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Wire Speed: 14 m/min
  • Weight: 16 kg

The Weldman Mistral MIG 200 is your best bet if you are looking for a machine that will make welding a piece of cake. You can use it to weld stainless steel, carbon steel as well as other steel alloys. You can use it via various welding processes including TIG, MIG, MMA along with Flux core gasless welding.

With its amperage capacity ranging between 10 and 200 amperes, you can use to weld applications of up to 10 millimetres in thickness. It is compactly designed so that you can easily store it in your garden shed or store without taking up too much space. It comes with a 2T/4T torch control so that you won’t have issues getting the best result.

You will like its overheat protection feature, which guarantees maximum safety during operations. It weighs just 16 kilograms, hence, it does not give you too much stress when moving it from place to place. It has a 2-roller wire feeder, which makes your operations to be smooth at all times.

Its adjustable inductance is a plus, and that is why you can weld with utmost precision. With a fan to cool the system, you can be sure of absolute prevention of system overheating. This will make it possible for you to experience optimum lastingness. It is compatible with 200mm/5kg spool, hence, you can achieve a result with ease. It has a hose length of 4 metres, meaning that you won’t be restricted during your welding operations.


How to Choose a MIG Welder

If you are a beginner, and you want to MIG weld steel or aluminium, getting a MIG welder is not a bad idea. It is an ideal tool for hobby welding, farm/garden equipment maintenance, automotive welding, and so on.

It is easy to learn and produces good looking welds at all times. You don’t need to break the bank to get one, and it is the easiest way to start welding, especially if you are a newbie in this game.

What To Look For: When choosing a MIG welder, you should go for a machine with the provision for fixing a gas cylinder on it. You should avoid machines that can only weld with flux core welding wire. The issue with flux core is that it produces a slag coating on the weld

Power: The amperage produced by welders at a specific duty cycle is used for their classification. The duty cycle is the duration a welder can work within a 10-minute time period without overheating if operated at a certain amperage.

Hence, if you will weld at a high amperage for long periods of time without stopping, you need a machine that comes with a high-duty cycle. This will make it possible for you to get the most satisfactory results at all times.

110 Volt or 220 Volt: You need to be sure of the voltage of your installed electric outlet before making a purchase. However, it is important for you to note that 220-volt welders are more powerful than their 110-volt counterparts.

Ideally, a machine with 110 volts may not be able to weld metals thicker than ⅛ inch in a single pass. It is ideal for hobby welding, and when you are just new to the game.

If you require more power to weld ½-inch thick metal in one pass, you need to go for a 220-volt machine. This means that your installed outlet should support 220 volts.

Spool Gun Capability: A welding machine with spool gun capability enables you to weld aluminium with so much ease. Some machines have this feature while others don’t. With this feature, you only need to purchase an optional aluminium spool gun, connect it, and you are good to go when it comes to welding aluminium.

How To Discover A Great Deal: A good warranty is an indication that you may be in for a great deal. It is important for you to note that welders with low amperage units may only have flux core wire welding capabilities.

The majority of low amperage units do not come with gas cylinder hooking capabilities. This feature is very important if you will need to attach a gas cylinder in the future.

Other Things To Look Out For: The wire speed of the machine you want to buy is very important. The majority of the machines in the market right now come with variable speed so that you can be more flexible with your operations.

Also, you need to check out the safety features of the welder. Features like thermal overload protection, arc force stabilisation, and so on are very helpful in making you safe during operations.

Also, a good product should have accessories that will make your job easier. Some of the popular accessories are clipping hammer, earth clamp, mask, wire brush, just to mention a few.

You should work hard in the aspect of comparing features so that you will be able to discover a perfect product for you. This will make it possible for you to get the most satisfactory results at all times.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a good MIG welder for a beginner?

A good MIG welder for a beginner should come with rich features for effective operations. Features like sleek on/off control power, dynamic wire drive motor, wire feed and gas, amongst others.

Is MIG welding strong?

MIG welding is strong. If you make use of a single pass, you can get a thickness of ¼ at 250 amps. By using the right wire, you can use as many passes as possible so as to get the thickness of your choice.

What equipment is needed for MIG welding?

It requires a perfect wire feed system so that you will be able to get the most satisfactory result. There are three types of wire feed system – add-on, suitcase and spool feed guns.

What is the difference between MIG and TIG welding?

MIG welding makes use of a feed wire that moves steadily through the gun so as to produce the spark, which dissolves to bring about the weld. On the other hand, TIG welding makes use of a long rod for fusing two metals straightly together.

What gas do you use for MIG welding?

The most common gases used for MIG welding are helium, argon, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. For welding, non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, argon and helium are commonly used.


When searching for the best MIG welder under £300, you should digest this piece properly. You need to make a wise investment for the future, hence, you should work towards choosing a machine with enough power for your type of jobs. We hope you will use this guide appropriately so that you can choose the right product.

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