Best Impact Driver Under £100

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Are you looking for the best impact driver under £100? Try Makita DTD152Z because it has the power and speed to provide the complete worth of your investment.

But, it’s not the only option to try. Read further to know more about some budget-friendly models available in the UK market.

Impact Driver Under £100 Purchase In 2024

Here are our 5 impact driver under £100 in the UK market.

1. Makita DTD152Z


  • Power Source: Battery (18V)
  • Torque: 165 Nm
  • Speed: 3500 RPM
  • Weight: 1.6 Kilograms

Makita DTD152Z could be a perfect investment if you seek a durable impact driver under £100. It features an Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) that enhances water and dust protection when working under challenging circumstances.

This unit is also equipped with a battery protection circuit, which minimizes all the damages due to overload, overcharging and high heat to ensure maximum cell life.

The DTD152Z offers up to 2900 and 3500 rpm. Its maximum torque is 165 Nm. So, this tool can drive through stubborn materials without any trouble.

A one-touch ¼-inch hex chuck facilitates quick bit changes. Plus, the speed control trigger is easy to use and adds to your convenience. Dual LED lights is another reason to love this machine.

Makita DTD152Z uses an 18V battery, and hence, it’s suitable for all light-duty jobs like tightening and drilling screws. Plus, this model is compatible with lots of bolts. So, you don’t have to look for any other tool, even if a project involves a variety of screws.

Made of metal and plastic, the DTD152Z withstands the test of time and works for many more years to come. Its soft and ergonomic grip co-operates well while you drive the bolts for prolonged durations. But, this tool does not include any accessories like a battery or charger.


2. Bosch Professional GDR 18 V – 160


  • Power Source: Battery (18)
  • Torque: 160 Nm
  • Speed: 2800 RPM
  • Weight: 2 Kilograms

Bosch Professional GDR 18 V – 160 is the best impact driver under 100 pounds in terms of versatility and performance-friendly attitude. This unit provides an impressive no-load speed of 0 to 2800rpm, and its maximum torque is 160 Nm. After looking at the specifications, you can readily agree that this entry-level device offers quick results on construction or residential worksite.

Besides, the GDR 18 V – 160 is compact and lightweight. Plus, it has a belt clip for added convenience. So, you can work in an awkward position without any problems. Comfortable handling also keeps you fatigue-free.

You will be impressed by the level of vibrations GDR 18 V – 160 generates. When compared to its competitors, this model produces minimal shakes. So, you can work without any irritation.

Bosch GDR 18 V – 160 does not include a battery, but it works with all the 18V cells manufactured by Bosch. This unit uses lithium-ion technology, which delivers constant power and recharges quickly. Plus, there are no self-discharge or memory effects.


3. Ryobi 0 R18ID2-120SZ 18V ONE+


  • Power Source: Battery (18V)
  • Torque: 200 Nm
  • Speed: 3200 RPM
  • Weight: 2.96 Kilograms

Ryobi is a familiar name because it manufactures high-quality impact drivers under £100 for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The R18ID2-120SZ is another too-notch screw driving device that includes a 2.0 AH battery and its charger. Plus, it has plenty of juice due to a maximum torque of 200 Nm and a no-load speed of 3200 rpm.

Thanks to high speed and torque, Ryobi R18ID2-120SZ can fasten or loosen bolts and screws without taking much of your precious time. To provide complete control, it also has a variable speed trigger. Plus, there is an LED light for added convenience and accuracy.

The impact driver under £100 generates minimal twist or reverse feedback via its handle. Plus, its quick-load keyless hex drive facilitates fast and easy bit exchanges. So, you can comfortably use this device for roofing, fencing and decking.

The included battery is a part of the ONE+ series, which means you can also use it in other Ryobi 18V power tools. It also comes with two impact screw driving bits, a socket adapter, and a tool bag for easy storage and transport.




  • Power source: Battery (18 V)
  • Torque: 205 Nm
  • Speed: 3250 RPM
  • Weight: 1.24 Kilograms (With Battery)

Dewalt DCF887N is the best impact driver under 100 pounds, especially if you need a tool for compact and tight corners. It’s cordless and packs sufficient power to amaze you with the outputs. So, this model could be worthy of some space in your workshop.

A brushless motor ensures longevity, high power, and extended runtime. These are the reasons why Dewalt uses a brushless motor in this tool to offer satisfactory results even under high resistance. Plus, this machine is lightweight. So, you can use it to complete significant projects with ease.

This motor produces up to 205 Nm of torque, which means DCF887N can quickly deal with heavy-duty tasks. Plus, its three LED lights provide excellent illumination. However, this model does not include a battery or charger.

Dewalt DCF887N is compact, but it rushes out a high working speed of 3250 rpm. You can control the speed using a trigger. Apart from 3250 rpm, you can set the pace at two more positions: 1000 and 2800. Then, you get up to 3800 impacts per minute.


5. WORX WX291


  • Power Source: Battery (18 V)
  • Torque: 170 Nm
  • Speed: 2600 RPM
  • Weight: 2.94 Kilograms

The final position goes to Worx WX291 because it efficiently drives a wide range of screws. And why not? This model provides an impact rate of 3300 and a no-load speed of 0 to 2600 rpm.

Featuring a 20V high power motor, this impact driver under £100 delivers a total torque of 170 Nm. The number is decent and works well for most of the DIY projects. Plus, it causes zero strain or pain on your wrist. So, you can use this tool for repetitive fastenings.

The WX291 also has variable speed control, which helps you manage it more efficiently. Furthermore, this tool has a quick-change ¼-inch hex chuck for convenient bit changes. In addition, it comes with an LED light that lets you work in dark spots.

Worx WX291 has compact and long-lasting aluminium construction. So, be assured that it will assist you for many more years to come. Moreover, this unit is easy to use due to its low weight and small dimensions.

Overall, Worx WX291 is the best impact driver under 100 pounds if you want to tackle light and medium-duty driving tasks. It has the speed and force to deliver what you need.



After reading the recommendations and reviews, you don’t have to struggle further. We hope you can find the best impact driver under £100 per your requirements.

Consider Makita DTD152Z because it has the power to assist in almost all the screw fastening and loosening projects. Try Bosch GDR 18 V – 160 if you are a professional.

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