Best Cordless Drill Under £50

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If you are searching for the best cordless drill under 50 pounds, you can find some high-quality models on this page.

We have collected seven battery-operated drilling devices that can suit your budget and requirements.

After reading the reviews, you will thank us because these options are inexpensive but have all the features to accomplish most of the DIY tasks.

Cordless Drills Under £50

Note: This is just an idea. Most Drills are priced under $50, but there are a few vacuum that may exceed this price range.

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Here are our 7 best cordless drill for under £50 in the UK market.


BLACK+DECKER 18 V Cordless 2-Gear Combi Hammer Drill Power Tool with Kitbox, 1.5 Ah Lithium-Ion, BCD700S1K-GB , Orange

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  • A compact two gear hammer drill for all screw driving, drilling and hammer drilling into wood, metal and masonry
  • Two speed gear system ideal for high/low speed drilling
  • All metal motor and gearbox that deliver 21 000 bpm for hammer drilling in masonry applications and 0 - 1 400 rpm variable speed for drilling and screw driving applications
  • Keyless chuck for fast and easy bits changes with a double ended screwdriver bit Included so you can start your projects straight away
  • 10 torque setting for precise screwdriving into various materials and the variable speed function for control in a range of applications

Black + Decker BCD700S1K-GB is the best cordless drill under £50 because it has the power to go through wood, metal and masonry. Compact and versatile, this model could be a suitable investment as it works at a variable speed of 0 to 1400 rpm. Moreover, this device also has a hammer drill mode with a fantastic 21000 bpm.

The BCD700S1K-GB impresses us even more with its ten torque settings. This feature gives you complete control to you. Hence, you can set the tool at any required locations to get the best results.

Black + Decker cordless drill under 50 pounds comes with an 18v Lithium-Ion battery, which is compatible with all other power and garden tools manufactured by this brand. This unit also includes a hard-wearing kit box to store and transport it.

Try Black + Decker BCD700S1K-GB if you frequently deal with drilling tasks at your residence. It efficiently handles more than 90 per cent of the drilling and driving duties related to DIY projects. Plus, this device is available at a reasonable price tag and offers complete value for your money.


If you are looking for the best cordless drill under £50, try Ryobi R18PD3-215GZ as it offers complete justice to your investment. This model has plenty of power for all your DIY projects. Moreover, it includes a 1.5 Ah battery and charger.

Ryobi manufactures high-quality drilling machines that are long-lasting and performance-friendly. The R18PD3-215GZ is no different. It is an all-in-one unit that can perform multiple tasks, including drilling bores in brick walls for shelves, putting together a furniture piece, etc.

The R18PD3-215GZ has three different working modes; drill, hammer drill and drill driver. The first mode is perfect for making bores into the wood, steel and other materials. The second one is perfect when you want to drill into masonry. The last one is helpful to fasten and loosen screws or bolts.

Ryobi R18PD3-215GZ has two adjustable speeds; high and low. In the first gear, it works at 0 to 500 pm and goes up to 1800 rpm in the second mode. The maximum torque is 50 Nm, which varies according to the speed selection.


Terratek drill driver is a popular cordless drill driver under £50. It’s affordable and also includes an 18V charger and a13-piece bits. Combining everything and then looking at the price tag gives you the complete worth of money.

The included battery moves up to 20V when it’s fully charged. But, the machine stabilizes at 18V once you start drilling. It has 16 torque settings that are helpful when you are dealing with different materials.

Repeated drilling or driving tasks become easy if a power tool feels nice in your hand. It’s another reason to try this cordless drill under 50 pounds. This model has a low weight and soft grip, making the process easy. Moreover, such built prevents wrist fatigue and pain.

An LED light is helpful when you are working under limited illumination. For instance, sparkle is advantageous when drilling inside a cupboard. The drill driver also has an easy to use pressure trigger, which lets you work without unintentional damage to the screws.

Try the Terratek drilling machine for three reasons. It’s affordable, has a high quality, and includes all the accessories you need to accomplish a wide range of DIY projects.


Bosch manufactures a wide range of DIY tools to make your job easy. The PSB 1800 LI-2 is no different. It could be a perfect investment if you are planning to drive screws or drill into various materials.

Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 comes with one 1.5 Ah battery built upon Lithium-ion technology. So, it never discharges automatically if the host is idle. This battery needs minimal maintenance and withstands high temperatures without compromising its performance.

The cordless drill driver under £50 features a Syneon chip, which manages the interaction between its battery and motor and promises maximum power for various projects. Besides, the PSB 1800 LI-2 has a maximum torque of 34 Nm to go through stubborn materials without any excuses. In addition, this unit has 20 torque settings to suit all the working conditions.

Apart from being robust, the PSB 1800 LI-2 is lightweight, compact and easy to operate. Moeover, it has a keyless check that lets you exchange the bits within seconds. On top of that, there is an LED light that’s helpful in dark spots.


Mylek MY18BMC1 is the best cordless drill for under £50 for DIY project. This model is an excellent tool for wood, and you can also use it as an electronic screwdriver. But, there is no hammer drill mode. Hence, this unit is not suitable to stand up against masonry.

The MY18BMC1 is designed with an ergonomic and comfortable grip. Hence, it’s convenient to handle and operate. The ease of use is further boosted because of the low weight and compact built.

For a cordless drill under 50 pounds, MY18BMC1 has appealing specifications. It has enough torque and working speed to tackle many DIY projects. Plus, this machine has 19 torque settings and a two-speed gearbox to give you complete control over the drilling process.

Mylek MY18BMC1 has a LED light that lets you work when it’s dark. Also, automatic electricity stop the power supply once you leave the trigger. Such features prevent any damage and accidents.


Do you think that an unpopular brand cannot manufacture performance-oriented power tools? It might not be a correct mindset because Hychika cordless drill comes with a stable built and outstanding features that suit most DIY projects.

Hychika cordless drill is powerful and versatile for light and medium-duty tasks. So, it can efficiently drill bores into wood, plastics and metal. In addition, this model can also loosen and drive screws.

Although the cordless drill is reasonably priced, it never comprises the construction, features or ergonomics. This unit has a maximum drilling speed of 1500 rpm, which means it could be an excellent selection if you want fast and efficient results. Plus, there is a control for the operating speed. Hence, you can work with a wide range of materials and applications without hassles.

The cordless drill driver under £50 works at a maximum torque of 35 Nm. So, it co-operates well for all the DIY drilling or driving tasks. In addition, this machine has 21 different torque settings that add to its versatility and accuracy.


7. Werktough D023


Isn’t it tough to find the best cordless drill for under £50? Especially if you don’t know where to start. But, Werktough D023 got your back with a decent amount of power, 28 Nm torque and a maximum speed of 1300 rpm. So, it could be an ideal investment if you need an affordable drilling machine for DIY projects.

Werktough D023 has two adjustable speeds. So, you can minimize its power for fragile tasks. Moreover, this machine has 17 + 1 torque settings to make it versatile. Hence, you can use this tool as a driller or impact driver as per the requirements.

With a comfortable anti-slip grip, you can conveniently use Werktough D023 for prolonged durations. Moreover, it has an LED working light that helps you work under dark spots. In addition, this model includes two 2.0 Ah batteries and a charger.

Apart from that, Werktough D023 also includes a 13-piece accessory kit and a storage bag. On top of that, it has a warranty of 2 years that adds more peace to your mind.



While looking for the best cordless drill under 50 pounds, you have to comprise at a few points.

Do not expect an inexpensive drilling machine to perform like its commercial variants. A budget-friendly drill could suit DIY projects and can deal with all the standard materials.

But, it can only go through masonry with the help of a hammer mode.

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