Best Corded Hammer Drill UK 2024

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Are you looking for a corded hammer drill?

In this post, we will present you some of the best hammer drills that draw electrical power to drive through hard surfaces like concrete or stone.

Such tools are great for professionals and woodworking enthusiasts. Whether you have to wall mount some brackets, attach the fixture to material or need some help while remodelling a room; any one of the given tools will be an ideal choice.

Best Corded Hammer Drill Reviews 2024

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Here are our 9 best Hammer drill reviews UK 2024.


1. Bosch Home and Garden Hammer Drill

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  • Strong drilling performance with a 700 watt motor
  • High precision & versatility: constant Electronic & speed pre-selection
  • Effortless and fast drilling with the new impact mechanism, 20% faster than previous models
  • Model number: 0603131070

Here comes our first recommendation that comes has a drill assist technology for precise drilling and also includes a dirt box that minimizes the mess. The powerful Bosch beast has dimensions of 38.6 x 29.1 x 9.9 cm and weighs only 1.7 kg. Its length gets an additional 12 cm when the drill assist is fully extended.

Hungary made UniversalImact 700 has a motor worth 701 Watts that provides outstanding performance and makes it suitable for every drilling job on the hardest of materials. It has a 2.4-meter power lead and a keyless chuck mechanism: means, no tightening or loosening of the drill you want to insert.

You only have to press the Lock Chuck button, and the tool will accept any of the drills between 1/16 and 1/2. The diameter of this drill varies according to the material you are working on. It is 12mm for steel, 14 mm for concrete and bricks while 30 mm for wood.

Key features:

  • Three functions: drilling, screw driving and impact drilling
  • Auxilary anti-slip handle
  • Electronic speed control
  • Keyless chuck acceptance


2. Bosch Home and Garden Rotary Hammer PBH 2100 RE

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  • Powerful 550 W motor for all applications in drilling concrete, steel and wood
  • Keyless chuck for quick and easy bit change
  • Selection switch for hammering, chiselling, drilling or screwdriving
  • Impact stop switches off the hammer mechanism when drilling in wood or metal and when screwdriving
  • Rotation stop switches off the rotary motion when chiselling

Reputed as a powerful rotary hammer drill machine, Bosch PBH 2100 RE is suitable for any project that involves metal, concrete or wood. All thanks to its powerful 550W motor that works at maximum 2300 RPM.

So, it finishes the job faster and gives you better results than other impact drills. It’s not the most powerful on the market but delivers excellent performance and versatility.

Pneumatic hammer mechanism of the PBH 2100 RE supplies high impact force, and hence it drills into hardest of the materials without any trouble. The tool has a rotation stop button as well. So, you can power off the rotary motion and attach a chisel to remove the old tiles or make small wall openings.

Overall, drilling, chiselling and hammering are some of the common purposes that the PBH 2100 can succeed at. Drill diameter for concrete, steel and wood are 20, 13 and 30 mm respectively.

Key features:

  • Vario-lock to attach a chisel in 36 different positions
  • Power sensitivity trigger
  • Stop function to deactivate hammer motion


3. DEWALT DEWD024K DWD024KS 230 Volt Percussion Drill

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  • Keyless ratcheting chuck for quick bit change
  • Low weight makes it easy to use
  • Rubber back handle for comfort
  • Trigger sensitive variable speed for precision

At 230V, Dewalt DWD024KS is a heavy-duty tool that is easy to use and provides high-quality performance. With a maximum no-load speed of 2400 RPM, it can easily go through metal, wood and concrete.

Unlike KR604CRESK, it has a keyed chuck. Still, you can change the drill bits without wasting much time. This tool has a comfortable handle. And due to the moderate weight, you can use the equipment for prolonged periods.

There is another efficient side handle, especially if you have to work on large projects. Adjustable to multiple positions, it minimizes the wrist stress and keeps you comfortable.

The tool comes with a carry case, which makes it portable. Maximum drilling ability of the device on masonry or concrete is 16 mm, for steel its 13 mm and 25 mm through the wood.

Key features:

  • Variable speed control trigger
  • Lock-on button for continuous drilling
  • Rubber covered side handle for added comfort
  • Powerful 701W motor
  • Brushed motor
  • Overall length is 255 mm


4. Makita HR2630 26 mm 3 Mode SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill

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  • Variable speed control
  • Forward/reverse rotation
  • One touch sliding chuck
  • 40 different bit angle settings
  • Depth stop

Specially designed hammer drill for concrete walls and other hard materials, Makita HR2630 is a great all-rounder. All thanks to its three rotational modes including only rotation, only hammer and both hammer as well as rotation.

So, whether you need to perform some regular drillings, or you have a tough material to crack, the electric drill from Makita will be always there.

With a powerful motor of 800W, the SDS hammer drill can go through concrete at a diameter of 80mm. For that, you have to use a Diamond care. With TCT core it can make a drill of 68 mm.

The regular TCT bit that it comes installed can drill at 26 mm in masonry, 13 mm for steel and 26 mm over wood. It includes a depth stop functions that allows you to choose the depth you want the tool to reach. Along with that, the electric tool has a sensitive speed trigger that helps you to work on different materials.

Key features:

  • Three working modes
  • One-touch sliding chuck for easy bit exchange
  • Forward and reverse motion
  • Variable speed control trigger


5. Bosch Professional 061125A470 GBH 2-20 D Corded 240 V

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  • High drilling rate and 30% higher chiselling performance than other rotary hammers in the entry-level class
  • Lightweight and compact, ideal for working overhead
  • Robust stacked construction for a long lifetime
  • Versatile range of applications due to chisel function
  • Overload clutch to protect the user and the machine

Bosch GBH 2-20 D is a compact and powerful SDS-plus rotary hammer drill that you can use in a wide range of drilling and chiselling jobs. With a comparatively lower weight and additional side handle, you can easily handle it even while working on overhead objects or surfaces.

Its robust construction cases some useful feature like forward plus reverse motion, variable speed control and an overload clutch.

Powered by a 650W motor, the GBF 2-20 D runs at an impact rate of 4,200 bpm (blows per minute) and produces 17 Nm of torque. With such strength, it can drill into concrete with a diameter of 25 mm.

Maximum drilling ability on metals is 13 mm, and with core cutters, it’s 68 mm. Along with a high drilling rate, the electric tool gives thirty per cent better chiselling performance in its class. Variable speed control trigger ensures precise drilling results and adds to its value. There is also an impact stop that you would like to use with steel and wood.

Key features:

  • Variable speed control trigger
  • Overload clutch for added protection
  • Includes depth stop
  • 323 mm of length for easy access to all the areas
  • Chiselling function for versatility


6. MPT Corded Hammer Impact Drill

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as of May 26, 2024 6:14 pm


  • Soft grip with a lightweight body is better for use feeling.Variable speed hammer and drill for drilling or chipping in steel, concrete, and other hard materials
  • Durable hard plastic housing; easy-grip handles for shock absorption and improved control
  • Powerful driller that No-load speed can reach 3000r/min and impact rate can reach 48000/min. Make your working easier and faster.
  • BOX INCLUDES:MPT Professional impact drill 1 pc,Carbon brush 1Set, handle 1pc, depth gauge 1pc,

Made of durable hard plastic, the MID5506 from MPT has an easy-grip that offers improved control and absorbs all the jerk. Its lightweight structure adds to the comfort, and you can easily hold the tool in a variety of angles without any wrist stress. Variable speed trigger and knob are the most attractive feature that allows you to use different power depending upon the material.

MID5506 is a dominant driller driven by a mighty 550W motor that generates a maximum no-load speed up to 3000 RPM and the impacts per minute up to 48000.

With such numbers, this tool makes your work-life fast and easy. Depth gauge and side handles are other useful additions. The gauge allows you to measure the depth while its secondary handle provides better control.

MPT corded power hammer drill encases all the required features and power to be an excellent tool for home improvement projects. At this price, it’s nothing less than Christmas gift for DIY enthusiasts.

Key features:

  • Variable speed trigger
  • Comfortable shock-absorbing grip
  • Made of durable hard plastic
  • Depth gauge and a side handle for added convenience


7. TACKLIFE Impact Drill 710W Corded Hammer Drill


  • Power: 710 W
  • Weight: 2.56 Kg
  • Torque: 30 Nm

Electric drills should be easy to use powerful devices that can drill the bits into solid materials without any tantrum. With the same belief, TACKLIFE Impact Drill PID01A; a high-quality handheld power tool for the budget buyers.

It exceeded the expectations of experts, primarily due to its lightweight design, power and overall length. It easily fits into cramped places and feels effortless while holding at awkward angles.

A 60 amp 710W motor keeps the Tacklife drill alive. This pure copper motor keeps the tool running at a constant speed and applies thirty per cent more power while working on hard materials, like concrete and metal.

A variable rate is also included so that you can work on delicate surfaces as well. Due to such power encased in a compact structure, you might feel overheating after prolonged hours of metal chipping or drilling. It’s not a big problem because you can rest the tool for five minutes and resume afterwards.

Key features:

  • Two in one mode: hammer or drill
  • Variable speed control
  • Depth gauge for extra precision
  • Forward and reverse abilities


8. BLACK+DECKER 2 X KR604CRESK Percussion Hammer Drill


  • Power: 600W
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Torque: 20.5 Nm

A simple and effective tool from Black and Decker, the KR604CRESK is our second recommendation because of its versatility, ease of use and affordable price tag. Due to its powerful motor, it is a suitable electric tool for core drilling.

KR604CRESK percussions drill is an excellent piece of equipment that does not makes much impact on your bank statement. There are many attractive features of this corded power device.

One of them is its ergonomically designed rubber over mould grip that provides smooth handling in harshest conditions. It’s fitted with both forward and reverse location. To change the motion, you only have to press a side button.

The percussion drill has a 13 mm single sleeve chuck so that you can exchange the drill bits within seconds. With such power and features, it’s ready to take on any material including cement, metal, brick and many more. The drilling diameter on wood is 20 mm, for steel and masonry, it is 13 mm.

Key features:

  • Reverse brush system to maintain same speed in both directions
  • Comes with fitted with a trigger lock
  • Keyless chuck for the secure exchange of drill bits
  • Variable speed trigger


9. Tacklife 850W 3000 Corded Hammer Drill


  • Power: 850W
  • Weight: 2.8 kg
  • Torque: 18 Nm

Tacklife electric hammer drill features a 6-amp pure copper motor that generates rotational speed up to 2800 RPM. For better control over such power, it has a variable speed trigger and knob.

The lightweight tool comes with a metal chuck that facilitates convenient bit exchange. Due to its compact nature, the PID03A is an idle drilling solution for all kinds of projects.

The Tacklife drill has two working modes: hammer and hammer plus drilling. You can switch between the methods using a button provided at the top. Such patterns are useful in all materials, including hard ones.

To give you better control over the speed, it has a knob with 12 dials. Then, there is a trigger to change the speed depending upon the application. It also has a lock button if you want to set a constant seed.

Key features:

  • Includes a 12-piece drill bits” set
  • Variable speed trigger and knob
  • Detachable depth rod
  • 360-degree rotatable side handle
  • Lock-on button for constant speed
  • Forward and reverse function


Differences Between a Hammer Drill and Rotary Hammer

When you have to drive some screws to build or repair a structure, you got two options; rotary hammer or a driller with hammering function. Well, both of them does the same thing, but the difference is between their working mechanism.

A rotary hammer has two pistons fitted inside an air compressed cylinder. Movement of the pistons beats the bit to move. On the other hand, the hammers use two metal discs, clicking into each other to create impacts.

Talking about external features, there is always a mode changing knob on a rotary hammer. On the other hand, the hammering drills generally have a switch to switch modes.

We already talked about Bosch UniversalImpact, which is a hammer drill and Bosch Professional GBH 2-20 D that happens to be a rotary hammer. As you can see that there is a minimal difference between the weight, wherein GBH 2-20 D take the heavier side. But, the price gap is huge and off course the rotary hammer is going to be costly.

According to the experts, rotary hammers are suitable for professional usage due to their robust and shock absorbing nature. For home improvement projects, a massive handheld tool can be cumbersome, so an all in one machine with hammering function will be better for DIY enthusiasts.

In other words, if you need something helpful inside the house, go for UniversalImpact. If you are a service engineer, then the GBH 2-20D or any other rotary hammer will be beneficial.

Corded vs Battery Hammer Drill

Before we talk about any other dissimilarities, we want to let you know that corded drilling machines are more powerful than battery dependent variants. Electrically powered options have the cushion of endless power supply while a cordless drill runs on the mercy of a battery that can range anywhere between 12 to 20 volts.

Battery and its weight: Corded drills do not have a battery pack to increase heft. However, if you are using a cordless drill, you need a charged battery every time you need to work. And a spare battery as well, if you are planning for some prolonged screw driving jobs.

Replacements: Depending upon the make and model, you will need a replacement battery as well. Whereas, corded version never needs such operational cost because they use the existing house or site power to work. These are the few other reasons that make a corded option superior to cordless ones.

Convenience: Cordless drilling devices represent convenience. If you have charged the battery, then you can use it virtually anywhere. The mains-powered drill struggles in this scenario because its drilling coverage is limited to an unavoidable power cable.

Hammer Drill Buying Guide

Best corded hammers drill should have a combination of power and useful features so that it can assist you on a variety of tasks. To get the most out of such tools, you need to consider the following factors:

1. Motor power: Motor is the power centre of a hammer tool. The strength varies between 550W to 850W and even more. Talking about amperage, it is 6 or 7 amp and goes up to 10 amps in professional electric tools.

Choose the motor depending upon your requirements. For household usage, you can try Black + Decker KR604CRESK or MPT MID5506. When it comes to commercial projects, go for Makita HR2630. It’s a rotary driller, but PBH 2100 will be even better for professionals.

2. Chuck design: Most of the hammer equipment comes with a conventional chuck design, wherein a bit is held by a key. Modern versions come with keyless chuck design that has a button to switch between bits, which is more comfortable for some users. On the other hand, several other prefers the traditional chuck design.

3. Speed adjustment: All the products brought to you in today’s best-corded drilling devices reviews are available with adjustable speed function. This facility is helpful for precision drilling, and you can also use variable speed depending upon the materials. The low rate works on wooden structures while to go through concrete and metal; you need extra power as well as speed.

4. Depth gauge: What is the depth of the drill hole you need? Using a depth guide or gauge, you can regulate and manage the same. It helps make precise drills irrelevant to the material.


Now, we have discussed everything about the hammer drills. If you need a drilling tool for home improvement or repairs, then choose one of the corded hammer drills that we discussed today.

Try UniversalImpact or Black + Decker KR604CRESK, if you like the features. For professionals, it’s recommended to use a rotary hammer, like Bosch PBH 2100 RE.

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