Best Combi Drills UK (Reviews Of 2024)

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This guide will help you find the best combi drill UK.

To carry out your home improvement tasks successfully; a versatile tool is a must.

It can drill holes into metal and wood, drive screws and drill holes into masonry and concrete through hammer function.

What is the best combi drill? The answer is simple: It depends on your requirement, budget & your personal preference. Our product research, analysis & comparison will help you to find the best combi drill easily; that you are looking for your DIY projects.

This review is meant to provide the necessary guidance so that you can make the right purchasing decision.

Our Top 2 Combi Drills (UK)

After researching countless hours, analyzing hundreds of drills we are presenting you the top 2 combi drills of 2024 below.

Best Overall: Bosch PSB 1800 Cordless Combi Drill At Amazon

The Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 is the best cordless combi drill in our list of 2024. it comes with a Syneon Chip which controls your projects intelligently.

It has 20 pre-selectable torque settings so that you can achieve the best result. The LED lighting is in place for proper illumination of your working area.

With its keyless chuck, you can change bits with great ease.

Runner-up: Makita DHP482Z 18 V At Amazon

If the first choice gone unavailable, The Makita DHP482Z is our 2nd best choice. This 18V cordless combi drill comes with a variable speed trigger for executing productive jobs.

It has forward and reverses rotation with an electric brake for added safety. You will like its twin LED light which ensures proper brightening of the working area.

Its ergonomic soft-grip handle is a plus, and that is why it is comfortable to use.

Cordless Combi Drill Reviews 2024

Here are our the reviews of our best cordless combi drills of the year 2024 in UK. Let’s check out the details below.


Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Combi Drill

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  • No memory effect, no self-discharge: always ready to use thanks to lithium-ion technology
  • Screw driving, drilling, impact drilling in wood, metal and masonry
  • 20 pre-selectable torque settings plus a drill and impact drill setting – optimum power for every application
  • Syneon chip – Intelligently controlled energy for every project
  • Keyless chuck with Bosch auto-lock – for the fastest and easiest bit changes

If you want the best cordless combi drill in the UK for screw driving, drilling and impact driving, you should get the Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2. It comes with twenty pre-selectable torque settings so that you can handle different applications successfully.

It has a strong 2-speed planetary gearbox, making it possible for you to achieve the best result with less effort.

You will like the compactness of this machine, and that is why you can store it without consuming much space. There is an integrated LED lighting, which helps in brightening your working area.

With its Syneon Chip technology, you will get controlled energy for all your applications. It has a keyless chuck that comes with an auto-lock, making it easier and faster for you to change bits.

Some of the accessories in this package include a double screwdriver bit, charger, plastic case, two battery packs and a carry case. It weighs just 1.3 kilograms, and that is why it is the ideal machine for convenient manoeuvring.

With its maximum speed standing at 1,350 revolutions per minute, you can rely on this machine for optimum performance.

Key Features:

  • 20 pre-selectable torque for optimum performance.
  • Keyless chuck for easy changing of bits.
  • Integrated LED lighting guarantees perfect illumination of the working area.
  • 2-speed gearbox for effective operations.
  • Lightweight design for easy manoeuvre.


Makita DHP482Z 18V Li-Ion LXT Combi Drill

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  • Keyless chuck
  • 21 torque settings plus Drill mode
  • Maximum Capacity in masonry 13mm
  • Maximum Capacity in steel 13mm
  • Maximum Capacity in wood 38mm

The Makita DHP482Z 18 V is a battery operated combi drill with rich features that guarantee optimum performance. This cheap combi drill has variable two-speed transmission so that you can use it for various drilling and fastening jobs.

You will like its high-speed mode, which can be used for fast drilling in light-duty applications. Also, its low-speed mode is perfect for heavy-duty jobs that require high torque.

With a maximum possible speed of 1,900 revolutions per minute, you can depend on this machine for high performance.

Its durability cannot be disputed, thanks to its all-metal gear construction. It comes with twelve clutch settings as well as drill mode so that you can experience more fastening control.

What’s more, the 13 mm keyless chuck makes changing of bits a stroll in the park. With an electric brake for maximum safety, you will surely get value for your money with this product.

If your working area is poorly lit, you don’t need to worry a bit. There is a LED lighting that guarantees maximum illumination of your working area so that you can get the most satisfactory outcome.

Key Features:

  • Variable 2-speed transmission for higher flexibility.
  • All-metal gear construction guarantees transmission lastingness.
  • 13mm keyless chuck for changing bits quickly.
  • Electric brake for added safety.
  • Battery protection circuit elongates the lifespan of the battery.


Hitachi 18V Body Only Cordless Combi Drill

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  • DV18DSDL4 Cordless Combi Drill 18 Volt Bare Unit
  • DV18DSDL4 Cordless Combi Drill 18 Volt Bare Unit
  • DV18DSDL4 Cordless Combi Drill 18 Volt Bare Unit
  • Body Only 18V Unit
  • Variable speed control

The Hitachi HITDV18DSDL4 is a body-only 18V unit, which delivers according to specifications. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery so that you can experience high efficiency at all times. It comes with a multiplex protection circuit, which prolongs the lifespan of the battery.

With its two-speed gearbox, you can use this machine for many applications. You will like its raised body mouldings, which provides additional protection against dirt and dust.

There is a forward and reverse switch, making it possible for you to be flexible with your operations. If you are working in a poorly-lit area, you don’t need to worry. A white LED lighting will illuminate your working area.

With its slimline soft-grip handle, you will experience greater comfort with this machine. There is a battery-level indicator which helps you to know when your battery is getting low.

What’s more, a 13mm metal Jacobs chuck makes bit changing as easy as ABC, and a spindle lock guarantees additional safety. A metal belt clip helps you to set the machine for right- or left-handed use. This machine weighs just 2.4 kilograms, and that is why you can manipulate it without much hassle.

Key Features:

  • Variable speed control for effective operations.
  • 13mm Metal Jacobs Chuck for easy attachment of accessories.
  • 2-speed gearbox guarantees the best result.
  • Multiplex protection circuit elongates battery life.
  • Lightweight design for easy manipulation.


Ryobi LLCDI18022 ONE+ 18V Cordless Percussion Drill

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  • Combination tool for hammer drilling and screwdriving applications
  • 13 mm keyless chuck
  • Automatic spindle lock for one-handed bit change
  • Two gears for many materials and applications
  • Electronic variable speed, reverse and brake for total control

The Ryobi LLCDI18022 combi drill 18v belongs to the ONE+ family of Ryobi. This means that you can use a ONE+ battery for multiple products from this manufacturer. This combination tool is perfect for screw driving and hammer drilling.

It comes with variable speed control so that you won’t have much problem working on different applications. It has reverse and forward functions, making it easier for you to use this machine for various purposes.

Its unique brake system is a plus, and that is why you are safe when using the power tool. You will like its 13 mm keyless chuck, which helps you to change bits without much hassle.

Also, you can change bits with one hand, thanks to the automatic spindle lock you will find on this machine. It comes with two gears so that you can use it for various applications successfully.

Besides, this product is powered by lithium-ion batteries for optimum performance. It is lightweight, and that is why you can manipulate it with ease during operations.

You will like the cordless freedom of this tool because there is no cable restricting your movement. We love its compactness which makes storage a piece of cake.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic motor for high performance.
  • 2-gear setting for getting optimum result on different applications.
  • All-metal keyless chuck for secure attachment of accessories.
  • Battery is compatible with other Ryobi ONE+ System products.
  • Compactly designed for secure storage.


BLACK+DECKER 18 V Cordless 2-Gear Combi Hammer Drill

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  • A compact two gear hammer drill for all screw driving, drilling and hammer drilling into wood, metal and masonry
  • All metal motor and gearbox that deliver 21 000 bpm for hammer drilling in masonry applications and 0 - 1 400 rpm variable speed for drilling and screw driving applications
  • 10 torque setting for precise screw driving into various materials and the variable speed function for control in a range of applications
  • Led light to illuminate the working area - Ideal when working in poorly lit spaces
  • 2 x 1.5Ah lithium-ion batteries included to tackle larger projects

Another best budget combi drill that will be reliable at all times, you should go for the BLACK+DECKER BDCHD18KB-GB. This machine is fortified with speed and power for drilling wood, masonry and steel.

Also, you can use it for different drilling and screw driving jobs like hanging pictures, blinds, curtain rails, building flat-pack furniture, and so on.

This best value combi drill comes with two gears so that you can realize you set goals. You can use high speed to drill into steel and wood, while low speed is for controlled screw driving.

You will like its variable speed setting, which helps you to be in full control while working on different applications. It has ten torque settings so that you can engage in right screw driving of different materials no matter the size of the screws.

There is a handy kit box accompanying this product, and that is why you can move it from one place to another without stress.

Two batteries come with this machine, making it possible for you to work on large projects without fear of battery rundown. Its lightweight design is a plus, guaranteeing perfect manipulation.

Key Features:

  • All-metal motor and gearbox for optimum performance.
  • 10 torque settings guarantee job precision.
  • Variable speed control to manage different applications.
  • LED light to brighten the working area.
  • Hardwearing kit box for transporting and storing the tool.


Work Expert Cordless Combi Drill Set

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  • 240-piece set; This cordless combi drill set Includes a variety of screws and wall plugs, masonry drill bits, grinding and polishing bits along with a multitude of screwdriver bits and metric sockets
  • Durable; Everything fits neatly and securely in the handy carry case
  • Drill; Cordless combi drill has a no-load speed of 0-1400rpm, a maximum chuck clamping width of 10mm and a maximum torque of 28Nm, it can also be used as a hammer drill
  • Cordless; The set features a cordless combi drill powered by a rechargeable 20V DC Li-ion 1500mAh battery
  • Guarantee; This cordless combi drill set has a 12-month guarantee

The Work Expert Cordless Combi Drill Set is your best bet if you desire a reliable product. Torque settings making it perfect for various applications. This 3-in-1 machine can be used as a drill, hammer drill and electric screwdriver.

Its 13mm collet accommodates different drill bits, and that is why you can use it to drill plastic, metal, wood and loose concrete.

Also, this machine comes with two variable speed settings so that you can succeed working on various applications. It is supplied with two batteries and a charger, which executes full charging within one hour. There are three light indicators for monitoring the power level of the battery so that it does not go flat unexpectedly.

Also, there is a LED lighting that brightens your work area, and that is why you can work with the highest precision. Its ergonomic soft-grip handle is a plus, contributing to the convenience you will experience with this machine.

A strong belt clip is in place for easy transportation of the tool. You will like its compactness, which guarantees convenient and space-saving storage.

Key Features:

  • LED lighting for convenient operation in poorly-lit areas.
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle for greater convenience.
  • Strong belt clip for easy transportation.


Terratek Cordless Drill Driver

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  • High Powered Cordless Drill: The Terratek 18V Lithium-Ion Drill is supplied with a powerful Li ion battery which results in having no memory effect, no self-discharge and always ready for use. Peaking at 20V from a fresh charge the battery stabilises to 18V. Equipped with a variable speed pressure trigger which can take your cordless drill up to a no load speed of 650rpm and both forward and reverse levers that enable the combi drill to quickly switch between drilling and withdrawing of screws.
  • Versatile Electric Screwdriver: Our kit includes an electric screwdriver that effortlessly switches between drilling and screwing, making it a must-have addition to your power tools collection. The Terratek combi drill as the ability to drill into wood, metal, drywall, and plastics, as well as handle all screw driving tasks. The drill driver has a max drilling capacity for regular materials such as wood of 20mm and of steel, 8mm. It is not designed for brick or masonry drilling.
  • Comprehensive 13Pc Cordless Combi Drill Set: The Terratek battery drill cordless set comes with a 13pc kit. 1x 60mm magnetic bit adaptor holder, 6x HSS drill bits 1mm,2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm, 6x screwdriver bits 2x Slotted 5mm,6mm, 2x Phillips PH1,PH2, 2x Pozidriv PZ1,PZ2. The power drill has a 0.8 - 10mm keyless chuck with a lightweight design at only 1kg and 1x battery which lasts up to 50 mins and takes 3-5 hour to charge.
  • Work Light Feature/Torque settings: Our Terratek cordless screwdriver drill is equipped with a work light, illuminating your work area for increased precision. The Terratek cordless drill set has 16 different torque settings +1 drill setting which helps you to create perfect and precise holes on metal, wood, plastics etc.
  • Complete Package 2 Year Guarantee: The Terratek electric screwdrivers cordless comes with 1x battery, 13pc accessory kit and charger. This ensures you have everything you need to start using your cordless drill to start your DIY projects immediately and we offer a 2 year guarantee for your added peace of mind.

Coming last in this review is the Terratek FUT18V01-3, and it is included in this list due to its versatile features. It comes with a variable speed trigger, making it possible for you to handle various applications without much stress. It has forward and reverse levers so that you can effortlessly switch the tool between drilling and screw withdrawal.

Also, this machine has 16 torque settings so that you can use the right torque for the material you are working on. With a maximum drilling capacity of 8 mm for steel and 20 mm for wood, you can’t get it wrong if you invest in this product. You will like its ergonomic soft-grip handle, which makes your operations to be more convenient.

What’s more, its keyless chuck guarantees convenient changing of bits so that you can achieve the best result. It weighs just 1.5 kilograms, and that is why you can manoeuvre it without much difficulty. You will not mind its compact design, which ensures space-saving and convenient storage. It is a machine that both newbie DIYers and professionals can use for optimum outcome.

Key Features:

  • Variable speed pressure trigger for optimum performance.
  • Forward and reverse levers for enhanced flexibility.
  • 16 torque settings for handling different applications.
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle makes your work more convenient.
  • Lightweight design guarantees easy manipulation.


Advantages of a Combi Drill

Combi drills have three functions. They can be used for drilling holes into metal as well as wood, drilling holes into masonry as well as concrete through hammer function and driving screws. Due to this combination function, they can be used for various home improvement jobs.

Cordless combi drills come in different torque, speed, hammering action and power. They can be used to hammer through and drill various materials including metal, wood, masonry, stone and plastic.

Due to improvement in technology, they have become popular in today’s hi-tech world. Apart from using them for drilling and screwing, you can also use them for heavy-duty applications.

Functionality: They come in various modes, which make them suitable for different applications. You can use the hammer mode to drill through heavy and thick materials like masonry as well as brick. This mode works through the provision of a hammer action which leads to the repeated striking of the surface you are working on.

Also, they can work in a rotary drilling mode so that you can use them as standard drills. This mode makes use of fast rotation to make drill bits penetrate many surfaces like plastic, wood and some metals. However, this mode works best if you use it on soft materials.

The screwdriver mode makes use of low speed and high torque to remove and add screws. Usually, you can use this mode on soft materials so that you can achieve the most satisfactory result.

Torque: Usually, they come in multiple torque settings so that you can use them for various purposes effectively. You can set a high or low torque, depending on the type of job you are carrying out.

You can use low torque to screw small screws while a high torque can be used on larger screws. If you don’t know the ideal torque for your work, you can adjust it to discover the right one for you.

Gears: They usually come with two gears, and that is why they are good at both screwing and drilling. By changing the gear, you can operate at a speed that will give the best result.


This piece has been able to reveal the best combi drill so that you can make the right purchase.

We know it is not a piece of cake searching for products to buy, and that is why this review is created. We hope that you will surely make the right choice.

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