Best Budget Table Saws Under £200

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Today, we will present a comprehensive list of the 7 best budget table saws in the UK that you can buy under just £200.

All the options are highly prevalent in your region, and you should look forward to investing one of them.

So, you will not have to take any market roundup or browse online shops for endless hours, only to find a cutting machine for your next project.

What is The Top Pick?

i. VonHaus Table Saw At Amazon

Reliable, robust and versatile, but available at a price to celebrate.

VonHaus table is 1800W woodworking tool featuring a carbide-tipped blade and an angle scale that allows you to make cuts with accuracy and precision.

Due to carbide-tipped edges, you get smooth rip as well as crosscuts.

It extends on the sides to give you a significant workplace wherein you can conveniently work on large materials.

ii. ParkerBrand PTS-250 At Amazon

One saw one blade but cuts all the materials. Confused?

ParkerBrand PTS-250 is our another top pick as it’s a multipurpose cutting tool that quickly goes through steel, aluminium or wood without changing its edge. This table saw is available for under £200, that’s incredible!

No matter what is the target, it gives you precise results utilizing technology. With a hi-torque gearbox that improves performance and reduces the stress on the motor, the power tool is durable enough to be at your assistance for long.


Best Cheap Table Saws Under £100- £200 (Reviews)

Note: This is just an idea. Most Table Saws are priced under $100, but there are a few Table Saws that may exceed this price range.

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Here are our 7 best Budget tables saws in the UK under your budget of £200. Check reviews & top picks 2024. Some of the models here are under £100 for those who are looking for the cheapest best models available.


1. VonHaus Table Saw - Circular Saw

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  • BEVEL & MITRE CAPABILITY – Achieve precisely angled cuts every time at up to a 45° bevel or 60° mitre by turning the bevel wheel at the front or adjusting the angle on the material pusher. Max. cutting depth of 85mm at 90° and 65mm at 45°
  • EXTENDABLE – Both sides of the table saw can be easily extended when working with extra wide workpieces. Extends to 642 X 226 X 28mm on each side.
  • CARBIDE-TIPPED SAW BLADE – (250mm diameter, 2.4mm thickness) allows you to make precise bevel and mitre cuts in solid wood, MDF, laminate and plastic.
  • QUICK CLAMP RIP FENCE - Ensures secure cutting performance every time. The sturdy base frame creates a comfortable working height and stable position on all surfaces, while the included pushing stick keeps fingers away from the blade and riving knife safety feature prevents kickback while in use.
  • MANUFACTURER 2 YEAR WARRANTY - For peace of mind.

Our second choice is from VonHaus that comes with a circular saw function, you can buy under just £150. It’s a 1800W tool that can benefit DIY enthusiasts as well as professionals. Available at an attractive good budget friendly price, but the cutting machine has a high-quality build that matches the best table saws in the UK. Its sturdy frame and powder-coated table are durable enough to stay with you for a long time.

Due to a powerful motor, the VonHaus table saw works at 5, 500 RPM. At such speed, it quickly goes through all the wooden pieces. To help the gear do the needful, it comes with a 250mm carbide-tipped blade.

The cutting depth of the cutting tool is 80 mm when you use it vertically. When you tilt its blade at 45 degrees; the maximum depth is 65 mm. To change the blade settings, it has an ergonomic wheel below the table and does the job with complete accuracy. You can extend the table sides by 642 X 226 X 28mm, which will be helpful when you need to handle some large cutting materials.

The safety power switch is at a comfortable height and is easily accessible. It has a dust extraction hose that clears most of the debris. Overall, it’s the best budget table saw, which gives you best value for its price tag.


Can I put this tool on castors?

We will not recommend adding castors to the VonHaus machine because that might interfere with its stability. It might also require a lot of hard work because VonHaus does not have any compatible castor frame for this machine.

What is the total height of this tool?

With everything included, it is 38 inches.


2. 10" Table Saw - 2000W 5000RPM

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  • High powered 2000W, 5000RPM, 220-240V motor
  • 64.2mm x 938mm extended table
  • Quick and easily adjustable rip fence for exact cutting
  • (+/- 60°) Cross stop, allowing for further precision in cuts
  • High-quality Carbide-tipped 24-tooth blade

If you are looking for a cheap table saw under your budget of just £150 that could give you a bright performance, then ParkerBrand PTS-250  is an excellent option. DIY enthusiasts will love this machine because of its features that meet or exceed expensive models.

ParkerBrand PTS-250 has a sturdy non-folding frame. It has 2000 W motor rated to work at 5000 RPM, which is marginally sufficient to cut through extensive range materials. The single point locking system of the fence makes the cutting process easy and smooth. Its mitre gauge is easy to use and supports crosscuts between zero to sixty degrees. There is an ergonomic wheel to handle the rise, fall and tilt of its blade.

Talking about safety, the tool has a blade guard and riving knife to prevent kickbacks. The power switch is at the right position, and hence easy to reach. Dust extraction port is another useful component that you can use with any regular vacuum.


Does its blade cut precisely?

You can adjust the depth and cutting angle using the wheels below its working table. Precision depends upon your adjustment and experience.

Is the fence accurate?

For wooden works; yes, the fence does the job.


3. Einhell TC-TS 2025 U 1800 W

£199.99  in stock
as of May 27, 2024 7:35 pm


  • Powerful 1800 W motor with 5000 rpm cutting speed
  • Professional carbide tipped saw blade 250 x 30 x 2.4 mm
  • Quick clamp rip fence for secure cutting performance
  • Cross stop with angle scale (+/- 60)
  • Includes base frame for stability

Einhell TC-TS 2025 is an affordable yet powerful device (under £200 right now) that makes perfect longitudinal and angled cuts in solid, processed or any type of wood. A powder-coated table, extension wings, and an accurate fence make a place for all kinds of materials. You can adjust the height and angle of its blade up to 45 degrees using a two in one wheel.

The cutting machine has a stable frame that has holders for tools and power cable. To perform all the cutting action, there is a 24T TCT 250 x 30mm bore blade covered by a guard. This blade has a carbide-tipped for extra sharp cuts, strength and durability.

An 1800 motor powers the machine to run at 5000 RPM. Its quick clamp rip fence keeps the material secure and helps you in getting accurate results. Due to such power and high-quality blade, the table saw comes up with excellent results every time.

It has an extraction hose included that’s useful for chip removal and keeps the workplace clean. A push stick is also included with the tool so that you can work safely without risking your fingers.


What is the maximum height its blade can reach?

The maximum is 85 mm at 90 degrees, and it’s 65 mm at 45 degrees.

Can I use this tool to cut kitchen panels?



4. NovelLife Mini Hobby Table Saw

£119.99  in stock
as of May 27, 2024 7:35 pm


  • ★Unibody Steel Frame★ Solid steel unibody frame with 5mm thick alumimum alloy platform durable no deformation ensure the flatness and clean cutting performance,protective plate over the saw blade safe to use
  • ★Dual Motor Multi-function Design★ 775 type main motor for cutting work and 775 type vice motor with 2 inch (50mm) adhesive pad for polishing work
  • ★Blade Height Adjustment and Various Material Cutting Capacity★ Euquipped with blade height adjustment structure with 0-20mm range and equipped 80mm HSS circular saw blade, 60mm diamond saw blade,80mm resin blade and 80mm alloy saw blade for PCB board,plastic, PVC, wood,balsa,acrylic material cutting to meet your DIY crafts demands
  • ★Precision Cutting★ Equipped with miter gauge on the desktop with laser scaled panel, pecisely cutting will be easier
  • ★Compact Size and Low Noise★ 8.27X6.30X3.94inch(L*W*H) (L*W*H) mini size to save your worktable space and four rubber damping pad on the bottom ensure anti-slip and shock-absorbing with low noise when working, you can use it just at home

The mini sawing table from NovelLife come with a unibody frame made of steel, which is deformation free and makes sure that you get precise results. It has a protective plate that provides clear visibility and keeps you safe from wooden chips.

NovelLife mini table saw can cut a variety of materials, and it includes three blades including 8-inch HSS circular saw blade, 2.4-inch diamond saw blade and 3-inch alloy saw blade. Using these knives, you can get desired cutting results on plastic, PVC, PCB board, acrylic materials and of course, wood. To add flexibility, it also has a mitre gauge that allows you to cut at different angles.

You would like the fact that this mini bench saw is compact as well as lightweight at 3.06 kg. So, you can easily take it along to different working sites. Storage will be more accessible in the workshop or garage, especially if you are running low on space.


Can I regulate the blade height to adjust the cutting depth?

No, the cutting depth is fixed. You need to purchase blades with different diameters to get the desired thickness.

Is it possible to align the blade in this unit?

The tool has a fixed blade, so you don’t need to align the edge. However, if you are getting disappointing cutting results, then there are chances that the blade might be bent, damaged or exhausted.


5. LUMBER JACK 8" Table Saw

£119.99  in stock
as of May 27, 2024 7:35 pm


  • A rather neat table saw, designed for maximum mobility and minimum storage space requirements
  • Compact yet powerful
  • For the DIY home woodworker
  • Able to cut all types of wood accurately at various angles
  • Powerful 1200 watt motor

In case you are looking for one of the best cheap table saw under £100 that also has the required power for all your DIY projects, then Lumberjack BTS210 is the best option in the UK market. Lumberjack is a newcomer if we compare it to the biggies like Makita or Dewalt.

However, the brand is making an impact by manufacturing cost effective, simple, and performance-friendly power tools. BTS210 is not an exception and comes with many useful that assist you while completing a variety of projects.

BTS210 draws all the power from a powerful 1200W motor. It comes with a 210 mm TCT blade, which is sturdy and durable for smooth results. The cutting depth of the tool at 90 degrees is 48 mm while at 45 degrees it reduces to 45 mm. Its fence extends for the full length of the working table.

The fence has dual clamps for better stability and accuracy. The maximum extension of the table is 525 x 400 mm, which is helpful while cutting significant materials. It also has a blade guard for your safety, but you will not find any dust extraction hose. Apart from that, the machine is also high on the sound level.

Looking at the specifications, it is easy to understand that the BTS210 is perfect for the DIY enthusiasts who want to use it occasionally and don’t want to spend a fortune on a power tool.


How many runners in the fence?

There is only one

What is the maximum width this tool can cut using its guide fence?

16 cm


6. Evolution Power Tools Fury 5-S Table Saw

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7 new from £203.99
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as of May 27, 2024 7:35 pm


  • MULTI-MATERIAL: Blade Included - Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) cuts steel, aluminium, wood with embedded nails, plastic & more
  • ACCURATE: Assisted by an adjustable rail guide; 0 - 45 degrees bevel tilt & 60 - 60 degrees mitre covers all common cutting angles, for accurate cuts every time
  • RELIABLE: ‘Best-In-Class’ 3-year warranty included
  • POWERFUL: 1500 W optimised gearbox & blade system, increases motor & blade life to cut through a variety of materials with ease
  • PORTABLE: Easy to store, quick to assemble or collapse & simple to transport – perfect for the keen home DIYer or construction crew on the job site

The Evolution Fury 5-S is the best budget table saw under £200 from our list. Because of its high speed, that’s ideal for cutting a wide variety of materials. The RAGE technology of this tool can go through wood, steel, aluminium and other stuff with one 255 mm TCT blade. The maximum cutting depth of the device at 90 degrees is 85 mm. For bevel cuts, you can tilt its multipurpose blade up to 45 degrees.

The sawing tool has a mitre gauge that allows you to cut at zero to sixty degrees. It also has an anti-vibration clamp that minimizes the jerk and keeps the material secure while you cut on different angles. Also, the tool has a parallel rip fence with a measurement rail for precise and smooth cutting results.

Fury 5-S comes with a 1.9-meter power cable. You will also find a push stick that will be useful while cutting small materials. You can connect a vacuum hose with its dust extraction port. It’s a great addition that keeps the workplace clean, safe and irritation-free.


What is the total height of this tool once assembled?

Ground to the tabletop surface is 32 inches, but once you add the blade, it’s cover and extraction pipe, the height goes up to 43.5 inches.

What is the maximum ripping capacity of the tool?



7. Huanyu Mini Table Saw Bench Woodworking

If you need to complete a home improvement project and need a compact, but powerful cutting machine, then go for Huanyu Mini Table Saw. Whether you are trying to cut wood, fiberboard or any other wooden material, the Einhell cutting machine delivers excellent results.

It has a two-stage height adjustment, and the blade also tilts to provide bevelled cuts. There is a holder the keeps its power cable wrapped to secure storage. The tool also comes with a push stick and a holder for the same.

Huanyu Mini is an ideal machine for creative individuals and DIY users. The all-rounder device is excellent for cutting various materials and complete a variety of projects. It comes with a 300W induction motor that promises power, performance, but seeks minimal maintenance.

Equipment: 240 * 200 * 130mm 40 tooth alloy saw blade, 0.6-6mm drill chuck, the tool also has a blade removal tool. If you need durability, safety, and excellent performance without spending a considerable amount, you should choose this one for better.


The included blade with this tool will work on acrylic or not?

No, the blade with the tool is for wood. For acrylic materials, you should get a fine teethed edge of the same size.

Is the cutting depth adjustable?

No, there are only two stops for the blade. Any further adjustment is not possible.



With all the recommendations listed above, we imperatively tried to give you the best budget table saws available in the UK.

If you ask us, there cannot be anything better than the Fury 5-S. It ticks all the required checkboxes, including durability, powerful hi-torque motor, and massive duty performance.

All of this an affordable price tag.

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