Benefits of Gutter Cleaning- Why is it Important?

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Falling leaves are a sign that autumn is here. But these leaves and debris can block the gutters if you are not careful.

Gutters are an essential component of your house and its maintenance.

Efficient gutter cleaning prevents destructive damages including leaks, critter invasion, rainwater seeping and basement flooding. In other words, it saves your time and money in the long run.

We are here with a guide that answers most of your basic questions, the benefits of gutter cleaning & why it is so important.

The shared information is useful for a beginner or an expert looking for some clarifications.

What is Gutter cleaning?

The removal of leaves, debris and all other waste materials that block the flow of rainwater is gutter cleaning.

By cleaning the gutters, you ensure that water can glide from your roof to the ground facing no interruptions.

Most of the gutter cleaning professionals scoop all the leaves and debris by hand or using a gutter cleaning tool. After clearing these unwanted materials, they flush the gutters using water to get rid of the remaining particles.

Gutter System Components

Gutters are not only made of metal or plastic pipes. They are complex house maintenance mechanisms comprising multiple parts that work together to keep water damages at bay.

Gutters: Long and rounded structures attached to the upper eaves of the roof, which collects and passes all the water and debris down to the ground. They are available in a variety of styles, shapes and materials.

Downspout: Gutters collect the rainwater, but it needs to flow out of your property. Downspout comes into picture here. This component provides the way to the water, so that it can easily flow to the drain.

Elbow: Similar to the human elbow, this component connects adjacent gutter pieces. In other words, an elbow lets a gutter navigate odd curves with no troubles.

End caps: Gutters are hollow tubes that need a stopper at each end to stop the water flow. End caps act as a barrier so that the water can flow only through the drainway.

Fascia bracket: Attaches to the eaves and provides the support to the gutters.

What Do Gutters do, and Why Cleaning Them is Important?

Trapped leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris never allow the gutter system to perform efficiently. You can remove these materials to enjoy the following benefits.

  • A straightforward way for rainwater to keep it away from your house.
  • Zero moisture and condensation from windows and their sills.
  • Your house walls remain safe from water damages, especially during heavy rain.
  • Water never enters the basement or foundation of your house.

Overall, clean gutters keep your house safe from multiple damages. Let’s discuss in depth.

Keeps your house roof safe

Clean gutters are one of the best ways to add more years to your roof by keeping standing water at bay. On the contrary, blocked gutters trap moisture that can easily penetrate your house roof and then walls. Such a situation can either

  • Rot the ceiling
  • Weaken the construction of your roof
  • Result into leakage because of excess moisture

Maintains the beauty of exterior walls

Clogged gutters can destroy the beauty of your home, especially if the heavy debris develops a gap. The moisture has negative effects on the following areas.

  • Shingles that cover your house.
  • Soffits to protect the roof and keep water away from your attic.
  • Fascias that facilitate ventilation

All these areas stop working efficiently after water-logging. Afterwards, the development of mildew, algae and mould starts, which destroys the external paint. Hence, the attraction and elegance of your house goes for a toss.

Prevents crack in the foundation

Once the gutters are blocked, the water finds a way from the rooftop to your basement and foundation. The water flow also erodes the landscaping. Excess water saturates the ground, leading to soil expansion. But the soil dries up over time, which contracts the foundation. This continuous contraction and expansion exerts a lot of pressure on the foundation and makes it weak.

When water reaches your basement, it creates the following troubles.

  • Problems while shutting down the windows and doors.
  • Uneven floors
  • Cracks in the walls, especially if it’s a drywall

However, clean gutters never allow water to reach or destroy your basement and foundation.

Prevents insect and pest nesting

Clogged gutters can be the perfect breeding ground for a wide range of germs, bugs, rodents, and birds. Some of these living organisms carry diseases and are harmful to your family. Removing the leaves and twigs from the gutter system allows no bacterial or wildlife development on your roof.

How often should you clean your gutters?

Clean the gutters once or twice every year. The best season is autumn, right after the leaves fall from their respective trees. You can also clean the gutters in the spring if there are lots of trees on your property.

If you want the professionals to do the job, then be ready to pay anywhere between £80 to £150.

How do professionals clean gutters?

Gutter cleaning experts use the right process and tools to accomplish the job. Most of them utilise a ladder and powerful vacuum cleaner to clean the gutters following four simple steps.

  • Pick a ladder that covers the height of your gutter system
  • Use a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner. The professionals also use a trowel to clear the gutters.
  • Flush the gutters with the help of a garden hose or power washer
  • Review the gutter system if any of its components need replacement.

Should you hire a gutter cleaning expert or do the maintenance yourself?

Do you have any experience working on ladders? Or do you prefer to get dirty while cleaning the house? If the answer to any of these two questions is yes, then gutter cleaning can be a budget-friendly weekend project. However, take proper care while working at a certain height.

On the other hand, if you don’t like to deal with mess or you would never like to come face to face with pests, then it’s better to consult gutter cleaning professionals.

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