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Getting the best belt sander is very vital for any sanding work so that you will be able to get the most desirable outcome.

There are many brands as well as models to choose from and discovering the right one that will meet your expectation is not a piece of cake.

Read this guide to get the necessary assistance.

Top 8 Belt Sander Reviews

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Here are our 8 best belt sander to buy in the UK. Let’s check our top reviews below:


1. Bosch Home and Garden Belt Sander PBS 75 A

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8 new from £94.98
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  • Fitted with the Bosch microfilter system for efficient built-in dust extraction. Perfect handling – easy to control thanks to improved ergonomics and compact design
  • Automatic belt tensioning system makes changing the belt quick and easy
  • Manual belt alignment is not required as the belt is automatically held in the correct work position while sanding
  • Can also be used for stationary work. Robust housing – high quality and stability due to aluminium components
  • Compact design, improved manageability and handling of the tool

Are you searching for best belt sanders UK? Our top pick is the Bosch PBS 75 A. It boasts of cutting-edge microfilter system, which guarantees optimum dust collection. That is why you can be sure of greater convenience because you don’t need to worry about stressful clean up after your work.

This hand held belt sander is your best bet if you need to sand a coarse surface, which requires a high level of material removal. It is perfect for sanding wood, metal or plastic, and you won’t have issues getting the best result. It is powered by a 710-Watt motor, hence, you can be sure of handling tough jobs successfully.

Also, this machine features the Bosch Low Vibration system so that you will be more comfortable during operations. Its variable speed feature is a plus, and that is why you can use it on different types of materials without compromising good results.

It is compactly and ergonomically designed so that you won’t get tired quickly when using it. Changing its belt is a piece of cake, thanks to the automatic belt tensioning system. You don’t need to worry about manual belt alignment because the belt is held in place automatically during your sanding work. You will like its solid housing made of aluminium components, and that is why no one can dispute its durability.


2. Ryobi R18BS-0 ONE+ 18V Cordless Belt Sander

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  • Industry first, tackle large sanding projects with the freedom of cordless
  • 250m/min belt speed optimized for an excellent removal rate and “wow” performance.
  • 76mm x 457mm sanding belt, compatible with common accessories
  • Multi-position top handle allows sanding flush to walls, as well as greater user comfort
  • Includes 3x belts

The Ryobi R18BS-0 is one of the battery-powered belt sanders that you can rely on. It is your ideal choice if you are looking for the best belt sander for your woodworking or DIY jobs. It is powered by an 18V 5Ah lithium-ion battery so that you can enjoy cordless freedom.

With its belt measuring 76 by 457 millimetres, you can be sure of handling heavy-duty applications successfully. It has a 3-position front handle, which makes it possible for you to reach areas that are tight. Its dust collector is uniquely designed so that your work area will stay clean during operations.

Besides, you will like its automatic belt tracking, which helps in maximizing your control and comfort. It is sold as a bare unit but as part of Ryobi’s ONE+ system, you can use any ONE+ battery with it. With its belt speed standing at 250 metres per minute, you can be sure of optimum performance at all times.

You will like its multi-position top handle, and that is why you can sand flush to walls without much hassle. Its lightweight is an outstanding feature, which guarantees undemanding manoeuvre for perfect sanding. This cordless sander is your best choice if you are looking for hand held belt sanders that will not disappoint you when it matters most.


3. Makita 9911/2 240V 76mm Belt Sander

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as of June 13, 2024 7:26 pm


  • High capacity sanding and dust collection
  • Variable speed control dial
  • Unique design for flush sanding to a wall
  • Flat top design allows the sander to be turned and used as a bench top tool
  • Auto tracking belt system

If you are looking to purchase the best belt sander, check out the MAKITA 9911/2. It is an ideal machine for sanding metal or wood, and you can use it to remove rust and paint. It features an abrasive belt measuring 76 by 457 millimetres, meaning that you can cover a wide area in good time.

It is specially designed for flush sanding to a wall, hence, you can easily meet your work target. This machine comes with a dynamic 650-Watt motor that delivers maximum effectiveness. It comes with a variable speed of between 75 and 270 metres per minute making it possible for you to be more flexible during operations.

Also, this variable-speed makes it possible for you to use this machine on different types of jobs, either light or complex. It features variable speed control by dial meaning that you won’t have issues switching from one speed to another. There is an automatic belt tracking system, hence, you don’t need to worry about any adjustment after assembly.

What’s more, this machine comes with a flat top design so that you can easily turn and convert it into a benchtop tool. There is a dust bag that keeps your work area tidy, hence, you can enjoy every bit of it.


4. BLACK+DECKER 350 W Electric Powerfile Sander

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  • The belt sander impresses with its versatile uses, such as cleaning keyholes, designing wood, sanding curved surfaces and blades, and much more
  • Powerful The belt sander with a narrow grinding arm features a powerful 350W motor - optimal material removal and rapid work progress, even in hard-to-reach areas
  • Dust-free sanding The Cyclonic Action dust collector integrated in the belt file enables effective dust extraction - for a clean working environment
  • Maximum control Variable speed and belt centering system ensure perfect surface treatment without the sanding belt slipping off during sanding
  • Note - Belt centering system (using a screw) prevents the sanding belt from slipping off during sanding work

Coming last, but not least, in this review is the BLACK+DECKER KA900E. It boasts of a 350-Watt motor, which is not bad for mild applications. It comes with variable speed control so that you can be more flexible with your operations.

You will like its cyclonic-action dust container, which is very effective for dust collection. Its belt tracking is screw operated, meaning that you can be sure of maximum effectiveness at all times, especially when dealing with awkward spaces.

What’s more, this machine is compactly designed for ease of use and storage. Its lightweight is a plus, and that is why you won’t have issues with its manoeuvre during operations.


5. Black + Decker KA88GB Belt Sander


This machine from Black + Decker is one of the best belt sanders in the market right now. It is powered by a solid motor of 720 Watts, and that is why no one can contend with its high level of performance. You can use it for sanding large areas like decking, floorboards, and for removing large stock.

Also, there is a bumper at the hood’s front, which helps in preventing damage to other planes close to the working area. You will like its retractable hood, hence, you can use it to sand difficult areas as well as contours. A dust canister accompanies the package, and that is why you can be certain of a clean working area at all times.

Besides, this machine boasts of an angled belt design, which comes with a little front roller for convenient edge sanding of adjacent surfaces. With its automatic belt tracking system, you can be sure that the belt is in perfect alignment every time. This will save you much time because you won’t have to worry about manual belt alignment.

You will like the compactness of this machine, and that is why it is one of the best belt sanders you will find around. It weighs just 998 grams, meaning that you won’t have issues manoeuvring it during sanding operations.


6. TACKLIFE 600W Belt Sander


The TACKLIFE 600W boasts of plush features, and that is why we can refer to it as the best belt sander. It comes with two metal screw clamps so that you can fix it to a table to serve as a bench sander. There is a lock-on button that helps in freeing your hand, hence, you can experience more flexibility and comfort.

Also, this machine is different from other belt sanders because it comes with thirteen sanding belts. There are six pieces of 120 grit belts while 80 grit aluminium oxide belts are seven in number. This will help you to save money, and meet up with your requirements for various tasks. There is a metal clamping lever that makes switching of belts a stroll in the park.

With its 600-Watt 5 Amp motor, you can be sure of adequate power to effectively sand any surface. Its variable speed knob has 6 dials, making it possible for you to choose an ideal speed between 0 and 560 RPM for the type of surface you are dealing with.

You will like its detachable dust collection box, which guarantees dust-free operations. There are two adapters that you can use to connect your vacuum cleaner so as to get the most satisfactory dust collection effect.


7. Jellas 1000W Electric Sander


If your search is for the best belt sander, then you need to consider this sanding machine from Jellas. Featuring a powerful motor of 1000 watts, this machine is fortified for optimum performance. Its variable-speed function is a plus, hence, you can adjust its speed in six positions between 120 and 400 metres per minute.

It is an ideal machine for paint stripping, de-rusting, as well as polishing, and you can use it on both metallic and non-metallic surfaces. This machine has a power cord, which is three metres long so that you won’t have to worry about getting an extension box.

Also, it has the capacity of grinding a large area without compromising high efficiency. It comes with six types of grits – from fine to coarse – so that you can get the most satisfactory result. You will like its additional rubber belt as well as a pair of carbon brushes, which help in boosting lastingness.

You can connect this sander to your vacuum cleaner without using an adapter. There are two ports – 32mm and 35mm – for this purpose on this machine. Removing the dust bag is a piece of cake, and there is a guarantee that there will be no dust spillage during the process. It comes with a self-locking switch so that you won’t have to worry about holding the button for a long time.


8. Tilswall 370-710RPM


The Tilswall 370-710RPM comes with rich features that will take your sanding job to the next level. It features a front retractable system as well as angled belt design so that you can get the most satisfactory results. You can retract it back up to 50 millimetres so that you can reach tight corners with ease.

It is powered by a 900-Watt motor, and that is why no one can dispute its maximum effectiveness. With its 6-level adjustable speed, you can choose between 370 and 710 RPM to match the type of job you are doing. You can use it for your woodworking projects, and it is also ideal for industrial use.

Besides, there is an automatic tracking mechanism, which helps in preventing the belt from going off. The belt measures 76 by 533 millimetres, hence, you can be sure of covering a large area in good time. Its lightweight design is another outstanding feature of this machine, which enables convenient manipulation.

Also, there is a lock switch that prevents constant use of the trigger button so as to enhance your comfort. That is why you can use this machine for a long time without getting tired quickly. You can connect it to your vacuum cleaner so that there will be enhanced removal of dust.




Frequently Asked Questions

What is a belt sander good for?

A belt sander is good for wood shaping and finishing. It comes with an electric motor, which moves a loop of sandpaper mounted on a pair of drums. You can also use it to remove paints as well as other finishes from wood.

Which is better belt sander or orbital sander?

A belt sander is better if you are dealing with large amounts of material, and when you are working on flat surfaces. An orbital sander is good for smaller furniture pieces, and when you are working with difficult angles.

Which is the best Makita belt sander?

The Makita 9911 is the best Makita belt sander. It comes with plush features that will boost your sanding job.

Can you sand floors with a belt sander?

You can use a belt sander to sand floors, especially handheld models. However, you should take note that you may not get the same result when compared to using a normal floor sander.

How long do belt sander belts last?

Ideally, a belt sander should be able to last for about 18 months if properly maintained. The level of usage, quality of the product, as well as other factors affects lastingness greatly.

Buying Guide Of Belt Sander

Before purchasing a belt sander, you need to consider vital factors that will help you to make the right choice. Here is a list of factors to consider.

Power: This is the major factor to consider before buying a belt sander. The machine you want to purchase should have a powerful motor so that will not be frustrated with your sanding job. The type of work you will use your sander for will determine the wattage to go for, the higher the better. If you will be using it for only sanding jobs and not for removing old paints and stains, you can manage to be on the lower side.

Weight: The weight of the belt sander is very important, especially if you will be working on horizontal surfaces. Lightweight machines are easy to manoeuvre so that you won’t get tired quickly. Hence, you should know the weight of the machine you want to buy, and this will help you to make the right selection.

Variable speed: A machine with variable speed will make it possible for you to work on different types of materials. At times, you may need light sanding while heavy one may be needed for some jobs. By changing the speed of the machine, you will be able to save energy and boost the lastingness of the machine.

Size of sanding belt: The size of the sanding belt matters because it affects your efficiency. If you are going to deal with a large rough surface, a belt sander with a big sanding belt will make it possible for you to complete the job quickly.

Reliability: The reliability of a product can be confirmed through a brand reputation. Brands that have been in the business for a long time tend to produce reliable products so as to protect their names. You can trust newer brands if you can confirm that their products have good customer reviews online.

Guarantee: When choosing a belt sander, you should go for a product with a minimum of 12 months warranty. This will make it possible for you to guide your investment so that it does not go down the drain.

Dust removal: The majority of belt sanders come with a hoover attachment, which helps with the removal of dust. Even though this is not a compulsory feature, it makes your work area free of wood dust.


If you really want to discover the best belt sander, you need to consider so many factors like motor power, belt size, speed, weight, and so on.

This review has been able to reveal top products with good customer comments, and we include a guide that will position you for an effective purchase.

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