Are Manual Lawn Mowers Any Good?

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Manual mowers offer many benefits to the grass, especially in terms of maintaining their health. This is the most impressive ability and strength of a hand mower. Rotary mowers cannot offer this as they tear grass apart rather than cut them in a fine way. Here are the Pros and Cons of Manual Lawn Mower below:

The Pros of a Manual Push Mower

When a manual lawn mower tear and shred grass blades, the blade takes longer to heal. Apart from this, it becomes easy for diseases to penetrate them. Meanwhile, hand mowers do not hurt grass blades when they cut them, and this makes it easy for the grass to heal and grow healthier.

Push mowers can contribute immensely to making your lawn look more beautiful. They cut grass in a nice healthy way. They also help to groom your lawn in a professional-looking way.

In addition, hand push mowers function quietly. They release very minimal noise. When you compare this to a gas-driven mower which is frustratingly loud, you’ll see why the hand push mower is so incredible.

You can use your hand mower any day, any time because it cannot disturb your neighbours. If what you own, however, is a powerful rotary lawn mower, you can’t enjoy any such luxury. If you mow in the morning when your neighbours are still home with this annoying noise-making equipment, you’ll never hear the last of it from them.

The same goes for the evenings because they would have been back from work by them. Your only option would be to mow under the hot afternoon sun. You will agree that this is not a cool thing at all.

Again, manual mowers do not release harmful emissions. However, we cannot say the same for power rotary machines. Gas-powered mowers let out so many toxic substances while they function. And the effect of these fumes overtime can be fatal.

Meanwhile, one cannot associate any such emission with a hand is therefore not surprising than many environmentalists have come to love and prefer this mower over the modern power mowers that we have nowadays. As a nature lover, you can easily bear the burden of pushing a mower if it means a quiet, emission-less and natural lawn mowing experience.

In case you have not noticed, Hand push mowers are not complex at all. They have simple designs and uncomplicated mechanization. This is obvious in the way the blade of the machine spins and clip grass leaves.

The machine does not need any kind of fuel to start. In fact, you do not have to pull a starter cord or press a switch to make the mower start running. Simply take the machine to your lawn and start driving it around and boom! you’re already trimming your grass.

Another very interesting advantage of a hand push mower is that you do not ever need to change oil, replace spark plugs or clean air filters. Apart from the fact that the owner of a hand mower has to sharpen the blades from time to time, the owner doesn’t have to carry out any other maintenance procedure. The cost of maintaining a hand push mower is very low so if you’re looking to save money the manual mower is a perfect choice.

Push mowers do not cost a lot to purchase. As a matter of fact, the price of even the best mower is far lesser than what most power mowers cost. You can even get a classic hand mower model for less than £100.

With a push trimmer being this affordable and yet not requiring maintenance or any additional operational cost, it is safe to say that hand push mowers are the absolute best! Think of how much you will save now that you do not have to spend tons of money on gas or oil and still get to enjoy a beautiful lawn.

Also, because a push mower is not a motorized machine and cannot push itself, the user has to push it. This means that if you have been wanting to burn some fat, this is your chance. Think about it, with a mower, you can kill two birds with one stone. when you push a mower, the pressure helps to build your muscles and shed some fat.

On another hand, as you drive, you also successfully cut the grass in your lawn. Plus, it is quite easy to push a mower around, so you do not have to fear that the machine will overwhelm you. It only helps you to exert as much energy as you need to burn some calories.

Besides, push mowers are generally much safer to use than today’s standard lawnmowers. Within a single moment of weakness, petrol or electric powered lawn mower can wreak havoc. According to statistics, lawnmowers cause accidents that injure at least 75,000 Americans each year, and 10,000 out of these victims are children.

In fact, lawn mowing accidents kill an average of 75 people per year. There have even been cases where the fast-moving blade of a power mower ate up the toes or limbs of its victims. Accidents like this are more popular with standard power machines.

Though push mowers have their own dangers, there is no denying that they are still safer than the power mowers. The only way a push mower can eat up a limb is when you deliberate run the machine over the person.

Even if the mower encounters a rock, the machine will simply jam and not shoot the stone out into the air where it can hit and hurt somebody. What’s more, push mowers don’t have engines that can get hurt and scorch someone.

Finally, push mowers make it somewhat fun and interesting to mow. Lovers of nature find the experience tranquillizing and rather than look at mowing as a chore they will. actually, look forward to it. Plus, those who mow with both the goal of grooming their lawn and burning calories get to enjoy an even more fulfilling experience.

The Pros of a Push Manual Mower

Hand push mowers have their own disadvantages too. Many of the Latest mower models are designed to be lightweight and convenient to push.

Even so, the operator needs to drive the machine at a brisk pace in order to get the desired even cut. For some people, this is even considered to be a good thing as it helps burn a few calories.

Also, Manual mowers are no for lawns that exceed 8,000 square feet. This is because it can be very difficult to push the mower around lawns that are this big or bigger. Besides, mowers are not very efficient when it comes to mowing tall grass. This is because overgrown grass leaves have a way of clumping the blades.

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